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What TV Packages Does Comcast Offer

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Should You Upgrade To X1

Xfinity TV Prices, Packages, and Channels | Xfinity TV Review

Lets take a quick look at why you might want to consider upgrading from Xfinitys traditional cable options and benefit from all the newer advancements in TV streaming and digital television technology.

The Xfinity X1 package rivals the storage capabilities of competitors such as DirecTVs Genie DVR or the Dish Hopper 3. The X1 service offers up to 60 GB of cloud storage. If you ever run out of storage, then you can easily add in more at the press of a button.

Consider the X1 service if you love the idea of accessing endless On-Demand TV shows and almost 200,000 movies. X1 TV works great for anyone who wants a streaming option offering excellent picture quality, recording capabilities, On-Demand playback, and a dizzying array of popular TV shows and movie entertainment.

Infinity X1 TV integrates with almost any streaming platforms that youre probably used to using already. This includes platforms such as:

  • Amazon Prime Video

You wont have any problem gaining access to and enjoying all the popular TV shows and movies that you or any family member might dream about watching.

Are There Any Other Ways To Stream Instant TV

Instant TV will also be coming to Samsung, LG and Sony smart TVs when its app launches later this year. Your Instant TV credentials can also be used to log in to programmers’ apps on devices such as the Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox and Playstation. YouTube TV is on select LG and Samsung smart TVs, and Sling is on select Samsung Smart TVs.

Xfinity From Comcast Packages

XFINITY TV is putting the exclamation point on high HDTV home entertainment delivering an infinite amount of selections of On Demand movies and shows to your TV set 24/7. XFINITY offers customers the latest advanced technology and puts them in command of the perfect TV experience with one-button convenience. You’ll own your own entertainment destiny with a new XFINITY DVR and On Demand movies, sports, favorite shows, and much more than you can imagine. Enjoy the capability to pause, rewind, fast-forward recorded and live TV programming included in your XFINITY TV packages.

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Negotiation With Comcast/xfinity For The Best Deal

Many people like it or not, but negotiation is one of the best life skills. For acquiring people as a customer popular internet service provider like Comcast spends millions of dollars. They dont want to lose their customers for some hundred dollars. Every month many customers of Comcast pay almost $100 to $200 for internet, phone, and cable services. Every year people spend approx. $2,000 in internet service. If you multiply this number with 40,000,000 subscribers, then you will come to know how Comcast earns so much every year.

For some time, imagine that you are Comcast would you like to accept negotiation and make $1000 from a customer or earn $0 by losing the customer. When you negotiate with Comcast, remember that they need you more than you need them.

Being nice with the behavior can help you get the best deal. We all know that customer service is not that good thats why many people yell at representatives of customer service. If you use some good words and be nice to them, then they can help you with finding the best deal for you. Their job is very stressful because they have to talk to angry Comcast customers every day, and if your call can make their day, then they will work a little harder to find the best deal for you.

You should well aware of the recent promotions before doing the negotiation. Research about promotion is very important, and for promotions, you should look for:

  • About contract lengths of 24, 12, or 6 months and their charges.
  • How Is Xfinity TV Different From Standard Cable

    Comcast Cable TV Packages

    Speaking of streaming services, a number of them are included in Comcasts TV offering, including perhaps the heaviest hitter of them all, Netflix. Rather than switching between your set-top box and a piece of dedicated streaming hardware like a Roku or Amazon Fire TV device, you can go from watching a live football game to catching up on your latest binge-watching obsession with the flick of a remote.

    With streaming services, you arent limited to watching your favorite movies or TV series at home. With Xfinity TV, the same goes for your DVR recordings thanks to the services Cloud DVR feature, with lets you take your recordings with you on the road. Xfinity On Demand also offers a rotating selection of hit movies and the latest TV shows that are available to watch anywhere.

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    Xfinity Bundle Packages Double Play

    Xfinity double plays may include a combination of two of the following services: internet, TV or phone. You can choose from a cheap double play with basic channels and Performance internet, with speeds up to 100 Mbps, or get over 200 channels and faster internet speeds, depending on your needs.

    Bundle package
    Unlimited local calling 2-year price guarantee

    *Pricing per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing varies by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. May or may not be available based on service address. Last updated 10/29/21.

    Our recommended Double Play bundle deal: X1 Saver Pro

    The X1 Saver Pro Double Play gives you more speed and channels for the price than most other Xfinity internet and TV packages. This is also the lowest-priced package that comes with a standard TV package featuring 140+ popular channels.

    Choose Premier Triple Play And Save Big

    Choose the Premier Triple Play plan when you sign up online. As a bonus you will get HBO Max, SHOWTIME®, and Hitz included at no extra cost

    Keep in mind when choosing your bundle that free HBO Max service can effectively lower your price by a considerable amount. Think of it this way: If you sign up for the Premier Triple Play bundle and get free HBO and Showtime then apply that reward towards your broadband bill you are really paying quite a bit less each month. That makes the special price of $135 even more attractive.

