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How To Turn Off Voiceover On Apple TV

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Apple TV 2 Or Apple TV 3

Apple TV 4K 2021: Turn OFF Voiceover (aka Talk Back, Audio Guide, Screen Reader)
  • From your device’s home screen, select Settings.

  • Select General.

  • Select Video Descriptions again to turn it off.

  • Return to the Netflix app and begin playing a movie or TV show.

  • While a movie or TV show is playing, hold the Select button on the Apple TV remote.

  • Make sure your selected audio option does not contain Audio Description.

  • Press Menu on the Apple TV remote.

  • Play your movie or TV show for at least 5 minutes to save your settings.

    Turn Voiceover On Or Off

  • Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch Ultra.

  • Go to Accessibility > VoiceOver, then turn on VoiceOver.

    To turn VoiceOver off, double-tap the VoiceOver button.

    Siri: Turn VoiceOver on or Turn VoiceOver off.

  • You can also use your iPhone to turn on VoiceOver for your Apple Watch Ultraopen the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, tap My Watch, go to Accessibility, then tap the VoiceOver option. Or, use the Accessibility Shortcut.

    Section 3 Of : Asking Siri

  • 1Activate Siri. You can activate Siri by pressing and holding the Home button or by pressing and holding the side button . If Siri is voice-activated, you can also say “Hey Siri.”
  • 2Say “Turn off VoiceOver.” You may have to wait a moment for Siri to process your command. When Siri says “OK, I turned off VoiceOver,” the feature will turn off.
  • To turn VoiceOver back on, activate Siri again and say “Turn on VoiceOver.”
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    Turn On Audio Description System

    If you are someone you live with are blind or hard of sight, it will likely be better just to leave Audio Description enabled at all times on Apple TV. This will mean Audio Description will play whenever you watch a TV show or movie on the Apple TV.

    Heres how:

  • On the Apple TV open the Settings app.
  • Select Accessibility.
  • How To Turn Off Voiceover On Apple TV For 2nd Or 3rd Generation

    How to use AirPlay 2 and HomeKit on your smart TV

    Follow the steps below to disable the VoiceOver feature on a 2nd or 3rd generation Apple TV.

    Step 1: Hold down the Menu button on the Apple TV remote for five seconds.Step 2: Use the arrow buttons on the Apple TV remote to highlight the Settings application, then click the center Select button on the remote.Step 3: Select the General category, then select the Accessibility option.Step 4: Highlight the VoiceOver row in the list of settings and press the center Select button on the Apple TV remote to toggle the setting to the Off position.

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    Your TVs Voice Guide Need Not Be A Distraction

    Most people find the voice guide feature on LG TVs to be a convenient way to change channels or adjust volume, but it can also become annoying if you dont want your TV talking back to you all day long. Luckily, this feature can be turned off in just a few steps. With the voice guide turned off, there will be no audio guidance. However, youll continue enjoying captions, animations, and other visual cues used for illustrations.

    Do you like your TVs voice guide? Have you been able to toggle it on or off without any problems? Let us know in the comments section below.

    Audio Description Wont Turn Off

    Although the feature is often referred to as audio description on todays streaming apps and televisions, its more accurate to call this service described video.

    This feature delivers narration with the surrounding visual elements within media works that someone with sight impairments might be unable to see.

    If youve ever listened to a guided meditation track or attended a visual art exhibition, youve heard elements of this feature.

    Even if you turn it off in an app or on your television, it sometimes engages automatically.

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    How To Turn Off Audio Description On An Lg TV

    When you have an LG TV at home, the audio description feature can sometimes engage automatically. Although the reason for this settings change is unknown, it might have something to do with how the television interacts with the data from certain apps, third-party services, or the broadcast stream.

    The LG NanoCell 75 Series does an excellent job of maintaining its settings. Its AI-powered approach to 4K Ultra-HD, active HDR, and other features guarantees consistency.

    If you need to alter the audio description feature, these steps ensure that the work gets finished.

  • Turn on the television.
  • Go to the Settings option on the LG TV.
  • Choose General, followed by Accessibility.
  • Once in the Accessibility screens, head over to Audio Description.
  • Turn off the feature to disengage the narrator.
  • If these steps dont create the outcome you want, it might be necessary to unplug the television before trying the process again.

    Should the issue persist, there could be an app or a cable box issue triggering the change.

    Ways To Turn Off The Narrator On TV

    How to turn off the voice on your Apple TV (HD)

    Theres no doubt that the TV is a fantastic source of entertainment, especially when it comes to Smart TVs. A Smart TV lets us enjoy family TV time in the home with the finest quality of pictures and sounds and access to everything the internet offers. But all those benefits go out the window when the annoying narrator tv voice wont go off!

    I get cheesed off with the irritating narrator audio feature of smart TVs, and I dont think Im the only one who gets annoyed with this voice it can spoil the mood.

    If you face the same situation, dont worry. After reading this article, youll quickly get rid of this problem. This piece will show you how to turn off the narrator on TV.

