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How To Get More Hdmi Ports On TV

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Can I Increase The Number Of Hdmi Ports On My TV

How to add more HDMI inputs to your screen or TV

You can undoubtedly increase the number of HDMI ports on your TV by hooking it up with a third-party accessory such as an HDMI switch. Besides offering you more HDMI input ports to work with, an HDMI switch reduces potential wear and tear on your TVs built-in ports.

  • VWRHar HDMI Switch 2 In 1 Out
  • UGREEN HDMI Switch 3 In 1 Out
  • Amazon Basics 4K HDMI 5-Port Switch
  • Awakelion 4K HDMI 5-Port Switch

Some switches have a large footprint and come with a dedicated remote for easy switching between ports. A few others are compact enough to go behind your television and remain entirely out of sight.

The ones mentioned above come with a remote, except for the VWRHar switch, which is relatively tiny.

Also, if youd like to hook up a switch that connects your source device to your TV but runs audio from external speakers, you may consider an HDMI switch with audio extraction capabilities.

  • NEWCARE 4×1 HDMI Switch Audio Extractor
  • Proster Prozor 3×1 HDMI Switch with Audio Extractor
  • FERRISA 4×2 HDMI Matrix Switch

For the audio extractor to work, plug in the 3.5mm cable from your audio device. To see how its done, watch the video:

Kindly note, these switches would likely not come with an HDMI cable bundled in. Therefore, buy a cord separately if you dont have one.

How To Add Hdmi Ports To Your TV

Modern TVs can do some incredible things, with screen sizes continuing to balloon, and resolution now stretching right up to 8K. So why is it that no manufacturer can provide enough HDMI ports for all our devices?

Even where TVs are equipped with multiple ports, its rare to find all are the latest specification. Very often we find that HDR capabilities, for example, are limited to just one or two of the available ports on TVs.

There are so many devices that we could connect to our TVs games consoles, Blu-ray and DVD players, soundbars, media streamers and set-top boxes, maybe even a Portal or webcam device that it remains a mystery as to why TV makers force us to choose between them.

There is an easy way to get around the problem, of course, and you dont need to spend very much to achieve it.

Advanced Features: Arc Vs Earc

Part of the HDMI standard is an audio feature called Audio Return Channel . Any current 4K smart TV will have one HDMI port labeled ARC .

ARC lets you use a single HDMI cable to connect a TV and soundbar, offering two-way communication between devices over a single HDMI connection. Essentially, the HDMI ARC port lets you use HDMI as both an input to the TV and an audio output to the soundbar. And since it all happens over a single cable, it helps reduce the tangle of cables that often lurk behind any TV.

A newer version of ARC, called Enhanced Audio Return Channel , is also available on HDMI 2.0 and 2.1 connections. The biggest improvement eARC offers is support for full-resolution audio signal, meaning that it supports Dolby Atmos and other uncompressed sound formats.

Read our guide What is HDMI ARC? to learn more.

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Purchase An Hdmi Switch

4K 1080P 3 Port HDMI HDTV Auto Switch Switcher Selector Splitter Hub iR ...

On an HDMI switch, there is one port into which you plug in the output cable. This output cable goes into your TV. Once youve done that, all thats left for you to do is to plug in any additional device, whether it be a video game console or a streaming device.

After plugging in your devices, you can select which connection you want to display on your TV, choosing between your connected devices directly from the box or remote control. For those looking for advice on visual settings, read here about how to get rid of black bars on the top and bottom of your TV.

How Much Does an HDMI Switch Cost?

An HDMI switch will cost $10-$200 depending on how many ports it has and the quality and capability of the device. Still, they are easy to find, easy to set up, and will save you a lot of hassle.

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Passive Vs Powered Switches

Some switches are passive devices which means that they dont need an external power supply. This would generally apply to smaller switchers with a couple of inputs.

For larger switches with more inputs, the unit is more likely to need external power.

A passive switch might be easier to install because you dont need to consider running power from somewhere.

Whereas a powered switch might work better if you need a longer cable run or a particular HDMI device doesnt output a strong signal.

Iarkpower 31 Hdmi Switch With Optical And Rca Outputs

The iArkPower is a nice, premium HDMI switch. Its three HDMI inputs support 4K and 3D, and it has an RCA output and optical audio output for external speakers. This device also comes with a remote control, and it has an automatic feature that can be toggled on and off.

