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How To Cast To My Roku TV

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How To Screen Mirror From Android To Roku

How to Cast to Roku from Android
  • First, check if your Android phone or tablet will let you mirror your screen to Roku. Some phones may label the feature differently. For example, LG phones may label their casting feature either as Screen Mirroring or Screen Share. Samsung phones use the term Smart View for screen mirroring. , oddly, use the term Cast.
  • Once you find your phones screen mirroring feature, tap on it.
  • If you have more than one Roku TV or device on your network, you will be asked to pick which one you want to display the content.
  • The Roku screen will then show a notification asking you if you want to cast your screen from your device. You can select Accept or Always accept if youre going to keep using this same device to mirror your phones screen. Alternatively, you can also select Ignore or Always ignore if you decide not to mirror your phones screen.
  • The phones screen should then be displayed on your Roku TV.

How To Cast To Roku TV From Laptop Or Desktop

Get started in a few short steps. You can also follow this video tutorial to find out how to cast to Roku devices from computers.

Step 1: Download the App

Visit the AirBeamTV website to download the app for Screen Mirroring laptops or desktops to Roku devices. You can also test the free trial version before signing up.

Step 2: Open the installer file

Once you download the app, you will need to install the PKG file on your laptop. Click on the file on the upper right of your screen. An automatic installer program will appear. Follow the instructions in the installation window and remove the installer file when prompted.

Step 3: Start Mirroring

Open the Mirror for Roku TV app and click Start Mirroring. Your computer will cast your laptop or desktop screen wirelessly to your television screen. Now you can open many apps or websites and view them on your Roku supported TV or Streaming Player.

Step 4: Enjoy

Youre all set! Sport games, websites, movies and more from your laptop or desktop to your Roku any time!

The AirBeamTV app will cast to Roku TVs and Roku Streaming Players from laptops instantly.

How Do I Cast Without Chromecast

Bring down the Quick Settings panel. Search for and tap on the quick settings icon labeled Screencast or just Cast. A list of supported wireless display devices on your network will show up. Select the one thats on your TV, and a few seconds later your Android phones screen will show up on your TV.

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How To Mirror From Roku To Android Using Third

When you want to mirror your entire Android screen, you can rely on third-party apps to help. Unlike the methods listed above that only let you cast certain parts of your screen, some applications allow you to mirror anything you want.

You can search the Google Play Store for Mirroring apps to find the one that best suits your needs. For this article, were using the Screen Mirroring for Roku app. This application works great as long as your Android device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Roku. But, it does have some ads, and the premium features will cost $4.99/mo.

Heres how to use a third-party app to mirror your Android device to your Roku.

  • Head to the Google Play Store and install the app of your choice. Then, allow any permissions necessary to use the app. Select the option to Start Mirroring.
  • If you chose the free option, tap Watch Ad.
  • Tap Start now.
  • As mentioned above, your Android screen will automatically appear on the TV connected to your Roku.

    Roku Screen Mirroring Settings

    Fix Roku TV Screen Mirroring Not Working on Windows 10 PC

    If youd like to adjust the screen mirroring configuration, follow the instructions below.

  • Just like previously mentioned, grab your Roku remote and press the Home button.
  • Again, scroll down and choose Settings from the menu you see on the screen.
  • As mentioned above, scroll down and choose System.
  • Again, then scroll down and select Screen mirroring.
  • Now, under Screen mirroring mode, youll see three options on the right: Prompt, Always allow and Never allow. If you choose Prompt, you will need to confirm a device each time it tries to mirror on your big screen. The second setting allows mirroring without notifying you every time and the third blocks any device from mirroring.
  • If youre the only user of that particular Roku, its probably safe to set it to Always allow. If you dont live alone, go for Prompt.

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    Apps That Work From The Google Play Store

    Outside of Netflix, its difficult to find applications that work with your Roku device right from the Amazon Appstore. Even apps that support Googles Cast standard on normal Android devices, like Hulu, seem to be missing the ability to do anything with your Roku or other set-top boxes.

    Of course, since Amazons Fire OS is built on top of Android 5.0 Lollipop, we can use this to our advantage. While the Appstore may be missing in applications that allow you to take advantage of your Roku to stream or cast content from your device, the Google Play Store has plenty of options and apps we can use to stream directly to your Roku box. But how on Earth do we get the Play Store to install on our devices? After all, theres no way Amazon would ever allow a competitors application to be hosted in their Appstore! Well, as we mentioned, the Fire tablet lineup is running a forked version of Android that allows you to install the Play Store on your device. We have a full guide to installing the Play Store on your Fire tablet here , but for conveniences sake, weve included a shortened version below.

    How To Screen Mirror Built

    If youre using a device with Android 4 or higher, your device likely supports mirroring without any help from third-party apps. Remember, each manufacturer has its own mirroring software .

    Were using Samsung as an example, but most manufacturers support the feature. Although, you may need to go to Settings and tap on Connected Devices or something similar, here is how to use your devices native screen mirror functions:

  • Pull down from the top of the screen two times to reveal your entire control center.
  • Tap on Smart View.
  • Tap on the TV where youd like to mirror your Samsung screen.
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    By Step: Cast To Roku From An Android Device

    The following steps will show you how to cast to your Roku from an Android device. For this how-to, weve used the YouTube Android app as an example.

