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What Channels Do You Get With Clear TV

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K Resolution Is Incredible

Clear TV 4K Antenna Walmart

While standard HD has 1920 x 1080 pixels, 4K Ultra HD has a minimum of 3840 × 2160 pixels.

Its hard to appreciate just how big a 4K picture is when looking at numbers, so lets spell it out: resolution is the concentration of pixels on a screen, and 4K technology has eight million pixelsthats four times as many as regular HD. When you get up close and personal, youll see every flicker of light and line on a faceits incredible. At a distance, the difference isnt always discernible to the naked eye, unless you have a huge screen.

Changes In Clear TVs Advertising

Ive followed the advertising for Clear TV dating back to mid-2013, and there has been an interesting evolution in how it has been marketed. At first we saw the ubiquitous Clear TV guy on his boat, as seen in the commercial above. Then in early 2014, actor John Amos briefly acted as the products spokesman. Amos soon disappeared, to be replaced by the Clear TV guy again. By September 2014, the Clear TV guy also disappeared from the official website, which has a more sleek look than before. It no longer boasts the generic As Seen on TV look it had a year ago. The Clear TV guy is still associated with the brand, however, as he can be seen in spots for Free TV Key, aka Clear TV Key.

Another difference I noticed in 2014 is that the packaging also changed. As of April 2014, Clear TV was being sold in a white box with a significant amount of writing, such as Get Free TV! and Stop paying to watch your favorite network shows when you can watch them for FREE!

The newer box in stores after September 2014 were black and offered a windowed view of the product. It features a lightning bolt graphic and less wordy text, including, No contracts. No Monthly Fees. No price hikes.

Clear TV Television Commercial

Below is the 2013 version of the Clear TV television commercial.

This ad for Clear TV ran in heavy rotation on Facebook for months.

Are you tired of paying cable and satellite companies just to watch your favorite broadcast network shows? Why spend hundreds of dollars per year for cable and satellite only channels when you can watch broadcast television for free with the Clear TV HD digital antenna. All you have to do is plug in Clear TV and let your television instantly receive top-rated network shows, local news and weather, sporting events and more all for free. Thats right, free digital TV. Thanks to a federal government mandate, all broadcasters are required to transmit a digital TV signal through the airwaves. Clear TV lets you bypass cable and satellite to bring network shows directly to your television so you can enjoy crystal-clear local and national free HDTV. Clear TV is amazing. If were just off the coast here in the Gulf of Mexico receiving free network broadcast HDTV, imagine all the free HDTV shows youll receive at home. Basic cable and satellite services can cost you up to $80 a month. Thats $960 a year and almost $10,000 over a 10-year period. Why pay that much money for extra channels you may never even watch? But with Clear TV theres no contract, no monthly fees, and no unexpected rate increases. Just free HDTV that can look as good or better than cable and satellite. Not available in stores. Order now.

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What Do You Think Does Clear TV Work Or Not

  • I Have clear tv antenna .How do I scan the tv.What channel I go I use a universal remote control. I dont. have cable no more. what do I do first after I turn the tv on

  • explainistsays:

    electronics technician for 54 years here. I find it beyond belief that nobody here started their post with XX miles to the TV tower hill

    without this information the reviews are meaningless

    no, I dont have one of these. 91.39 miles to the TV tower hill. Radio Shack VHF/UHF antenna at eye height, with a 15 db CATV amplifier inside. 12 channels that I watch one shows all of the Star Trek series in order, with the episodes in order within the series.

  • Brendasays:

    This is a true waste of your hard, earned, money! It only gets 3 channels where I live. The whole commerical is a pack of lies! Dont make them richer, save your money!

  • Dwsays:

    Im trying to find out what channels you get I know like NBC and all that but do u get like USA and stuff like that

  • Shirleysays:

    My family got rid of cable but kept high speed internet and bought an Amazon Fire Stick with Xbmc/kodi downloaded on it.This little gadget is awesome, we can watch all our favorite tv shows, past and present plus any movie that has ever been filmed including those at the box office.

  • i am trying to get in touch with custamer service because i been over charged by 60.95 i just order the 14.99 package i want know why i was charged so much

  • Catalinasays:

    So, What is the verdict for clear tv antena? Does it really work for every state?

  • Clear TV Vs Clear TV Plus Vs Clear TV Key

    Fire Stick Jailbreak

    There are now three products in the Clear TV line. All of them function the same in that they are simply standard television antennas. Clear TV Plus offers a slightly larger size, which increases its reception radius by about 5 miles. It also features a black/white design which allows you to match it to your decor easier. Clear TV Key plugs into the back of a television and remains out of sight. It doesnt allow you to maneuver its placement, which may limit its optimal use to larger cities where broadcast towers are nearby.

