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How To Add Hbo Max To Lg Smart TV

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The Launch Of Hbo Max And Pricing

How To Fix HBO Max on a LG TV

HBO Max was introduced to you on May 27, 2020. This specific plan costs $15 per month. As a result, many users say that it is more expensive compared to other streaming services in the market. However, their high price seems justified because of the amount of extra content HBO Max provides.

With the first release of HBO Max, pretty much all the subscribers were automatically upgraded or switched. That means they are promoted to HBO Max from HBO Go. Well, HBO Go was basically phased out. And, there is a rebranding, and according to that, HBO Now was rebranded to HBO. Simply, your HBO Go login credentials are supposed to work with HBO as well. But, to accomplish that, you should download their new app.

Como Instalar O Hbo Max Na Smart TV Lg

Passo 1. Acesse a LG Content Store e clique sobre o ícone de lupa no menu, na área superior da tela

Ação mostra como buscar pelo HBO Max na loja de apps de uma smart TV LG Foto: Reprodução/Marvin Costa

Passo 2. Use a barra de busca para procurar pelo HBO Max. Digite o nome do app na barra e clique sobre a opção “Buscar”

Tela mostra como buscar pelo app HBO Max em uma smart TV da LG Foto: Reprodução/Marvin Costa

Passo 3. Clique sobre a descrição do aplicativo para acessar a página de download

Ação mostra como acessar a página de download do HBO Max em uma smart TV da LG Foto: Reprodução/Marvin Costa

Passo 4. Clique sobre o botão “Instalar” para adicionar o app do HBO Max ao seu aparelho de TV.

Ação mostra como instalar o app HBO Max em uma smart TV da LG Foto: Reprodução/Marvin Costa

How To Get Hbo Max On An Lg Smart TV

Published By Dennis Restauro

After a long wait, the HBO Max app is finally available on LG Smart TVs. Up until now, LG TV owners wanting to watch HBO Max would have to Airplay or screen share from a mobile device, connect a laptop to their TV, or use another compatible streaming device. That is no longer the case with the HBO Max app now being available on LG Smart TVs.

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What Is Lg Smart Television

LG smart TV. LGs smart TV platform is called webOS. It features a launcher bar at the bottom of the screen that allows you to quickly jump into things like the TV guide, apps or the web browser. You can customise the launcher with your favourite services by dragging and dropping them into the order you want.

How To Sign Out Of Hbo Max Account Using Your Pc

How Do You Add Hbo Max App To Lg Smart TV Ideas

To unlink an account using your PC you need to:

  • Log into your HBO Max account using this link
  • In the upper right corner of your screen, you should find the circle with the image of your profile and click on it
  • After clicking on it you will open a menu where you need to find and click on it
  • Then you will see a tab that will show you all the devices that have your HBO Max ID active
  • Select the device you want to disable and click the button next to the icon of that device
  • Once clicked you will be asked to confirm your action by clicking on the button
  • If you want to unlink your HBO Max ID from all devices you can click on the button in the menu . After that, all devices will be unlinked from your account
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    Using Airplay For Ios And Mac Devices

    iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad can directly stream HBO max shows on their LG Smart TV with Airplay. The Airplay feature allows you to share your device screen on your LG smart TV with a singe-tap. Here is how to do it.


    For screen sharing, both the devices and the LG TV must be connected to the same Wifi Network. You cannot use the personal hotspot on the iOS device and then screen share HBO on your LG TV.

    Additionally, it would be best to have the HBO subscription, and the app downloaded on your iOS/Mac device.

