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How Much Are TV Stands At Walmart

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A Pair Of Dining Chairs Featuring A Nailhead Trim Detail That’ll Elevate Any Dining Set

Review: 2 Walmart TV stands for 65â? TV. Manor Park by Walker Edison. Barnwood Barndoor.

Confession: My husband and I bought six of these chairs to go with our dining table and two of them are currently functioning as our work-from-home desk chairs. #multifunctional

Promising review: “Like a lot of the other reviewers I love the high end details of the nailhead trim and quality fabric they used. Extremely affordable.”Cali


A Luxurious Velvet Couch You’ll Love Because It Also Folds Down Into A Bed

Promising review: “I searched for a long time for the most stylish camel leather sofa at the most affordable price! This is it! I am so happy with it. You can’t tell it is faux leather, it’s beautiful and stylish. It looks way more expensive than it is! It will clean up spills easily. I’m so so pleased with it! It was very straight forward to put together. If you’re on the fence take the leap. I don’t think you’ll regret it! It’s beautiful!”SGUexpectantmom


The Right Fit For The Right Room

Certainly, choosing a television stand requires knowledge about the size of the television. You also need to consider the size of the room. Most television stands will fit into most rooms, but not every piece of this type of furniture will look great in every room.

Obviously many people will have a different idea of what kind of stand fits best in different rooms. Most, for example, prefer a smaller stand for their bedroom than they might use in the living or family room. Other households will want televisions in almost every room, some even the bathroom! It?s important to evaluate the space and the surroundings to get the right stand.

Getting the right fit is an art instead of a science and in many cases boils down to a person?s subjective tastes. That being said, a large and ornate stand may look ridiculous in a very small room. A very small stand in an extremely large room will look unnatural as well.

Keep in mind also how much space the stand will take up. Will the configuration of other furniture in the room leave space to move around comfortably? No one wants to climb over furniture to maneuver around a room.

Take measurements of your space and make sure that you purchase a stand that can handle your television but also fit well into the room.

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Matching The Style Of The Stand With The Room

Mainstays Metro TV Stand for TVs up to 50", Warm Ash ...

A room with a specific style requires a stand with a certain look. Obviously, an ornately designed stand will fit poorly in a modern and minimalist setting. Conversely, a stark-looking piece will not complement a room full of period antiques.

A stand composed of durable, varnished hardwood should complement almost any traditional room design. Traditional looks usually come in cherry, oak, mahogany, or maple. Sleek stands of dark wood, metal, or a combination of both will perfectly set off a room with a modern style. Most television stands come in some shade of brown, gray, or black. These represent the safest color choices because they match nearly any room design.

Appliance Connection offers 31 different color selections, including many that go beyond brown and black. With so many options from which to choose, you should find something that goes perfectly with your style.

You will also want to think practically about the style of stand you select. For instance, you may love a stand with beautiful glass doors or shelves, but that style may not suit a home with rambunctious children. A sturdy hardwood stand would probably work best in an environment where children could be running around and playing.

Consider how the stand will look in its environment, how it fits your lifestyle, and what meets your budget.

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Shopping For TV Stands And Mounts At Leon’s

We are your source for TV stands! No matter the size of the TV you need to mount or its position, Leon’s has a selection of mounts and stands that are second to none.

Looking for a corner TV stand? Wondering what we have for mounts? Interested in a stand that can accommodate your TV and store your home theatre system and other accessories? Leon’s has everything you need when it comes to a stand or mounts, all at an unbeatable price.

Whether you’re planning to place your TV in the corner of your living room, on the wall above your fireplace or in the corner of your rec room, we’ve got a well made solution. Check out our TV mount and stand collection now, online, or take the trip to your nearest Leon’s and see the selection in person. If you know exactly what you’re looking for or need a little help choosing the solution that’s going to work best for your TV and space, we’re here to help make it easier to find and buy what you need. We’re confident we’ve got just the stand or mount for your TV!

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A Mirrored Cabinet With So Many Uses It’ll Glam Up Any Room

Promising review: “I love the look of this cabinet. It is well made and sturdy. It is assembled except for the bottom legs and the knobs. The finish is like a silver paint that has been topcoated. So it is perfect to accent if you are going for a glam look or to use in a neutral farmhouse look. I am super happy with this purchase.”Candice


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Consider What Features Will Match Your Needs Best

Different stands come with a variety of features. More features could mean a higher price, so think carefully about those that you want or need.

The most common features include shelves, glass doors, and drawers. In many cases, you can adjust the spacing of the drawers to accommodate whatever you need to store. You will want to overestimate how much space you need to fit items for storage or display. A little too much space works much better than not enough.

Some stands come with additional features that can add to the functionality, beauty, and cost. Entertainment center style stands could come with a wide selection of lighting options from regular light bulbs to fancy LED lines of light. An even more luxurious model places the television stand above an artificial fireplace.

Other common features include:

  • Foot stabilizers to keep your stand level even if your floor is not
  • Infrared friendly glass which does not block signals from your remote control
  • Solid wood versus veneer. Solid wood is more durable yet more costly, while veneer is a thin strip of hardwood covering particle board or some other manufactured wood product. Veneer costs much less.

Costco Bj’s And Sam’s Club

WHALEN XAVIER 3-in-1 TV STAND from Walmart Model# XL-44E REVIEW

Though unrelated on the corporate side , for our purposes they’re quite similar. They’re warehouse stores where you can get that 55-gallon drum of ketchup and that pallet of bean dip you need for watching football. They also sell TVs in their, combined, 1,300-plus stores.

