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What Does Spectrum TV Silver Include

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What Channels Are In The Spectrum TV Select Packagewhat Channels Are In The Spectrum TV Select Package

DIRECTV vs. Spectrum TV Review | Packages, Pricing, DVR, Contracts, and More

What Channels Are in the Spectrum Select Package? Check out the Spectrum TV channel lineup that comes with the TV Select package: Popular channels: ESPN, History, USA, TNT, TBS. Movies: AMC, Hallmark Channel, FX Movie Channel. Sports: ESPN, ESPN2, FOX Sports 1, Golf Channel, SEC Network and Spectrum Sports.


Spectrum TV Silver Package Price Channel Lineup And Perks

  • Posted on:01Mar2022
  • Looking for a TV package that offers great channels at an affordable price? Spectrum TV Silver Package may be just what you’re looking for. This spectrum silver channel lineup includes over 45+ popular channels, plus additional perks like free HD and DVR service. Plus, because Spectrum is the only provider in your area, you’ll never have to worry about missing your favorite shows. So if you’re looking for a great deal on TV service, Spectrum Silver Package is definitely worth considering.

    Spectrum TV Price Increases After Promo Period: Up To $35/mo

    Spectrum bundle prices increase by $10 to $35 per month after the 12-month promo period ends. How much of an increase youll see depends on which Spectrum services you bundlecable TV prices go up $25 per month and phone prices go up $10 per month.

    However, theres no contract, so theres nothing stopping you from calling and selecting a new promotion.

    But many of Spectrums promotions apply only if you havent been a Spectrum customer for 30 days, so you may want to check out other options in your area. If you put in your zip code below, well show you the other cable providers near you:

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    Some Facts About Charter Spectrum

    This company is one of the leading Internet and TV service provider in the country. It is currently providing its services to about 28 million residential and business customers across 41 states. Not only that, but the Spectrum TV packages are highly flexible and can be subscribed to without any contracts.

    This is because this company understands that the customers dont want to be locked in a contract. So, it offers them an option to make a switch whenever they want, without worrying about the termination charges. Here are some amazing facts about this companys services:

    • The customer service has been ranked highly by the customers.
    • It got a rating of 63/100 according to ACSI and Consumer Reports.
    • This rating is significantly higher than the average rating in the industry.
    • This company has been awarded by J.D. Power in South
    • It has managed to secure 3/5 power circles in North and West Central regions.

    Spectrum TV Taxes And Fees: Vary By Package And Area

    What You Can Watch on Spectrum TV Premium Channels

    Taxes and fees is the nebulous category of additional charges you may see mentioned in the fine print of your TV package. A lot of these are regulatory fees imposed on providers by the federal government, which are then passed onto customers. These fees sometimes vary by region, but there are a few that are common across the country.

    So basically all providers charge these feestheres really no getting around it. What catches most people off guard is that they are almost never included in the advertised price for a plan, so when you get your first bill, the number may not match your expectations.

    One of the most common regulatory fees is the Broadcast TV Fee, which is $17.99 per month with Spectrum. Another common fee is the Regional Sports Fee, though Spectrum customers appear to be off the hook for this one.

    Heres a very thorough rundown from Spectrum on what each fee is and why you might see it.

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    How To Use The Spectrum TV App

    If you are using the Spectrum App on your smartphone device. You will need to first download the app from the App Store for iPhones or . You can find it by searching for Spectrum TV App.

    You will then download the app for free to your phone and wait for the installation process to complete. Then all you need to do is sign in with your username and password.

    • If you are a Charter customer, you will use your email and your email password to log in. If you attempt to sign in using your Charter login information, it will not work.
    • If you are a Time Warner Cable customer, you will need to use your Time Warner username and password to sign into the app.
    • If you are a Bright House Networks customer, you will need to use your Bright House Networks username and password to sign in.

    After you have signed in to the app, you will have access to thousands of streaming TV shows, movies, sporting events, news channels and On Demand content. Just check out the guide and see whats available.

    An important thing for Charter customers to remember is if you are connected to your Charter modem while using the Spectrum app, the app will authorize your username and password automatically.

    If you want to access the Spectrum TV App using your Roku device or Roku TV, make sure that your Roku is activated and that your Roku is connected to the Internet. Using your remote, go to the Roku Channel Store and search for the Spectrum TV App.

    How Much Does Spectrum’s Streaming Service Cost

    The biggest reason to consider Spectrum TV Essentials is its low price of $14.99 per month. That’s $10 less per month than Sling TV’s entry-level packages, which are the cheapest we consider in our big Hulu Live vs. YouTube TV vs. Sling vs. Vue vs. DirecTV Now face-off.

    Spectrum offers no other package options, so you can’t add any other channels on.

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    Spectrum Internet Installation Fees: $4999 For Professional Installation $999 For Self

    Spectrum charges the same $49.99 installation fee for Internet-only service and bundles as it does for TV. But if youre just getting Spectrum Internet, you can save cash with the $9.99 self-installation kit.

