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Why Is My Apple TV Remote Not Working

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The Key Is To Make Sure That You Have The Home Sharing Set Up And You Are Using The Same Wi

Apple TV Remote Not Working? 1 MINUTE FIX (TRY THIS FIRST)
  • Connect your iPhone/iPad running the Remote app to your Wi-fi network at home
  • Make sure your Apple TV is attached to the same WiFi network. Using the same network is critical for your remote app to work with your Apple TV
  • On the Apple TV, go to Settings > General > Remotes and Devices > Remote App
  • When prompted, enter the Apple ID and password that you use for Home Sharing
  • Now, open the Remote app on your iOS device
  • Go to the Settings screen and select the Apple TV
  • It takes a few moments to pair the app to the Apple TV, and you should be able to use your iOS Device to control your Apple TV
  • Advanced Fix For Apple TV Remote Not Working

    Now that you understand why youve encountered some problems with your Apple TV remote, we can now go ahead and introduce you to our first solution.

    By far, the solution thats going to get you the best results and get you out of this situation is the StarzSoft Fixcon tool.

    This multipurpose tool is perfect for resolving any tvOS errors you have and here are the key features that it provides users with:

    100% Clean & Safe

    Given the fact that you can use StarzSoft Fixcon for free, theres no reason to not give it a shot when your Apple TV remote not working. This is a very easy software to start using and its unlikely youll have any trouble using it.

    Follow these steps to try and fix your Apple TV.

    Step 1 Download and install the StarzSoft Fixcon program on your computer, then connect your Apple TV device to the computer.

    Step 2 Launch Fixcon and on the main menu, go ahead and click the Standard Repair feature.

    Step 3 Make sure that your Apple TV is connected properly then click the Next button.

    Step 4 Next, youll be instructed to put your device into Recovery Mode. Click on the appropriate tab for your device and follow the steps that are shown.

    Step 5 Once your Apple TV is in Recovery Mode, choose the firmware version that is currently installed on your Apple TV and then choose a save path for the firmware to be downloaded to. Click to proceed.

    The Apple TV Won’t Turn On

    If the Apple TV won’t turn on at all, the first step is to check the power source. Check the cable the plugs into the back of the Apple TV and make sure it’s securely plugged into an outlet, power strip or surge protector. And make sure the strip or surge protector is powered on.

    It may also be the case that the Apple TV is turning on, but the video signal isn’t displaying. Check the HDMI connection and that the TV is set to the correct input. If everything is plugged in and set as it should be, try cycling output resolutions on the Apple TV itself. To do this, hold Menu and Volume Down on the Siri remote for approximately five seconds.

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    Apple TV Remote Not Working Here’s The Fix

    If you’re an Apple TV owner and you’re anything like me, you’ve had your fair share of frustrations with the Siri Remote that came in the box with it. Perhaps it’s even become unresponsive, or incorrectly responsive. Maybe your original remote broke, and you need to pair a new one.

    There are a lot of issues that can crop up with the Siri Remote. The good news is that many of them are easy to solve.

    Apple TV Volume Not Working

    Fix: Apple TV Remote not Working

    by Vishnu Patil

    I have also been using Apple TV for a very long time, and when it streams video perfectly, I have encountered some audio problems, where Apple TV audio is cut off periodically.

    As a smart home nerd, I want to create the most convenient smart home. To reach this goal, Im trying to get as much as possible from my Apple TV using AirPlay to work with the home kit and my iPhone to reflect it.

    All this work is meaningless if we do not hear any kind of audio from the device, and that is why I set out to do this work.

    After hours of research on support forums and technical articles, I decided to write a comprehensive article on this topic, and as a result, I present this article to you here.

    If your Apple TV Volume Not Working, to fix it, check that you have selected the appropriate speaker system and make sure the audio mode is set to Auto.

    If the audio mode is auto-set mind, it can be set to something like this. So go to Menu-> Settings-> Audio & Video-> Audio Format-> Change Format-> New Format, switch it to Stereo.

    I also talked about rebooting the hardware and checking for updates for you in todays article.

    Quick Introduction

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    Why Wont My Apple TV Remote Work

    The battery might be low and needs to be charged.

    The remote might be out of range, in which case youll need to move it closer to your device. The remote needs to be within 10 meters of the Apple TV to work correctly.

    Your devices Wi-Fi signal might be weak in some regions of your home, and youll need to move it closer to an outlet for better reception.

    Check if the remote has been paired with the Apple TV successfully, and make sure that youre pointing it in the right direction.

    Clean Your Apple TV Remote And Apple TV Receiver

    Another thing you need to make sure of is whether your Apple TV remote and receiver are free of dirt and dust particles, especially if you have had these devices for quite some time.

    Since the Apple TV Remote utilizes an IR Sensor to regulate the volume, you should clean both the receiver and the remote.

    Clean the receiver and Apple TV Remote with a smooth piece of cloth.

