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How To Get TV Reception Without Cable Or An Antenna

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To Set Up A TV Signal From A Set

How to Get TV Reception Without Cable or an Antenna

Many cable or satellite subscribers have a cable box or satellite receiver. You can set up your TV signal to pass through one of these devices on its way to your Media Center PC.Cable boxes and satellite receivers can include channels that are either standard or high definition. In Media Center, a digital high-definition signal that is transmitted through one of these boxes will be converted to an analog standard-definition signal.

  • Connect the cable from the cable source to the cable input jack on the cable box or satellite receiver.If you have two cable boxes or two satellite receivers that you want to use with Media Center, you can use a splitter to divide the TV signal from the wall jack to the boxes. Each cable box or satellite receiver must have a TV signal connected to the cable input jack.

  • Connect a cable from the output jack on the cable box or satellite receiver to the TV-IN jack on the appropriate TV tuner on your Media Center PC.If your PC has more than one TV tuner, make sure each tuner has its own TV signal connected to the TV-IN jack.

  • Connect an IR blaster to your computer and your set-top box.

  • On the Windows Media Center start screen, scroll to Tasks, select Settings, select TV, and then select Set Up TV Signal.

  • Follow the steps to connect a TV signal, depending on the type of tuner or tuners that the cable is connected to, as well as the type of programming to which you subscribe.

  • Ways To Get Free TV Channels Without An Antenna

    Are you thinking of cutting the cord to save money from monthly cable and satellite subscriptions? However, something is still pulling you back. In particular, you dont want to lose access to your favorite TV channels.

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  • If thats the case, then, youd better continue reading this article because I will be sharing simple ways on how to get free TV channels or on how to get TV reception without cable or an antenna.

    With the proliferation of smart TVs and streaming apps, there is no better time to cut the cord than today. So, hopefully, with the legit ways that you are about to learn in this article on how to get free TV, you will finally have no hesitations to say goodbye to your cable subscription and antenna once and for all.

    Best Budget TV Antenna

    Range: 35 miles | Supported resolution: Up to 4K | VHF/UHF: Both | Impedance: 75 Ohms | Dimensions: 11.7 x 8.3 x .06 inches | Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

    Accessing free, over-air TV channels doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money on an antenna. The Best Buy Essentials indoor TV antenna retails for about $20, while still providing access to local news, sports, and entertainment channels.

    It has a range of 35 miles, making it better suited for users who live in smaller towns. And the double-sided design means it will blend in with either light or dark colored walls when installed. It’s also incredibly compact, measuring just 11 x 8 inches, so whether you hang the antenna in a window or on the wall, it won’t block your view or detract from your decor.


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    How Do I Check Antenna Signal Strength

    To properly measure your TV antenna’s signal strength, you’ll need a special piece of equipment called a Pwr measuring device. This little machine connects to your antenna’s coax cable and works in a similar way to internet speed tests: the device “reads” the signal coming from your antenna and measures it to see how much LTE and FM interference is mixed in with the TV signal — and how much power your antenna is using in order to pick up signals.

    You can buy a simple unit like the King SL1000 SureLock for about $25 if you just want to make sure your antenna is putting out a decent signal. Or you can pick up a more refined unit like the for about $95 if you want more detailed information like FM/LTE interference levels, frequency ranges, and voltage.

    Best Antenna For TV Without Cable Or Internet

    How to Get TV Reception Without Cable or An Antenna?

    Sometimes you just want to have your cake and eat it too. And thats what free TV is. With a strong antenna, you can get a wide variety of programming, be it local news and alerts, sports, or general entertainment completely for free you just have to scoop it out of the air. To help you do achieve the loft goal of kicking back, chuckling at cable companies while diving into your free channels, weve compiled a list of some of the best antennas for TV without cable or internet.

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    Stream Local TV Channels With Internet

    If you dont want to mess with extra hardware like antennas or TV tuners to get your local television stations, the easiest way is to sign up for an internet-based live TV service. Several of them offer live access to all or most of your local TV stations. Most also offer cloud DVR for storing live shows on your account. You can stream them to your PC, mobile device, or smart TV.

    The biggest issue with going this quick-and-simple route is that the monthly bills for these services can be expensive. They include Hulu Plus Live TV, which costs $70 a month, with unlimited cloud DVR.

    Another option is YouTube TV, which costs $65 a month, and includes unlimited cloud DVR space .

    FuboTV starts at $70 a month and offers 1,000 hours of cloud DVR. However, not all of the local channels are available in all markets.