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    Our Pick: Antennas Direct Clearstream Flex

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $55.

    Of all the antennas in our latest round of testing, the Antennas Direct ClearStream Flex was the most consistent performer. It always ranked at or near the top in the number of channels received, and in our technical tests it produced a strong signal with relatively low noise. Part of this performance may be due to the fact that its a little larger than average, but its still small enough to mount unobtrusively, and its reversible, with black and white sides. It comes with a detachable amplifier thats powered by USB, and it includes a total of 15 feet of cable. Among the antennas we tested, this is one of the few that arent hardwired to the cable, so you can use a different cable if you like.

    The ClearStream Flex did the best overall in my in-home tests, pulling in the most channels in the first room and the fourth-most channels in the second room. In our tests in the Oceanside, California, area, it was one of several models that tied for second best, pulling in 21 channels. Without the amp, the numbers were a little lower: 81 and 87 in my home, and 19 in Oceanside.

    Measuring 16 by 11 inches, the ClearStream Flex is a little larger than most of the flat antennas we tested, but its still small enough that slipping it behind a TV, a curtain, or a framed picture shouldnt be hard. Its reversible, with black and white sides, and paintablewhich may help it blend better into your room decor.

    A Note About Installing Your Clear TV

    While a relatively small number of Clear TV customers complained about the installation process, how you choose to install your antenna can make a big difference in the reception you get.

    For this reason alone, youll likely want to install your Clear TV near a window or outward-facing a wall, lay the antenna flat , angle your antenna in the direction of the broadcast tower, use a better cable, and more.

    What can you ultimately expect with Clear TV? Lets wrap everything up.

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    Option #: Extra TV Channel Packages

    Lastly, you can also enrich your TV-watching experience by getting a TV channel bundle . Heres the complete list of fuboTVs extra TV channel packages.

    1. Sports Plus with NFL RedZone

    A selection of premium TV channels is found here, focused solely on sports. If youre into football, basketball, hockey, or baseball, this is the bundle you dont want to miss.

    • ZONA Futbol

    5. RAI Italia

    This fuboTV add-on has a single TV channel and that would be RAI Italia, the most popular TV channel in Italy. Aside from following the latest news , youll watch live coverage of Seria A and Coppa Italia matches.

    6. TV5MONDE

    Once again, we have an add-on that includes a single TV channel TV5MONDE. You can expect both local and international news, movies, TV shows, and lifestyle shows. TV5MONDE is also known for its broadcasts of Ligue 1 Conforama and Rugby Top 14 games.

    7. Portuguese Plus

    Aside from letting you watch three TV channels from Portugal, you also get a couple of sports-focused TV channels, as listed just below.

    • Benfica TV

    Amazon Fire TV Recast

    Watch your favorite broadcast with Clear TV Digital HD Antenna

    Our list of “problem” channels in Manhattan was WABC 7.1 , WNET 13.1 , WPIX 11.1 and WNJB 58.1 . In addition we added popular channels CBS 2.1, WNBC 4 , and WNYW 5 .

    While the results will vary depending on where you live and how far you are from TV towers, we found that the best-performing models received more of the most popular channels as well as local channels and additional radio broadcasts and Spanish-language stations.

    Most of the TV antennas are based on the same rectangular design, but there was one important consideration: the cable. Did the antenna have a long, high-performance coaxial cable or, even better, a detachable one? You’ll be sticking one of these in your window, which could be a long way from your TV, so longer is better.

    It’s worth noting that some of these antennas — the 1byOne and the Channel Master Smartenna Plus — include gain-boosting amplifiers. While the 1byOne will also work without the amp attached, the Channel Master won’t. Based on our experiences in a number of locations, however, amplifiers offer a wildly unpredictable signal strength benefit. If you can’t get TV reception with an indoor antenna, a gain amp may not actually help you, and in other cases, it could make your reception worse by overloading channels that already have a strong signal.

    Several antennas in our list include a powered amplifier, but use thoughtfully, as these may actually make a strong signal worse.

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    More Details On How To Watch In 4k

    | Streaming TV serviceCost: $119.00/yr. for Prime membership

    Prime membership looks like a hefty price tag, but once you understand the perks and benefits, youll be sold. One of the enticing membership features is access to the Prime video library, which includes quite a few 4K HD titles. Amazon also features tons of 4K Ultra HD titles for purchase.

    DIRECTV | Satellite TV providerCost: $64.99$134.99/mo.

    DIRECTV became the first provider to offer 4K HD, and everyone else has been racing to catch up ever since. The satellite company is also the first provider to have a dedicated all 4K HD channelalthough youll need the latest Genie to fully appreciate it.