    Important Note: Audio descriptions might be turned off on your TV but not on your streaming app! If you hear the narrator only when you stream on an app, lets say Apple TV, then you have to turn the narrator off on Apple TV.

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    How To Turn Off Audio Description On Apple TV

    If you have Apple TV that engages audio description without a settings change that you remember, these steps can help you correct the situation.

  • Find the Apple TV remote.
  • Choose the Menu button, pressing it until you hear stop.
  • Press the Down button once, then push the Right button repetitively until you hear stop a second time.
  • Push the Select button twice. If you press it more times than that, youll need to restart the sequence from the beginning.
  • Press the Down button until you hear stop again.
  • Now, push the Up button four times.
  • Finish the process by pressing the Select button two more times.
  • If you have a Fourth Generation Apple HDTV at home with an audio description feature that wont turn off, you can instruct Siri to do the job for you by saying, Turn voiceover off.

    You can also press the Menu button on the remote three times.

    If a manual change is necessary, youll need to go to the settings icon. Choose Accessibility, then select VoiceOver. You can turn it off from there.

    How To Turn Off Voiceover On Apple Watch

    Also Apple Watch has the VoiceOver function, which allows you to better use the device, even by those with vision problems. If you have activated it by mistake and now want to deactivate it, all you have to do is access the settings of your smartwatch and act from there or, alternatively, use the application Watch your iPhone.

    In the first case, press on Digital Crown to access the menu of applications installed on the watch and access the Settings of watchOS, by pressing the icon of the rotella d’ingranaggio. Dopodiché selects the voice Generali and access the section Accessibilità. Then click on the option VoiceOver and move the toggle next to the option VoiceOver da ON a OFF to deactivate the screen reader function.

    If you prefer to proceed using your iPhone, launch the app Apple Watch, make sure you have selected the option Apple Watch in the bottom menu and tap on the item Generali. Now, choose the option Accessibilità, tap on the item VoiceOver and, in the new screen displayed, move the lever relative to the function VoiceOver da ON a OFF.

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    Turn Off The Narrator On Apple TV

    • Turn on your TV and find the Apple TV remote.
    • Select the Menu button on the remote and press until you hear stop..
    • Then, press the Down button once.
    • Afterward, press the Right button over and over until you hear the loud Stop sound again.
    • Then press the Select button twice.
    • Then again, press the Down button until you hear the Stop sound.
    • Count and press the Upbutton four times.
    • To finish, press the Select button twice.

    Section 4 Of : Using The Control Center

    When starting a recording with AirServer for Mac, it does not record a ...
  • 1Open your iPhone’s Control Center. If you’ve added VoiceOver to the Control Center, you can disable the feature there easily. To open Control Center with VoiceOver on, touch and hold the bottom of the screen until you hear a tone, then swipe up.XResearch source
  • You can also open Control Center by tapping any item in the status bar and then swiping up with three fingers.
  • If your iPhone has Face ID, another way to open Control Center is to drag one finger down from the top edge of the screen until you feel a vibration or hear the second tone.
  • 2Tap the Accessibility icon once to select it, then double-tap to open. It’s the round icon with a person inside.
  • 3Tap VoiceOver once to select it, then double-tap to disable. This instantly disables VoiceOver.
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    Turn Voiceover Off On Apple TV

    Another way to turn off the VoiceOver feature is by using the Apple TV remote. The steps vary depending on the version of your Apple TV.

    Heres how you can turn off VoiceOver on Apple TV :

  • Go to the main menu by pressing the lower-left button of the TV remote continuously until you hear a stop sound.
  • Tap on the Down button.
  • Highlight Settings by pressing the right button continuously until you hear a stop sound.
  • Tap on the Select button two times.
  • Then, press Down until you hear a stop sound.
  • Next, press the Up button four times. This will highlight the accessibility feature.
  • To turn off the VoiceOver feature, press the Select button two times.
  • You can use the same steps to turn on VoiceOver on the mentioned Apple TV model.

    How To Turn Off Narrator On Amazon Prime

    To turn off the narrator on Prime, you must do it while watching the movie or episode.

  • While watching a video on Prime, hover your remote at the bottom or swipe down for a menu if youre using a touch screen device, a speech bubble should come up and expand.
  • Highlight and click on Audio & Languages, move down to Language options, highlight English without the AD tag, and select that should turn it off.
  • If your settings were already set to English , try setting them to English or any other English option without the AD tag.
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    How To Turn Off Voiceover On An Apple TV

    Hi, The voice over should be in Settings > general > accessibility > voice over. You can turn it off from there. Let me know whether this works.

    On the iMac the voice over is not enabled on the iPad the voice over is off in settings ,general, accessibility. The voice is still present when I used the menu from the Apple tv remote.