    Head over to our Spectrum Installation Guide to learn more about how to easily install your Spectrum Internet service.

    List Of Currently Available Shows

    Spectrum Raises TV Rates
    • LAs Finest A spin-off of the movie Bad Boys II. The action series stars Gabrielle Union as LAPD Detective Sydney Syd Burnet, and Jessica Alba as her LAPD partner Nancy McKenna .
    • Mad About You Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser reprise their roles of Jamie and Paul Buchman in this sequel to their hit 1990s sitcom .
    • Curfew This is a UK import series. Its set in the near future after a deadly virus causes the government to impose a 12-hour total curfew at night. A group of drivers decides to compete in an illegal street race. The winner will be able to be free of government control .
    • Manhunt: Deadly Games A docudrama centering on the search for the man responsible for the 1996 Olympic bombing in Atlanta .
    • Temple This is another UK import series. It stars Mark Strong as a doctor who performs surgery in an illegal clinic in the London Underground .
    • Paradise Lost A gothic drama set in a small Mississippi town, centering on a family that moves there, as they quickly uncover major secrets .
    • Side Games A Spanish-language drama about a professional soccer team .
    • The Bite Previously known as The Second Wave, this is a six-episode series set in New York City. A deadlier version of the current coronavirus is spreading and forcing its residents to deal with the possible end of the world. This show stars Audra McDonald and Taylor Schilling.

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    Spectrum TV Equipment Fees: $899/mo For Hd

    Spectrum charges $8.99 per month for each HD-Box . You can activate the built-in DVR in one HD-Box with a $4.99 per month fee, or pay a flat $9.99 per month for DVR service in two or more TV receivers.

    While equipment fees can be a real bummer, its rare to see this kind of deal on DVR service. But Spectrum is going one step furthera new cloud DVR that replaces its old HD-Box and DVR.

    With Spectrums cloud DVR, you can record up to 100 shows and keep them for up to a full year. All you have to do to watch them is pull up the Spectrum TV app on your streaming device. You can snag this DVR included for a year on some plans, but the normal price is only $5 per month. Thats a steal.

    Spectrum Silver Channel Package And List

    Spectrum offers a wide range of packages to suit the budget needs of various income groups. One such affordable range comes in the form of Spectrum Silver packages. You can opt for a stand-alone TV service or choose to subscribe to the Double and Triple Play packages available.

    So lets find out more about the details below.

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    Spectrum Internet + Spectrum TV Silver Bundle

    /mo. for 24 months. Additional charges may apply. Not all products, prices, and services available in all areas.

    The Spectrum Internet + Spectrum TV Silver Double Play Bundle features a fast, reliable internet connection plus cable TV service together on one bill for a great low price! Spectrum Internet speeds range from 60-200 Mbps. There’s plenty of bandwidth for all of your favorite online activities like surfing the web, playing online games, streaming movies and episodes of your favorite shows, and more. Spectrum Internet offers more than enough bandwidth to share with multiple users and devices at the same time! Spectrum TV Silver offers action-packed entertainment for the whole family, featuring more than 175 channels to choose from. You’ll also get exciting features like premium networks, free HD programming, plus more than 10,000 On-Demand viewing options, and access to network apps so you can watch from your favorite device.

    Why Did My Spectrum Wifi Bill Go Up 2021

    Get to Know Why Spectrum Silver Package Must Be Your First Choice ...

    A change to your bill can occur for a number of reasons: If your service was just installed, you might see one-time fees included for installation or activation of services. When you signed up for services, you received a promotional discounted rate on your bill. … Taxes or fees in your area may have changed.


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    Overview Of Spectrum TV Offerings

    All Spectrum TV plans come with free HD and DVR service, and with no contracts required on some plans, they can be canceled at any time. Spectrums three main cable packagesSelect, Silver, and Goldare economically priced, ranging from $44.99 to $89.99 per month. Spectrum TV is also well known for its thousands of on-demand programs and the Spectrum TV App, which allows customers to stream cable TV channels on personal devices, such as phones or tablets. Options to add sports, premium, and Latino channels are also available for additional fees.

    Best Spectrum TV Packages

    ESPN, Hallmark Channel, HBO Max, SHOWTIME, and more N/A
    All TV Silver channels plus STARZ, STARZ ENCORE, THE MOVIE CHANNEL, and more Up to 200 Mbps Included View plan

    Data effective as of publish date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. See full disclaimer.

    If you believe Spectrum is the bees knees and just need a package recommendation, you can go with one of the above.

    Starting at $74.99 a month, Spectrums TV Silver gives you 175+ HD channels plus premiums that would cost extra with other providers, like HBO Max and SHOWTIME . And remember, Spectrum has no-contract plansat no extra charge, whereas other carriers charge a premium for that kind of freedom.

