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How To Connect My Roku Remote To My TV

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The Remote Is Not Working Or Syncing

How to pair a Roku remote to your TV and Roku

The most common problem users have with Roku remotes is that they are either disconnecting often or simply not connecting at all.

If thats the case, heres what you can do:

  • The first step is to restart your Roku device.
  • Just turn off the TV and unplug it.
  • Once the TV is unplugged, you need to press the power button on the TV .
  • Hold the button down for around two minutes.
  • Now, connect and turn on the TV.
  • You will have to pair the remote again. So, you can use the pairing button or the steps we mentioned before.
  • It should solve connection issues between the Roku device and the remote. However, if that method doesnt fix your problem, you can try changing the batteries.

    Tip: Some Roku devices allow you to restart the TV without disconnecting it. All you need to do is find the Restart option in the System Menu under Settings.

    Control Your TV With A Roku Remote

    You can use your Roku remote to change the volume and turn your TV on and off by adjusting the right settings. The process differs depending on whether youre setting up Roku for the first time or youve already installed it. Roku also enables you to download their app and use your phone as a remote.

    We hope this article helped you learn how to sync a Roku remote to a TV. Additionally, we hope youve learned more about what to do if your remote is malfunctioning.

    Have you ever experienced issues with your Roku remote? Do you use the Roku mobile app to control the device? Tell us in the comments section below.

    How To Reset Roku Enhanced Remote

    The enhanced point anywhere remote is a little more complex than the standard IR remote. It connects over a network by pairing with your Roku device, meaning you can point it anywhere and still be able to control your Roku device.

    Because of its complexity, there are a few more things that can go wrong with the Roku Enhanced remote. In this section, well provide different methods that might help fix your problem.

    If you have a spare Roku remote or the Roku mobile app, you can go through the steps for restarting your Roku device through the settings menu.

    Restart Both Your Roku Device and Roku Remote

  • Remove the Batteries
  • If you have a spare remote or the Roku mobile app, you can restart your Roku device through the settings menu.

    Connect Your Roku Player to 5 GHz Wireless

    If you have a wireless connection instead of a Roku with Ethernet cable, as long as your router supports 5 GHz, you can connect your Roku device to a 5 GHz network. However, youll need to change some settings within your router, so only do this if youre comfortable tinkering.

    Plus, all routers are different, so youll either need to know your way around your routers settings already or have its manual handy.

  • Select wireless, find your 5 GHz network and connect to it.

    Select wireless and connect to your 5 GHz network.

  • Change Your Routers Wireless Channel

  • Sign In to Your Routers Admin Area

    Log in to your routers admin area and find the wireless channel settings.

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    How To Manually Pair A Remote From Roku

    Keep the Roku remote near the Roku streaming device within a few feet and use fresh working batteries. Plug the Roku streaming player back in after unplugging it for two minutes.

  • While the Roku is in the guided setup stage, it might advise you to connect the remote once it reboots.
  • The remote may not need to be paired if you already have it configured on your Roku.
  • On the Roku remote, remove the compartment where the batteries are present.
  • You will find a Reset Button there which needs to be pressed for about 5 seconds
  • As a result, the remote control has been paired and can be used now.
  • Some Things To Keep In Mind While Using The Roku Remote App

    How To Connect Roku To WIFI Without Remote

    Mistakes or errors might cause difficulties due of frequent issues. To avoid having to deal with these problems, pay attention to the following items and make sure you follow through on them:

    • Check to see whether your phone is fully charged.
    • If your mobile device is infected with a virus, you may experience some unusual problems.
    • Space is a problem for the majority of users. If youre having trouble installing the Roku app, make sure the area is clear.
    • If you havent already, make sure your smartphone is up to date.
    • The mobile phone should not be linked to the USB charging cable when using the app.

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    Look For Hdmi Connection Issues

    When using the Roku streaming device, you must make sure that there arent any connection issues with the HDMI port. If you do find yourself in these troubled waters, you must get yourself an HDMI extension.

    The issue with the HDMI port is one that the company has officially acknowledged, and so, they will ship you the solution to this problem free of cost from the official Roku website.

    Until you receive the extender, you could also try switching up ports on the TV itself, see if that will work. Using the HDMI extenders is, however, the best long-term alternative.

    How To Fix A Roku Remote: Try A Different Remote

    At the time of writing,Roku sells four different remotes: the Roku voice remote , the Roku Enhanced voice remote , the Roku gaming remote and the Roku Standard IR remote .