    Sign Up For Live Streaming Services

    If you have a bit of moolah to shell out, subscribing to live streaming services might be a viable option. How much?

    A monthly subscription to most live streaming channels is half the cost of cable subscriptions.

  • How to get local channels without cable? Local channels such as Disney, BC, CBS, NBS, and Discovery can be accessed by subscribing to YouTubeTV. In addition, it also offers a cloud DVR where you can record the shows that you miss. So theres getting more bang for your buck.
  • If you find YouTubeLive, you can also sign up for Hulu TV. This costs less than Youtube. It also has a lot of channels but might lack some channels like MTV, PBS, and Comedy Central. But if you can get the channels that you often watch, this is a good option already.
  • If you want to lower the fees some more, Sling TV is the best option. Its half the cost of YouTube TV and HULU, but of course, it will also offer lesser channels.
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    Using A TV Antenna With Smart TVs And Streaming Devices

    While streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max may be taking a more prominent place in the living room, there’s still room for over-the-air broadcast TV. Whether you want free access to local news or just want to get more sports without shelling out for another subscription service, an HDTV antenna can still provide plenty of great stuff to watch, and having a smart TV or one of the best streaming devices doesn’t prevent using an antenna.

    All of the best smart TVs for streaming also have built-in tuners for pulling in broadcast channels, and getting your TV channels programmed is an automatic process, with the TV scanning for stations and putting together a browsable channel guide in just a few minutes.

    And several streaming devices are built with OTA content in mind. The Amazon Fire TV Cube, for example, can switch over to your TV’s built-in tuner seamlessly, without having to swap TV inputs or juggle extra remote controls. You can even get something like the , a DVR that lets you record OTA content, and enjoy it all using the same Fire TV interface your TV might already be using.

    Live TV Streaming App

    Secret Free TV Signal Through Internet with NO Cable Subscription or Equipment

    A popular solution to cutting the cord is subscribing to a live TV streaming service. And the service that knows how to give you local channels for a low price is Sling TV. If youre just wanting local channels, why pay $50 or more a month when you can spend $35 with Sling?

    The Sling Orange package doesnt have any local channels, but the Sling Blue package gives you your local FOX and NBC channels, among 40 other popular channels like FOX News Channel, MSNBC, CNN, and Food Network.

    But if youre willing to spend $65 per month or more for a live TV streaming service, we recommend YouTube TV or Hulu Live TV.

    YouTube TV will give you 85 channels including your local ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and PBS channels. You and your family can also enjoy Disney Channel, Food Network, and ESPN.

    While these last two options benefit the whole family, the next two options are strictly for the newsies.

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    What Is Digital TV

    Digital TV is the transmission of video and audio signals using digital encoding. Digital TV offers more variety, more accessibility, and more superior quality than analogue TV. It enables high definition broadcasting that gives you resolutions that are better than the standard definition. With digital TV, you can watch more than one program on one channel. For instance, you can be watching one TV show on your TV wall mount while recording another show simultaneously.

    How To Hook Your Antenna Up To Your TV

    Got your antenna? Great! Now its time to set it up and try it out.

    Youll first need to position the antenna in a good location . Again, if you get a very strong signal, a basic indoor antenna by your TV will probably be good enough. Mounting it by the window will get you a better signal, if you need it.

    If you need an outdoor antenna, though, itll take a bit more work to installyoull likely have to use a ladder to climb up and mount it to the roof or side of the house using the included hardware. If you arent comfortable doing this, call a professional.

    After youve found a good place for your antenna, connect it to your television with the included coaxial cable. In the photo above, you can see how weve attached the coaxial cable from our antenna to the antenna input jack on our TV. And if your antenna is amplified, plug the amplifier into a power source. Our antenna can be powered via USB, so we plugged the USB cable that powers the amplification system into the TVs USB port.

    Once its plugged in, head to your TVs channel setup menu. Your TV will need to scan for available channels, which should take just a few minutes. When its done, youll be watching HD TV channels, you can cut the cable cord for good. If you arent getting the best signal possible, adjust the positioning and try scanning againhopefully, with a bit of tweaking, youll be watching all your local channels in crystal-clear HD.