    But if youre looking to bundle, we like Double Play Gold . It has 25 more live channels than Silverincluding three more premium channels: STARZ®, STARZ ENCORE®, and THE MOVIE CHANNELTM. And youll get internet service with download speeds up to 200 Mbps , no data caps, a free modem, free antivirus software, and free access to Wi-Fi access points nationwide. Youll also save five bucks a month by bundling.

    Still wanna shop? Okay, lets browse Spectrums other TV plans and bundles.

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    Does Spectrum’s Streaming Service Offer Any Special Features

    Right now, TV Essentials is more limited than most of the pricier competitors, but it has two special features. Users can compile a “Watch List” to keep track of their favorites, and parents can reign their kids usage in with parental controls.

    A Cloud DVR service is on the horizon for Spectrum TV Essentials, but it hasn’t gone live yet.

    Spectrum TV Silver In Dunn North Carolina

    Spectrum TV Live Preview

    Spectrum cable TV services in Dunn brings you Spectrum TV Silver, our mid-priced cable TV package giving you all your favorite local channels, HD cable favorites, even some premium channels for a great price, making it one of the best HD programming selections for the price. Call 844-462-4150 to get Spectrum TV on its own or as part of a multi-service bundle featuring Spectrum Voice, Spectrum Internet or all three services: TV, Internet and Voice.

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    Why Choose Spectrum TV

    Spectrum TV service shares availability with Spectrum internet, covering more than a third of U.S. households across 41 states. Its true cable TV, in that it uses coaxial cables to deliver service, as opposed to a satellite or fiber optic network. Spectrum offers three main TV packages, which may seem low, but thats right on par with other cable TV providers such as Xfinity and Cox.

    Our Experts Have Spent Hundreds Of Hours Researching And Testing Spectrum TV So You Don’t Have To Read On To Learn More About Pricing Plans And More

    Price: from $44.99$152.97/mo.*

    Channels: 125-200+

    Popular channels: AMC, CNN, Discovery Channel, ESPN, FOX News, Hallmark Channel, HBO MaxTM, Lifetime, NFL Network, TBS, TNT, Univision, and more

    ESPN, Hallmark Channel, HBO Max, SHOWTIME, and more N/A
    All TV Silver channels plus STARZ, STARZ ENCORE, THE MOVIE CHANNEL, and more Up to 200 Mbps Included

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    Spectrum TV Hidden Fees

    When it came time to subscribe to Spectrum TV, I was a bit disheartened by a number of unexpected charges. Spectrum TV advertised that their services had no added taxes, no hidden fees, and no contracts. The company also claims HD television is free and makes no mention of DVR costs until checkout. However, they charge $7.99 per month for an HD box and a $4.99 monthly service fee for the DVR.

    Most importantly, the additional $16.45 per month broadcast fee, is mentioned only in the fine print before online checkout, as you can see in my own itemized bill to the right. This lack of information before check out is something to be aware of.

    What Is The Cheapest Spectrum TV Package For Existing Customers

    What Channels Are Included With Spectrum Silver Package

    What is the cheapest Spectrum TV package? TV Select is the cheapest Spectrum TV package starting at $49.99 per month for 125+ HD channels including ESPN, Discovery Channel, CNN, HGTV, Lifetime, TLC, and many more. You can bundle TV Select with Spectrum Internet in the Double Play Select package for $99.98 per month.

    Why did my Spectrum bill go up 2021?

    When you signed up for services, you received a promotional discounted rate on your bill. If your discounted rate for your promotion has expired, your services will be billed at a new rate.

    Can I downgrade my Spectrum package? Contact Spectrum at +1-833-267-6094 or order online to upgrade, or downgrade, your service.

    Is Newsmax free on Spectrum?

    Yes, the NewsMax channel is available for free to Spectrum TV Cable subscribers. To get NewsMax on your Spectrum Cable TV, you need to get a subscription to Spectrum Silver Package or Spectrum Golden Package.

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    What Is Spectrums Internet

    Like its cable packages, Spectrum has three internet packages, which are available at the following prices:

    Be aware that Spectrums prices go up after the two-year promotional period, after which your bill will increase. We recommend you set a reminder on your digital calendar for 12 months out to call and ask for a discount before your prices go up.

    Also, Spectrums highest Internet speeds may not be available in all areas, because some of its Internet lines might be a little dated. To see what Internet service providers are available in your areaand what their Internet speeds areenter your zip code below:

    Spectrum Triple Play Silver

    This Spectrum Silver package offers all tree services . Your access to the number of channels remains the same . However, the speed of the Internet in this deal will astonish you. Get ready to surf the Internet at a blazing fast speed of up to 940 Mbps. Do you know what this means? You can relish gaming, downloading, video-chatting, and binge-watching all at one time.

    Other than these two services, you also get to enjoy making unlimited calls with the States as well as to Canada and Mexico. What more could you ask for? If you are willing to spend $132.97/month, you would not find a better deal than this.

    If you are looking for value for money, then a bundle would be a better choice than the stand-alone service. In case you believe that the number of premium channels included in these Charter Spectrum Silver packages is not enough, you have a choice to add more but for an additional cost.

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