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How Does Peacock TV Work

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What Countries Is Peacock Available

Peacock Doesn’t Work on Samsung TV (SOLVED)

Peacock originally launched in the U.S. on July 15, 2020. Since then, it has slowly expanded to other countries. However, it is not available in as many locations around the world as some other services such as Netflix or Disney Plus. For now, it has a relatively limited reach with plans for further expansion in the works. As of November 2021, it became available in the U.K. and Ireland, albeit not in the same way as conventional streaming services. Rather than signing up separately for the service, users can access Peacock content if they are a Sky TV or Now subscriber. While that requires a commitment to a different service, it has proven easier for some users if they already have a Sky or Now subscription set up as its built into the services regular user interface. A similar expansion occurred in Austria and Germany in January 2022, with Italy following in February 2022. In all cases, Peacock is accessed via Sky or Now TV.

Bear in mind, though, that this is a breach of terms and conditions. In some cases, you may find your account closed or suspended if Peacock detects you are accessing it via a VPN. While signing up for a free plan via a VPN is simple, if you want to sign up for a premium plan, you will need to make sure that you pay via a payment method that works in the country you are browsing. Its worth considering how currency changes and exchange rates affect prices too.

What Can You Watch On Peacock TV

With the Peacock streaming service, you can watch all your favourites from the NBC vault with LIVE news, Sports events, and so much more.

Check out a brief list of all the new titles and classics available for you to enjoy.

  • Angelyne
  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians
  • King Of Queens

Good news for Potterheads! Peacock TV has a complete 8-film collection of the Harry Potter film franchise as well. This means you can re-watch the complete series on Peacock TV and the Harry Potter Reunion on HBO Max!

Shows And Movies: What’s Available To Watch On Peacock

Since Peacock has a free tier, the easiest way to get a sense of what’s on Peacock is to browse the service itself, although you’ll need to register an account with an email address to do so. If you don’t want to hand over an email, you can also check third-party sites like Reelgood, which track streaming services’ catalogs, to get a sense of what’s available to watch.

Generally speaking, the service’s programming leans into NBCUniversal’s back catalog and its franchises, but there are a couple of complexities there too.

Peacock is licensing programming from other companies. A deal with Paramount, for example, gives Peacock past seasons of Yellowstone, the hit cowboy drama on the Paramount Network.

Peacock’s free tier includes:

  • Next-day access to current seasons of NBC broadcast shows in their first season, known as freshmen series.
  • Next-week access to current seasons of returning NBC broadcast shows.
  • Select episodes of marquee Peacock originals .
  • Curated genre channels, which NBC has characterized as things like SNL Vault, Family Movie Night and Olympic Profiles.
  • Selections of classic series and popular movies.
  • Curated daily news and sports programming, including the Olympics.
  • Spanish-language content.

With the Premium membership, you basically get an all-access pass. It includes everything on the free tier plus:

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Why Isnt Peacock TV Available In Canada

Complicated licensing and rights issues are what usually stop streaming services like Peacock from offering their programming in other countries such as Canada.

To add to that, in June 2020, NBCUniversal signed an exclusive agreement with Corus that would allow Corus to broadcast all Peacock Originals content to Canadian.

With this agreement in place, it does not look like Peacock is in the position to offer its services in the Canadian market.

What Devices Does Peacock Support

NBCâs Peacock streaming service reaches 15 million sign

Peacock is available on iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as Android TV devices, Samsung smart TVs, and some set-top boxes. It was also later made available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game consoles. The app is also capable of streaming to Chromecast dongles and Apple TV boxes.

At launch, there was no support for Roku or Amazon Fire TV devices, nor many other devices commonly found in consumer homes. However, NBCUniversal made an agreement in late 2020 that added Peacock to Roku devices. In the summer of 2021, Amazon Fire TV devices and TVs got their own Peacock app..

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Peacock TV Talk Shows

Unlike Netflix, HBO Max and Hulu, Peacock will have nightly talk shows, with access to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Late Night with Seth Myers.

Oh, and Peacock will have its own late night talk shows, that aren’t just pickups from NBC. Those series will include the Amber Ruffin Show, starring the titular writer and performer known for her time on Detroiters and Drunk History. There’s also an Untitled Larry Wilmore Show, which will see the former The Daily Show correspondent focus on the 2020 election and the topics of the week.

And at some point, Peacock Premium subscribers will supposedly get to watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Late Night with Seth Myers” three and a half hours early.

How To Watch Peacock TV

PEACOCK XFINITY PREVIEW — Pictured: “Peacock-recommended” — Peacock

What is Peacock TV? What do subscribers get? Are the premium tiers worth it? Is it available on regular cable TV? This post will provide the answers to questions around NBCUniversals new streaming service to give readers an idea of whether it is worth signing up.

Sign up for Peacock TV here.

What is PeacockTV?

NBCUniversal launched its new streaming service nationwide this summer. It adds thousands of hours of content and programming for free.

There are also two more tiers for customers willing to fork out extra cash to gain access to additional shows, movies and original content. Some of those original shows include the Friends reunion and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot. The Premium tier also offers subscribers access to live sports and news.

