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How To Pair Phone With Vizio TV

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Manually Connect iPhone To Vizio TV Using A Digital Adapter

How to Setup/Pair SmartCast Remote App to Vizio SmartCast TV

The Lightning Digital AV adapter is a great way for screen mirroring iPhone to Vizio TV. It’s simple to use and works well with just about any TV or other external display with an HDMI output connecter . The digital adapter also allows you to quickly mirror your iPhone/iPad to a Samsung TV too. Let’s look at how to connect iPhone to Vizio smart TV using a digital adapter.

User guide:

  • Connect the Lightning Digital AV to the phone
  • Connect the adapter to your TV using the HDMI cable
  • Ensure that your TV is tuned to the right HDMI input
  • The iPhone screen should automatically appear on the TV if you have connected properly

How To Connect Phone To TV Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth is one of the oldest features that can be found in both smartphones and smart TV. Nowadays, with this feature, users can connect their phones, laptops, PC, and televisions.

To use Bluetooth features to connect phone and television is essential that both the devices are compatible with the Bluetooth feature and should be in close range with each other.

Below we have mentioned the easy steps that you can follow to connect a phone to a TV using Bluetooth. Before we start, you must know that Bluetooth can only support the audio and not the video.

Why Wont My Vizio TV Connect To My Phone

Restart both devices and the application will cast again if it hasnt been cast. All those associated with the SmartCast Display and control bar) must be off and on after each step has been taken. The network is switched on and off using power. Connect your routers power cable to the power outlet and unplug it for 5-10 seconds.

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My Vizio TV Does Not Have Bluetooth

Even if your Vizio TV didnt come with Bluetooth technology installed out of the box, youre not out of luck. After going through your TVs settings and manual, if you definitely dont have Bluetooth, youll just need an adapter. To do this, you must purchase a quality Bluetooth transmitter for your Vizio TV.

How To Connect Pc To Vizio Smart TV


You can screencast from your Vizio Smart TV using a Windows PC. You can browse the web, view presentations, play games, or do other productive work on your large screen Vizio Smart TV.

Google Chrome can be launched on your Windows 10 computer. You can download it immediately if you dont already have it. You will need to ensure that your Vizio SmartTV and your computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  • Once Chrome is open, click the three dots menu to the right of the search bar.
  • Select Cast from the popup menu
  • It will then bring out the casting tray and begin searching for wireless displays connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Select your Vizio SmartTV when you see it.
  • Chrome will ask you whether you want to cast Google Chrome or the desktop.
  • Selecting Chrome will only allow you to cast the browser, while selecting Desktop will let your cast the entire system.

This is how you can connect your Windows 10 PC with your Vizio Smart TV.

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How To Mirror An iPhone To A Vizio Smart TV

Even though technological advancements will make everything around us smarter, now you can get smartphones, smart TV, smart refrigerators, smart homes, and much more. You can control everything around with just your smartphone.

Smart TV is the best example oftechnological advancement. You can make your TV your source of entertainment, and at the same time, you can treat them as a source to mirror your phone. Yes, you are right now. You can mirror your phone not just on Laptops but also on your smart TV.

You might get bored of the small screen on your phone, either while playing games or watching TV or movies and so on. So why not mirror your phone on your TV and view all the contents on a large screen? One of the latest examples is the recently launched Vizio smart TV, which allows you to mirror your iPhone.

Many iPhone users do not know they can mirror an iPhone to a Vizio Smart TV. And many of them are even having difficulty mirroring their iPhone with Vizio Smart TV. Here in this article, I will tell you how you can mirror an iPhone to a Vizio SmartTV.

How To Connect Vizio Smart TV To Laptop Wirelessly

Connect the Vizio Smart TV and your laptop to the same Wi-Fi Network. Open up your Chrome browser on your laptop and select the three dots in the top right corner. Select Cast from the list options. In the middle of the screen see Cast to option select the dropdown arrow, select Cast desktop.

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How To Connect My Vizio Smartcast To Wi

A Wi-Fi network provides one of the easiest ways to connect your Vizio smart TV to other devices. To complete the connection, follow these simple steps:

  • Select Network
  • Select your home network

If you cant locate your preferred network scroll down and click on More access points. After locating your network, enter your password and click Connect.

Your Vizio SmartCast is now connected to your Wi-Fi network and you can access Vizio smart TV screen mirroring services.

How To Display Your Phone On A Vizio TV

Vizio Sound Bar How To Connect Bluetooth Pair to Phone Android iPhone Instructions, Guide Tutorial

If instead of using your phone as a remote, you want to mirror your phone screen onto your television, you can do so with only a few steps.

To mirror your phone screen on your tv:

  • Ensure that your TV and phone are connecting to the same network.
  • Select the Cast icon on your phone. Usually, this is in the dropdown menu of your phones home screen, or you can search for your casting settings under your phones settings.
  • A list of devices you can cast to will appear on your phone. Find your TV and select it. You should now see your phone screen or application mirrored on your TV screen.
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    How To Connect Laptop To Vizio Smart TV Plex

    Plex works similarly to Chromecast. Its a media server software that you need to install on your laptop to get started.