    To determine which remote works with your player, it’s best to visit the Roku website, as it stays updated with the most current information. Basically, though:

    • Roku Streaming Stick Plus and the Roku Premiere: Roku voice remote
    • Roku Ultra: Roku Enhanced voice remote
    • Older Roku 2 and Roku 3 models: Roku gaming remote
    • Roku Express and most older Roku models: Roku Standard IR remote

    The exact feature set varies depending on the remote. The Roku Enhanced voice remote offers a headphone jack for private listening some offer programmable channel buttons some offer power and volume controls for your TV.

    There’s now an even better option, too, in the form of the Roku Voice Remote Pro, which offers features including hands-free controls, custom shortcuts, and private listening. It’s also the first Roku remote to be fully rechargeable.

    Read our hands-on review of the Roku Voice Remote Pro and then see our in-depth guide on how to replace your Roku remote.

    Whatever the case, we’d recommend ordering these remotes directly from the Roku website, because Roku makes the compatibility of each device very clear. Third-party retailers aren’t always as good at this, and you don’t want to experience any problems with your replacement remote.

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    Extra Tip Cast Pc To TV Using Apowermirror

    If you find it difficult to setup the Roku TV, here is an alternative way for you. Using a third-party mirroring app called ApowerMirror, youll be able to mirror your PC to TV for free and without any hassle. This tool is also capable of recording your screen as it has a built-in screen recorder. Explore and experience its other professional features by relying on the following steps.

    • Then, connect both devices to the same WiFi network. After that, launch the app on both devices.
    • On your computer, go to the TV option on the apps main interface.
    • This time, find the PIN code on your TV screen and type it in the PIN code box on your computer.
    • The mirroring will proceed once you click the Start Mirroring button.

    Follow the given steps above to cast computer to Roku. You may also use ApowerMirror in case you find it difficult to connect your PC to TV or if you do not have a Roku TV itself. Nonetheless, both ways are made to help you mirror your devices and provide the convenience you are looking for.

    Order A Replacement Remote

    how to set up your roku remote to control your tv

    Another possible option is to order a replacement remote for your Roku TV.

    You only need to pair the remote to the Roku once you get the remote to start using it.

    You can also get a universal remote like the SofaBaton U1 thats compatible with Roku devices that can also control devices other than your Roku.

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    How To Reset Roku

    Before you dive in and hard reset your Roku, you must understand that by doing so you will erase all of your settings and preferences. Its a complete factory reset that will return your Roku device to its original state.

    Like with restarting your Roku device, there are two ways you can do it: through the settings menu or by using the reset button on the device. The second method is the best if your Roku is unresponsive, but either way will have the same outcome.

    Performing a factory reset is a good idea if you are returning, gifting or selling your Roku device. It will ensure that none of your personal information or Roku account data is left on the device, and the new user can set it up as if they are the first owner.

    How to Factory Reset Roku in the Settings Menu

  • Press the home button
  • Select system from the menu and press OK.

    Select system and press OK.

  • Go to Advanced System Settings

    Select advanced system settings and press OK.

    Select advanced system settings and press OK.

  • Go to Factory Reset

    Select factory reset and enter the code shown. Then select OK and press OK on your remote. Now follow the on-screen instructions.

    Select factory reset, enter the on-screen code and select OK.

  • How to Factory Reset Roku Using the Reset Button

    Create A Free Roku Account & Link The Roku Device

    Now you need to set up your Roku account and activate your device. It wont cost you a cent you just need to be able to access your email account via your mobile device or computer.

    1. Enter Email Address

    Enter a valid email address to use with your Roku account. Youll then be sent an activation email.

    2. Activate Your Account

    When you receive it, click on the link provided to activate your account and link your Roku device to it. Itll take you to a web browser and you just need to go through the steps to create an account with Roku. It will ask you to add a payment method, such as a credit card or PayPal, but adding that does not mean you have to pay for anything. You can also add a purchase authorization PIN in the settings later.

    3. Link Roku to Your Account

    Once youve done that, you need to link your Roku device to your account. You do that by clicking link a device and entering the activation code displayed on your TV screen. You can link more devices if you decide to buy a new Roku or a Roku TV.

    Thats it, youre all set. Roku will run you through a quick tutorial on how to use it. You can now add paid or free channels to your Roku home screen and start watching your favorite shows and movies. Some of those Roku channels have cloud DVR features.

    If you want to access channels or services that arent available in your region, check out our best VPN for Roku guide.

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    How Do I Connect My Roku To My TV Without Hdmi

    Below are three ways to connect Roku to TV without HDMI:

  • Converter Box. SEE PRICE.
  • Composite Cables. Roku users with the 2018 Roku Express can connect their device to TV without HDMI using composite cables.
  • Use a HDMI to AV Converter. The HDMI to AV converter usually features a video converter, USB cable and a power cable.
  • Can You Connect Roku Directly To Router

    How To Turn On Roku TV Without Remote And Wifi

    If you’re not having luck connecting your Roku wirelessly to your network, you may want to opt for a wired connection. However, this is only possible if you have certain Roku devices, such as the Roku Ultra, as only some of them have an Ethernet cable port.