    What The Infomercial Says

    The Infomercial claims that Clear TV can bring you free broadcast of your favorite television shows that can look as good as cable or even better than satellite broadcasts. There are no contracts, no monthly fees and no rate increases. Instead of paying an average of $80 per month for a basic cable and satellite subscription, just use the digital antenna to enjoy and watch your favorite broadcast network shows free of charge. Stop paying hundreds of dollars for extra channels that you may not even watch. With Clear TV, you can instantly receive top-rated network shows, local news and weather broadcasts as well as sporting events. Just plug in the device and you’re ready to watch free shows in your living room, or anywhere you have a TV. This is completely legal too with government mandating a law that all broadcasters are required to transmit digital TV signals through the airwaves. Clear TV picks up these signals and brings it directly to your television.

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    Clear View Streaming Services

    We provide over 7000 + high quality streams for many countries, 30,000 Movies and almost 300 TV Series, Live Sports and PPV for the affordable price of $ 9.95. Although very uncommon, sometimes-live TV streams stop working. We reserves the right to remove any streams or replace broken streams to keep the service stable and reliable. Most streaming issues are fixed within hours of being notified.

    Should You Get A Digital TV Antenna

    Cable without the cable box!

    TV antennas let you pick up extra channels in your area. Theyre especially great if you want to cut the cord. These live over-the-air channels may include ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS affiliates and independent stations.

    Money expert and football fan Clark Howard loves his digital antenna because of the crisp picture he gets from it on his TV. Watch the video above for more information from Clark about TV antennas.

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    Don’t Have A TV Antenna Yet

    If youre just getting started with free over-the-air TV, youll be in good company. Even many consumers who have switched to streaming video services, such as Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, or YouTube TV, use an antenna for local stations not included with their package. In fact, a quarter of all U.S. households with internet service now use a TV antenna to get free TV service, according to research firm Parks Associates, up from 15 percent in 2018.

    Having the right antenna can help you get more of your local channels. Our test results cover 19 popular antennas, ranging in price from $10 to $80 were in the midst of testing another batch of antennas right now. Your reception will also depend heavily on your distance from broadcast towers, along with topographysuch as mountains or tall buildingsthat could interfere with signals. Amplified models can often help pull in more distant stations.

    A final reminder if youre shopping for an antenna: Make sure it can receive both VHF and UHF frequencies. Some antennas provide good reception for only VHF or UHF channels but not both. But to get all the stations you can receive in your area, youll need an antenna that can receive both.

    James K. Willcox

    Does Clear TV Really Work

    Would recommend it to a friend
    Rating snapshot:

    Clear TV is presented as a way to stop paying cable and satellite TV and just use their antenna to access TV shows and content. But can a simple device like this really be the answer to saving all that cash each month?

    OverviewThe promise of a digital antenna really took on a new level when they started broadcasting HD channels for free several years back. This coincided with the need to adapt your TV for the new signals, or upgrade it to an HDTV. Its always been possible to get channels for free using an antenna connected to your TV, but the quality has been so poor for so long that cable and satellite service has become the norm. Many begrudgingly pay their cable bill each month wishing there was a free or low cost alternative.

    The ClaimThe makers of the Clear TV say that it provides a better experience than what your satellite dish or cable provider can deliver. This is a tall order as in most cases cable and satellite beams crystal clear HD movies and TV shows non-stop.

    The CommitmentThey say that you can watch HD channels for free, and hint that you dont need to pay for cable or satellite in order to do so. In theory this would mean that you wouldnt have to commit to the long-term contracts or high monthly payments of cable or satellite. Of course, it would really have to shine for this to be a possibility.

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    What Channels Are Available On Fubotv

    It offers a wide selection of channels, spread across four subscription plans . Depending on your pick, you could get up to 162 channels in total. However, before we show you the list of what each subscription plan brings, heres a quick breakdown of fuboTVs subscriptions regarding the available number and type of TV channels.

    $99.00/3 months

    K Gives You A Reason To Buy A Huge TV

    Clear TV Key: How to Connect

    The onset of 4K is finally your excuse to get an enormous TV. For 4K viewing, experts generally recommend a 60 screen for a mere 5 viewing distance. Yep, thats huge. Before you let a TV that big get settled, find out if your TV is positioned the correct distance for optimal viewing.

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    Did You Scan For Channels

    Setting up your antenna is incredibly easy, but it’s not quite as easy as just plugging the antenna in and forgetting it. There’s one more step between connecting your antenna and watching free TV, and that’s scanning for channels.

    Scanning for channels is done through your TV’s menu system, so it will be a bit different depending on what type of TV you have. Use your TV remote and look through the menu for a scan feature. Usually, you’ll see a progress bar and a channel count as the scan is performed.

    You can check your TV’s user guide for more information, but it’s usually not too hard to track down the scanning feature.

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