  • Tap the Casting Icon

    Tap the casting icon in the top-right corner. The casting icon will be visible on the home page, as well as during video playback.

  • Choose Your Roku Device

    Tap on your Roku device in the pop-up box.

  • Wait for Your Android Device to Connect to Roku

    You will see a connecting message. Wait for the device to connect to Roku.

  • Control the App From Your Android Device or Roku Remote

    You can now control the app from your device. The Roku remote will also be able to control some settings, such as pause and play.

  • Use Remote, Voice Search or Volume Adjust on Your Device

    If you tap the casting icon again, you can turn your Android device into a remote, use voice search and adjust the volume.

  • Tap the Casting Icon Again to Stop Casting

    To stop casting from your Android device, tap the casting icon again and then tap disconnect.

  • How To Set Up And Use Your Roku Streaming Device

    Cast to Roku From Phone – How to Screen Mirror Roku From Phone Guide Instructions

    The setup process tends to differ a little bit depending on what Roku device you own. But keep in mind, all streaming devices require a valid internet connection. For more basic models like Roku Express and Roku Premiere, that are essentially set-top boxes, youll need to plug your power adaptor into a power source and your HDMI cable into your TV. The Roku Streaming Stick+ plugs directly into your TVs HDMI port while Roku Ultra provides a wireless solution. Regardless of your device, once connected to your TV, follow the prompts to finish the process.

    Using your Roku device is pretty easy. All you need to do is use your Roku remote to navigate its interface. In addition to casting and screen mirroring, download your apps in the Roku Channel Store and access them from your home screen.

    For more on how to set up your Roku device, take a look at our step by step guide to help you get out of your pickle. Or, if you have questions about Rokus remotes and other accessories, get some answers with our assessment of Roku hardware.

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    Made For Roku TVs & Players

    Cast video, stream TikTok, watch Instagram Live Do it all wirelessly with the Roku Screen Mirroring apps from AirBeamTV.

    Screen Mirroring

    You can display your phone on the big screen with one click. The AirBeamTV app will cast to Roku Players or Roku TVs instantly. Once you download the app, you can start mirroring instantly. Your phone screen will display wirelessly and directly to your TV, no cables needed.

    Apps, Movies & More

    Now everyone can enjoy movies together on the big screen with AirBeamTV Mirror for Roku. Stream movies, watch news streams, or catch the latest episode of your favorite shows. Watch videos and stream apps from your phone to all Roku devices in perfect quality and audio

    Completely Wireless

    AirBeamTV makes Screen Mirroring effortless, easy and fast. Our leading Screen Mirroring apps cast your phone, tablet, or computer screen to your Roku via your WiFi connection.

    App Only

    Our app on your phone, tablet or computer is the only thing you need. No expensive hardware or HDMI cables required.

    No Expensive Hardware Needed

    Mirror the screen and audio of your iPhone or iPad on any Roku TV or Streaming Player with AirBeamTV. When you want to watch movies or apps on the big screen, AirBeamTV is the leading app for Screen Mirroring iPhone to Roku

    You dont need expensive hardware or cables to cast your iOS device to your TV. Download the AirBeamTV app to stream iPhone to Roku, without Apple TV or AirPlay.

    Step 2:

    Step 3: Select Your Roku device

    Launch the Mirror for Roku app on your iPhone or iPad. Select the TV from the local receiver that you want to use for mirroring.

    When you use the AirBeamTV app for the first time, depending on your model Roku Streaming Player or TV, your TV might ask you to allow the connection. In that case, take your TV remote control and press OK to allow the connection.

    Step 4: Start Mirroring

    Step 5: Use Apps, Stream Movies, and More

    Your iPhone or iPad screen will appear live on your Roku device. Now you can open apps, video content, and more from your mobile device. Watch shows and sport games. Watch live stream worship services. Participate in conference calls and meetings. You can view it all on the big screen with AirBeamTV.

    If you need any further assistance on how to use the app, please contact us, either via or through the Send AirBeamTV Log option in the app. Our support staff is available 24/7 to help you. Please also have a look at our FAQ section.

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    Use Your Device Normally

    Once your Roku accepts the screen mirroring request, you’re good to go. You can use your tablet, smartphone or PC normally, with every action you take mirrored on your TV screen. You may find this useful or totally needless, depending on your media habits, but it’s nice to have the option.

    Just bear in mind that your source device may not have the same resolution as your TV, which could lead to some picture oddities. Newer mobile devices will give you the option to change resolution automatically otherwise, you can often change resolutions manually either on your device or on your TV. This is another situation in which options can vary considerably depending on your device, so Google is your friend if you run into trouble.

    Sharing Has Never Been Easier

    How To Cast To Roku From Android, PC and Mac 2020 Update

    As you see, you only need a few minutes to set up the screen mirroring feature on your Roku device. For Android users, this has several advantages. Do you want to show your family vacation photos or your latest design? Done. Do you want to send content from an app unsupported by Roku? Also done.