    For Airplay on IOS devices

  • Ensure you are connected to the same Wifi network and have the HBO Max app downloaded on your iOS device.
  • Now, open the HBO max app and then look for your favorite show that you want to stream.
  • Once you have found the perfect show, open the control center from the bottom on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Here, you can find the âAirplayâ option that enables you to share the screen.
  • After enabling, you can find the list of devices that you can screen share your iOS device with. Look for your LG TV among the list and tap on it.
  • If you cannot find your LG TV in the list, ensure the TV is connected to the internet and through the same wifi network.
  • After taping on LG TV, you can find your iPhone or iPad screen is now visible on LG TV.
  • Play the show that you wished to stream on HBO Max directly on LG TV without the app.
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    For Airplay on Mac Devices

    Delete Apps That You Dont Want On Your Samsung Smart TV

    4) click on airplay on your media player to cast hbo max on lg smart tv. 5) look for the app you need to install in the lg content store and click on the app.

    Manage streaming apps on a vizio smart tv vizio smart tv. #1 add hbo max on vizio smart tv using google chromecast subscribe to the hbo max plan, if already an hbo subscriber then.

    Pin on in360news. now open your hbo max app and start watching whatever you.

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    What Are The Advantages Of Hbo Max

    Lets consider what you get if you choose HBO Max. First of all, its worth its money if youre enjoying the content thats available on this service. Especially if you like Westworld, Sopranos, or Game of Thrones.

    Maybe its more expensive compared to Disney Plus or Netflix, however, more than 10,000 hours of content watching will justify the price.

    Beyond HBO and Warner. Bros network exclusives, there are also a lot of iconic movies and shows available: The Big Bang Theory, South Park, The West Wing, and anime from CrunchyRoll, and Studio Ghibli. I especially recommend the works of the last two studios. Emotions that they can give are hard to find anywhere else.

    This story was originally written by Vladimir Sereda on July 9, 2021, and was updated by , a Senior Tech Editor at Splaitor, on August 3, 2021, according to new Splaitors Quality and Fact-Checking Policy.

    How To Get Hbo Max On Xclass TV

    How to Get HBO Max on a LG TV
  • First, on their website if you are not a customer yet.
  • After your XClass TV is connected to the Internet, press the Home button.
  • Navigate to Apps and select HBO Max there.
  • Open the app and enter your credentials to log in to HBO Max.
  • All XClass TVs are supported by HBO Max, so you needn’t worry.

    You can post a comment below if you have any questions, and we’ll make sure to respond as soon as possible.

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    Watch Hbo Max On Lg Smart TVs Using Android

    To access HBO Max on your LG TV with Android, use the procedures listed below:

    Step 1.

    Go to Settings on your smartphone.

    Step 2.

    Connect to your wireless network, then select Connection and Sharing.

    Step 3.

    Locate the Cast option and select it.

    Step 4.

    Set it to your devices specifications.

    Step 5.

    Turn on the connection sharing feature on your LG TV.

    Step 6.

    Connect the two devices and open HBO Max on your Android mobile.

    Step 7.

    Now, the HBO Max is available on your LG TV.

    How To Sign Out Of Hbo Max Account Using Your Phone

    In order to unlink your devices using your device, you will need an application on your phone. If you dont already have the HBO MAX app you can download it by following the link for Apple devices and the link for Android devices. after installing the app you will need to do the following:

  • Open your HBO Max application
  • In the bottom right corner of your screen, find the profile icon and click on it
  • Your account menu will open and in the upper left corner, click on the icon
  • Then click on and select the device you want to disable
  • After these actions, the device that you wanted to unlink will be deleted from your account.

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    Hbo Max Subcription Plan And Pricing

    HBO Max was started in May 2020 it is an online streaming platform offered by HBO. HBO Max is for all age groups from kids to aged people as it provides shows for all. As it is one of the favorites for all age groups.

    So, it offers its subscribers a family pack subscription plan. It has a variety of programs, including documentaries, TV series, movies, and competitive shows. You can also watch about 2000 movies. Instead, it provides a lot of high-quality content in 10,000 hours. You will get a 7-day free trial with HBO Max.

    After this you can purchase the monthly plan of $14.99 per month, it is pretty expensive but the content is worth this. But it is not available on Lg Smart TV as well as the Roku TV and Amazon Firestick.