    To see if you can connect your Roku with an Ethernet cable, look on the back of the device for a port labeled Ethernet. If you see this, use an Ethernet cable and connect the Roku to your router.

    If you have a Roku Streambar, you can also buy a USB Ethernet adapter and hook it up to your router that way. A Roku TV may also have an Ethernet port, so check the back of the TV if you have one.

    After connecting a Roku device to your router, do the following:

  • Navigate to the Home screen on your Roku.

  • Go to Settings > Network > Set up connection.

  • Select Wired connection.

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    How To Set Up Roku In 202: Easy Steps To Get Connected

    Have a new Roku? In this article we provide easy step-by-step instructions on how to set up Roku on your TV. You’ll be enjoying your shows or movies in no time.

    Whether youre cutting the cord or simply want an entertainment hub to house all of your paid subscriptions, a Roku can be the perfect answer. Once youve decided which Roku to buy, youll need to set it up. In this article, well tell you how to set up Roku on your TV in the time it takes for your popcorn to be ready.

    Although there are many different Roku streaming devices, the setup process is pretty much the same for each one. However, well be sure to tell you of any differences there are within this step-by-step Roku setup guide.

    Pairing A Voice Remote With Regular Batteries

    If your Roku voice remote uses standard batteries, to get it paired, first, remove the back cover and take out the batteries. Also, unplug the power cable behind your streaming box, wait five seconds, and then reconnect it. Once the Roku home screen appears on your TV, put the batteries back in your remote.

    Now, with the back cover of the remote still removed, press and hold the pairing button to the right of the green status light on the back of the remote and wait for it to begin flashing. Follow the pairing dialogue that will appear on your TV screen after about 30 seconds.

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    Different Types Of Button Support

    Not every universal remote will work the same with your Roku. There are two levels of button support you can find when programming a universal remote with your Roku.

    • Basic: Remotes with the basic capabilities will help control a few important buttons such as power, volume, and input select.
    • Expanded: With expanded button support, you can control everything that is available with the Basic level as well as a handful of other buttons such as home, up, down, right, left, back, replay, options, reverse scan, forward scan, and play or pause.

    Things To Know Before Setting Up Your Remote

    How to connect the Roku remote app to your device when you donât have WiFi

    You should keep a few things in mind before you start setting up your remote control.

    First, you should know that you can set up your remote both during the setup of your Roku device but also after youve finished everything. So, if youre already installed Roku on your TV, theres nothing to worry about this article will cover both methods.

    If you choose to set up both Roku and enhanced remote at the same time, the Roku player will try to scan and recognize the brand of your TV. Sometimes this isnt possible, so youll have to manually enter your TVs brand. Therefore, you should gather the necessary information before you proceed with the installation.

    In the end, you should always connect your Roku directly to the TV when you want to set up the remote control. This is necessary so the Roku player recognizes the brand of your TV . Some people connect Roku to their surround system instead of TV this is fine, but not during setup. When youre installing the remote, plug the Roku to the TV directly. After its finished, you can readjust the cords.

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    How To Sync A Roku Replacement Remote

    This article was written by Nicole Levine, MFA. Nicole Levine is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. She has more than 20 years of experience creating technical documentation and leading support teams at major web hosting and software companies. Nicole also holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Portland State University and teaches composition, fiction-writing, and zine-making at various institutions. This article has been viewed 13,382 times.

    This wikiHow teaches you how to set up a replacement remote for your Roku player or TV. Since pairing a new remote requires getting to a certain place in the Roku’s settings menu, you’ll need an existing remote to pair a new onebut what if your existing remote is broken or missing? The trick is to use the Roku mobile app as a temporary remote to get through the setup process.

    What Is The Pairing Button On A Roku Remote

    The pairing button on a Roku remote allows you to connect your device to a remote. That way, you can control it from afar.

    This button is usually located on the front of the remote. However, you can sometimes find it underneath the battery compartment.

    If you want to sync your devices, you need to find the pairing button and press it until you see the light coming from the top of the remote.

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    My Tcl Roku TV Remote Is Not Working

    Depending on which TCL Roku TV you are using, you will have one of the following remotes. Select the image of your remote:

    *Note: If your remote control has numbers or does not look like the images below, click here.

    TIP: Check out the free Roku Mobile App for tablets and smartphones. Makes it easy to manage and access many features of your TCL Roku TV.

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