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Where Can I Watch Friday Night Lights TV Show

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List Of Friday Night Lights Episodes

Friday Night Lights Season 3 Bonus Feature – Episode 2 Deleted Scene

is an American sports drama television series developed by from and of the same name. The series details events surrounding a team from a fictional town called Dillon: a small, close-knit community in rural Texas. Particular focus is given to team coach and his family. During the course of the series, 76 episodes of Friday Night Lights aired over five seasons.

Friday Night Lights Netflix Release Date

The hit NBC series returns to Netflix on August 1, along with fellow NBC Emmy-winning favorite 30 Rock. You can start watching all five seasons of the adored series at 12:01 a.m. PT and 3:01 a.m. ET. Without question, Friday Night Lights will be one of the months best new releases.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.

All five seasons of Friday Night Lights return to Netflix on August 1


Even though were still waiting for Netflix to reveal the full list of new release movies and shows for August, the fact that both FNL and 30 Rock are coming could mean the streamer has a few other big hits in store for binge-watchers. Maybe Seinfeld or Manifest season 3? Well just have to wait and see.

If you never had the opportunity to watch Friday Night Lights, which remains available to stream on Hulu and Peacock, nows your chance to add the true blue classic to your watch list. Dive into the epic highs and lows of high school football, the heartbreaks and everything in between. Dont miss this future Top 10 smash on Netflix.

Will you be watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix this August?

Friday Night Lights Is Coming Back To Netflix On Aug 1 2021

Weve missed you, Coach Taylor! After leaving Netflix a few years ago, our favorite high school football tearjerker will make its grand comeback. Friday Night Lights is coming to Netflix this summer because, say it with us: Clear eyes, full hearts, cant lose!

Based on the book and movie of the same name, Friday Night Lights takes place in the small town of Dillon, Texas, where the local high school football team, the Dillon Panthers, is the absolute talk and joy of the town. The team members and their new coach handle all of the pressures that come with being such a winning team.

Of course, Friday Night Lights stars Emmy Award-winner Kyle Chandler and Emmy Award-nominee Connie Britton, both of whom nabbed deserved recognition for their performances as Eric and Tami Taylor.

Finally, the beloved drama series makes its way back to Netflix to reclaim the title it once held as the favorite binge-watch on the streaming service. Were so excited for Friday Night Lights to rejoin the ranks as once of the best Netflix shows this summer.

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Friday Night Lights Season 3

13 Episodes | October 2008 January 2009

New freshman quarterback J.D. McCoy threatens Saracens position on the team. Tami gets promoted from guidance counselor to principal of Dillon High School, often putting her at odds with her hubby coach. Smash Williams, who injured his knee during the previous seasons playoffs, puts college on hold until Taylor helps him rediscover his love for the game. Later, Taylor learns about a plan to replace him and finds out the schools administration has offered his job to someone else. Hes then offered a gig at the newly reopened East Dillon High School.

Season 3 Episode : I Knew You When

Friday Night Lights, binge

Season Premiere – Brian “Smash” Williams has graduated and the start of the new school year has Coach Taylor uncertain about the strength of his team. Matt Saracenâs position as QB1 is in danger when a new freshman star player J.D. McCoy arrives on the scene. Smash continues to deal with his own demons after a season-ending injury causes him to lose his college scholarship. Meanwhile, Tami faces stressful challenges as the new principal of Dillon High School. Elsewhere, Tyra is encouraged to make a run for student body president.

  • HD
  • EPISODE 49
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    Its Now Easier Than Ever To Watch Friday Night Lights Online

    The Texas-set drama is now available to stream on both Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. Basically, it’s a good time to stream.

    Clear eyes, full hearts, cant lose!

    If youve ever seen Friday Night Lights, the drama about a small Texas town obsessed with football, then you know how special it is. If you havent, then now is your chance. All five seasons of the drama is now available to stream on Hulu. This is also a great excuse to get your friend who has never watched it, but said they want to sit down for a mega-marathon.

