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How High To Mount TV On Wall

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The Layout Of The Room

How High Should I Mount My TV?

While the TV size is one factor to consider when determining where to play the wall mount, there are more things to consider as well. Another important variable is the layout of the room the TV will be mounted in. What is viewing distance between the TV and the primary seating? What type of furniture will be used for watching TV and how high is it off the ground? These are all questions that will be useful to ask yourself as you are determining the correct height to mount your TV.

This is where your tape measure will come in handy. Start by measuring the distance between your TV screen and the primary viewing position in the room. Next, measure the height to the top of the seat of the couch or chair you will be sitting in. From there, you can use these values to determine the ideal viewing height for your specific setup. For example, if you have a 60-inch television, that means it is about 32 inches tall, which means that the center of the screen is at about the 16 inch mark. If your sofa seat is about 18 inches off the ground, your eye level will be about 24 inches above the seat. If you add those two values together, that means that the center of the television would ideally be at 42 inches . For a 60 inch TV, this means you will probably want the TV installed with the bottom of the screen at about 26 inches off the ground4 .

Compromise On The Right Height If The Television Is Not The Focal Area

There may be plenty of recommended viewing distances and heights depending on the size of the television. However, there are times when the TV may not be a priority. A good example is when there is a lovely view in the bedroom window. You can compromise on the best location by instead mounting the screen on one side in such a situation.

Best TV Height In Bedroom

Now here is a situation where the optimum TV height of eye level with the centre of the TV wouldnât really make much sense. As with bedrooms youâre far more likely to be watching TV bed laying down, horrible habit I know but we all do it nowadays! This means that the TV would need to be mounted directly above you on the ceiling, which I donât know about you but that would be enough to keep me awake at night never mind the TV itself. Or if you put it at the same height as your lounge you going to get a permanent crick in your neck.

With bedroom TVâs you want to higher than you typically would in your lounge. I would say a couple of foot from the ceiling would be good,but it really does depend on the size of the TV and how far youâre going to be when watching. You may also want to consider installing a tilting TV wall bracket that will allow the screen to be angled towards your viewing position.

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Mounting Your TV: Viewing Angle

When it comes to horizontal angles, of course, having the TV screen perpendicular to your eyeballs is perfect. But Jorgensen says the newer TVs have such clarity, wide viewing angles and refresh rate, that the sweet spot isnt entirely necessary to enjoy your television. She says that having the screen at +/ 25 degrees horizontally is perfectly acceptable. She stresses that comfort and the reduction of glare are more important than the measure of the angle itself.

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TV Wall Mounting Height Guide

12 Best TV Wall Mounts For 82

At Hang My TV, we respect that youre having a crack at hanging your own TV. Youve probably just purchased a new screen, and you want to take your cinema experience to the next level with an elevated feature. Maybe the youngling has just learnt to pull themselves up on lounge room objects, or then again perhaps you could just use the extra floor space. There are a multitude of reasons to mount your TV but how high should a TV be mounted on the wall, and how does one go about it?

Well lay out a step by step process, including what tools you will need for the job, how to execute the task, and the best height for your wall-mounted TV.

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Optimum Viewing Angle For Wall Mounted TVs

I think when we think of optimum viewing angles for TVâs it helps to think how happy you were with the height when the TV was installed on a stand. If you were happy with this height, chances are youâre not going to want to go much higher than that. Plus, the higher you go the more difficult it is going to be to hide you wires and you may need to get some longer cables.

Optimum TV Viewing Angle â 0 degrees to centre/ bottom third of TV

Maximum Viewing Angle â 15 degrees

I hope you liked this blog and it has helped you to pick the right TV height for your TV. If you have any questions, please do LEAVE A COMMENT in the blog comment section below and I will be delighted to help you.Please also unless youâre based in Sussex, Kent or Surrey please do not call our telephone line as we are unable to deal the volume of questions we get asked, if you leave a comment I will get back to you however. Of course, if youâre in our coverage area of the south east of the UK then we will be delighted to receive your call.