Really, this is an HDMI switch that you dont have to hide behind your TV. All of the ports are on the back of the device, so it looks good and is easy to access. This is a good HDMI switch for entertainment centers that dont have a lot of hiding space, or for situations where youll be plugging and unplugging different video sources.

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Lg TV Hdmi No Signal Problem

The LG Help Center makes troubleshooting a television that is relatively simple to display a No Signal indication. They have the following suggestions:

Your external device may be linked to the incorrect HDMI port, so check whether your TVs input channel matches your external devices HDMI port number.

Modify the incoming ports. If it still doesnt work, the one you tested could be defective.

Try adding a different external device to see if the issue is with that one. In such a case, you can rule out the possibility of a TV issue. You may need to replace your HDMI cable.

To avoid any confusion, pay attention to the labelling on the cable and plug it in according to the instructions.

What Exactly Is Hdmi Switching

Add HDMI inputs to TV – add 6 ports in less than 5 minutes!

A HDMI switch enables the consolidation of several HDMI source channels into a single channel. A HDMI switch is a straightforward approach to increase the number of inputs that a device can take. Your TV is configured to a single input source, and you replace the TVs input selection with the HDMI switch.

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What Is Arc For Hdmi

The Audio Return Channel connects your TV and audio system with a single High Speed HDMI® cable and eliminates the need for an additional composite audio or optical cable. Connecting an ARC-compatible audio system to an ARC-compatible TV allows the following: Send audio from the TV to the audio system.

Whats An Auto Hdmi Switch

Auto switches will detect any active HDMI device and send that signal to the display. For example, if you turn on a console, the TV will automatically switch to the console source. In most cases, these will work fine, but if you leave multiple devices powered on, that can cause issues.

Manual HDMI switchers are usually preferred. The ones with a remote are probably the easiest to use, but most have a button or switch too. Look for one that requires the least amount of effort on your part. Since you dont want to stand up to switch a source, I recommend looking for a switcher that is either automatic or has a remote control.

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What Is Displayport Vs Hdmi

DisplayPort is often video-only, while HDMI delivers video and audio in a single cable. But the differences dont stop there. There are four different versions of DisplayPort that may be found on monitors and graphics cards, each offering a slightly different mix of support for different resolutions and frame rates.

Lg TV Input Switching Problems

Connecting a HD Video Source Using HDMI Cable

There are several ways to connect to your TV. Even though you may only have one device attached, the primary methods should be able to recognize which input you are currently using and keep it until you manually alter the setting.

When youre viewing a program, and the TV pops up an input notification, or when you switch it on, and the default input mode is set, you have to manually switch into your preferred input mode. Its a nuisance and should not be happening at all.

Turning off your LG TVs rapid start option will deactivate the TVs auto input recognition capability. When you turn on the TV, it wont immediately switch between inputs. You should also clean the app caches and save data on your LG TV if you receive this input prompt when streaming any applications since damaged data is causing this. There is no need to worry! A simple remedy is required, so here are the key steps.

Auto Input Detection Should Be Disabled

Auto Device Detection is activated on your LG TV, which means that anytime you turn the TV on, this will automatically change between inputs and pick an input source for you. By disabling Auto Device Detection, the TV will no longer attempt to recognize the video input source.

On LG TVs, You May Disable Quick Start

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How Many Hdmi Ports Does Your TV Need

While there is no one-fits-all answer to this question, the number of HDMI ports youll want your TV almost always depend on the number of devices you have in your home entertainment system. We live in a time where the types of inputs on TVs have reduced but the number of devices to connect to the TV are increasing. In a typical home theatre setup of the average smart home, you most likely would find set-top boxes , cable TV, TV dongles, DVD/Blu-ray player all of which have HDMI output.

Ideally, youd want your TV to have as many HDMI ports as the number of devices in your entertainment setup. Or as many devices as you plan to connect to your TV via HDMI. It is, however, recommended that you count the number of devices you could possibly want to connect to your TV in the future before you purchase the TV.

Make a list of your HDMI devices and check it twice before you shop.

Majority of the TVs out there have at least two HDMI ports which is decent enough. But as mentioned earlier, the number of devices using HDMI ports out there in the market is on the increase. So having a TV with two HDMI ports is just as good as having one. However, if one of the ports is an HDMI ARC, its just as good as having three HDMI ports on your TV as it supports the simultaneous transfer of audio signal i.e allows you send and receive audio signal using the same HDMI cable. So in lieu of connecting your game console directly to your TV, you can hook it up with your Soundbar instead.