    If you want the most cost effective bundle, go with the Popular Triple Play deal. You get all three essential services Internet, TV & Phone at a very reasonable $90 per month.

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    Bottom Line Is Xfinity TV Worth It

    Overall, I think Xfinity TV is worth it if you bundle it with their internet service. You can get really good deals if you bundle it with their phone service and maybe even home security.

    However, if you only want Xfinity TV, I would stop and make sure they have the best available deal. Because even though their X1 device and free Flex access are good, you can get similar features from DISH and DIRECTV for an often lower price.

    Make sure to compare the current offer of all three providers before you make your choice!

    Here are some common questions about Xfinity TV.

    How Do I Negotiate With Xfinity

    Comcast is selling TVs. Don’t buy one!

    Current Xfinity customers should contact Xfinity customer service to negotiate better pricing or terms. If you are not in a contract, or your contract is set to expire soon, simply asking for a better Xfinity deal may get you lower pricing. You may also want to consider downgrading services for a lower price, or bundling services for a lower total monthly rate.

    *Pricing per month plus taxes for length of contract. Additional fees and terms may apply. Pricing varies by location and availability. All prices subject to change at any time. May or may not be available based on service address. Speeds may vary. As of 10/29/21.

    We value your feedback

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    Comcast Xfinity TV Promotions

    Xfinity also offers some promotions and deals when you get their services. This is especially the case if you bundle more than one service.

    For example, if you get Xfinity TV service or internet, you can get Xfinity Flex for free, a TV box that works very much like an Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Roku.

    You also get Peacock Premium without extra costs if you get Xfinity TV and internet. Which, as you probably already know, is a streaming service with more than 40,000 hours of content.

    That said, some of Xfinitys offers are a bit questionable. For example, they say that if you turn on automatic and paperless billing, you get $10 off monthly. The thing is that the prices they advertise already have the $10 deducted. So, in my opinion, its more of a penalty than an offer.

    You will also get a free subscription to some of Xfinitys premium channels in some high-tier bundles. This might include something like HBO, Showtime, and Netflix.

    And like we already talked about, if you bundle multiple Xfinity services, you might get up to $30/month off.

    For more info, check out our page on Xfinity promotions.

    What Is The X1 Dvr

    Unique features come with Xfinitys X1 DVR. For example, you can use its Voice Remote Control to easily pull up your next movie, popular TV show, or sporting event, whether its from a DVR recording, on Live TV, or via On-Demand services.

    Use the Xfinity Stream App to stream anything you want, including DVR recordings or Live TV. Additionally, the X1 DVR gets used to your viewing habits and eventually starts offering recommendations that youll enjoy.

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    Recap: Which Xfinity TV Package Is Best

    Well come outright and say the Ultimate TV package will give you the most for your money.

    The Popular TV package gives you 125 popular channels that everyone in the family will absolutely enjoy. But if youre looking to get cable solely for sports, were sorry to say you wont get your NFL Network, MLB Network, or NBA TV channels.

    If you upgrade to Ultimate TV, you will get these major sports channels, along with more entertainment, movie, and kids channels .


    Prices Availability Internet Speeds And Data Cap

    Bestseller: Comcast Channel Guide 2020

    One big caveat with the prices mentioned above is that the monthly fees and plans can vary depending on your location. This is due to differences in networks across the country coupled with subscriber density, which can affect the speed and efficiency of data transmission. These and other factors may render some plans unavailable or more or less expensive due to the required infrastructure and technology.

    Network quality can also affect the guaranteed internet speeds for each plan. For example, another plan called Performance Plus is available in some Xfinity coverage areas in the Western United States that delivers a speed of 60 Mbps for $39.99 a month. Similarly, subscribers in the Northeastern United States may pay more for the Performance Plan yet get slower internet speeds compared to their counterparts in the U.S. Midwest, where population density is lower.

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    Kids Zone On Xfinity X1

    Being a parent is the best thing ever, but it can be energy-draining to keep an eye on the little ones all the time.

    With Kids Zone on Xfinity X1, you can rest assured only age-appropriate content will cross the screen. For kids under 12, its an entertaining and safe place to be, while the parents relax.

    What Is A Good Internet Speed

    You want to have a download speed of at least 25 Mbps and an upload speed of at least 3 Mbps. The higher, the better, but your internet speed will not be very good if you get too much lower than those numbers.

    Comcast offers excellent internet speeds. Even the cheapest plan available offers double that minimum amount.

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    With Xfinity Stream You Can Turn Any Device Into A TV

    Only Xfinity gives you the most free TV shows and movies on the go with the Xfinity Stream app, included with any Xfinity TV service. Youll get your entire TV line-up at home, top networks, and live sports on the go, plus thousands of Xfinity On Demand movies and shows, and your DVR library anytime, anywhere.

    No TV box is required, simply download the app or login to the Xfinity Stream portal to access your favorite TV shows, HBO, your DVR library and more.

