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How To Cast To Lg TV From iPhone

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How To Mirror iPad To Lg Smart TV

How to screen mirror iPhone to a LG Smart TV

Follow this 3-step process and start mirroring your iPad to the big screen, no cables or hardware necessary!

Step 1: Download the App

Step 2: Select Your LG TV

Open the AirBeamTV app from your iPad. Click Start Mirroring on the menu. Select Mirror .

Step 3: Start Mirroring

Press Start Broadcast. Your screen will instantly mirror iPad to LG Smart TV.

Want to know how to cast iPad to LG TV? AirBeamTV apps cast to iPad 5th generation and later. So basically any iPad running on iOS 13 or newer.

How To Stream Youtube Videos From iPhone & iPad To Lg TV

Once you download the Mirror for LG TV app, you can watch YouTube instantly on your TV over your WiFi connection.

  • Open the LG cast app on your mobile device.
  • Choose the LG TV you wish to watch.
  • Open the YouTube app or website in your browser
  • Just hit play and watch the video on your TV screen!
  • With AirBeamTV screen mirror apps for LG TV, you can watch videos and more from thousands of sites including YouTube.

    How To Enable Airplay On Lg Smart TV

    You have to activate the AirPlay on the LG TV before connecting to the devices. The AirPlay option is available in the Home Dashboard.

    . Launch the LG Smart TV and check the internet connection.

    . Press the Home button on the remote to get the menu and select Home Dashboard in the menu.

    . Click AirPlay in the menu and it opens AirPlay Settings.

    . Select AirPlay to turn on and click Require Code.

    . Choose First Time Only to enter the code for initial setup.

    . Click Every Time to provide the code every time you connect to the TV.

    You can also choose Use Password Instead to enter a specific password for the connection. Now, the LG Smart TV is ready to AirPlay from an iOS device.

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    The Content Share Option

    While Screen Share is the most direct way to mirror a smartphone or PC screen on an LG Smart TV, LG provides additional options via the TV’s Device Connector settings.

    When the Device Connector is selected from the home screen, you’re taken to a menu that includes connection options for all devices, including a smartphone or PC.

    The Screen Share app can also be accessed by the LG TV’s Device Connector in addition to direct access from the home menu. However, since its function was discussed earlier, the following focuses on the Content Share option, which can only be accessed within the Device Connector.

    How To Use Airplay With Your Lg TV

    How to mirror an iPhone 7 onto an LG Smart TV

    Right now, LG TV models after 2019 support the AirPlay 2 feature, which you can use to display your smartphone screen directly on your phone.

    In order to use AirPlay version 1, you will need to purchase an Apple TV or any other compatible set-top box. Then the process of connecting your phone to the product will be the same. You only need to :

    • Connect your TV, iPhone and Apple TV if you need it to the same Wi-Fi network.
    • Then on your iPhone, swipe up from the bottom of the screen if you have an iPhone 8 or earlier, or swipe down from the top right corner if you have an iPhone 10 or later.
    • Tap the AirPlay icon.
    • Next, youll need to select the name of the device to which you want to stream content from your iPhone in the list. Next to each device, youll see TV or speaker screen icons so you know what type of content you can stream.

    When you use this feature, the TV will automatically use the aspect ratio and orientation that your smartphone uses. If youre having picture problems, you may need to change the aspect ratio for your device in the zoom settings or in your TVs aspect ratio settings.

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    Video TV Cast Mirror iPhone To Lg Smart TV

    Video & TV Cast for LG Smart TV is an app specially designed for iPhone and iPad. You can use this software to browse the web and mirror any online video, web movies, live shows etc. from your iPhone to your LG TV. It supports different formats such as MP4, M3U8, HLS live streams. Now lets take a good look at the following steps on how to mirror iPhone to LG TV.

  • Search Video & TV Cast for LG Smart TV on your iPhone and then, launch it.
  • Open your TV and launch TV cast. Ensure your iPhone and LG TV are under the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Use your TVs remote control to open LG Content Store and you can find the same TV & Cast on the right side of the screen.
  • Configure the app on TV by filling the IP address shown on your iPhone.
  • Select a video you want to mirror on your LG TV, tap the link to cast and then you can simply cast your iPhone videos to LG TV. This app supports all major video websites and countless others.
  • You can stream high-quality video directly from your iPhone to a big TV screen via the above method. However, please remember that Video & TV Cast for LG Smart TV does not support iTunes movies, DRM protected videos or Flash videos. Also, this app only streams the video part of a website rather than the entire website content.

    How To Stream iPhone Videos To Airplay Compatible Lg TV

  • Connect iPhone and LG TV to the same Wi-Fi network
  • Open a video from the gallery or play content from a third-party AirPlay-compatible app and tap the AirPlay icon.
  • Then select the LG TV from the list of available displays.
  • However, there are video applications for iOS in which the Airplay icon is not available, for example, the videos of Facebook Watch, appearing instead a transmission icon similar to the one used to send content to a Chromecast. In this case, just press the mentioned icon and select the LG TV from the list of screens available for AirPlay.

