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Where Can I Watch The Nanny TV Show

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‘the Nanny’ Is Now Streaming Fran Drescher Announces

FULL EPISODE | Homie-Work | Season 5 Episode 17 | The Nanny

Those practicing social distancing at home amid the coronavirus pandemic now have a little something extra to keep them occupied. On Tuesday, The Nanny star Fran Drescher announced that the popular ’90s sitcom is officially available for streaming on the Roku Channel, though currently, only the first two seasons are available.

Petah said the first two seasons is on Roko thats what I found out for those who want to watch in streaming format. Hang in and nice surprise to come!

Fran Drescher

The announcement came just hours after Drescher, who portrayed New York cosmetics saleswoman Fran Fine, teased that the series would soon be making its way to a streaming platform. The news came after a fan reached out to the actress begging for The Nanny to be put on a streaming platform, as they were “entering 10 days of staying in my apartment” amid the outbreak.

Awe hang in! We got a surprise for you! Announcement this week! Stay tuned! Weeeee!!!

Fran Drescher

Originally airing on CBS for six seasons from 1993 to 1999, The Nanny as created by Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson, with Drescher also starring as Fran, who becomes the nanny for rich British widower Maxwell’s three children

The series also starred Renée Taylor as Sylvia Fine, the mother of Drescher’s character, Nicholle Tom as Max’s eldest child, Margaret ‘Maggie’ Sheffield, Daniel Davis , Lauren Lane , Benjamin Salisbury , Madeline Zima , Rachel Chagall , and Ann Morgan Guilbert .

New On Tubi October 2021

That high-pitched, nasally siren you hear is a BIG! GAY! ALERT! blaring because The Nanny is now streaming on HBO Max! This is not an April Fools joke! This is an all hands on deck moments, and by deck I mean remote and/or laptop keyboard. Drop what youre doing, call in sick to work, rearrange your already empty schedule and get ready for six seasons of campy comedy.

Why is this such a big moment? Because The Nanny, a formative piece of gay pop culture history, has never been available on streaming until this very moment. Weve had to settle for just watching The Nanny in weekend marathons on Logo or letting our DVRs fill up with recordings that are 60% Nanny and 40% commercials. No more! Now we can just watch The Nanny unedited and uninterrupted in all of its gaudy, gorgeous glory.

And if youre wondering whether or not a sitcom about a quick-witted, fashion-forward icon traveling over the bridge from Flushing to the front door of a Broadway mega producer and getting hired on the spot to be his live-in nanny holds up, the answer is yes.The Nanny was never critically acclaimed during its initial run it only won one Emmy, but it was for costuming and very well deserved. Look at the material! But what critics of the 90s didnt get is that The Nannys big, broad humor had a lot of heart and universal appeal. That also means its appeal is timeless and easily translates to 2021. Lets just say that Niles would win every single reading challenge on any Drag Race season.

Pop Culturethe Story Behind The ‘nanny’ Theme Song One Of Television’s Last Real Jingles

So it was towards the end of the series. My personal life was not happy. I was actually sick and undiagnosed going in whatever little break I had from one doctor to another,” she said. “Also, my marriage was falling apart. I had been with Peter since I was 15 and it was a very painful time, and I wasn’t used to being alone or on my own, and it was really a huge transitional period, fraught with a lot of pain.

People don’t really realize that actors have that dual reality. Very often that episode or movie or play will remind you of what was going on behind the scenes during that period in your life, and you’re really the only one that carries that experience in your head.

For now, Drescher is living her best life, feeling blessed and grateful for every opportunity and challenge she has had to overcome. The trials and tribulations of her life have inspired her to become a fierce advocate for the LGBTQ community as well as her organization Cancer Schmancer, a movement to get cancer diagnosed earlier.

I really always feel like if you don’t apply your fame towards the greater good, then you’re really wasting it, she said. Stuff happens, and if you can turn it into a positive, pain into a purpose, whether its obvious things that needs to be defended like civil liberties or you become an advocate for health, it just helps make sense out of the senseless and just deepens your life experience, really.

“I think that is what life is all about.


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Get Out The Cheetah Print And Prepare To Laugh: The Nanny Is Heading To Hbo Max Starting April 1

From Flushing, Queens to Max, HBO.

The Nanny is finally headed to a streaming service, and it’ll be HBO Max wearing red while all the others are in tan starting April 1. The news was practically buried in a press release from the streamer, filled to the brim with what you’ll be able to watch next month. Kate Winslet in The Mare of Easttown? Space Jam? The fourth season of The Great Pottery Throwdown? We’ll excitedly get to it all, but only after we watch all six seasons of The Nanny.

In case you weren’t around from 1993 to 1999 and have never heard the theme song, The Nanny starred Fran Drescher as a fashionista who shows up on the doorstep of the very fancy Maxwell Sheffield after being kicked out of her bridal salon job by her boyfriend. She, surprise, becomes the nanny to Mr. Sheffield’s three kids.