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    Problem: No Sound Or Audio

    To fix an audio or video problem, complete the following steps:

  • Make sure that the volume on your external audio device or television is not set to mute.

  • Restart the Apple TV device.

  • Unplug, and then firmly reconnect each end of the HDMI cable connecting your television and Apple TV device.

  • Select Settings > Video and Audio > Resolution.

    Confirm that the chosen resolution setting is appropriate for your television.

    Apple TV sets the resolution automatically. If the chosen resolution isn’t appropriate for your television make and model, check the guide you received with your television for the best screen resolution.

  • Select Settings> Video and Audio> Audio Output.

    On the Audio Output screen, make sure HDMI is selected.

  • B Check If Your Remote Is Working At All

    Apple TV 4K Remote Not Working (Fixed)

    This is a quite interesting part of this guide. The infrared rays emitted by the remote are not visible to human eyes. But your digital camera, even the one on your phone can capture it.

    So pick up your iPhone, point the camera to the top edge of your remote and push any button on the remote. If you see a light flashing, it means your remote is working.

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    Fix : Contact Apple Support

    Still, the problem persists, then you might need aid from Apple Technical team to get a fixed remote not working on Apple TV. If the real dilemma is with the Apple TV remote, you might get a replacement for the broken remote.

    Also, Now We have an app for Apple TV 4th Generation or Later, Apple TV 4k

    iOS 11 or later iOS device installed on iPhone and iPad has Apple TV Remote app that can command your TV if both devices are under the same WiFi Network.

  • Open Apple TV remote app on your iPhone from the home screen on the control center.
  • If the setup is not yet completed, Go for it.
  • Turn on your TV, Keep your Remote app on Idevoce on screen.
  • Your iDevice will scan nearby Apple TV tap on the TV name to start setup.
  • Your iPhone will ask to enter a four-digit passcode that appears on Apple TV Screen.
  • Verify, and its done.
  • Similarly if you have Apple TV Remote Aluminum or White then follow the steps,

    Way 6 Reset The Remote And Apple TV Connection

    This issue can also be because of a broken link between both Apple TV and the remote. Reset both to check if the issue gets solved.

    Step 1: Unplug the Apple TV and plug it again after a few seconds.

    Step 2: Try using the remote again.

    For Siri remote users, the remote can be reset by pressing the Menu and Volume buttons. This will reset the remote and put it into pairing mode again.

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    Siri Remote Or Apple TV Remote Not Working

    Here is what you can do:

    Please after trying each step below, test your remote to see if youve fixed your issue.

  • It is possible that your remote may seem to be unresponsive its battery is completely dead. If your remote is low on charge, it may stop working. Plug your remote into a wall outlet, your computer or other USB outlet and charge it. Give it 30 minutes. If you suspect that your battery is not charging, make sure that:
  • Your charger and cable is working.
  • Make sure that all connections are secure.
  • Make sure that your power outlet is working.
  • Restart your Apple TV. Since you are having issues with your remote, simply unplug your Apple TV from its power source, wait 10 seconds and then plug it back in. This is also called reset.
  • Repair your remote. Here is how:
  • Make sure that your Apple TV is turned on.
  • Point your remote to your Apple TV.
  • Press and hold the menu and volume up buttons together for five seconds. Then follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Restart Your Apple TV

    How to Fix Apple TV Remote Not Working

    Power-cycle your Apple TV if the streaming device still wont respond to remote inputs after trying all possible troubleshooting solutions.

    Unplug the Apple TVs power cord from its power outlet and wait at least six seconds. Plug the power cord back into the wall outlet and check if your remote now responds promptly.

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    Charge Your Apple TV Remote And Reconnect Your Set

    1. Charge your Apple TV remote for half an hour using the Lightning cable to connect to a power source. We talked in detail about how to check the charge of the Apple TV remote control in this material.

    2. Unplug the Apple TV itself from the network for at least 10 seconds. Then turn it on again.

    If after these simple steps the remote control still does not work, then you need to proceed to the next step. After performing each action, check if the issue is resolved.

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    Set The Volume Control Option On Your Apple TV Remote Manually

    The Apple TV remote volume control will immediately start working for some TVs however other TVs will need to manually set the remote to control your volume. Heres how:

    • Go to Settings, Select Remotes, and Devices
    • on the Home theater control tab select Volume control, and select Learn New Device
    • Use your original TV remote to set up the controls
    • Your Apple TV remote volume control should work.

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    Apple TV Not Responding To Remote 8 Ways To Fix

    Instead of throwing it at the wall

    When you power on your Apple TV, the remote should connect automatically in 3-5 seconds. If it doesnt, keep pressing the power button until a Remote Connected notification appears on the screen.

    If your Apple TV isnt responding to remote inputs, the troubleshooting recommendations below should get the remote working again.