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    How To Watch Hbo Max On Lg Smart TV Using Airplay 2

    How To Add Hbo Go To Lg Smart TV Gotvall  GuitarCollectioner

    Only LGs 2019 OLED TVs, LG NanoCell SM9X and SM8X series TVs, and LG UHD UM7X series TVs support AirPlay 2.

    Step 1.

    Connect your LG TV to the same WiFi network as your Mac or iOS smartphone.

    Step 2.

    The AirPlay icon can be found on your Macs top Menu bar, then simply press the button.

    Step 3.

    Open the HBO Max app on your iPhone or iPad and tap the AirPlay icon.

    Step 4.

    Now select the LG TV from the list of options.

    Step 5.

    Your Mac or iOS screen will appear on your television.

    Step 6.

    Open HBO Max in a web browser on your Mac.

    Thats all there is to it. Start watching or listening to your preferred stuff.

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    Hbo Max With Youtube TV

    YouTube TV came up with its TV app that features live TV channels. Luckily, you can install YouTube TV on your LG Smart TV. It costs $49.99/month and HBO Max alone costs $14.99/month. The total cost would be $64.9/month. It is a bit expensive, worth though. Moreover, YouTube offers 85+ Live tv channels.

    #1 Turn on your LG Smart TV and connect it to the internet.

    #2 Press the home button and select the Content Store from the home screen.

    #3 Hover over to the Search field and type YouTube TV with your supplied TV remote.

    #4 Select the YouTube TV app from the list of search results.

    #5 Click on the app info screen.

    #6 The app will be downloaded and installed on your TV.

    #7 Open a web browser and go to .

    #8 Choose Sign up through TV or mobile service provider.

    #9 Now scroll down and select the YouTube TV.

    #10 Complete the initial setup with the on-screen instructions.

    #11 Open the YouTube TV app on your LG Smart TV and login with your credentials that you used while signing up for the HBO Max.

    Hbo Max On Lg TV Using A Laptop

    Do you wonder how to get HBO Max on LG Smart TV using a laptop? Heres how to do it. In fact, you need an HDMI port to do that. This method requires only two steps.

    • First, connect an HDMI input port of your LG Smart TV with the HDMI port on your laptop. Be sure to use a genuine HDMI cable provided with the laptop.
    • Now, connect your Smart TVs input to the HDMI port with the assistance of your LG TV remote.
    • If everything goes well, the laptop screen is supposed to appear on your LG TV. Now, get a web browser open on your laptop. Then, go to and sign in with your credentials. Thats it.

    However, what if your laptops display settings did not display on your LG Smart TV? In that case, you can read the below. Following instructions will explain how to do it on both the systems .

    For Windows 10

    • Go to the option called Display Settings after performing a right-click on the desktop.
    • Now, choose to Duplicate these displays located in the Multiple Displays drop-down list.
    • When prompted, choose the option called Keep Changes.

    For Mac

    • Connect your Mac to your TV
    • Then, choose the option called System Preferences from the Apple menu.
    • Choose Displays located in the View menu.
    • Now, you should select the option called Arrangement in the drop-down.
    • Now, in the bottom-left corner, navigate to Mirror Displays.

    For Windows 8

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    Plug In Your Ps4 And Download The Hbo Max App

    HBO Max is also officially available on PS4 gaming consoles. This means, if your TV doesnt support the new HBO Max app, you can instead plug in your PS4 device to your TV and play movies and TV shows from the console. We have already prepared a detailed guide on streaming titles from HBO Max on a PS4 which you can read from the link below:

    How to get HBO Max on PS4

    How To Logout From Hbo Max On Lg Smart TV

    How to Get HBO MAX on LG Smart TV

    HBO Max is a great service for watching your favorite movies and shows. It offers a large library of exclusive movies, series, and shows. You can share your HBO Max account with your friends or your family. To do this, the service supports adding five profiles to your account which allows your whole family to use HBO Max. But there are times when you need to log out of your TV account. Using the LG Smart TV as an example, well figure out how to do this.