    Though you cant use the app directly for screen mirroring, you can get many entertainment features and casting.

    To enjoy advanced features, including live recording and offline storage, youll need to get the premium Plex Pass.

    Step 1: Install the Plex application on your VIZIO Smart TV.

    Step 2: Register your information on the Plex app. Once youre logged in to your account, youll get access to all Plex content on your smart TV.

    Connecting A Pc To A Vizio Smart TV

    You can screencast from your Windows PC to your Vizio Smart TV if you have one. This allows you to use your large screen Vizio Smart TV to surf the internet, show presentations, watch movies, play games, and even do some productive work.

  • Open Google Chrome on your Windows 10 computer. If you dont already have it, you can get it right now.
  • Make sure your Vizio Smart TV and your computer are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Select Cast from the popup menu.
  • Itll pull out the cast tray and begin looking for wireless displays that are connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Select your Vizio Smart TV after youve found it.
  • Chrome will now let you to choose whether you want to cast Google Chrome or the desktop.
  • Picking Chrome will just cast the browser, while selecting Desktop would cast the whole system.
  • And with that, youve successfully linked your Windows 10 PC to your Vizio Smart TV.
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    How To Connect Phone To Vizio Smart TV

    The best thing about the below-listed steps is, theres no need to install or sideload any third-party app on your Android smartphone. Yes, you can even stream content without Vizio SmartCast Mobile app, app, or any other casting app. Lets dive right in to the steps.

  • First things first power on your Vizio Smart TV
  • Now, on your Android device open the settings menu and search for screencast/screen mirror/smart view/screen share/wireless display.
  • The name of the option will different on various Android devices.
  • Next, you will want to tap on the option.
  • Your Android device will now look for wireless displays that it can project to.
  • When you find your Vizio Smart TV from the list of devices.
  • The Android device will now connect to the Vizio smart TV.
  • With the screencast enabled to the Vizio Smart TV, you can now mirror anything that you like. However, if you have a mobile-only plan for various streaming services, you might not be able to cast the content onto your Vizio Smart TV.

    Use A Digital Adapter To Mirror iPhone

    How to Control Vizio TV Without The Original Remote

    Vizio SmartTV provides you with a digital AV Adapter that allows you to mirror your phone. Using an adapter to mirror your iPhone is the easiest way to mirror your phone. You can connect your iPad, tablet, iPhone, or Android devices using the digital adapter.

    Here the TV digital adapter will work as the middle man between your TV and your iPhone. The adapter will convert images from your phone to your TV. To mirror your iPhone using the digital adapter, follow the steps given below.

    • Connect the lightning digital AV to your iPhone. Lighting Digital AV cable is a white cable that you need to connect with your phone.
    • Now connect the adapter with your TV through an HDMI cable.
    • After connecting the cable, you will see your iPhone screen on your Vizio smart tv.

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    Why My Vizio Is Not Supporting My Phone

    Sometimes, Vizio might not support your phone, and there can be various reasons behind it, some of which can be:

    • Sometimes when your WiFi or Bluetooth does not work, at that time, your Vizio will not work.
    • Check the wire properly if you are connecting your device with an adaptable wire.
    • If both of the devices are connected with different networks in such cases, your phone might not support mirroring.

    Connect The Two Devices

    This is the last step in which you ultimately connect the two devices. When you have enabled the Bluetooth option in your television, you will see the list of devices with which you can pair your television.

    Look for the name of your phone in the list, and if you cannot find your phones name, you can search it and refresh it once. When you find the name of your phone, all you have to do is tap on it, and it will automatically connect the television with the phone.

    These were the simple three steps through which you can connect TV and phone with the help of Bluetooth. Bluetooth wireless technology is one of the most remarkable features that can be found in various televisions.

    Nowadays, you can also find various applications through which you can control the functions of the television with the help of your phone.

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    Can You Connect Laptop To Smart TV Wirelessly

    Make sure your laptop and Apple TV or AirPlay 2-enabled Smart TV are on the same Wi-Fi network. On your laptop, open the app or pull up the website that you want to stream video from. In the video playback controls, select the Screen Mirroring icon. Choose either your Apple TV or AirPlay 2-enabled Smart TV.

    Connecting Your Phone To Vizio Smart TV

    Vizio Smart TV: How to Wireless Screen Mirror Galaxy S8, S9, S10, S20 Phones

    Well, its not rocket science to connect your smartphone to your Vizio smart tv. All you need are the correct apps, and thats pretty much it. After that, you can simply follow the steps I am about to discuss.

    So, to connect your phone to Vizio smart TV, the first thing you need is the VizioSmartcast app. This app allows you to have all the options available on your phone and connect that with your Vizio smart tv. You can simply load up anything you want to watch on your phone and cast that onto your TV.