    Friday Night Lights has a reputation as that football show, but really it is a show about community, family, and what it is like to live in the modern United States. Unlike many shows made in or by U.S. companies, Friday Night Lights has a very defined sense of place. Filmed in Austin, it uses Texan culture as a true inspiration for the series, though, in general, this shows depiction of growing up in small town America is closer than any other TV version version Ive ever seen.

    Im just going to leave this here, but beware of spoilers

    Season 3 Episode 1: Tomorrow Blues

    Tyra Collette was one of the best character arcs to follow, a girl who refused to listen to those who told her her dreams werent possible. In the third season finale, she forges on anyways, and with the help of Landry, writes an emotional powerhouse of a college essay. This is one finale that packs all the feels.

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    Where Friday Night Lights Ranks In The Television Pantheon

    Just look at these headlines: Is Friday Night Lights the Best Show on Television?Friday Night Lights Ends As A Champion.Friday Night Lights Still Burns Bright. Critical acclaim for the show lit up when the series premiered in 2006 and that roaring blaze of praise only got stronger as the show progressed. Huffington Post even asked: Why cant Friday Night Lights, which has only gotten better in recent years, sustain an audience? Why cant this phenomenal show succeed? While the answer to that question may forever remain a mystery, the love the show received from critics and its loyal fanbase is indisputable. While the shows something for everyone approach may alienated some, others savagely inhaled the shows blend of sports, melodrama and southern charm. While it can sometimes veer toward soap in parts, Friday Night Lights will forever be revered for its realistic portrayal of marriage, youth, and small-town struggles, with its large ensemble of characters evolving in realistic, engaging ways. If any of that speaks to you, these Panthers are going to hit you hard.

    As they say on the field: Clear eyes, full hearts, cant lose!

    Season 1 Episode : It’s Different For Girls

    Friday Night Lights. The best show you’ve never seen.

    The attention is focused off the football team for once and onto their biggest supporters — the cheerleaders. As the cheer team prepares for the Championship Classic, word of Lyla and Riggins’ affair causes Lyla to become the victim of brutal high school harassment. Matt and Julie also have problems of their own as Coach Taylor tries to keep the two of them apart in order to “protect” his daughter. Meanwhile, Jason adjusts to life back home after being released from rehab and Smash falls for the preacher’s daughter.

    • HD
  • EPISODE 11
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    Carmelo Anthony Turns Wine

    Phillips and Oristano will break down iconic moments in the show, share behind-the-scenes stories, and answer fan questions and will be joined along the way by special guests from the Friday Night Lights family including writers, directors and fellow cast members.

    We cant wait to rewatch the show with the fans and rediscover the magic of Friday Night Lights, said Phillips and Oristano. Were excited to partner with Black Barrel Media, Ritual Productions, and Cadence13 to bring this rewatch to life.

    Weve loved Friday Night Lights since the beginning, all the way back to the book, said Chris Wimmer, co-founder of Black Barrel Media. And now its an honor to work with the teams at Ritual Productions and Cadence13 to give the fans an inside look at the TV show.

    Fifteen years later, Friday Night Lights remains at the top of the list of iconic series, beloved by fans around the world, said Chris Corcoran, Chief Content Officer, Cadence13. Were thrilled to team up with Derek, Stacey, and our partners at Black Barrel Media and Ritual Productions to revisit our favorite characters, moments, and memories.

    What To Watch On Netflix: Friday Night Lights

    If you’ve ever had a human emotion in your life, you should check out our Netflix Pick of the Week: Friday Night Lights.

    Our Netflix Pick of the Week column typically aims for the underrated shows in the library, but our first few entries of 2015 will highlight some of the services the most popular binge-watches. .

    This months must-see Netflix TV is Friday Night Lights because it has something for everyone and if you dont like it, we cant like you. The NBC drama has sports, high school drama, heartbreak, great music, and even better relationships, including the best married couple Ive ever seen portrayed on the small screen. Im looking at you Coach and Tami Taylor!