    What Were Not Excited About The Popular TV Plan

    CCT – Comcast $10 TV Packages, The Weather Channel Comes to Cord Cutting, & More
    • Sports channels are fewer and farther between
    • Youll have to upgrade to get the finest movie channels

    Youll only get nine sports channels

    In a TV world where sports are King, Xfinity isnt supplying. Nine sports channels just dont usually cut it. Not only do you need your ESPN, but you likely need your NFL Network and SEC or Big Ten Network.

    Yes, its great that these starter packages have PAC-12 Network, Tennis Channel, and Golf Channel, but if we want to watch sports on TV, we want to watch it all.

    But hey, if youre not a sports fiend and like to check in on your favorite teams here and there, these sports channels have got you covered!

    With the Popular TV plan, youll get the following sports channels:

    • AT& T SportsNet

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    What You Need To Know About Xfinity TV

    The first thing you need to know about Xfinity TV is that youve probably also heard it referred to as Comcast TV. This is because Comcast is the parent company of Xfinity. So youre just as right to search for Comcast TV packages or Comcast channel packages as you would be Xfinity TV packages. Both references are correct, although youll most likely see offerings under the name Xfinity or Xfinity by Comcast.

    Now that weve cleared up the name confusion lets get into the nitty-gritty. Xfinity TV packages are delivered via a cable connection. This allows them to provide reliable, fast service to over 111 million customers in 39 states, making Xfinity the biggest cable provider in the country. Because the company casts such a wide net, its easy to check if Xfinity TV service is available in your area and if it comes with any money-saving deals.

    Xfinity offers channel bundling options that use a digital signal rather than an analog one. This means you get a higher quality picture. The TV-only packages start at 140+ channels. Theres also a 220+ option if you want to be sure you dont miss any of your favorites. The lineup can satisfy television fans and novices alike. You can check out Xfinitys channel options to see what package fits your entertainment needs.

    Xfinity TV plans and prices


    * Pricing and information as of 3/24/2020 for a customer in Charlotte, North Carolina

    Does Xfinity Offer Wireless Services

    Xfinity Mobile is Xfinitys wireless phone service offering 5G nationwide coverage, access to numerous popular phones, and the ability to pay By the Gig or with an unlimited data plan.

    More Information

    • Xfinity is the largest cable provider in the United States.
    • Xfinity offers service in 40 states.
    • Xfinity offers Cable and Fiber internet access.
    • Xfinity offers service in 8,659 zip codes nationwide.

    Services offered by Xfinity

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    What Does Xfinity Stream Cost

    Its important to note that the Xfinity Stream app is free to Xfinity customers. There are a couple of packages you can consider when choosing Xfinity as your TV or internet subscription service. What you choose depends on what you would like to stream and on which devices you will use to view your content.

    The following Xfinity plans all allow you to use Xfinity Stream:

    Free with an internet subscription

    It is important to note that the exact cost of your chosen service may vary slightly depending on where you live.

    Are There Are Upgrades For Instant TV

    Netflix to Be Bundled Into Comcast Xfinity TV Packages â Variety

    For a richer channel list that competes with what Sling or DirecTV Now offer, you’ll need to spend more money per month. The $10 more per month Kids & Family package is needed to unlock channels such as Freeform, National Geographic, TLC, Nickelodeon and Disney.

    You’ll spend another $15 more per month to get FX, Comedy Central, AMC, USA and the other networks in the Entertainment package. Sports fans and live-news watchers pay the highest premium, as the package with ESPN, CNN and their competitors costs $35 extra per month. HBO is an additional $15 per month, which is the same price it costs by itself as an HBO Now subscription.

    MORE: Best Streaming Video Services

    If you could be OK with just one of those upgrade packages, Instant TV could very well be worth it. But because certain packages aren’t available in all markets, Xfinity says users should begin the signup process by clicking “Get 1 Month Free” here to see what is available for their area.

    But for a mix of news, entertainment, sports and kids content you’re spending $78 per month with Xfinity, a price that could push you back to paying for regular Comcast cable. The entry-level packages for Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV, DirecTV NOW, PlayStation Vue and Sling TV range from $20 to $40, but each comes with a much deeper catalog.

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    Xfinity Provides All 3 Services For Your Convenience

    Now you know that you can get all three XFINITY Services for a special price of $99 per month. If this won’t work for you, there are 4 other Triple Play packages with varied differences to meet your needs whether your focus in on internet speed, channel selection, or premium movies and sports.

    Other package choices include Double Play plans with only two of the three services in any combination you choose. Customers can still save plenty of money on a two service package. The only disadvantage is you’ll miss out on the interactive features between the Comcast services without all three like Caller ID on the TV and PC.

    There’s also an online account that allows customers to manage their DVR and TV settings from your PC or from a smart phone remotely. Additionally, customers can go online to the same account and set up calling features on their home phone. So make sure you check out all the advantages of the Triple Play package before you make your final decision on whice package to choose.

    In case there is a XFINITY subscription, movie channel, or sports entertainment package you would like to have, you can always add them. Comcast has set up the XFINITY packages to offer you the most services for the best price by bundling them ahead of time.


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