PeacockTV isnt made available through a local cable provider. The service is NBCUniversals way of reaching cord-cutters for an affordable price.

So how much does it cost?

PeacockTV has three different tiers available free, Premium and Premium Plus. The free tier, of course, costs nothing. There is a mix of content from the upper two tiers and it has advertising.

The next tier is Peacock Premium, which also has advertising. Subscribers will have full access to Peacocks library of shows, movies, live sports, daily news and more for $4.99/month. They will also have kids shows and movies, as well as Telemundos Spanish-language series available to them.

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How Can I Get Peacock TV Canada On Firestick / Fire TV

You can download the Peacock app on your Fire TV Stick and watch your favourite movies, shows, or Peacock originals by following the steps below:

  • Subscribe to a quality VPN service .
  • Next, connect to any US server .
  • Click on the Accounts & Lists and Your Accounts and Content.
  • Switch your region from Canada to the USA.
  • Connect your Amazon Firestick with your TV and then click on Settings.
  • Log out from your existing account and then sign back in.
  • Search and install the Peacock TV app andVPN app from App Store.
  • Connect to a USA server.
  • Open the Peacock TV Canada app and start streaming!
  • Risk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

    How Does Peacock TV Free Work

    Peacock Doesn’t Work on Roku TV (SOLVED)

    The most basic tier of NBCs streaming service is free. All you need to start watching in an email. Once youve logged you can get started watching, though there are limitations. Free users will quickly notice that some content is behind a paywall. For example, youll be able to stream the first two seasons of Parks & Recreation for free.

    However, when you go to play season three or beyond youll notice a little feather icon. This icon indicates members-only content. That doesnt mean Peacocks free tier isnt worth using. In fact it might be the best free streaming platform for classic TV around. Provided of course youre just looking for the first few seasons.

    The same is true for movies. You can watch the first three Harry Potter films for example but the rest is locked behind paid membership. But at least you can stream Peacock without breaking out your wallet.

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    How To Find Out If Peacock Supports Your Smart TV

    Not all smart TVs are eligible for Peacock. Peacock’s website has a list of supported devices. The list of supported TVs includes the following main categories: Android TV, Apple TV, and Roku smart TVs.

    • Android TV: Supported Android TVs such as Sony Bravia and set-tops including NVIDIA Shield operating on Android 5.1 and newer are compatible with the Peacock app.
    • Apple TV: Fourth-generation and newer Apple TVs running tvOS 13 or higher.
    • Roku TV: Roku TVs are supported, as are a range of Roku streaming devices, including Roku 2 4210X, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Express and Express+, and Roku Premiere and Premiere+.
    • LG Smart TV: Models with LG WebOS 3.5 and higher.

    Several set-top gaming and streaming consoles such as NVIDIA SHIELD, Xbox, and PlayStation are also supported. Visit the Peacock TV website for full details.

    Quick Guide: Watch Peacock TV From Anywhere In 3 Easy Steps

  • ExpressVPN worked best with Peacock TV during my tests and gave me the smoothest streaming experience.
  • Connect to the VPN. Peacock TV is geo-restricted so youll need to connect to a US server.
  • Start watching Peacock TV! Sign up or log in to your Peacock TV account and enjoy!
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    Why You Need A Vpn To Watch Peacock TV

    Streaming providers like Peacock TV usually only have the rights to stream content in their own country. To prevent anyone watching from anywhere else, they use geoblocks to detect your IP address and location.

    If youre trying to watch from another country, you come up against a block. In Peacock TVs case: This service is unavailable in your region. The only way around these geoblocks is to use a VPN to trick the streaming service into thinking youre in the right country.

    A VPN works by rerouting your traffic through one of its own servers. This server acts as a sort of middleman between you and the streaming provider, masking your IP address with its own. All you need to do is choose a server in the right country. Thats why a VPN is the quickest and easiest way to watch Peacock TV if you dont live in the US.

    ExpressVPN Offer June 2022:

    ExpressVPN is a powerful service that can unblock every major streaming provider Ive tested. In addition to Peacock TV, I tried different ExpressVPN servers with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, BBC iPlayer, and more it was able to bypass geo-restrictions on them all. This is partly because ExpressVPN has a huge global server network, with 22 server locations in the US alone.

    During speed testing I found that ExpressVPN is faster than most other VPNs. I enjoyed speeds of 62.16 Mbps on the Quick Connect US server 12 times faster than the 5 Mbps you need to stream in HD.

    Watch Peacock TV On Your Phone

    Peacock reps are telling Fire TV users to sideload the app

    If you would like to watch Peacock TV on your phone, you just need to check out the instructions below:

  • Download a VPN with US servers. We suggest NordVPN.
  • Install the VPN on your router or a laptop that can create a mobile hotspot.
  • Pick a US IP address, then connect your phone to your wifi network or mobile hotspot.
  • Head to the Google Play Store or App Store and download the Peacock TV app.
  • Open the app, sign in, and enjoy!
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    What Peacock Channels Are Available

    Peacock Channels are curated blocks of 24/7 streaming content that are accessible across all Peacock subscription tiers.

