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How To Mount TV On Wall Without Wires Showing

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Consider A Cable Zipper

How to Hide TV Wires Inside Wall the Right Way! (Harder Than I Expected!)

Looking for an easy and affordable way to corral the unattractive wires connected to your cable box or DVR? Mark Lavender of M. Lavender Interiors says to look no further than a trusty cable zipper. “For televisions in less prominent areas of the home, like a bedroom, we recommend grouping your wires into a Cable Zipper ,” he says. “This way, the cables stay contained and organized in one place, and can be attached to the wall with the provided self-adhesive mounts.”

Option #: Powered Cable Pass Through With Soundbar Module

This is the pièce de résistance to in-wall cable hiding solutions. This bad boy routes AV cables and power from a TV like the previous model but also has a module for soundbar power. It’s perfect if you’ve got your soundbar mounted to the wall or TV. Have a SONOS PlayBar or Beam? Hiding the cables will help maximize it’s suave look.

In addition to the circular saw drill attachment, it comes with a drywall saw that also works great for doing karate in the garage. Those pumpkins won’t stand a chance! Using the included template, you’ll use the saw to cut a rectangle hole in the wall behind the soundbar. Once the soundbar module is installed, you can plug it in right there and feed the sound wires up to the TV. It’ll make the soundbar look like it’s completely wireless, be ready for your friends to ask where you got it.

And there you have it. The 5 best ways to hide your TV wires either on or behind the wall. If you’re not 100% sure what would work best for your setup, comment below or hit up our world-class customer support team. They’re available 7 days a week and due to the Minnesota winter weather we don’t want to go outside anyways.

The Position Of Your Home Audio Speakers

The positioning of your home audio speakers plays a major role in how you conceal the audio wires. If the speakers are located within the same vicinity of your audio cabinet, itll be easier to hide all of your wires in one place.

But a better home audio system spaces out speakers for better surround sound quality if the speakers are on opposite sides of the room, you need to follow this guide on how to conceal the wires.

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Hiding TV Cables In Solid Walls / Brickwork

Things are about to get dusty, real dusty! If you want to hide the TV cables that feed up to the TV youâre going to need to chase away the plaster and brickwork. This will involve filling over the hold, sanding and possibly painting, but the end result is well worth it. If you have any professional plasterers as friends you may want to tap them up to come and professionally skim the surface once you have completed the installation, but good results can also be achieved by things like One Time or One Strike Filler, itâs what I use. A lot of people really donât like the idea of knocking holes in their walls, so you may want to use trunking instead to hide the TV cables.

I strongly recommend when doing this to take a bit of extra time and chase the wall a little bit deeper than would have been perhaps necessary,so you can install a trunking or conduit with the wall to allow cables to be routed through at a later date without damaging the wall. Obviously the deeper of wider the conduit the better as this will make pulling cables through at a later date much easier than one with a tighter space. You will just want to check the depth of your wall if you are chasing between rooms as the last thing you will want to do is to knock a hole right through and create a peep hole!

To do this for you, this would be our Gold TV Wall Mounting package.

How To Hide TV Wires Mounted On A Wall

Norwalk ct home theater

A wall-mounted TV can be a showstopper in any home. That is always the intended effect, yet too often theres simply a tangled mess of cords awkwardly hanging off the wall. Figuring out how to hide TV wires on a wall mount can be a real head-scratcher for many. Some even endure sleepless nights thinking How do I hide TV wires on a wall?!? But, before you give up and decide to live with the frustration of a bunch of ugly wiring spoiling your TV viewing experience, let us assure you its not THAT complicated and there are some relatively easy solutions!

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How To Mount TV On Brick Wall Without Wires Showing

Here are some simple ways on hiding tv wires without making holes in the wall:Here is a pic of the junction box behind the tv.Hide your wires inside the tidy before snapping the cover on.How to install your flat screen tv without wires showing you pin on den decorating ideas how to mount a tv above fireplace you ask the experts should you install a tv over fireplace mounting a tv on brick fireplaces the dos don ts help with mounting flat screen tv over fireplace knockout.

How to mount tv over fireplace without wires showing.How to wall mount an led tv without drilling holes on the quora a guide to wall mounting your tv how mount an lcd 9 steps flat screen on 6 best can you without studs with anchors mounted wires tutorial install onto for what know before brickI stained it along the floor and painted it along the brick.I used recessed wall plates in brick.