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    Why You Should Trust Us

    Ive been writing about TVs since I was senior editor of Video magazine in the early 1990s, where I covered the transition to high-definition and digital TV and was one of the first 10 people certified for video calibration by the Imaging Science Foundation. Ive been an editor or writer for numerous tech-related publications, including Home Theater, Home Entertainment, and Sound & Vision magazines, and for websites such as Wirecutter, Lifewire, Mashable, and SoundStage. Ive conducted three previous multi-product tests of TV antennas, and Ive been a cord-cutter since 2000, relying entirely on broadcast TV, DVD, Blu-ray, and streaming for my video entertainment.

    The previous version of this guide was written by Wirecutter senior editor Grant Clauser, and some of this material is based on his testing and research, done at his Philadelphia-area home and in New York City. Grant has written about AV electronics for more than two decades. He was an editor at Dealerscope, E-Gear, and Electronic House, as well as a writer for Big Picture Big Sound, Consumer Digest, Sound & Vision, and others. He is ISF-certified and has completed THX Level II home theater design courses.

    To Open The TV Tuner Troubleshooter In Windows

    How to Get TV Reception Without Cable or an Antenna

    If you’re having trouble setting up your TV signal, try using the Set up TV tuner troubleshooter to automatically find and fix some common problems.

    Open the Set up TV tuner troubleshooter by selecting the Start button , and then selecting Control Panel. In the search box, enter troubleshooter, and then select Troubleshooting. In the left pane, select View all, and then select Set up TV tuner.

    Note: During the setup process, you might be asked to install a program called PlayReady. PlayReady allows you to play protected, premium TV content from your service provider in Media Center.If you receive an error while setting up your TV tunerfor example, a download error, or an error during PlayReady installationyou might need to go through the entire setup process again in order for your TV signal to work properly.

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    Get More Channels With Samsung TV Plus

    If you’re already bored of all the channels that come with cable or an antenna – or maybe you don’t have either set up – you can get free TV using Samsung TV Plus! This service is complimentary on all newer Samsung smart TVs and streams channelsover the internet directly to your TV.To access this feature, you simply need to press the Home button on your remote and then select Samsung TV Plus. You can learn more about the service by checking out our complete Samsung TV Plus guide.

    TV Shows From Fox And Nbc Through Hulu

    If you just want local channels to watch a favorite show on FOX or NBC, Hulu on-demand is a cheap alternative to a TV antenna. At $6.99 per month, you get some coverage of the latest comedies, dramas and reality TV shows.

    Hulu is also an inexpensive way to catch up on past seasons from cable channels such as A& E, History and Science Channel.

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    Ways To Watch TV Without Internet Or Cable

    What would you do with an extra $100 a month?

    Would you take your spouse out to a nice dinner or purchase a new item for your wardrobe?

    No matter what you would do, an extra $100 a month is a win.

    According to the Leichtman Research Group, cable bills have increased by 37% from 2011-2015. This is about 8 times the rate of inflation. The average TV packages were $103 per month.

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    Set Up A TV Signal In Windows Media Center

    How To Get BASIC TV Without Cable

    Support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 2020

    We recommend you move to a Windows 11 PC to continue to receive security updates from Microsoft.

    If you’re new to Media Center, see Getting started with Windows Media Center to learn the ropes.

    There are different types of TV signals available in different regions, and it’s important that your TV tuner is compatible with the TV signal you’re trying to connect to it. Here are some common TV signal scenarios that will help you determine what type of signal you have, and what type of tuner you’ll need.

    If your TV tuner supports this type of signal

    And your signal comes from

    Here are your options


    Analog cable

    Set up the TV signal directly from a cable TV wall jack, or from a set-top box using an IR blaster



    Set up the signal directly from your antenna


    Digital cable

    Set up the TV signal directly from a cable TV wall jack, or from a set-top box using an IR blasterNote that the channels available using this method will vary depending on region, and you’ll likely need to manually add some channels in Media Center in order to tune them properly.

    Premium high-definition digital cable

    Digital cable

    Set up the TV signal directly from a cable TV wall jack, or from a set-top box using an IR blaster to receive basic digital cableSet up a digital cable signal using a digital cable tuner and a CableCARD

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    Make Use Of A Digital Signal Detector

    You may also use computerized instruments to determine the intensity of a TV signal.

    The cable from your antenna is plugged into one input, while the cable from your TV is plugged into the other.

    After that, you may move your antenna till you get the best signal.

    The issue with this approach is that it is inaccessible.

    Its not always simple to get to these wires and unhook them, and having to do it every time you set up your RV at a new park may rapidly become a burden if you move your RV regularly, as you do with a Happier Camper.

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