    Choose from over 30 genre channels featuring news, sports, TV shows, and movies. Notable Peacock Channels include The Office Zen, Premier League TV, The Bob Ross Channel, SNL Vault, and NBC News Now.

    Peacock TV Shows And Originals

    Peacock originals are led by reboots of Saved By the Bell and Punky Brewster. Both of them feature cast members from the original series as well as new generation stars.

    Originals that debuted with Peacock’s launch include adaptation of A Brave New World and conspiracy thriller The Capture and the British comedy Intelligence, starring David Schwimmer . The original film Psych 2: Lassie Come Home, which brought back James Roday and Dule Hill back to TV.

    Check out our every Peacock original show and movie ranked guide to see which of these are actually worth your time.

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    Which TV Shows Are On Peacock

    Peacock excels when it comes to television. Its not an exaggeration to say that Peacock has several of the best TV series of all-time. That includes 30 Rock, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Battlestar Galactica , Cheers, Columbo, Everybody Hates Chris, Everybody Loves Raymond, Frasier, Friday Night Lights, Knight Rider, Law and Order, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Law and Order: SVU, Leave It to Beaver, Magnum P.I., Miami Vice, Monk, Murder She Wrote, Parks and Recreation, Psych, The Munsters, and, The Rockford Files.

    Admittedly, those shows do tend to skew towards an older audience. Current NBC series are also among the lineup for Peacock, including American Ninja Warrior, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Ellens Game of Games, Hollywood Game Night, Titan Games, Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist, and the recently concluded revival of Will & Grace. Paramount Networks hit series, Yellowstone, also has a home on Peacock.

    If you love late-night comedy, Peacock is also the place to find new and classic episodes of Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and Late Night with Seth Meyers.

    What Original Movies Are Available On Peacock

    How to Watch NBC Peacock Outside US (Free)

    At the moment, theres only one original movie on Peacock: Psych 2: Lassie Come Home, the sequel to the hit USA series which is also on Peacock. There are a few additional feature-length sports documentaries, including Dreams Live On: Countdown to Tokyo and In Deep with Ryan Lochte. But for now, original movies are not the primary focus of Peacock.

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    How Can I Get Peacock TV Canada On Roku

    Heres how you can get Peacock TV on your Roku devices:

  • Sign in and connect to any US server .
  • Create a Peacock TV account.
  • Go to your Roku devices Home Screen.
  • Look for Peacock and then click on Add Channel.
  • Once installed, go back to Home Screen.
  • Search for Peacock TV again.
  • Sign in using your credentials and start streaming!
  • What Devices Support Peacock

    Most major streaming services appreciate that accessibility is everything when it comes to retaining customers. No one wants the ultimate content library limited to just their PC or Mac. After all, few of us use just one device throughout the day anymore. Instead, were all often switching between PCs and smartphones, before diving onto a console or tablet in the evenings too. Fortunately, streaming options with Peacock are fairly varied. There is no limit on how many devices can be logged in to Peacock at any one time, giving you plenty of flexibility when using it. Just bear in mind that only three connections can be established simultaneously with the service so only three members of your household can use it at once. Thats a little limited but theres always the option of signing up to a free plan to make up for it, depending on if the show youre trying to view is available on there.

    Other support includes LG Smart TVs, Hisense VIDAA devices, many Rokus, Samsung Smart TVs, and Vizio TVs. Games console support is also expansive with support for the PlayStation 4 and above, as well as the Xbox One and above. Numerous cable provider set-top boxes also offer support including Cox boxes and many Xfinity devices. The only noticeable device missing here is the Nintendo Switch which is a common issue for streaming services and easily circumvented by using something else.

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    Why Is Peacock Not Working On My Smart TV

    Should you experience some connectivity issues with Peacock on your smart TV, consider the following fixes:

    • Close Peacock and all other running apps, then open Peacock again.
    • Turn off and unplug your smart TV, then wait for 20 seconds before restarting the TV.
    • Ensure you have enough bandwidth and a strong connection to the Internet, especially if you connect your TV via Wi-Fi.
    • Consider clearing the cache and data from the Peacock app, which you can do through the app settings menu.

    The last resort would be to uninstall and reinstall Peacock on your smart TV.

    How To Watch Peacock TV Outside The Us

    How to Get Peacock TV Outside of the US

    Ive been really excited to find out what Peacock TV has to offer. But when I looked up how I can watch the streaming service outside of the US, I couldnt find a clear and simple guide that answered all of my questions. So I needed to research, test, and write my own!

    I found that the easiest solution is to get a reliable VPN thats great for streaming and can unblock Peacock TV wherever you are in the world. A VPN hides your real location so sites like Peacock TV will think you’re trying to access it from a permitted country. My tests showed that ExpressVPN is the best option for Peacock TV due to its lightning-fast speeds for bufferless streaming.

    Ready to get started? All you have to do is follow my simple guide to choosing, downloading, and using your VPN to start enjoying Peacock TV with no restrictions.

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