If your home lacks wall space or if you want a tv to hang in the middle of a room away from the walls, youll need to use a ceiling mount.Install your tv on a bracket in front of this hole and voila we tv cables.It pairs perfectly with a mounted tv and is easy to install.Line up the wall bracket piece of your tv mount with the wall studs.

You can drill a 20mm hole in the motor brick use flat plastic strips tap the cables to it and run the cables down the wall.Youll tighten them further once the.

Know When To Call A Professional

If you find that the power outlet isnt near enough to your setup, avoid using an extension cord. Hire an electrician to add an outlet where you need it if youre not absolutely confident doing it yourself. According to research from the National Fire Protection Association, electrical distribution and lighting equipment were the leading causes of fires in the living room and bedroom from 2012 to 2016, with extension cords being the most common cause of fire among cords and plugs.

You should also call a pro if youre dealing with challenging wall materials like brick, which is naturally inconsistent, or walls with plumbing on the other side. I think if there is anything extra on the walls like tile youll probably want a professional to deal with that drilling unless youre pretty handy, Ms. Lin said.

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Install An Electric Outlet Behind The TV

If you’re not on a tight budget, Amelia Strat of Kroesser Strat Design says the most effective way to conceal cords on a wall is to have an electrician install an outlet directly behind the television. “This way, the power cord can be neatly wrapped up and tucked behind the TV,” she explains. “Usually, this isn’t super expensive, as most people choose to place their TV in a location that’s already near an outlet.”

Use Cable Ties And Hide Wires Behind Furniture

How to Hide TV Cables Without Cutting the Wall

You can make use of your furniture to hide cords on a wall-mounted tv without drilling.

Dangling cords are frustrating and messy, but you can easily anchor them behind the silhouette of your furniture. You can use command cord clips on the back edges of furniture.

Press the clips down, and use cable ties to bunch the wires together to keep them better organized. The clips will hold them in place. An alternative is to use a black electricians tape.

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How To Wall Mount A TV

One of the biggest advantages of modern TVs is that you can mount them to a wall, allowing for a more cinematic viewing experience and saving space. While this hardware feature isnt new by any means, TV manufacturers are consistently taking advantage of the aesthetic option. With TVs that roll up and down and Samsung QLED models that hang like a portrait in your living room theres never been a better time to wall mount your next family TV. But before you break out the drill and stud finder, you will want to read this how-to guide weve put together, especially if this is your first time mounting a new TV on a wall.

Wall mounting isnt rocket science, but it does require a fair bit of precision, care, and patience. After all, the last thing you want to experience is your new set laying cracked on your hardwood floor in a pile of crumbled drywall. Take a few minutes to read and absorb our tips, tricks, and expertise.

Install A Raceway And Paint It The Same Color As The Wall

Using a raceway is one of the most obvious solutions to organize and hide TV wires without cutting the wall. You can find many types of raceways online and in your local store as well. Most of them are made of plastic and have an adhesive strip on the back that allows an easy and quick mounting on the wall using no screws. Note that there are specific models for corners.

Most TV cable management raceways are white and if your wall has a different color it wont blend in. You can solve this by painting the raceway before installation. Acrylic, model or enamel paint works great for plastic surfaces. Before painting, dont forget to clean the raceway with warm water and dish soap to remove any grease or dirt.

This is the raceway I recommend because it is paintable and very easy to install due to the self-adhesive backing.

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Wall Mounted TV With Hidden Wires Tutorial

Do you have a flat screen TV? Do you have children? Wish you could mount your TV on the wall for space and safety? Or have you already mounted your TV, but the wires are visible and hang below your screen? GASPnot the dreaded visible wires syndrome!

Today I have a tutorial to show you How to Install a Wall Mount for your TV AND How to Hide those Unsightly Wires in a cable management system. SANUS sent me their Full-Motion TV Wall Mount and In-Wall Cable Management to use for this tutorial. Before you start thinking that you cant do this, or that you have to hire an electrician to run power behind the TV, you dont! And this is a very easy DIY project! The SANUS In-Wall Cable Management System is the coolest product. It allows you to hook up to an existing outlet elsewhere !

Genevieve Gorder has some good information about why you want to use a SANUS mount in this short video:

Why did I want to use the SANUS mount? Heres just a few reasons:

You can pull your screen out from the wall or press it back to just a few inches away.

The power cord plugs into an ultra low profile in wall cable system. All wires are hidden behind the TV.

