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How To Hide Cords From Mounted TV

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Install New Power Sockets Or Hdmi Ports Behind The TV

How to Hide Your TV Wires for $10

If you decide to wall-mount your TV, then hanging wires are going to be obvious from the get-go. If you’re lucky enough to own your own home and have sheetrock walls, you could pay an electrician to install a power socket or HDMI ports in the wall for you. But that’s expensive, and if you rent your home or you’re mounting the TV on a brick or concrete wall, it’s not an option. An exterior solution, namely a cable raceway, is a more economical choice.

Think Through The Cable Cover Set Up

Some raceways are vertical, and others are horizontal. How can you set it up to minimize bends? How can you set it up to optimize neatness? Using a pencil, map out a tentative layout by making dots at various points for the TV wall mount. Using a level, mark straight lines between connecting points. The level ensures you make a perfectly straight line.

Use Cord Clips To Hide Your Wires Behind A TV Stand

If your TV is sitting on some kind of stand, you can easily hide your wires by using cord clips. These small plastic clips usually have an adhesive backing, so you can stick them to the back of your furniture without worrying about damaging anything.

All you need to do is place these cord clips around the back of your furniture and snake your wires around to your surge protector or other devices. This will also help you keep your cords organized and stop them from getting tangled up.

If your TV stand has open space at the bottom, you can use zip ties to keep your wires from touching the ground. All you have to do is spool your wires and cinch them together with a zip tie in the middle. However, make sure there is enough slack so you can pull your TV stand out and access your wires.

If you dont want to cut your zip ties every time you need to move a wire, you can also use Velcro zip ties. And, if you want to save even more space, you can use a flat outlet extender that lets you plug your cables in from the side. This can also double or triple the number of outlets you can plug your devices into.

If you cant use cord clips or zip ties to hide your wires, you can always use a cable management box. These small plastic boxes are large enough to hide your wires and even a small surge protector.

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Hook Cords Behind The Furniture

You just have to attach these command cord clips to the furniture once they are properly fit, hook one or more wires in each clip.

It is suggested that you use clear or transparent cord clips to give a neat look. This would help the cords run down the legs of the furniture in a well-ordered manner.

What Do I Do With The Space Under My Wall Mounted TV

How to Hide TV Cords Once and For All!

The space beneath your wall mounted TV can be a useful area to add more storage. You can choose from a wall-mounted shelf that can keep your DVDs and Blu-rays looking neat.

You can also choose a TV stand or media unit that will keep all your media equipment and gadgets concealed. Alternatively, you can use the space below your wall-mounted TV to install a soundbar to enhance the sound quality on your TV.

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Thread The TV Wires Through The Base Of The Cable Cover

Bundle the TV wires and TV cords together. If need be, tie the TV cords together with a cable tie for a more compact fit and better hide wires for your fireplace TV. Thread them neatly through the base of the cable cover, passing them through the elbows where applicable. Ensure a snug fit throughout the length of the TV cables from the TV to the power cord outlet without making them too tight.

Get The Best Of All Worlds With Mantelmount

MantelMount is arguably the best pull down TV mount on the market and THE answer for how to hide tv wires over a brick fireplace. State-of-the-art counterbalance technology and automotive pistons make it possible for anyone to pull down a heavy wall-mounted TV with ease. This TV mount can not only move up and down, but also swivel from left to right, giving you the ultimate freedom in motion to find the perfect viewing angle. All MantelMount pull down TV mounts come with a wire-management system. MantelMount provides cable tie anchors that attach to the TV mounts lifting arm and help organize and conceal the wires, making MantelMount the solution for how to hide TV wires on a wall mount. With MantelMount, you dont just get a TV mount. You get a well thought out product that assures the perfect home theater experience for the entire family.

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Tips For Hiding TV Cables

Beneath are some of the tricks of the trade that we use to hide TV cables on our installations like our TV wall mounting installations.

Shorten All Cables

Behind your TV can turn into a right mess if left to its own devices. I recommend where possible to shorten all cables that you only have as much cable as you need. Less cable length means less cable to hide. This may mean buying shorter cables for things like HDMI and optical cables where the cable plugs can be easily replaced. For coaxial cables used for TV aerial and satellite connections and cat5 and cat6 cables used for Ethernet connections, these can be cut shorter and the cable plug re-terminated. You can also shorten many electrical type and power cables, I just recommend that you donât do this yourself unless you know what you are doing.

To help you if need to shorten coaxial cables or terminate cat5 or Ethernet cables click the links below for a video demonstration by yours truly.

We also have a wide selection of helpful videos in our DIY section and on our Youtube channel.

Become Friends With Cable Ties/ Zip Ties

Cable ties can also be used to tie cables behind stuff. I use cable ties to tie around furniture legs, TV brackets and when installing cables outside behind things like rainwater drainpipes.