TV Size To Bedroom Size

Its impossible to declare one size as the right size for TVs in the bedroom. It greatly varies depending on how large your bedroom is, surroundings, décor, furniture, and your budget. Viewing angles and distance are also working parts when choosing the right size of TV for a specific bedroom. A general recommendation based on your room size is as follows:

  • A flat-panel LCD or LED around 43 inches is good to go for small rooms. However, people intending to watch sports, play video games, watch movies, etc., might find it a bad deal.
  • If you want to install a TV in a medium-sized room, you can comfortably go with a TV size of around 55 inches. It wont be too big or small.
  • For larger spaces with a lot of room, you can go to purchase 65 inches or above screen size. It can be used for any purpose, from chilling on Netflix to playing video games.

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Don’t Feel Limited By A Cabinet Bookcase Or Entertainment Center

If you have a cabinet, bookcase or entertainment center where your TV has always been, it’s worth considering losing it. That’s a big ask, especially for a new TV, but consider two things. First, it not only limits the size of the TV you can get, but the quality. If your cabinet can only fit a 42-inch TV, know that the better TV tech like local dimming, OLED and Mini-LED are almost exclusively available in larger sizes. If they can be found in smaller sizes, there are usually only one or two models. Second, depending where the TV’s speakers are located, a cabinet could severely reduce the TV’s sound quality and volume.

Flames Can Distract From Viewing Experience

How to Find the Right Height to Mount Your TV | Kanto Solutions

Ambient light and background activity can take away from a quality home theater experience. And the licking flames of even a modest fireplace represent both light and activity. So if you value an undistracted viewing experience, mounting your TV over your fireplace is probably not the best idea. Even a fireplace screen might not be enough to minimize the distraction.

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There Might Not Be Enough Room For The TV

Fireplace mantels generally range from roughly 4.5 to 5 feet tall. The standard ceiling height in newer construction is around 9 feet tall. So that doesn’t give you much space to work with for a TV in between the mantel and ceiling, especially if you don’t want the TV to look squeezed into the space. This, of course, depends on your TV size. But for those who like a large TV, mounting it over the fireplace might be too tight of a fit.

Mount Your TV At The Best Height

You can always use a simple stand to hold your TV upright which is a method that works for anyone with a flat surface at eye level. In other words, you dont need to worry about mounting your TV in this case, but unfortunately, most television owners arent that lucky because they need to mount the TV on the wall.

Before you attach the mount, think about viewing distance and angles because you dont want to have constant neck pain every time you watch TV. TV mounts are convenient devices that hold your TV at higher heights.

Most tilt and swivel, so you can see the screen from almost any vantage point. If you have to mount your TV above eye level, consider a TV mount with vertical descent. You can bring the television down when youre using it, and raise it back when youre finished.

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How To Determine The Mounting Height For A Flat Screen TV

Unless youre planning on building a sturdy shelf to support a large-box TV, theres a good chance that youre mounting a flat-screen model, rather than one of the older models that used CRT technology.

The lighter-weight TVs are designed for mounting, either on a stand or wall mount. Regardless, before you get ready to place the TV, youll want to consider a few factors.

Find Perfect Height For The TV:

Bedroom Ideas TV Stands

It can be challenging to find the Perfect Height for a 55-inch tv. The best advice is to measure the distance from the floor and divide it in half.

It will give you a general idea of how high you should mount your tv on the wall. You can then make adjustments from that point.

TVs have been replaced with LED and LCD screens in todays households. It leaves many people wondering How high to mount a 55 inch TV on a wall. There are a few different ways to go about this, but the setup should be centred on the viewing area and eye level.

Choosing where toMount a 55 inch TV can be a difficult decision. Two main factors you should consider is when deciding where to mount the tv: space and sightlines. The area is essential because if there is not enough space for the tv, it cannot be mounted on the wall.

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Viewing Height And Angle Can Be Incorrect

Consult your TV manual for how high the TV should be mounted over a fireplace. The manual also should include the best viewing angle and the distance you should maintain from the screen. Typically, the center of the screen should be at eye level when you are sitting and facing the screen. Unless your fireplace is especially low, its height will likely conflict with the optimal viewing height and angle for the TV.

Rule Of Thumb For TV Height

In general, hang the television so its center is either right at the viewers eye height or an inch or two below it. To determine this height, sit on the couch or chair in front of the TV and measure from the floor to your eye line. This holds true for different sized TVs, seating types and viewer heights.

Families with viewers of all ages and heights, sitting on furniture of different sizes, may have to experiment to find a balance. This method also allows for higher mounting in home gyms, where you might be watching from a treadmill or stationary bike.