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    Cant Connect To Hbo Max

    Troubleshoot HBO Max on a phone or tablet

    • Step 1: Update HBO Max. Android: Open the Play Store on your Android device and search for HBO Max.
    • Step 2: Test your connection speed.
    • Step 3: Restart your phone or tablet.
    • Step 4: Clear cache and data.
    • Step 5: Delete and reinstall HBO Max.
    • Step 6: Update your device software.

    Use Roku To Mirror Your Smartphone Screen To Play Hbo Max

    If you own an LG TV with an HDMI port and also equip a Roku Device like the majority of people in the US, you can access HBO Max on your TV with a workaround, even though HBO Max doesnt officially support either of them. You can use Rokus inbuilt Screen mirroring feature to mirror the contents of your smartphone screen and then playing a title on the HBO Max app on your phone to watch it on your TV.

    How to watch HBO Max on Roku

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    How To Get Hbo Max On Android TV

  • First, if you aren’t already a customer.
  • Make sure your Android OS TV is connected to the Internet and open the Google Play Store from the home screen.
  • Search for HBO Max and select it from the results.
  • Download and install it HBO Max.
  • Select Open to access the HBO Max app and log in.
  • HBO Max offers support for Android TV-enabled Smart TVs that have Android OS 5 or later – such as Sony Smart TVs, Hisense Smart TVs, the AT& T Streaming TV box, and the TiVo Stream 4K. See our dedicated article on how to get HBO Max on Android TV.

    Feature Of Hbo Max On Lg Smart TV

    Get Hbo Max App On Vizio Smart TV

    On May 27th, HBO Max, a new premium video streaming service, will launch. It contains more original material, past seasons of your favorite shows, and movies from HBO. HBO Max, unlike HBO, HBO NOW, and HBO GO, will deliver 10,000 hours of extra original series and movies. After a 7-Day Free Trial, it will also have a large catalog of your favorite shows for the same $14.99 per month.

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    How To View Hbo Max On Lg TV Using Android Devices

    If you are using an Android device or a tablet, it is possible to watch HBO Max using them. Mentioned below is how to do that.

    • First, download the HBO Max app on your Android device and install it.
    • Just like in the previous method, connect your Android device and LG Smart TV to the same network.
    • Now, go to the home screen on the LG TV. Then, you should select the Screen Share shortcut.
    • Swipe the Notification panel down on your Android device. After that, you should choose the icon called Cast. It can be found under Display in your settings.
    • Now, in the Cast Menu, choose your LG Smart TV.
    • Then, you can see your phones screen on the TV after a couple of seconds.
    • After that, on your Android device, launch the HBO Max app. Then, you are supposed to log in and begin watching HBO Max on LG TV.

    Watch Hbo Max On Lg TV By Connecting A Laptop

    If you have a laptop or computer with an HDMI port, you can connect it to your LG Smart TV and watch HBO Max. Most people will only need to do the following 2 steps:

  • Locate the HDMI port on your laptop and connect it to one of the HDMI inputs on your LG Smart TV
  • Using your LG TV remote, switch your Smart TVs input to the HDMI port you plugged the laptop into.
  • In most cases, you will now see your laptop screen on your LG TV. From there, open a browser on your laptop and go to , sign in, and start watching. HBO Max content should now be playing on your LG Smart TV.

    If your laptop screen didnt automatically start displaying on your LG Smart TV, check your display settings on your laptop. I explain how to do so on Mac and Windows systems below.

    Display Windows 10 to TV

    Setting your display to duplicate in Windows 10 is very similar to doing it in 7 or 8.

  • Right Click on the Desktop and choose Display Settings.
  • Click the Multiple Displays drop-down list, and select Duplicate these displays.
  • Display Mac to TV

  • From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.
  • From the View menu, choose Displays.
  • Check Mirror Displays in the bottom-left corner.
  • Display Windows 8 to TV

    If your Windows 8 laptop isnt displaying on your TV, then try the steps below.

    Screen Resolution.

    From there change, the dropdown menu for Multiple displays from Extend these displays to Duplicate these displays.

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