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How To Stream From Phone To TV Without Wifi

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How To Connect Your Android Phone To A TV Wirelessly

Tech Tip: How To Connect Your Android to Your TV without Streaming WiFi

There are different methods you can use to connect your Android phone to a TV wirelessly. These include using Google Chromecast, Android Screen Mirroring, Smart View, and Roku.

Google Chromecast

You can use a to mirror the content from your Android phone to your TV. If you dont have a Micro HDMI port on your device, Google Chromecast is an affordable alternative that allows you to wirelessly connect your Android phone to a TV.

There are so many cool things you can do with Chromecast besides casting video from YouTube, Netflix, or casting your entire desktop. Chromecast relies on your Android device for it to cast your phones screen to your TV.

Once you plug the Chromecast dongle into your TV, app to detect Chromecast and establish a connection to help you set it up. The Google Home app helps you mirror your Android phones display to your TV, but for apps like YouTube or Netflix, you can tap the cast icon or logo on your phones screen to cast.

Our step-by-step guide on explains everything you need to know about setting up the Chromecast and casting content from your device.

Android Screen Mirroring

Android also supports the screen mirroring function, which works for apps that dont have the Cast button. You can use the screen mirroring feature from the or check for a Cast button by pulling down the settings shade on your Android phone.

Smart View



You can also use the Plex app to select the media youd like to stream and send it to your TV via DLNA.

Connect To The TV With Airplay

On Apple devices, youll be able to use AirPlay: Apples proprietary technology for casting audio and video wirelessly.

Naturally, AirPlay is designed to work between Apple devices only, but if youre sending content from your iPhone or iPad to your Apple TV, AirPlay will have you sorted. If both devices are connected to the same WiFi network, theyll automatically detect each other, and youll be able to select the AirPlay connection in your phones settings, the same way you would with Bluetooth for connecting to wireless headphones.

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How To Use A Chromecast Without Wifi

We’ll show you a few easy workarounds

If you dont have a smart TV, offers an alternative way for you to access online content on a TV.

The handy little device hooks up to your TV via HDMI and uses WiFi to cast content from your phone to a TV or monitor. But thats not all, there are many other cool things you can do with a Chromecast including playing games and making presentations.

However, if your WiFi is weak, spotty, or youre nowhere close to a , you wont be able to use your Chromecast device to cast your content. Fortunately, there are some alternative ways you can use Chromecast without WiFi.

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How To Stream Content Like A Pro Without A Smart TV

Upgrading your home theatre system and investing in a Smart TV is not always in the budgetary cards. Investing in a streaming device allows you to have the wireless content access you want without the financial sacrifice of buying a new television.

Ill begin by quickly outlining the two main categories of media streamers: sticks and boxes. Sticks look exactly like USB thumb drives and wirelessly plug into the HDMI port of your television . Their small size means that you can take it with you and stream all your media anywhere with a television and wireless network. Media streamer boxes, on the other hand, are about the size of the palm of your hand and their bigger size means that they tend to be slightly faster and more powerful, but their size makes them annoying when you have a wall mounted television because there is nowhere to easily put it! However regardless of the type the function is the same: they give your television access to your homes wireless network and let you stream content from either the devices media streaming services or your personal laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Here are our top rated and reviewed media streamers that will let you stream content like a pro:

Apple TV

Theres a name for people that have all Apple products its said that they have an Apple ecosystem. If you are one of these people, the Apple TV is a great media streaming option to add to your Apple collection.

Roku HDMI Streaming Stick

Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

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Chromecast And Other Devices

Streaming from Mac to Apple TV without Wi

It is an advanced method to mirror your Android phone screen to your TV. Further, you can also use this device to mirror other smart devices without using Wifi.

You can buy a Chromecast from Amazon, it is not an expensive device. Follow these instructions to mirror your phone through Chromecast

  • Turn ON your TV and plug the Chromecast into the HDMI or USB port on your TV.
  • Go to Play Store on your Android and download
  • Launch this app and it will guide you further to make a connection between your TV and phone.
  • It allows you full mirroring options and is one of the easiest methods.
  • There is another device called ScreenBeam Mini2 adapter. It works just like Chromecast and mirrors your phone screen to TV without Wifi.

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    Display Games With An Hdmi Cable

    If youre more of a gamer than a binge-watcher, Ive got you covered.

    You can display games from your gaming console to your smart TV.

    All you need is your gaming console and an HDMI cable then, voila! Enjoy seeing your character battle it out on the big screen.

    The best gaming consoles to connect on your smart TV are:

    • Nintendo Switch.
    • Microsoft Xbox Series X.

    Got a Google Chromecast or Apple TV?

    These devices can also support your gaming needs. With a large library of top-rated titles for $4.99 to $10 per month.

