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What To Clean Your TV Screen With

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Dish Soap Lcd And Led Screen

How to clean a TV screen the right way | Avoid damage to your 4K flat screen!

Dish soap can also be used on LED and LCD screens, albeit with care. Before you use a dish soap solution, first wipe the screen with a dry cloth to remove dust. Now, dip your cleaning cloth in the dish soap solution. Squeeze off the liquid then gently wipe the screen. Make sure you cover every surface area. Once you are done, dont waste time to clean otherwise, the solution will dry up on the screen leading to a blurry vision. Rinse the cloth with water to remove soapy residue then take the dry cloth you used to wipe off the dust once again to dry the screen.

Other Parts Of Your TV You Might Need To Clean

TV ports, such as HDMI and USB inputs, can get dusty. If you haven’t used one of your HDMI inputs before and go to plug in a new device, you could push that built-up dust into your TV’s innards.

Wipe the ports with a cloth. If they’re particularly dusty, you can use a vacuum cleaner on its lowest setting to clear out any debris. Take care and hold the nozzle away from the TV as to not cause damage. Try not to push into the port since this could also damage the connection.

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Professional House Cleaning Services

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Cleaning Tips

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Use Canned Air And Microfiber Cloths

When you arent sure whats safe to use, use canned air and microfiber cloths. Canned air is great for cleaning computer hardware, keyboards, as well as monitors, and TVs. It cant cause any damage to the surface of the screen whether youre cleaning a tablet, an OLED monitor, or an old school glass TV.

Dust gathers on the surface of your screen, especially around the edges, so start by blowing it off with compressed air. Use a high-quality microfiber cloth to move the stubborn dust particles when the compressed air isnt enough. All you need is a light touch. Dont press too hard on the display or you can damage it.

Its very important to use microfiber cloth only. Its soft enough not to scratch the screen or damage any of the protective coatings. Dont use paper towels or tissues because they contain little loose fibers that can cause small scratches.

Always Use A Screen Protector

How to Properly Clean a TV Screen

Using a screen protector is one of the most important ways to protect your television from scratches. Most television screens will come with one, but if yours didntor youve just scratched it upyou can purchase a new one on Amazon for as little as $5. Not only do they help keep your television scratch-free, but they also help keep images looking vibrant.

Just be careful when applying them so that no air bubbles form. If air bubbles are present, remove the screen protector and reapply. It may need some trial, but your television should stay protected for years to come once you get it right!

Also, you can try a damp cloth to wipe down your televisions surface before and after each use, which will reduce dust buildup over time. Dust acts like sandpaper against LCD/LED screens, so preventing it is crucial to maintaining crisp picture quality.

If you own an old model TV without an LED backlight , try wiping down the screen every few months with rubbing alcohol or distilled water. The cleaning solution should be applied in a circular motion while making sure not to get any liquid inside any ports or vents on your television.

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Cleaning With A Microfiber Cloth

  • 1Turn the TV off. You don’t want to interfere with any pixels while they’re still firing, and turning off the TV will enable you to see dirt, dust, and grime better since you’re working with a dark surface.
  • 2Find a microfiber cloth. These soft, dry cloths are the same type of cloth you would use to clean eyeglasses.XExpert Source
  • How Often Should You Clean The TV Screen

    You should clean the TV screen as necessary.

    – Microfiber cloth designed for cleaning eyeglasses or camera lenses

    – TV screen cleaning solution

    – Water

    Theres no specific rule, but if you notice an annoying, greasy mark, deal with it as soon as possible.

    If dust is the only thing that shows up on your screen, cleaning it once a week is good practice. Make sure you regularly clean the TV as you dont want dust to enter the casing and cause damage.

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    Dont Use Scotch Tape Newspaper Tissues Or Coffee Filters

    Some people recommend using a tape-like scotch tape, newspaper, or tissues. This can cause small scratches on your television screen that reduce picture quality over time. Its also important not to use paper towels or coffee filters because they can rip, causing more damage. Instead, use microfiber cloths that have been specially treated for cleaning televisions and screens. These clothes are designed to clean without scratching delicate surfaces. You should be able to find them at any electronics store in your area.

    First, turn off your television: The first thing you need to do when cleaning an LG OLED TV is turn it off completely before starting any work. Unplugging it from its power source will ensure that no electricity runs through it while working on it and potentially ruin any internal components of your television set by shorting them out. Once youve turned off your television, unplug all its cords.

    How To Clean Your Display

    How Do I Clean My TV Screen?

    With all that out of the way, the actual process of cleaning a display is straightforward. If youre only dealing with some dust, use a can of compressed air or an air blower to dislodge it. You can also turn to a dry microfiber cloth.

    For anything more than that, dampen your microfiber cloth with a small amount of distilled water and then gently wipe the display. Once youve gone over the entire surface, turn over the cloth and use the dry side to remove any excess water. At this stage, avoid buffing the screen or using excessive pressure. You dont want to work any particles into the surface of the screen.