    Hi, I’m back and I too am sorry for the delays. The difference in time zones between the USA and here in the UK is partly to blame and also I am a full tie carer for my wife. Anyway I got there in the end and your last reference to the HT4466 document helped me get there, Thanks

    On A 3rd Generation Apple TV

    How to turn off voice over on Apple TV

    1. Press the Menu button on your Apple TV remote repeatedly until you hear a loud stop sound.

    2. Press the Down button.

    3. Press the Right button repeatedly until you hear the stop sound again. This signals that you have highlighted “Settings.”

    4. Press the Select button twice.

    5. Press the Down button repeatedly until you hear the stop sound.

    6. Press the Up button four times to highlight “Accessibility.”

    7. Press the Select button, which is in the center of the arrows on your remote, two times.

    8. This should toggle VoiceOver on or off.

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    How To Turn Off The Narrator On Sony TV

    Some Sony TVs are equipped with the Accessibility feature while others are not. If you are hearing a narrator on your Sony TV, an accessibility function has been turned on.

    • Turn on your Sony Smart TV, Go to settings.
    • Click on the Accessibility option.
    • Open the Accessibility menu, then> Services.
    • In the Services Menu, you would see two options, Talkback and ScreenReader.
    • Turn off both options by unselecting them.
    • Then again, go back to the Accessibility menu.
    • Find the Accessibility Shortcut and turn it off.

    Do the same procedure again if you want to turn it on .

    Apple TV Voiceover Keeps Turning On

    While it isnt a common issue, users report claims that the VoiceOver function on the device keeps turning on by itself. It might be because of a problem in the hardware causing the Side Button or the Home Button on your remote that activates the feature. You can try fixing the problem on your remote to prevent this issue. In addition, connecting headphones to your Apple TV will also activate the voice control feature unintentionally. Even a defect with the headphone port can summon the voice control feature.

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    Apple TV 4 Or Apple TV 4k

  • From your device’s home screen, select Settings.

  • Select General.

  • Set the switch to Off.

  • Return to the Netflix app and begin playing a movie or TV show.

  • While a movie or TV show is playing, swipe down on the Apple TV remote.

  • In the upper right corner, select Dialog.

  • Make sure your selected audio option does not contain Audio Description.

  • Turn Xfinity Audio Description Off From The Accessibility Settings Menu

    How to turn VoiceOver off on iPhone and iPad
  • Grab your remote and press the xfinity button. The X1 main menu will come up.
  • Using the xfinity button or the up/down arrow buttons, go to the Settings menu.
  • Press the OK button to enter the menu.
  • Once in the Settings menu, use the arrow buttons to navigate to the Accessibility Settings. Press OK to select it.
  • From Accessibility Settings, use the arrow buttons to go to Audio Description. Press OK to turn audio description Off.
  • Simply press Exit to return to viewing your program.
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    How To Turn Off Voiceover On Apple TV : TVos 13 Accessibility

    Apple tv voice over wont turn off? Get Complete information to shut off/ turn off VoiceOver on Apple TV 4. The VoiceOver is an accessibility feature as built-in techno including like in iOS, WatchOS, OS X and now it has a place in tvOS. Apple always thinks and makes the most useful features for all users and for those folks who are blind or have low vision, hearing problems, etc. so VoiceOver works as big tv screen reader built-in technology in Apple TV 4th Gen/ Apple TV 4K packed in tvOS 11. The feature helps you take full advantage of all the entertainment your TV has to offer.

    In some cases, if voiceover gesture accidentally starts or began to help for low vision people or blind people, but now unasked you are looking for to turn off VoiceOver on Apple TV 4. Even though, you have no Apple TV 4 documentary or no correct information to shut off that. You will get here enough steps that you are exploring.

    Quickly Turn On Audio Description On Apple TV During Video Playback

    If you already have VoiceOver enabled on your Apple TV, you can quickly google Audio Description on while watching a movie or TV show even after its begun. Heres how:

  • First, make sure you have VoiceOver enabled on your Apple TV by going to Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver .
  • Now, using the Siri Remote, press the center of click pad on the remote or press the center of the touchpad on the remote .
  • Doing so will quickly toggle Audio Description on. Press again to toggle Audio Description off.
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    How To Turn Off Voiceover On Apple TV: Quick Guide

    RobotPoweredHome is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my blog, I may earn an affiliate commission. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Recently, my grandparents ditched their cable subscription for an Apple TV. They have been enjoying their time with it due to its numerous user-friendly features, like VoiceOver.

    My grandparents are old and dont have good eyesight, so they have this feature enabled all the time.

    A few days ago, my niece and I went to visit them. After having dinner, my niece wanted to watch some TV.

    She turned it on but got annoyed real quick due to the VoiceOver feature.

    She asked me to turn it off. But, I had no idea how to disable the feature at that time. So, I began searching for a solution.

    Turning off VoiceOver came out to be very simple. I have compiled this article about how to turn off this feature on different models of Apple TV.

    You can turn off the VoiceOver feature on Apple TV by using Siri Remote or via the TV settings. You can also do so by navigating through the Settings app on your Apple TV .

    In addition to turning off VoiceOver on Apple TV, I have discussed the different modes of the feature and how to turn it on in the first place further in this article. So, keep reading until the end.

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