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    Season 1 Episode : Mud Bowl

    For love of the game — Coach Taylor feels the players are losing their grasp on the beauty of the game of football as distractions such as envelopes full of cash begin to mysteriously show up in the players’ lockers. An unexpected accident suddenly poses a problem and the team’s home field advantage in the final game before the state championships is threatened. Coach Taylor takes it upon himself to not only find a new home field, but also to remind the players of their love for the game. With the pressure of the game building and the off-field distractions escalating, Coach Taylor and the Panthers have to get priorities in order to come out with a victory.

    • HD
  • EPISODE 21
  • Season 2 Episode : Seeing Other People

    Top 11 binge

    Brian ‘Smash’ Williams goes on his first recruiting trip to a prospective college but events take place that cast doubt on his future there. Saracen asks his cheerleader girlfriend for an open relationship. Meanwhile, emotions escalate in the Taylor family as Tami is upset with a young teacher that she feels is getting too close to Julie , while Eric explodes on Tami about her relationship with a different associate of theirs at the school. Tyra is asked by her former attacker’s brother to meet in person and make amends, but she asks Landry to go in her place.

    • HD
  • EPISODE 32
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    Season 1 Episode : Best Laid Plans

    Plans change, people change — After being pressured by Texas Methodist University , Coach Taylor makes a rash decision that disrupts his future at Dillon and upsets the women in his life. While Coach Taylor deals with changes in his career, Riggins deals with his new inappropriate relationship with the single mother next door. Jason moves into a new apartment and Landry finally reveals Tyra’s horrible secret. The tense drama unfolds around the women of Dillon and football takes a backseat.

    • HD
  • EPISODE 22
  • When Did Friday Night Lights Air

    Friday Night Lights began airing on NBC in the fall of 2006. It gained a loyal follower base from the start. For five seasons, the TV series entertained viewers everywhere.

    After airing 76 episodes the drama came to an end in February of 2011 with the series finale Always.

    Many fans were sad to say goodbye to the series.

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    Watch Friday Night Lights Online: How To Stream Full Episodes

    GettyNORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA – JANUARY 31: Actress Connie Britton and actor Kyle Chandler attend the Academy of Television’s “An Evening With Friday Night Lights” on January 31, 2008 at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in North Hollywood, California.

    If its Friday night in Dillon, Texas, theres only one thing that matters: football. Friday Night Lights tells the story of a high school varsity team in a fictional football-obsessed Texan town. Coach Eric Taylor accepts a new position as head coach, aiming to lead the Dillon Panthers all the way to the State Championship while navigating the tricky social politics that surround their path to glory. The show excelled in highlighting believable interpersonal dramas between the players, surrounding students and community members, in addition to parlaying how Taylors job affected his own family including Tami, his wife, and Julie, his daughter. Its small-town setting served as a framework to explore hard topics like drugs, abortion, sexual assault, family values, and the limited opportunities for the lower-middle class, proving that despite its football roots, the series was about much more than a game. It was about life.

    Even for the most sports-averse television fan, Friday Night Lights remains a compelling drama about family and community, one thats often referred to as one of the best shows of its time.

    Season 1 Episode : Git’er Done

    ‘CAN’T LOSE! | Friday Night Lights

    Fourth quarter belongs to us — With the Arnett Mead game just days away, Ray ‘Voodoo’ Tatum proves he may not be the leader the team needs as he clashes with stressed out Coach Taylor and fellow players alike. Meanwhile, Lyla Garrity hates herself even more as her secret relationship with Tim Riggins continues. Tyra Collette reveals her sensitive side when she falls for Connor Hayes , a young businessman from Los Angeles. First-string quarterback, Jason Street , shows signs of renewed life when his new roommate Herc , an ex-Olympian quadriplegic, introduces him to a quad-rugby game called “Murderball.” Emotions run high as Riggins and Jason reunite for the first time since the accident when the entire Panther team visits him at rehab on their way to the big game. With backup Matt Saracen on the bench and Voodoo leading the team, Coach Taylor worries that he and his family could be packing their bags with a loss tonight to Arnett Mead.