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The Proper Height For Wall

Modern homes are incomplete with the flat-panel LCDs and LEDs with picture resolutions higher than 1080p and reaching up to UHD or what we call 4K. The modern flat-panel TVs are not only improved from their predecessors in terms of picture quality and utility. But these TVs are a great aesthetic addition to your interiors without eating up too much space in your living room or bedroom.

Wall-mounted TVs are ideal from all perspectives, be it maintaining the aesthetic look of your house, getting the highest picture quality, or having something eye-friendly. However, your expectations might fail. You wont get the best experience if the wall-mounted TV in the bedroom if its not installed in the right way.

Its one of the reasons why people ask questions like: What is the proper height for wall-mounted TV in the bedroom? What is the ideal eye distance to enjoy the wall-mounted TV experience? Where to install my wall-mounted TV? And so on.

In this post, we will explain everything about proper height, watching distance, room aesthetics, and choosing the right TV for your bedroom. Besides, there is a lot more information about flat-panel wall-mounted TVs to get you started. So lets get into it without further ado.

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Is There A Spot To Place Other TV Components

How High to Mount a TV

It is normal to have other devices connect to the flat-screen TV. Some examples of such devices include cable boxes, gaming consoles, and DVDs. After mounting your screen, you should also ensure that these devices have a home close to the screen to reduce the connections distance.

You can choose to place a shelving unit just under the television or install a stand under the TV to contain every additional device.

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Wall Mounted TVs: What Is The Best Height To Mount A Livingroom TV

Weve all done it when hanging pictures, now were doing it with the TV!

Moving back and forth you try and figure out the right position. Holding it against the wall you hope youve got it right, but we all know whos fault it is if you get it wrong?!

Well before you go rushing in with the tools and then get sent packing with your head in your hands. Put the tools down and take 5 minutes to read our handy tips on positioning your livingroom wall mounted TV at the right height!

Ensuring that you dont end up with a crick in your neck and an unnecessary hole to plaster and paint over.

How High Should A TV Be Mounted On The Wall

Mounting TV on the wall has become very popular. In the past decade more and more home design projects have considered not using traditional TV unit sets, or TV stands.

The installation is relatively easy and once it is done that is it! No more dusting the cumbersome TV stand. It saves a lot of space and gives the living room a modern look.

However, you have to make sure the TV is installed in the right place. Once the installation has been completed, it is very difficult to change where the TV is. Inevitably, if you move the TV after it has been installed, you will have to fix the wall to cover holes and refresh the painting.

This article is not about TV wall mount installation, as we are not going to cover the technical aspects of the installation. However, we have a few tips to help you choose the right spot to install your TV on the wall.

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Measure The TV Mount Center Offset

Attach the mounts TV brackets to the wallplate. Measure the distance between the center of the wall plate and the center of the brackets.

*On some mounts, the two centers will be aligned. If this is the case in your setup, move on to Step 3*

If the center of the TV brackets is LOWER than the center of the wall plate, ADD the difference to the height you wrote down in Step 1.

If the center of the TV brackets is HIGHER than the center of the wall plate, SUBTRACT the difference from the height you wrote down in Step 1.

In our example, the center of the TV brackets its 4 lower than the center of the wall plate, therefore we added 4 to the overall height of 42, giving us 46.

How To Mount A TV On A Wall

Top 10 Best TV Wall Mounts in 2021 Review

Deane Biermeier is an expert contractor with nearly 30 years of experience in all types of home repair, maintenance, and remodeling. He is a certified lead carpenter and also holds a certification from the EPA. Deane is a member of The Spruce’s Home Improvement Review Board.

The Spruce / Sanja Kostic

  • Working Time: 45 mins – 1 hr
  • Total Time: 45 mins – 1 hr
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Estimated Cost: $10 to $75

Walls are the ideal location for a flatscreen TV. Even the largest TV can be conveniently tucked away against a wall and still offer a premium viewing experience.

Yet mounting your TV to the wall can be challenging, especially if the wall lacks solid attachment points behind the drywall.

Flatscreen TVs can be attached to any wall with fixed, tilting, or full-motion mounts. It’s always best to have solid studs to attach to, but you can still attach most TVs to walls that are hollow behind the drywall.

Fortunately, it is possible to re-mount your TV if needed: Depending on the size of the screen, your TV will cover any holes, patching, or pencil marks on the wall behind it, so if your first attempt is the wrong height, you can make adjustments without excessive patching and painting.

Screen Class

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