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    Can You Connect An iPhone To A Smart TV Without Wifi

    We all know that to use the advanced features on the television, your device must be connected with the Wi-Fi all the time, even connecting phones to a tv sometimes.

    So when we tell you that you can connect an iPhone to a smart TV without Wi-Fi, you must believe us. This article will share the methods you can follow to connect an iPhone to an LG smart TV without Wi-Fi.

    Mirror iPhone Screen To TV Using Roku

    How to: Stream any video from iPhone or iPad to your LG Smart TV

    Roku will work effectively for mirroring your iPhone screen to TV particularly if you have Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere, Roku streaming stick, or any other model of Roku device. Below are the steps to get it done easily.

    Steps to Mirror iPhone Screen to TV using Roku

    • Step 1: Enable the mirroring feature
    • Before you can enable the mirroring feature, you need to connect Roku to a WiFi connection. To set up the Roku Play device, open your phone Settings, press “Systems” and click on ” System update” . Return to “Settings” and press “Screen mirroring “. You will then be able to enable the mirroring feature.

    • Step 2: Download the Roku app from Appleâs app store and launch it.
    • Step 3: Select your device and start mirroring.

    Open the app to see the list of devices available for connection on your screen. Click on your TV device to connect your iPhone to your TV. Then start mirroring.

    Ensure that your iPhone and TV are connected to the same WiFi network to watch videos, pictures, videos, music, etc.

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    Cast iPhone To Lg TV With Airbeam TV

    Airbeam TV is a faster way to cast the iPhone to LG TV. This tool is capable of mirroring the entire screen area of the iPhone to LG TV seamlessly. It is a perfect way of playing games and watching videos. The app is proud of its wireless connectivity feature and does not require any separate TV application. There is also a lot of websites that can be mirrored with Airbeam TV, and YouTube is one of them. The only downside of the tool is the audio sometimes comes out distorted mostly because of the internet network. However, Airbeam TV is a reliable tool that you should try out for your iOS devices.

    User Guide

    • Install Airbeam TV by downloading it from the App Store
    • Tap the “Get” button from the product page to install the app on the mobile device. Launch the app after installation and then from the main interface, look for the name of the LG TV.
    • For first time users, the LG TV will ask for permission to access, so take the TV remote and click the “OK” button from the notification that will appear.
    • Tap the “Start Mirroring” button from the iPhone to open a new window.
    • Select the LG TV from the option that will appear and then tap the “Start Broadcasting” button.

    How To Mirror iPhone To Lg TV Using Tools

    There are many other methods for screen mirroring of iPhone to LG TV except for the airplay method. The use of tools is also one of the great known methods to mirror the screen of iPhone to LG TV. There are 3 tools used for this purpose are different from each other based on features and usages.

    All these three tools have specific features and have some steps that need to be followed. Screen mirroring by these tools helps us resolve any issues as we get access to big screens instead of small screens of iPhone. Now we will discuss how to screen mirror iPhone to LG TV using each tool in detail.


    mirror your phone to your pc

    It also supports live streaming function, you can live stream your phone screen to skype, youtube, facebook and other platforms. What’s more, it’s also a good helper to show your file or pictures from your phone while you’re teaching. Click here to know more details.

    Here, are some features of the LG TV Plus:

    • It contains a Touchpad and a Launcher.
    • This app deals with 14 WebOS-enabled LG TVs.
    • After the complete installation/ connection of two devices, we can share images and can share control as well.
    • It is appropriate for iPhones of version 6.1 or later.
    • Search and many other useful functions.

    Steps to use LG TV for Screen Mirroring iPhone to LG TV

    Here, are some steps that we use to screen mirror iPhone to LG TV by LG TV Plus:

  • Download the LG TV Plus app for LG TV screen mirroring iPhone, and press the Home button.
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    What Is The Use Of Wi

    The only difference is that when you use Wi-Fi Direct, each device must be directly connected to another in similar fashion to Bluetooth. Taking into account that Wifi Direct permits you to connect an Android device without an existing Wi-Fi network, an Android device can be connected to a television using it without any existing Wi-Fi network at hand.

    How To Mirror iPhone To Lg TV Through Airplay

    Video &  TV Cast + LG Smart TV on the App Store

    When you want to screen mirror an iPhone to an LG smart TV, AirPlay can be the first and best choice. As the default screen mirroring and streaming feature in iOS, AirPlay offers a very convenient way to display your iPhone screen on an LG TV. LG supports AirPlay 2 in its 2019 and later models. If you are using a new LG smart TV, you can follow the steps below to mirror your iPhone screen to it using AirPlay.