    How To Use Chromecast Without Wifi Using Guest Mode

    Guest mode is pretty much what it says on the tin when you turn it on, your Chromecast device emits its own WiFi beacon. This means guests can connect to the Chromecast from an iOS or Android device without using the hosts WiFi network or knowing their password. The only issue here is that the host must be connected to their WiFi network to turn on guest mode.

    This can be problematic if you are the host, havent already enabled guest mode and find yourself without WiFi. However, if guest mode is already enabled on your primary device, you can use a second device and connect to the internet via mobile data, another phones hotspot or a different WiFi network.

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    How Can You Use Chromecast Without Wifi Using Ethernet Cable

    If you have connected the ChromeCast stick to your TV and for some reason WiFi is not working then you can use ChromeCast without Internet access by using Ethernet cable.

    When WiFi is not available you can connect the ChromeCast directly to an Ethernet port of your router via an Ethernet adapter for Chromecast. This wired connection will create a faster and reliable link for the ChromeCast device.

    How to Setup ChromeCast without WiFi via Ethernet cable

    To set up Chromecast without WiFi via Ethernet cable the only thing you have to do is just connect the included USB cable from the Ethernet adapter to the Chromecast, and then run an Ethernet cable from the Ethernet adapter to your router. The adapter itself will need to be plugged into a power socket as well. Once all these are done, the ChromeCast device will automatically be set up to use an Ethernet connection instead of a WiFi network.

    Connecting Through Apple Peer To Peer Airplay

    How to Mirror Your iPhone to TV Without Wi Fi

    The latest versions of the Apple TV, such as the Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD , will support Peer-to-Peer Airplay without Wi-Fi. If you have the Apple TV , it should also be running on Apple TV Software 7.0 or later.

    In addition, youll need to have an iOS device thats at least a 2012 model or later and that has at least iOS 8 running on it. Unfortunately, Peer-to-Peer Airplay isnt supported in earlier devices. You may still use screen mirroring on the older devices, but a Wi-Fi connection is required.

    If you have the necessary devices available, then Screen Mirroring through Peer-to-Peer Airplay is a simple process.

    Peer-to-Peer Airplay works outside of Wi-Fi and may not work while any of your devices are connected to a network. Therefore, it is essential to first disconnect both your Apple TV and iOS from any Wi-Fi Network, then reconnect to it.

  • Go to Settings, select Network, then choose Wi-Fi.
  • If the Apple TV is connected to any network, it will be shown on your TV screen. Select the name of the current Wi-Fi network, then choose Forget Network.
  • On your iOS, go to Settings, then select Wi-Fi to see the current connection information. Click on Forget Network to disconnect.
  • Do note that forgetting the network is done so that the devices dont automatically reconnect to your Wi-Fi. Youll need to remember both your Wi-Fis SSID and password if you want to reconnect to it later.
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    Connect With An Adapter Or Cable

    If you’re not using a Bluetooth adapter-compatibledevice or whether your handset isn’t designed for something like this youcould utilize the HDMI converter as well as cables to attach your smartphonewith your TV as well as the mirror from your display. Then you might provide afew different choices, although the version you select could very well rely onthe sort of monitor your connected to, however long, and most significantly ifeither to not you ought to recharge your mobile as you’re doing it. Connectingan HDMI cable to your TV from your computer works only if your computer has aDisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter and the TV has the appropriate HDCP 2.2 protectionsinstalled. Both devices must support the necessary HDCP 2.2 capabilities toallow the connection to take place.

    How To Use A Chromecast Without Wifi Via A Third

    A third-party service is a good alternative to use a Chromecast without WiFi especially if you have an iPhone, Mac, or the other methods arent working for you.

    One of the best apps for this purpose is Connectify Hotspot, which allows you to share your computers WiFi or wired internet connection as a WLAN hotspot location.

  • To use Connectify Hotspot, download the app to your computer and set it up. Open the software and enter a name and password for the hotspot.
  • Select the WiFi Hotspot option, connect the device you want to cast to the network, and it will appear as a streaming destination for you to cast.
  • Select the device on the Chromecast app as well and stream your locally stored content to your TV.
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    Make Your Smartphone As A Hotspot

    When your Wi-Fi router just doesnt want to work with you today. Its as painful as heartbreak.

    Fortunately, you can use your smartphone as a mini router.

    Most smartphones can now be used as a mobile hotspot. This means it becomes a source of Wi-Fi. And you can use it for other devices.

    As long as your phone has enough data, watching videos on your smart TV is possible.

    The 2 ways to use your smart TV with your smartphones hotspot are:

    • Connecting your smart TV to the hotspot.
    • Connecting a tablet or a laptop to the hotspot.

    How much data do I need to use my phone as a hotspot?

    This depends on 2 factors:

    • How long youll use the hotspot.
    • The stream quality you choose for viewing.

    Watching on your favorite streaming service at 1080p would need around 3 GB per hour.

    If you plan to watch a 2 and a half-hour-long movie, youd consume 7.5 GB.