    What will you mirror to your Roku device and watch on the big screen? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    How Do I Control The Content Displayed When Mirroring

    Whereas casting allows users to take advantage of the Roku remotes functions to control playback, mirroring content means youll have to control everything from your phone. For example, if youre playing a home movie, youll need to use the pause, fast forward, rewind, and play button from your phone. The remote wont work with screen mirroring.

    Mirror Your Smartphone Or Tablet To The TV With A Roku

    The Roku 3, Roku Streaming Stick, and now the 2015 Roku 2 let Android and Windows 8.1 users mirror their devices to their TVs. Here’s what you need to know to set it up.

    Dan Graziano

    Associate Editor / How To

    Dan Graziano is an associate editor for CNET. His work has appeared on BGR, Fox News, Fox Business, and Yahoo News, among other publications. When he isn’t tinkering with the latest gadgets and gizmos, he can be found enjoying the sights and sounds of New York City.

    Looking for an easy way to share videos, music, or photos stored on your smartphone or computer to your TV? Do you also own a Roku? If so, you’re in luck. The Roku 3 , Roku Streaming Stick , and now the brand new Roku 2 support screen mirroring. This allows Android and Windows users to easily mirror the content that’s on their smartphone or PC to their TV. Here’s what you need to know to set it up:

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    How To Cast To Roku TV From My Android Phone

    We have 2 Roku TVs, one is a Sharp and one is TCL. Neither of them show up on Android cast screen. They’re all on same WiFi and setting on TVs are correct. Any ideas?


    The “Cast” feature on your Android phone will only show up when compatible, castible content is available for the Roku .

    If you play a Youtube video on your phone, you should be able to “Cast to TV” from within the Youtube video, or go to the Android’s “Cast” setting and should see an available TV to connect to .

    If you want to be able to Cast all available web-content to your Roku, then look at the various web casting apps in the Play Store. I use the free versions of “Web Video Cast”, Castify/Rokify, and “Video & TV Cast for Roku”.

    Some basic info here on the Casting of Android.

    Just another Roku user… I am not a Roku employee.

    Its not clear whether you are casting from an app, or mirroring from the device .

    Casting=from app, Mirroring=from device

    If you are trying to mirror your device:

    1) Verify screen mirroring of Roku is configured/working properly:

    A) Settings/System/Screen mirroring/Screen mirroring mode=Prompt

    B) Settings/System/Screen mirroring/Screen mirroring devices/Always blocked=none

    C) Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Device connect=Enabled

    D) Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Control by mobile devices=Default

    E) Always select “Always allow” when prompted by the Roku

    F) Test with Android/windows Miracast-capable device

    Does Your Android Support Screen Mirroring


    You also need to know if your Android OS supports mirroring, as not all versions do. Generally, its likely that it does if its 4.4.2 or later.

  • You can find out by opening the Settings app on your phone.
  • Scroll down to find System or About phone and tap to see the OS version if youre unsure.
  • Regardless of which model Android youre using, you can search for the term Software and easily find the version youre running.

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    Can You Stream From Amazon Fire To Roku

    Its not all doom and gloom, however. If you happen to use Roku devices to watch Netflix, YouTube, and other entertainment apps on your television, you can use your Fire tablet to stream some of your favorite content to your device.

    It doesnt work perfectly as intended to have a perfect streaming experience, youll need a Fire TV, and even that has its fair share of limitations on what you can and cant mirror or cast to your television.

    Still, it is possible to stream most of your entertainment from your Amazon Fire tablet to your television, and were going to show you how. Some applications work directly with Roku right out of the gate, while other services require some more work or patience to correctly work with your Roku device. And unfortunately, some applications and services will never work at all with Roku.

    This is our guide to properly watching and casting your Amazon Fire TV from your Roku device.

    How To Mirror An iPhone To A Roku Device

    To mirror your iPhone to a Roku device, open the Control Center on your iPhone. Then tap the Screen Mirroring button and select your Roku device from the pop-up list. Finally, enter the code that appears on your TV into your iPhone and tap OK.

    Note: In order to mirror your iPhone to a Roku, you first have to update to Roku OS 9.4. To find out how to update your Roku device manually, check out our step-by-step guide here.

  • Open the Control Center on your iPhone. To do this on an iPhone X or later, swipe down from the top-right corner of your screen. On an iPhone 8 or earlier, swipe of from the bottom of your screen.
  • Then tap Screen Mirroring. This will have a symbol with two rectangles stacked on top of each other. Depending on what you have in your Control Center, you may or may not see any words.
  • Next, select your Roku device.

    Note: If you do not see your Roku device listed, make sure that it is turned on and connected to the same WiFi network as your iPhone. You can find out which WiFi network your Roku device is connected to by going to Settings > Network > About on your Roku device. Then you can change your WiFi network by going to Settings > Network > Set up connection and selecting Wireless.

    Once you select your Roku device, you should see a code appear on your TV like this:

  • Then enter the code from your TV on your iPhone
  • Finally, tap OK to mirror your iPhone to your Roku device.
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