The TV can also extend and swivel from left to right. This allows us to be able to watch TV from the adjacent room! Which means the kids can eat pizza AND watch a movie because they can safely sit at the kitchen table and view the movie in the living room. Score one for Mom! No more pizza stains on the rug or sofa.

Make An Impactful Difference Anywhere You Have A Wall

Legrand In

Lets make a difference in that room preparation and get rid of those UGLY television power cables from plain sight.

You will wonder why you didnt do this sooner!

I love those televisions that do not sit on the furniture, especially in teen rooms.

Clothes dont pile up and I dont have to worry if they are going to knock it off while they are doing their boy thing.

Just a few years back, televisions were not able to be mounted as they were so heavy and it took an ugly shelf.

No more of those shelves and televisions are now lighter!


As you know Michael heads up my DIY on my site, and this was so not hard at all!

He too was happy that my Queen of Shopping mode kicked and discovered this particular item.

The difference between cables and power cords showing to not showing is pretty amazing, and it actually makes the television appear as a piece of framed art rather than a television.

The television looks like it was always part of the wall.

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Your Stud Finder Is A Liar

Electric stud finders are tricky little tools. They can be one of the most helpful gadgets in the box or the reason you put a dozen extra holes in the wall. Simply put, theyre liars. Here are four tips that help ensure they never trick you again.

  • Go slowly: To be effective, stud finders need to be properly calibrated. First, place yours on the wall and turn it on you can usually do this by pressing and holding in a button. Let the stud finder read the density of the material , then slowly move it from side to side. Go back and forth over the wall a few times, starting from a different spot with each pass. Mark each stud you discover with a piece of painters tape. We recommend finding three and using a tape measure to make sure they are the same distance apart. This will help you avoid false positives.
  • Popcorn ceilings defeated: Have you ever tried to run a stud finder across a ceiling with popcorn texturing? Not only do you ruin the texture, but the stud finder also doesnt work well. An easy way to overcome this problem is to place a piece of cardboard over the area you want to scan. The cardboard gives the stud finder a smooth surface to slide across and will allow you to easily find the joists.
  • Dont forget fire blocks: Before you drill holes, run your stud finder vertically up and down the wall to ensure no fire blocks are running horizontally between the stud bays. Fire blocks can make fishing wires down the wall very difficult, even for experienced installers.
  • What Youll Need To Mount Your TV

    Before you get started on your TV mount installation, here are a few things youll want to have on hand:

    • Stud Finder: Unless you want a TV disaster, dont mount your TV to drywallmake sure youre mounting to a stud for maximum support. Otherwise you could end up with an expensive mess on your hands.
    • Power Drill: You can try to mount the TV with a screwdriver, but you might be at it a while. We highly recommend using a power drill to speed things up for this project.
    • Carbide-Tipped Masonry Bit: Use this to make pilot holes in the drywall, which youll drill your mounting screws into.
    • Phillips Head Drill Bit: This is what youll use to drive the mounting screws.
  • Level: Dont trust your eyes with this oneno one wants to watch crooked TV. Use a level to make sure your newly mounted TV is, well, level. This can help you avoid both a crooked TV and unnecessary holes in your wall.
  • TV Mount: Obviously, to mount your TV to your wall, youll need a TV mount rated for your model of TV. Check your TV manual for the VESA mount measurements and get a TV mount to match. And if you need help picking a mount, weve got you covered! Check out our roundup of the best TV mounts right here.
  • Painters Tape: When you find your wall studs, mark them with a little piece of painters tape. This is much easier to see than a pencil mark, and you wont have to write on your wallthats always a bonus in our book.
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    How High To Mount A TV

    This is vital to get right. The mistake often made is to mount the TV far too high this is because youll likely be decision-making while standing up. Instead, you should think about your eye level when seated.

    As a general rule, TVs are typically best installed 42 inches from the floor. That measurement is from the floor to the centre of the screen to calculate the distance from the floor to the bottom of the TV, divide its height by two, and then subtract that from 42 inches.

    How To Hide Your TV Wires Without Cutting Into Your Walls

    How to Mount a Flat Screen TV and Hide all the Wires

    Nothing makes an expensive flat-screen TV look worse than seeing a mess of unsightly wires sticking out the back. If you just bought a new TV, you might not want to spend even more to conceal your wires in your walls. Also, you might not be able to drill into your walls if you are in an apartment or condo that you dont own. Here are a few cheap and easy ways to hide your TV wires without cutting into your walls.

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