Like the other locations we’ve discussed already, warehouse stores are terrible places to judge TVs. They’re far too bright, with harsh overhead lighting. Usually the boxes for each TV will also be on display, however, so you can at least get some additional info. It’d be better to get the info on your phone, but in a pinch, the box is there with some highlights. On the other hand, to allow enough space below the TVs for the boxes, the TVs themselves are often much higher than you’d normally want to place them, so you’re viewing them off-axis, which means some will look worse than they would if you could view them straight on.

TVs bunched up at Costco. Lots of boxes though. Another example from this store is at the top of the page.

Costco has a 90-day return policy on TVs. It also offers;two years of tech support. Most impressively, it automatically increases the manufacturer’s warranty to two years. If you use its credit card, Costco will bump that up an additional two years. For reference, TVs typically come with one year parts and labor, or in some cases, one year for parts and 90 days for labor.



  • Terrible place to judge image quality

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A Canopy Bed That’ll Bring A Chic Industrial Vibe To Your Space

Promising review: “Awesome bed!!!! I would give it 10 stars if I could, very happy with the bed. It’s super easy to assemble and is very sturdy and a really good looking bed, it’s a really cute bed I plan on putting sheers and lights around it. The wood is a very great accent to the bed, very good quality! The pictures do it no justice, and it’s a wonderful well constructed, sturdy, good looking bed. Very happy!”Pitty


TV Stand Buying Guide: Everything You Need To Know

We know you are out there. You spent thousands of dollars on a beautiful new living room set complete with end tables. You worked hard to match it with the drapes and your hardwood floors. You, however, neglected something important. Your television still sits on a table or shelf, surrounded by video game systems, DVDs, and other clutter. The mess ruins the entire look of the room.

When designing a room, consumers usually do not put much thought into the television stand. Couches, end tables, even wall hangings and window treatments get substantial attention. Then the poor television set ends up sitting on a table or hanging blankly on the wall.

This should never be the case. The television stand ends up as the focal point of the room anyway so it needs to look right. When watching television, you cannot help but notice the stand, especially if it is jury-rigged or sitting on a random piece of furniture not designed to hold a television. Even worse, if you have game systems or other entertainment technology, wires and consoles spill over into the room?s environment. The resulting mess undermines all of the care invested into the rest of the room.

Others make the opposite mistake of buying the biggest model with every possible feature, only to find that they spent too much money on a piece that does not fit their needs or the room itself.

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An Upholstered Desk Chair With Nailhead Detail That Elevates Any Home Office Setup

Manor Park Traditional TV Stand with Storage for TV

Promising review: “This chair is fabulous, got it in the charcoal/gray. It’s a soft, velvetty fabric with white threading that shows through the gray. It is incredibly easy to assemble, maybe 10 mins with no special tools required. The height adjuster works simply and effectively. The quality of this chair for the price is really impressive. When I tell people I got it at Walmart they are shocked.KB24


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This Canine Version Of 23 And Me Nearly 40 Percent Off

On Ellen DeGeneres list of favorite things, this Canine Wisdom Panel decodes the genetic makeup of your rescue mutta great gift for the dog-mom in your life, or something to put in the stocking of your own best friend. With just a swab of the cheek, you can discover a breed ancestry tree going back three generations. It helps you better understand behavior and food needs, anticipate size , and just appreciate the sweet complexity of your dear pet.

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First Things First: Measure Your Television

Be careful. Television set width does not get measured in the same fashion as other objects. The industry determines the width of a television set by measuring from one corner diagonally to the opposite corner. Television stands, however, refer to traditional height and width measurements that run along the frame. You will need to break out the tape measure and figure out how much space your television needs to select the right stand.

Even stands that do not frame the television could look ridiculously large or small in relation to the television set, so always measure the set regardless of the type of stand.

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This Rolling Luggage Set Down To Just $54

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Analyze Your Needs To Figure Out What You’re Looking For

Wal-mart model 411660 TV stand start assembly (start)

The first step in selecting the proper television stand lies in analyzing what you need in a television stand. This includes asking yourself some questions to figure out what will work best. These questions include:

  • How big is your television set?
  • How big is the room where you will place the stand
  • For what purpose do you use the television set?
  • What are your tastes in design and special features

Taking full stock on your television stand needs will help to ensure that you pick the right stand at the right price.

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TV Stands And Entertainment Centers

After a hard day at the office, or a hectic day with the kids, it’s great to unwind with your favorite TV show. Your TV stand or entertainment center is an important part of your overall viewing experience, positioning your television at the perfect height while minimizing the clutter from wires and peripheral devices such as a DVD player, game console or sound system. The two most important considerations are the size and type of the stand. Fortunately, whatever style suits your tastes and requirements, you’re sure to find something suitable in our selection of home furniture.

Sizing up your options

TVs come in a wide range of sizes, and you need to ensure the stand you have is suitable. If it’s too big, your TV might look out of place, while if the stand is too small it doesn’t provide a secure position. Bear in mind that TV manufacturers define the size of their products based on the diagonal measurement of the screen, not the dimensions of the TV. Most stands clearly state compatible TV sizes, but a good rule of thumb is to look at stands that are 2-3 inches wider than the television set to minimize the risk of the TV falling if somebody bumps it. The following list is useful for judging the minimum stand width based on the television’s screen size, but always check a manufacturer’s recommendations before making a purchase:

Types of TV stands

Making your money go further

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