    Heres how you can use the Smartcast app to connect your TV to your smartphone

    • Go to the Play Store or App Store, depending on your device. Then, search for the VizioSmartCast app there. Download and install it.
    • Next, you have to open the app and sign in with a Vizio account. You can also use it as a guest, but an account works better for later uses and personal settings.
    • Then, you can get started with the app. Simply navigate through the app, and you will find connectivity options.
    • From there, you just have to select your Vizio smart tv and pair it up with the app using the 4-digit code. And thats pretty much it.

    Other than this, you can also connect your phone to your Vizio smart tv without the Smartcast app. Lets check out the steps for doing that here.

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    Can You Use Vizio Smartcast As A Bluetooth Workaround

    If youve owned a Roku TV before, you might be wondering if you can use the Vizio SmartCast app as a Bluetooth workaround.

    You see, similar to Vizio TVs, Roku TVs dont have Bluetooth built in buy they do offer a smartphone app that allows you to use your phone as a remote.

    This Roku app has a featured called private listening that allows you to pair your Bluetooth audio device to your mobile phone and listen to your TV through it!

    Unfortunately the Vizio SmartCast app does not currently allow you to do this.

    Its a bummer because I dont think it would be too much trouble for Vizio to enable this and I am certain there is demand for it.

    Who knows though, apps are being updated all the time so maybe there is hope for the future?

    How To Connect Android Phone To Vizio Smart TV

    An alternative and simplest way to connect your Android Phone to Vizio TV is by using the Screen Mirroring option. Before casting, check whether the Vizio Smart TV and your Android phone are connected under the same WiFi network connection.

    Power on your Vizio Smart TV.

    On your Android mobile, Go to Settings.

    Find Screencast / Screen Mirror / Smart View / Screen share / Wireless display option. Names may vary on different Android phones.

    Enable the casting option on your Android phone.

    Now, select the Vizio TV name from the list of devices.

    Tap OK to connect the Android phone to Vizio Smart TV.

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    Try The Screenbeam Mini2 Display Wireless Adapter

    ScreenBeams ScreenBeam Mini2 is a wireless display adapter. It is compatible with most Android mobile devices and is compatible with most mobile devices running Windows 8.1+ and Windows 10.

    Heres how ScreenBeam Mini2 works:

  • Your TV must have an HDMI port and USB port
  • Thats all Screenbeam Mini2 requires. The setup process is just as easy:

  • Plug the ScreenBeam Mini2 adapter into the HDMI port
  • Plug the power supply into the USB port
  • Pair your phone with the adapter through your phone settings
  • Get theScreenBeam Mini2 wireless display adapter to enhance your screen mirroring experience today. Looking for more information on why you should get on board with screen sharing? Heres why you should screen share in your home.

    Connecting Vizio TV To Bluetooth Transmitter

    Pairing a Smart Phone or Tablet to your VIZIO SmartCast Device

    Once youve established that you need a Bluetooth transmitter for your Vizio TV, youll also need to make sure your Vizio TV is compatible with the transmitter you select. This will require some form of audio output to be present, such as:

  • A 3.5mm auxiliary cord connection
  • RCA outputs
  • Digital optical audio outputsFrom here, knowing how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Vizio Smart TVs is easy.
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    How To Know If Your TV Has Bluetooth Pairing Capability

    Before we move forward, its essential for you to know if your television supports Bluetooth pairing or not. You may skip this part if you have a Vizio Smart TV since all Vizio smart TVs have Bluetooth pairing capability. You can know if your TV supports Bluetooth pairing through the following steps:

    1. Check the user manual:

    If youre one of those lucky people who dont throw their user manual away, then it will take you no time at all to figure out if your TV has Bluetooth pairing capability or not. All youve got to do is go through your user manual and see if it says anything about Bluetooth anywhere.

    2. Surf The Internet:

    If you cant seem to find your TVs user manual anywhere or if youve already gotten rid of it, youll have to do a little more work. All youve got to do is visit the website of your TV company, find out the model number and see if theres any information that tells you about your TVs Bluetooth capabilities.

    3. Check Your TV Remote:

    If none of the above work for you, you can check the remote of your tv. If you see a button that has a Bluetooth symbol on it or if theres a Smart Settings button on your remote, then it means that your TV can connect to wireless Headphones.

    Smartphones And How They Connect To Your TV

    To connect your phone to your smart TV to screen mirror, both devices need to be compatible with one another. Android and iOS phones have different compatibilities.

    For ANDROID Smartphones: Android smartphones version 4.2 or higher connect to the TV with Miracast wireless display standard.

    For APPLE Smartphones: Apple iOS smartphones connect to the TV with Airplay

    IMPORTANT! The FOLLOWING SCREEN MIRRORING INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOR ANDROID SMARTPHONES.These screen mirroring instructions are for Android powered devices and may not work with Apple products. Apple products have different requirements for screen mirroring to a smart TV and may require additional adapters or equipment.

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