    Thats it. You should have a clean display now. Obviously, it will take longer to clean a bigger screen, but you can put to use the tips mentioned for all types of displays, including TVs, monitors and glass smartphone displays.

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    How Often To Clean A Television Screen

    For a clearer picture, television screens should be dusted weekly. If liquid spills or food splatters happen, they should be cleaned away immediately. When you’re cleaning, don’t forget the tangle of cords often hidden away collecting dust, speakers, gaming or control components, as well as remotes.

    Avoid Harmful Chemicals Do Not Spray Water Or Detergent On The Screen

    The use of chemicals should be avoided at all costs. Chemicals damage screens more than you know. That a chemical agent worked on a particular surface is not an indication that it will work well for your TV screen. LED screens are very sensitive and fragile, so you ought to make sure that you keep chemicals as far away as possible. Another material you should never use is a detergent solution .

    Soap, scouring powder, was window cleaners, and any other general industrial cleaner should be avoided. Abrasive pads and towels made from paper should not be used either. Using any of these materials will lead to screen scratches, anti-glare coating damage, or permanent screen damage. The sad part is that the damage may not be noticeable at first, but over time, the same will become permanent.

    If you must wet your cleaning material with water, do so in little splashes. Avoid spraying the screen directly with water. When wiping the screen, do so gently because it can break if pressed too hard as screens are very fragile.

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    Dusty Streaky Smudgy: How To Clean Your TV Screen

    Have you ever cozied up to watch a movie, only to be distracted by a big smudge on the main characters forehead? Dust, streaks, and smudges on your TV are definitely a bummer, but luckily, theyre also a cinch to clean up. Keep reading to learn more about the best way to clean a television screen so that you can get back to enjoying your favorite shows and movies.

    What To Use To Clean A TV Screen

    Best Way to Clean Your TV Screen

    Cleaning your television with the right materials and products is importantâyou don’t want to use anything that could harm your screen. Using a dry microfiber cloth, like those used on glasses and camera lenses, is the best way to clean a TV screen. It should get rid of fingerprint smudges and dust, the most likely causes of imperfections.

    TV cleaning kits, which usually come with a microfiber cloth and liquid screen cleaner, are safe to use and are available at most electronics stores. But they can be expensive, and you’ll only need the liquid cleaner for serious smudges and spills.

    Before you start cleaning, you may want to check your TV’s manual for any recommendations. LED, LCD, OLED®, and plasma TVs all have anti-glare coatings that need to be handled properly, and some TVs have specific rules on how to clean them.

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    Don’t Forget The Remote Control

    Remote controls can not only get dusty but also harbor a fair number of germs.

    Heres some basic advice about cleaning your remote controls. We also have more details on how to sanitize your remote control during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Remove the batteries before you start cleaning. Then start by turning the remote upside down so that the buttons are facing downward, and tap the remote against your palm to dislodge any debris that might have fallen between the keys or buttons. Wipe down the entire remote with a soft cloth that has been sprayed with a tiny bit of alcohol diluted with water. The cloth should be damp, not wet.

    To clean in and around the buttons, you can use a cotton swab dampened with the alcohol/water mix. More stubborn debris lodged deeper into the keys can be dislodged with a dry toothbrush or wooden toothpick.

    Last, wipe down the whole remote once again with a dry, soft cloth and reinstall the batteries. Thats it!

    Avoid Certain Cleaning Agents

    Some screens, especially touch screens, have special coatings for protection and to reduce the amount of reflection and glare. Harsh chemicals will remove those coatings and even damage the material of the display. Dont use any household cleaning agents.

    Stay away from glass cleaning products and anything that contains ammonia, chlorine, and even alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is sometimes okay to use if specified by the manufacturer. Just make sure you pay attention to the percentage, which is usually 70% or 90%.

    If youve been cleaning your TV or monitor with one of the aforementioned solutions, stop. Using them a few times might not cause any visible damage, but over time theyll leave streaks once the protective coating is gone.

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    Amazonbasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

    Simple microfiber cloths like these Amazon-branded ones are perfect for cleaning off delicate screens either dry or moistened slightly with a cleaning solution. The cloths are gentle on surfaces and can be tossed in the washing machine and re-used.

    We like these microfiber cloths for cleaning your TV but theyre also useful to have in the house for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces or as paper towel replacements when you want to wipe down a counter or desk.


    White Vinegar And Water

    How To Clean A TV Screen

    If water alone isn’t cutting it, don’t panic and definitely don’t grab just any of your nearest cleaning chemicals, either.

    According to Digital Innovations, ammonia-based cleaners can wreak havoc on your flat screen TV. Ironically enough, people used to regularly use Windex to wipe down their old school TVs back in the day, but the popular window cleaner can actually degrade the protective layer of LCD flat screen TVs. Better to be safe than sorry!