What Should You Look For In An Hdmi Switch

Now that we can recognize that an HDMI Switch is the appropriate device to use if you want to add more HDMI ports to your TV that has an existing HDMI port, it is important to take the time to know the differences in what types of HDMI Switch devices are out there.

While there are many acceptable models, it is important to choose the device that will work best to meet your specific needs within your home.

Consider the following categories when selecting the right HDMI Switch to add HDMI ports to your newer TV with an existing HDMI port:

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Add 3 Extra Hdmi Ports To Your TV With This Simple $13 Accessory

While the modern world has some great technology, one big downside is that there are just too many things to plug in and not enough ports to plug them into. This can be a problem, especially if its something like a recessed TV where you constantly have to try to get behind it to reach the HDMI ports or switch the plug between devices. Thankfully, there is a solution, and HDMI switches help solve the issue of having too few ports. A Gana three-port HDMI switch is even on sale right now at Amazon for $13, down from $18, so its certainly worth a shot if youre looking for a more convenient way to hook up multiple devices to a TV.

With this little device, you only need to plug it into one HDMI port on your TV to connect three different devices. It works perfectly fine with pretty much any device that connects via HDMI, from gaming consoles like an Xbox to streaming devices like an Apple TV. Even better, this little device can handle 4K at 30Hz, which is pretty impressive for something that costs a little bit less than $15. While most devices run better on higher resolutions, 30Hz at 4K isnt too bad. Also, given that its HDMI 1.4 compatible, that means it should handle 1080p at 120Hz just fine, so for those of you who dont have a 4K TV, this device should function exactly the same as if you had connected the cable directly.

Editors’ Recommendations

Is It Worth Buying A TV With Multiple Hdmi Ports Over A TV With Just One

Add HDMI ports to anything!

In a world where HDMI switches exist, a TV with a single HDMI port would seem just fine. But if you want a clutter-free space and not deal with two remotes , a TV with three or more HDMI ports is recommended.

But, as mentioned earlier, do not replace your existing, working-perfectly-fine TV with a new television just because you need more ports to play with. There are more than a handful of small enough HDMI switches that can be hidden out of sight.

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How To Add More Hdmi Ports To A TV

There never seems to be enough HDMI ports on a TV. In fact, running out of ports is a common problem across many different kinds of devices, including the most recent version of Apples MacBook Pro. If you have one more device to plug into the TV but cant find a place to connect it, dont worry, because there is a way to add more ports and you wont have to continue switching cables in and out.

How do you add more HDMI ports to a TV? If you connect the outport from an HDMI switch to the TV via an HDMI cable you can add three additional ports, however, youll lose one when you connect the switch to the TV.

As it was just noted, it is possible to add more HDMI ports to your TV by adding an HDMI switch, in fact, we have an entire guide on HDMI switches and their many features and capabilities. However, if youre not familiar with an HDMI switch or maybe you want to use something else, we have more information below.

Is It Possible To Use An Hdmi Switch As An Hdmi Splitter

Maybe. Some are bi-directional and can operate as a switch or a splitter, i.e., 2-in/1-out or 1-in/2-out . However, most switchers are not able to do this and will only have one output.

Here is a model that does work either way:

So, you can use it to connect two video sources to a single output or send a single source to two different TVs or monitors.

One thing to note. This device wont display on two TVs simultaneously its one or the other.

Youll need a different model if thats what you want.

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The Best Way To Add Hdmi Ports To An Old TV

HDMI ports can be added to an old TV with an HDMI to RCA converter. To add additional HDMI ports to a TV with an existing HDMI port, use an HDMI Switch to add various inputs such as game consoles, BluRay players, speakers, and more.

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Of course, choosing the right HDMI Switch to add HDMI porta to your TV can come with quite a variety of options. Still, there is sure to be an option that can work for you.

And, if you are working with an older TV and want to be able to connect your devices with an HDMI cable, you can use the RCA converter option to make this a simple transition. Lets take a closer look.

Port Placement Is Important

HDMI Switch, POLOK Gold Plated 3

While the number of HDMI ports on your TV is an important attribute, equally crucial is how and where they are positioned on the television.

If they are located too close to each other, for instance, you may have a hard time using them in tandem. The hoods of the HDMI cables you use could be too thick and may come in each others paths.

Also, if youre mounting the TV, side-positioned HDMI ports are ideal as they are easily accessible when the television is stuck flat against the wall. The ports positioning wont matter much if you place the TV on a stand.

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