As the song goes, “Who would have guessed that the girl we described was just exactly what the doctor prescribed?”

Back in April 2020, Drescher told E! News that she thinks Fran and Maxwho wed in the end after seasons of teasingwould definitely still be together today, and Fran would either be in fashion or government.

“I think Fran would have gotten involved in a fashion blog on how to look like a million bucks on a shoestring budget,” she said. “Or maybe she might’ve gotten involved in local politics. She always did have a voice for the underdog, for the union workers.”

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The Nanny Episodes Are Out Of Order On Hbo Max

The Nanny was a sexist and abusive TV show, but it also ...

The Nanny, which began streaming on HBO Max this month, has episodes of the first few seasons out of order, causing some confusion for viewers.

The episodes of The Nanny on HBO Max are not in the right order on the streaming platform. The hit comedy series was created by its star, Fran Drescher, along with Peter Marc Jacobson and premiered on CBS in 1993 running for six seasons. Drescher stars as Fran Fine, who was recently dumped and fired by her fiancé and stumbles upon a wealthy and widowed Broadway musical producer, Maxwell Sheffield, and is hired to be a nanny to his three children. The show also stars Charles Shaughnessy, Daniel Davis, Lauren Lane, Nicholle Tom, Benjamin Salisbury, and Madeline Zima.

It was announced that the entire series would be available for streaming on HBO Max beginning this month, which means that viewers will be able to revisit and enjoy the Jewish humor and the fun-loving characters of the show. The series features the relationship and sexual tension between Fran and Maxwell, the snide and savage comments of Niles the butler towards C.C. Babcock, Maxwell’s business partner, and Fran’s eccentric friends and family, as well as her exquisite fashion taste. The show being available on the streaming service leaves many viewers a chance to discover the show as well, but with the way the episodes are presented, it may lead to some confusion.

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The Butler The Husband The Wife And Her Mother

Fran persuades the family to help her dupe a nosy cousin.


  • Fran accidentally kills Grace’s imaginary friend.

    EPISODE 7 24m

  • Fran spends her first Christmas with the Sheffields.

    EPISODE 8 24m

  • Fran is enlisted to help land a soap opera star for Maxwell’s musical.

    EPISODE 9 24m

  • Fran contends with Maxwell’s old nanny.

    EPISODE 10 24m

  • Fran’s birthday gift leads to a date with a handsome mortician.

    EPISODE 11 24m

  • The Fresh Prince Of Bel

    All six seasons of this hit 90s sitcom are streaming on HBO Max. The series, executive produced by Quincy Jones and loosely based on the life of Benny Medina, launched Will Smiths acting career and gave us a fun romp to watch for ages. The sitcom, about a Philadelphia teen who moves across the country to live with his rich aunt and uncle, originally debuted on NBC in 1990. You can also stream The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 30-year anniversary special on HBO Max.

    Just Shoot Me.

    Hulu Screenshot

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    One False Mole And You’re Dead

    Fran accidentally discovers the secret behind a movie star’s famous beauty mark.

    EPISODE 12 23m

  • Fran traces her problems with Maxwell back to her relationship with her own father.

    EPISODE 13 23m

  • Fran and Grace visit a Middle Eastern prince and his family.

    EPISODE 14 23m

  • Maxwell asks Fran to get married.

    EPISODE 15 23m

  • The Nanny Is Streaming On Hbo Max See The Cast Then & Now

    Fran Tries To Be A Proper Nanny! | The Nanny

    Whats that strange sound? If you hear a certain nasally laugh coming from your TV sets on Thursday, April 1, it might be The Nanny herself. The beloved Fran Drescher sitcom hits HBO Max that day, marking the first time the 1990s CBS sitcom is streaming.

    Created by Drescher and her then-husband, Peter Marc Jacobson, The Nanny ran for six seasons and 145 episodeswith Drescher earning two Emmy nominations for her role as a Jewish-American gal from Flushing, Queens, who stumbles into a job minding an upper-crust British mans children in Manhattan while selling makeup door-to-door.

    To mark the shows streaming debut, scroll down to get career updates for the Nanny alums.

    The Nanny, Streaming, Thursday, April 1, HBO Max

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    You Can Stream Every Episode Of ‘the Nanny’ Starting In April

    She’s the flashy girl from Flushing and she’s coming soon to a streaming service near you! After years of living in TV limbo, the beloved ’90s sitcom The Nanny will finally make its streaming debut on HBO Max in April.

    Fran Drescher herself, who co-created the show and played the titular nanny named Fran, confirmed the news on her Instagram on Wednesday.

    “Omg. Finally, The Nanny is streaming on a great streaming channel,” she said in a video. “So, make sure you mark your calendars because beginning April 1, you’ll be able to see all your favorite episodes of The Nanny on HBO Max.”