    Instead of harsh cleaners, mix up a 50-50 ratio of distilled water and white vinegar for a deeper clean. The Kitchn recommends combining the two in a spray bottle, then giving a spritz onto a lint-free cloth. Wipe down the flat screen in an S-shaped pattern to avoid any more streaks, then give it another pass with a dry cloth. This will stop the at-home vinegar mixture from sticking behind on the screen, and inevitably forming those unsightly water spots.

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    Clean Your Screen With An Air Duster

    If you take great care of your OLED screen, its not uncommon for dust and small particles to build up on top of it over time. To keep your screen in tip-top shape, youll want to give it a good cleaning every nowhen. Fortunately, cleaning an OLED screen is super easy just make sure that you have an air duster nearby before proceeding. Using an air duster, blow off any loose debris from your screen.

    Next, use a microfiber cloth to wipe down your screen from top to bottom with gentle pressure .

    Finally, use another microfiber cloth to clean off any streaks left behind by your first one. Thats all there is to it! After doing these steps, you should notice a significant improvement in picture qualitybut if you still arent satisfied, there are other things you can do to get even better results.

    Wipe Down Flat Screen TV With A Lint

    Some flat screen TVs come with their own cleaning cloths. Many dont. If your television doesnt have these cloths you need to make sure you have a clean, anti-static microfibre cloth. This is similar to one that you would use to clean your glasses

    To ensure your TV has a streak free clean you should clean it in alternate directions. You should start by wiping your screen first in a horizontal direction. Then go over the screen again in a vertical direction to ensure you have removed as many streaks as possible

    You need to be gentle when using a microfibre cloth. Do not wipe the screen with too much force. A flat screen TV is fragile and can be easily damaged if you push too hard. For this reason you should also ensure that you dont use certain materials for wiping down your screen. Avoid paper towels or rags as these materials may contain fibres that can damage your screen. These fibres can leave scratches, causing pixels to burn out.

    You should also wipe around the sides and back of your flatscreen TV to remove any dust from the area where the buttons are on your television.

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    The Dos And Donts Of Cleaning Your TV Screen

    In addition to cleaning techniques and supplies, there are a few other tips to keep in mind for achieving shiny, smudge-free screens.


    • Use a dry cleaning method on plasma screens. Traditional cleaning products can easily damage their anti-glare coatings.
    • Wipe screens in a single direction . Then, wipe them a second time in the opposite direction for full cleaning coverage.
    • Clean your screen when the TV is turned off. Its much easier to see stubborn streaks when the screen is fully blacked out.
    • Go with microfiber materials instead of scratch-prone paper towels.


    • Apply harsh chemicals to your TV, only gentle cleansers and dry cloths. In other words, avoid using products that contain ammonia, alcohol, or acetone.
    • Clean your TV with pre-treated dusting cloths. These tend to have an oily finish that can leave streaks or deposits on the screen.
    • Spray cleaner directly on your TV screen, as doing so can damage the whole set.
    • Push too hard on the screen while cleaning. Doing so can cause pixels to burn out.

    How To Clean A Flat Screen TV Or Computer Monitor

    How To Clean a TV Screen Using Things You Already Have
  • Turn off the device. If the screen is dark, it will be easier to see the areas that are dirty or oily. Turning the device off also prevents you from accidentally pushing buttons you don’t actually want to push, which happens a lot when cleaning touchscreen devices like tablets, iPads, etc.

  • Use a dry, soft cloth and very gently wipe the screen with a microfiber cloth or dry eraser, both equally fantastic choices.

  • If the dry cloth did not completely remove the dirt or oil, do not press harder in an attempt to scrub it off. Pushing directly on the screen can often cause pixels to burn out, especially on laptop displays, desktop monitors, and LCD/LED TV screens.

    This isn’t so much an issue on screens designed to be touched, like phones and tablets, but be careful nonetheless.

  • If necessary, dampen the cloth with distilled water or with an equal ratio of distilled water to white vinegar. Many companies also sell small spray bottles of special cleaner for flat screens.

  • The plastic edge that surrounds the screen can be cleaned with any multipurpose cleaner but take care to avoid contact with the screen itself.

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    How To Clean Your TV Screen Without Damaging It

    A flawless piece of glass designed to transport you to different worlds, different time periods and down Coronation Street is only a scratch or smear or away from being ruined. So what cleaners and cloths are safe to use to clean your TV and avoid this happening?

    There are dozens of cleaners for all manner of surfaces in your home from worktops to windows, but many are too harsh to use on a delicate TV screen.

    We checked the advice of popular TV manufacturers and did our own research to see how best to safely clean your TV.

    Looking to upgrade to a new TV? Our expert lab tests reveal the best and the worst models. You can use our TV reviews to find a great model that’s the right size, spec and price for you.

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