    • HD
    • 43 Minutes
    • HD
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    Season 1 Episode : El Accidente

    To good friends and Texas forever — The Dillon Panthers are frustrated facing the possibility of last week’s key win over Arnett Mead being overturned due to Ray Tatum’s recruitment . Police interrupt a sluggish practice with an arrest warrant for star defensive tackle Bobby Reyes after he viciously assaults another student outside of the sandwich shop. The Texas High School athletic administration summons Buddy Garrity and an uncomfortable Coach Taylor for further questioning before their final ruling. Meanwhile, Tim Riggins and Lyla Garrity break injured Jason Street out of his rehab room, taking him on a surprise trip to the lake just like old times. When Coach Taylor and wife Tami butt heads about Bobby Reyes’ punishment, Coach Taylor wonders if he can do his job without giving up everything he believes in and hurting those he holds close.

    • HD
  • Season 3 Episode 1: Underdogs

    The friendship between the Taylors and McCoys is on thin ice after the scuffle between J.D. and Joe . Buddy tries to repair his relationship with Lyla , while Landry and Tyra try to rekindle their romance one more time. Matt considers a future in Chicago but canât stand the thought of leaving his ailing grandmother behind. Meanwhile, all eyes are on the Panthers as they go head-to-head in the state championship game with the toughest team around.

    • HD
  • EPISODE 50
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    Shows Like Friday Night Lights If You Like Friday Night Lights

    If FNL is QB1, these shows are a close QB2

    Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights

    Friday Night Lights recently turned 15, but the beloved drama about high school football in small-town Texas is as timeless as Paul Rudd’s face. The series, which was based on the movie of the same name that was inspired by the non-fiction book by H. G. Bissinger, starred Kyle Chandler as Coach Eric Taylor, an inspirational leader on and off the field who became an empathetic father figure to many of the young men he coached. Connie Britton portrayed his supportive wife Tami, a brilliant and understanding guidance counselor-turned-principal who proved that behind every great man is an even greater woman with impeccable hair.

    Running for five critically acclaimed seasons, the captivating drama dug into many facets of contemporary American culture with a focus on Middle America and the complexities of small-town life. With a stellar cast that also included Taylor Kitsch, Scott Porter, Zach Gilford, Gaius Charles, Adrianne Paliciki, Jesse Plemons, Michael B. Jordan, Matt Lauria, and plenty more, the show was about much more than football but also revealed how the sport could be a path toward greater success and a better life for some.

    Friday Night Lights is streaming on Peacock, Hulu, and Netflix.

    Last Chance U

    Jonathan Tucker, Nick Jonas, and Frank Grillo, Kingdom

    Titletown High

    Erika Christensen, Peter Krause, Bonnie Bedelia, Craig T. Nelson, Lauren Graham, Dax Shepard, Parenthood

    This Story Is Part Of A Group Of Stories Called

    Friday Night Lights (TV Series 20062011)

    Recommendations from the world of culture we think you should check out.

    Jason Katims, the showrunner of Friday Night Lights, knew he had to be judicious when it came to deploying his shows most famous catchphrase.

    That catchphrase, of course, is Clear eyes, full hearts, cant lose, a rallying cry that unites first the Dillon Panthers high school football team and then the East Dillon Lions team on the series, which ran from 2006 to 2011. And good news both for FNL fans and those who have yet to check out one of the best teen dramas of all time all 76 episodes are back on Netflix for your streaming pleasure.

    Of all of the elements this stellar series gave the world, perhaps none is as durable as Clear eyes, full hearts, cant lose. Its what you say when your back is against the wall, and you dont know whats coming next, but you know your friends are beside you, and maybe that will be enough. That idea has resonated with a lot of people. Even Barack Obama has quoted it.

    The first use of Clear eyes is in the series pilot, written by Peter Berg, but when it came time for Katims to take on the actual running of the show for the 75 episodes that followed, he and the writers opted to keep the catchphrase on the very back burner. They knew when they needed it, it would be there for them. And it always, always worked.

    Friday Night Lights is streaming on Netflix. It is 76 episodes, most around 45 minutes in length.

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