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    How To Screen Mirror iPhone To A Lg Smart TV

    Why is AirPlay not working?

    There are a few reasons why AirPlay might not be working. One possibility is that the device youre trying to AirPlay to is not turned on. Another possibility is that there is a problem with your network connection. If youre having trouble connecting to a specific device, make sure that both your iPhone and the device youre trying to connect to are on the same Wi-Fi network. If youre still having trouble, try restarting your devices and your router.

    How do I share my screen with AirPlay?

    To share your screen with AirPlay, open the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of your screen. Tap the AirPlay button in the Control Center, then select the device you want to share your screen with.

    What devices can you AirPlay to?

    You can AirPlay to an Apple TV, an AirPort Express, or a HomePod.

    What is the difference between AirPlay and casting?

    AirPlay is a proprietary Apple technology that allows wireless streaming of audio, video, and photos between Apple devices. Casting is a term used to describe the streaming of content from one device to another, and is not specific to any one platform or brand.

    What is the difference between screen mirroring and casting?

    Screen mirroring is when you share your screen with another device. Casting is when you send video or audio from one device to another.

    How do I find my LG TV AirPlay code?Is AirPlay the same as screen mirroring?How do I mirror my iPhone without AirPlay?Does LG TV have AirPlay?

    Can I Connect My iPhone To My Lg TV

    On your iOS device, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access Control Center. Tap AirPlay. Tap the name of the device you want to stream content to. Youll see icons of a TV screen or speaker next to each device so you know what type of content you can stream.

    Il existe un moyen de connecter un Mac et un PC Windows.

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    How To Mirror A Screen To An Lg TV

    Nowadays, you have all sorts of devices that you can use to watch streamed content. You can utilize your tablet, phone, or laptop to indulge in the latest TV series. However, the disadvantage of doing so is that the screen can be pretty small.

    Fortunately, you can mirror your screen to your LG TV to watch content on a larger display. You can use several devices to cast your shows to your television screen. In this article, well look at how to mirror each of them to your LG TV.

    How To Screen Mirror Your iPhone & iPad On Lg TV With Mirrormeister

    Connect iPhone to LG Smart TV – Airplay (2021)

    Follow these 3 easy steps to connect your iPhone or iPad to LG TV wirelessly. Avoid expensive Apple TV, eyestrain and annoying cables.

    Just try the free MirrorMeister screen mirroring app today! With this revolutionary app you can enjoy all the content on your television from your phone or tablet.

    For example, watch YouTube videos, photos or presentations on the large screen of your TV. The app prevents tired eyes and allows you to see all the details perfectly.

    MirrorMeister supports LG TV models from 2012.

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    Why Connect An iPhone To A Lg TV

    Viewing a wide assortment of video content on the web. The client can begin recordings from YouTube, observe any films, appreciating great picture and sound. Watching a film on a big screen is significantly more helpful and agreeable, presently it isnt important to purchase a cutting edge How To Connect iPhone To LG Smart TV for this assuming you as of now have a smartphone in the house.Business objectives. By utilizing an iPhone, you can undoubtedly arrange different gatherings, online talks, courses on a huge screen.

    Video correspondence utilizing Skype and other normal moment couriers. Conversing with your loved ones will be a lot more straightforward utilizing the widescreen and great sound.Easily you can playback photos that are taken with a smartphone camera on a TV screen. This permits you to survey their quality and think about even the littlest details.This is certainly not a total rundown of benefits for which it merits sorting out some way to connect an iPhone to a LG TV. You can connect on your TV rapidly enough utilizing different methods.

    How To Mirror iPad Screen Using Third

    If you have an LG TV made before 2019, you might want to use an app like AirBeamTV to mirror your iPad screen. The steps below will show you how to start mirroring.

  • Download and install AirBeamTV on your iPhone.
  • Open the app and click on your LG TV from the list displayed.
  • Using a third-party app, youve now mirrored your iPad screen to our LG TV.

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    Screen Mirroring From Pc To An Lg Smart TV

    In addition to smartphones, you can also mirror a PC or laptop to an LG TV using the Screen Share App.

  • Open the Screen Share app on your LG TV.

  • On your PC, go to Settings> Devices.

  • Select Bluetooth and Other Devices> Add Bluetooth or Other Device.

  • In the dialog box that appears, select Add a Device .

  • Then, select LG TV and wait for confirmation.

  • Once your connection is confirmed, make sure the projection mode is set to Duplicate so that you will get an exact mirror of your PC screen on the LG TV.

  • Once the PC steps are complete, everything visible on your PC screen is mirrored on the LG Smart TV.

  • To end a screen mirroring session, select the Disconnect prompt in the small black rectangular box on the very top of the PC screen, change to a different function on the TV, or turn the TV off.

  • LG Screen Share can also be done by connecting the PC to an LG TV using an HDMI cable.

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