    How do I connect my smart TV to the hotspot?

    The process would be the same as pairing your Wi-Fi router to your smart TV.

    Note: Make sure to turn on your phones hotspot. Switch on Mobile Data on the Control Center. Then, toggle the Mobile Hotspot switch in Settings.

    Step 1: With your smart TVs remote, press Menu.

    Step 2: Open Settings.

    Step 3: Select General. Then, choose Network.

    Step 4: Tap Open Network Settings. The 2 network types will appear Wireless and Wired.

    Step 5: Choose Wireless. Then, select your phones name.

    Step 6: Type your hotspots password. Hit Done.

    How do I use the hotspot to show content from another device?

    Using Chromecast Without Wi

    Can I connect my phone to my TV via USB?

    Before you start using it, youll need to ensure your Chromecast is running the latest version of its firmware. It is impossible to configure the device to work without a Wi-Fi connection without updating to the latest firmware version.

    You could very quickly check whether you’re able to make this work by accessing ‘Guest Mode’, which was added several years later following the Chromecast’s initial launch. This allows the device to open up to guest access without that user needing to first establish a connection to your Wi-Fi network.

    This works by utilising a Wi-Fi beacon built into the Chromecast. Once an app thats capable of streaming is opened on the guests device, it will search for the beacon in order to create a bridge. Once connected, they should be able to Cast to Chromecast just as you would normally do across a network.

    For this pairing to work, the Chromecast device will generate a random four-digit code thats then emitted as an audio signal to nearby devices, although human ears wont be able to pick this up. While quite nifty, this type of pairing is notoriously temperamental and wont always work, so you might find you will need to pair using the code displayed on the TV or monitor.

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    How To Use Chromecast Without Wifi iPhone

    You can also use ChromeCast without WiFi iPhone or iPad. Those with iPhone or iPad can connect to the ChromeCast smart TV without WiFi by using a Travel Router. The Travel Router will create a local WiFi network and thereby connect the iOS device to Chromecast without WiFi.

    Now that it has been explained in detail all about using ChromeCast without internet or WiFi let me answer here some of the related questions often asked by the Google ChromeCast users:

    Use Your TVs Bluetooth

    You can also cast your phone to your TV by using Bluetooth. This is thanks to Miracast technology which most modern smart TVs come with. All you need to do is turn your Bluetooth on for both your phone and your TV.

    • On your TV, you may need to go to Settings> Connectivity.
    • On your phone, go to Settings> Bluetooth and toggle it on.
    • Your phone should pick up your TV as an option to connect to.
    • Select your TVs name and wait for the connection to establish.

    You should then be able to mirror your phone to your TV screen and use your phones data to use the internet and streaming services.

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    Casting To Your TV From Your Phone Without Wi

    So there you have it, a variety of ways to cast from your phone to your TV without WI-FI. Many of these options require you to purchase new devices to allow you to do this, however, they are cheap devices and if you cant get your WI-FI fixed for a while, they will be worthwhile your investment because youll be able to get back to watching your favourite streaming services on your TV again.

    Capabilities Of Smart TVs

    How to Connect Phone to TV Without WiFi

    You can do a lot with a smart TV. Some require the internet, while others make enjoying movies, shows, and games a little more convenient. One of the best features of a Smart TV is the number of HDMI ports. On a standard television, for example, you usually only have a single HDMI port that is shared between all of your devices.

    With a smart TV, on the other hand, you can connect everything from DVD players to soundbars like the Sonos Five and gaming consoles. You wont have to switch out connections every time you want to watch a movie or play a game which just might be the best part of using a Smart TV, other than the ability to stream content which brings me to the next point.

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    How To Connect An Android Phone To TV Wirelessly

    Connecting an Android phone to a TV is pretty simple these days. Current smartphones and TVs feature easy to use technologies that make sharing content a breeze. Here are some of the ways you can connect an Android phone to a TV wirelessly.

    Connect using Screencast

    Some Android smartphones offer a Screencast feature that allows you to cast the entire phone screen to the TV. You can connect to the TV by enabling screen mirroring on both devices. Heres how to enable Screencast.

    • Launch the Settings app or swipe down to the Notification menu.
    • Look for a Screencast or Cast toggle.
    • You can also find the Cast feature in the Settings app. Simply search for the option in Settings.
    • Once enabled, you can select the TV that you want to connect to and start casting your phone.

    If it doesnt work check whether your TV and phone are on the same network or not. If they arent, put both devices on the same network and then try again. Screencast or Screen mirroring lets you share all your smartphone content on the big screen. Its ideal when you want to share something on your phone with several other people. You can view photos, apps, and even play games by mirroring the phone to the TV.

    Use Miracast

    Cast using Chromecast

    With Chromecast, you can turn any old TV with an HDMI port into a smart TV. However, you do need an active internet connection for this to work. You can then simply connect your phone wirelessly to the Chromecast and stream content to the big screen.

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