    Apple TV Siri Remote And Apple TV Remote

    Apple TV Remote Not Working! Here’s The Real Fix

    If your Siri Remote or Apple TV remote is not working, take these steps to reset it:

  • Point the remote at the Apple TV from about three inches away.
  • Simultaneously press and hold the volume up button and the Menu button or back button.
  • If prompted, place the remote on top of the Apple TV.
  • These steps usually do the trick, but if your remote is having trouble re-pairing with the Apple TV, make sure that it is running the latest software version.

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    Fix 8 Try iPhone Or iPad As A Remote

    Apple TV is designed in a way that you can use your iPhone or iPad to control the different features when the Apple TV remote is not working correctly. You just need to make sure that you have the right iOS on your phone and your TV is of the fourth generation. If the iPad or iPhone can control the TV, then you should know that the problem is with the remote and as a result, you should identify the problem and fix it.

    To do this, add the Apple TV Remote to your Control Center. With the latest version of iOS or iPadOS, this feature is automatically included.

    Using the remote app is as simple as following these instructions:

    Step 1. Open the Control Center. If you are using iPadOS or iPhone X or later, swipe down from the top-right corner. With earlier iPhones, swipe up from the bottom.Step 2. Tap on Apple TV Remote and choose your Apple TV device.Step 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter a passcode to connect the devices and begin using the remote feature.

    Fix 6 Remove Obstructions Between TV And Remote

    When the new Apple TV remote is not working correctly, you should ensure you remove anything that might be blocking the TV from the remote. The Apple TV remote uses IR technology to communicate with the TV.

    This technology requires that the remote be able to detect the TV without being blocked by anything. Make sure that the remote is within the range that is usually set by the manufacturer. If you are not within range, the TV won’t detect the remote.

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    How To Fix An Apple TV Remote That Isn’t Working

    The Apple TV remote is usually pretty reliable, but if it stops working there are multiple ways to troubleshoot the problem, depending on the model.

    The Apple TV remote is usually pretty reliable, but if it stops working, there are a few ways to troubleshoot the problem. There are different types of remotes that work with Apple TV, including the Siri remote, which started shipping with the Apple TV HD released in 2015. It comes with two microphones and a button to activate Siri. The voice assistant on Apple TV not only offers all the basic functions that it supports on iPhones, but can also respond to requests specifically for TV. For instance, users can ask Siri to Play/Pause, Rewind/Fast Forward, as well search for a TV show or movie across multiple channels.

    Along with the Siri Remote, there’s also the Apple TV remote and the Apple remote, both of which continue to remain in circulation many years after they originally started shipping. All the remotes have slightly different ways of functioning, which means users also need to troubleshoot them in different ways. However, the methods are fairly easy and can be attempted even by people who are not necessarily the most tech-savvy.

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    The Best Internet For Your Apple TV

    How to Fix Apple TV Remote not Working Issue?

    With your Apple TV Remote back in working order, now is a good time to reevaluate your home internet connection. Having reliable and fast internet goes a long way towards making your Apple TV experience pleasurable.

    Your internet speeds should at least meet these minimum requirements:

    • 15Mbps for 4K streaming
    • 8Mbps for 1080p HD streaming
    • 6Mbps for 720p HD streaming
    • 2.5Mbps for standard definition streaming

    To find the best internet for your Apple TV streamer, enter your address in the .

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    Reconnect The Apple TV And Remote

    If your Apple TV is still not responding to remote input, unpair the remote and pair it again from scratch.

    Reconnect Siri Remote to Apple TV

    Heres how to pair Siri Remotes or Apple TV Remotes with Siri support back to your Apple TV:

  • Move the Siri Remote close to the Apple TVnot farther than three to four inches . If possible, place the remote on the Apple TV box.
  • Press and hold the Back and Volume Up buttons for at least five seconds. On the 1st generation Siri Remote, press and hold the Menu button and Volume Up button instead.
  • Release both buttons when you get an on-screen message that your Siri Remote is paired successfully.
  • Reconnect Apple Remote to Apple TV

    If your Apple Remote doesnt support Siri, heres how to reconnect it to your Apple TV:

  • Press and hold the Menu button and Left button for at least six seconds. Thatll unlink or disconnect the remote from your Apple TV.
  • Release both buttons when your Apple TV displays a broken chain icon atop a remote control icon.
  • Press and hold the Menu button and Right button on the remote for at least six seconds.
  • Release the buttons when you see a linked chain icon above a remote control icon on your TV.
  • Apple TV Remote Types

    Apple TV 4K comes with a remote that hosts Apples very own voice assistant Siri. Further, it includes a touch-enabled TouchPad with which selecting an option is a breeze. The older version of Apple TV HD has a slightly different remote with a ring around the Menu button. The second and the third-gen Apple TV devices came with a Silver remote, while the first-gen Apple TV had a white one. Learn how to reset an Apple TV remote regardless of the version you can find the way to do so in this article.

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