    Consider our calendars marked to binge watch all six seasons of this fabulous show! Between The Nanny and the upcoming , we’re starting to think an HBO Max subscription would have a lot to offer. Hmmm.

    View this post on Instagram

    The Nanny, which originally aired on CBS from 1993 to 1999, follows Fran Fine, a cosmetic saleswoman from Queens, as she navigates life as a nanny for the well-to-do Sheffields. There’s so much to love about this show, including tons of iconic fashion moments, an irresistible will-they-won’t-they relationship between the nanny and her handsome boss, Mr. Sheffield, andwho could forgetFran’s famous laugh.

    Dare we dream of a reboot? Such joie de vivre that would bring us!

    The Nanny Will Finally Be Streaming On Hbo Max In April

    Cue Fran Drescher’s distinctive laugh because our long personal nightmare is finally over.

    The Nanny, the beloved CBS ’90s sitcom, is finally coming to a streaming platform. The entire six-season series will hit HBO Max on April 1 bringing our favorite fashionista from Flushing, Queens, back into our homes.

    The show, which has previously only been available in syndication or on home video, stars Drescher as the titular nanny. Drescher plays Fran Fine, a cosmetics saleswoman, who turns up on the doorstep of British Broadway producer Maxwell Sheffield after being dumped and fired by her bridal-shop-owner boyfriend. Maxwell, a wealthy widower, hires her to be the nanny to his three children: Maggie, Brighton, and Grace. And Fran’s unconventional methods and lust for life turn out to be just what this grieving family need.

    The series, which was co-created by Drescher and her then-husband Peter Marc Jacobson, had a cult following while on the air , but it exploded in popularity through syndication. So much so that a musical is in the works from Drescher and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend co-creator Rachel Bloom.

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    Dmca Complaint To Google

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    Kind of Work:UnspecifiedDescriptionNanny, TheThe television series ‘The Nanny’ is under license for distribution by Sony Pictures Television Inc. Any unauthorised distribution is strictly prohibited.Original URLs:

  • to request access and see full URLs.

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    Kind of Work:UnspecifiedDescriptionS.W.A.T. Season 5The copyrighted work of S.W.A.T. Season 5 is under license for distribution by Sony Pictures Television Inc.. Any unauthorised distribution is strictly prohibited. URLs:

  • The Nanny Is Finally Coming To Streaming And People Are Freaking Out

    The Nanny Is Watching  review

    Is HBO Max single-handedly saving quarantine? Possibly. First the streaming service announced a Sex and the City reboot, and now its going to make the 90s sitcom The Nanny available to stream starting April 1. The series ran for six seasons on CBS and is loosely based on cocreator and star Fran Dreschers life growing up in New York. The comedy follows a fashionista from Queens who gets a job nannying for three children in Manhattan.

    Drescher announced on Instagram March 23 that The Nanny will hit the streaming service next month. Im constantly experiencing how current it remains, particularly with the millennials, Drescher told Entertainment Weekly last year. Im very aware of the Fran and The Nanny accounts. Were doing the Nanny musical on Broadway. it was an amazing thing, and its the gift that keeps on giving.

    That it is. Once the news was released, fans started freaking out on Twitter. When The Nanny drop on HBO Max, do not check up on me. Do not worry about me. Imma be enjoying it, one fan tweeted.

    Twitter content

    Another made a divisive statement about The Nannys comparison to Friends: No because The Nanny is way better than Friends and is a way better 90s sitcom.

    Maybe, but be careful saying that to a diehard Friends fan!

    Twitter content

    One user wrote, OMG the way I will be watching The Nanny every night before bed JUST like old times.

    Twitter content

    Drescher was known for her style on the show, and many fans have dubbed her a fashion icon.

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    How Re

    One day last year Sam Brooks started re-watching The Nanny and didnt stop. Six seasons later, this is what he learned.

    Did The Nanny ever actually play in primetime in New Zealand?

    This is something I often wondered as I made my way through all the shows six seasons last year. My main memory of The Nanny was of it airing in that strange deadzone between afternoon programming for children and the news a zone where you might have also found Food in a Minute or 5:30 with Jude. I hadnt considered it as a piece of entertainment, or something that you would watch consciously, more something you watched because it happened to be on. I dont know what inspired me to re-watch The Nanny but before long I found myself curled up in the mildly cold Auckland winter watching episode after episode of this sitcom from the 90s.

    It wasnt necessarily a rough period in my life, but it was a period where I was a bit creatively uninspired. I was funemployed at the time, and genuinely so I had enough money to live on and figure out what it was I wanted to do with my life next. And apparently what I thought would help me do that was watching all 146 episodes of The Nanny.

    But did it hold up?

    Reader, it held.

    The Nanny isnt just a three-camera, studio-audience-slash-laugh-track sitcom with way too many episodes and a truly weird array of guest stars . No, reader, The Nanny is a piece of deeply weird sitcom auteurship. Its the Broad City of the 90s.

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