Run Cables Outside

Run Cables Through Other Rooms/ Cupboards/ Wardrobes

Run Cables Under Floorboards

Hide Cables Behind Coving

Go Wireless

How To Install A Swivel TV Mount

Hide Your Mounted TV Cords For Under $20 | RENTER FRIENDLY DIY | RENTAL HACK

Once you have these components, hanging the TV is fairly easy. Here is what we used:

  • Mounting the TV to the wall: We used this Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 19-84 TVs with Tilt and Swivel Articulating Arm and HDMI Cable, UL Certified It costs $50 and comes with all the hardware you will need to hang it, except if you have to add 2 x4s like we did.
  • I was a little skeptical that it would hold such a large TV, but it does and very well. The wall mount needs to be secured into the wall studs. Of course where I wanted to center the TV on the wall, there were no studs. 🙁

    To remedy this situation, we needed to attach two 2 x 4s that were long enough to be secured to the studs. We attached them to the wall with lag bolts. It does bring the TV out 2 more, but not a big deal. It would have looked nicer from this side view, but the 2 x 4s were needed. Once the 2 x 4s were secure we attached the swivel TV mount with the hardware it came with.

    The TV is centered on the wall, but the actual swivel TV mount is attached slightly off-center to the right. This is the way is is designed so that the swivel arm has room to move out and then side to side.

    Note: If you are going to use this exact swivel mount, figure out where you want your TV, then figure out where the mount has to go, it will not be directly centered behind it.

    When the TV is back against the wall, you dont see the swivel mount or cords.

    I used 2 of the large size strips.

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    Cover Em Up With A Cord Cover

    For a less invasive but still stylish method, a cord cover raceway is a good bet. These nifty pieces can be either drilled or taped onto your wall. They run down your mounted TV to your TV stand, completely hiding the wires behind them! You can also paint them to make it blend in with your room. The main downside of this method is it wont have the same totally wireless feel as going inside the wall, but its MUCH less invasive.

    Option #: Powered Cable Pass Through With Soundbar Module

    This is the pièce de résistance to in-wall cable hiding solutions. This bad boy routes AV cables and power from a TV like the previous model but also has a module for soundbar power. It’s perfect if you’ve got your soundbar mounted to the wall or TV. Have a SONOS PlayBar or Beam? Hiding the cables will help maximize it’s suave look.

    In addition to the circular saw drill attachment, it comes with a drywall saw that also works great for doing karate in the garage. Those pumpkins won’t stand a chance! Using the included template, you’ll use the saw to cut a rectangle hole in the wall behind the soundbar. Once the soundbar module is installed, you can plug it in right there and feed the sound wires up to the TV. It’ll make the soundbar look like it’s completely wireless, be ready for your friends to ask where you got it.

    And there you have it. The 5 best ways to hide your TV wires either on or behind the wall. If you’re not 100% sure what would work best for your setup, comment below or hit up our world-class customer support team. They’re available 7 days a week and due to the Minnesota winter weather we don’t want to go outside anyways.

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    Buy Trunking For TV Cables

    Using square plastic trunking to hide cords is an easy way to tidy cables as they can be easily fed through the trunking and down to the plug socket. You can buy trunking online at places such as Screwfix and B& Q or from your local DIY store. You can then use silicone sealant and self-adhesive pads to fix the trunking to the wall simply – this can be useful to incorporate into your bedroom TV ideas.

    White plastic trunking should be reserved for areas you cant see, like cupboards, says Owen Maddock, home technology specialist at Cinemaworks. However, D-line trunking comes in half-round and quarter-round shapes and looks much neater. You can also paint D-line to match the walls.

    Alternatively, galvanised steel can give you that industrial interior design look. But HDMI plugs are usually too thick to pull through, so source some half-round instead and use that to cover over the cables.

    Tilt TV Mount For Steel Stud No Hollow Wall Wood Concrete Br Condomounts Mounted Installation Floating Mantle Brackets Three Shelves

    Wall Mounted TV and Hiding The Cords

    How To Hide Cords On A Wall Mounted TV In My Own Style Hiding Plastic Shelving Units Ikea Floating Shelf Hack

    Use A Cord Hider To Hide Unsightly Cords From Electronics You Can 3mvelcro Or Adhesive Them Furniture Wall Corded Sconce Lamp TV Stand For Mounted Game System Shelf
    Those Awful Wires Showing Hidden TV Hide Floating Shelf Drywall Anchors Accessories

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    How To Hide TV Cords Once And For All

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    *This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience ! to read my full disclosure policy.

    There is nothing that messes up a beautiful room like a mess of cords. Here is a simple way on how to hide tv cords in the wall.

    There are a lot of different ways to cover them up and make them disappear, but a lot of them are tacky and many cost way more than they should.

    When we built our new floating shelves we knew we needed to hide those ugly tv cords and what we ended up doing was simple, classy, and most importantly, cheap on how to hide tv cords.

    Let me show you how you can do it too!

    How To Hide TV Wires Over A Brick Fireplace

    homedude is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, We may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

    Mounting a TV over a brick fireplace poses two main challenges. First, most fireplaces do not have a power outlet therefore, you must string the TV power cable to an outlet on a different, nearby wall. Secondly, most of these brick fireplaces have the flue mounted right behind the wall. It is impractical and invasive to drill holes to hide the wires.

    The best solution for how to hide TV wires over a brick fireplace is by using surface-mounted solutions. Cable management kits are an easily accessible and affordable option. They can be installed as a DIY project within a few hours without causing any damage to the fireplace wall or mantel.

    With that said, if you dont want to use a cable management kit, there may be some room above and behind the fireplace, which would allow you to run wires to a nearby wall with an electrical outlet. Note: this is a much more advanced DIY project and you may be better off calling a professional to help.

    Here are the steps on how to hide TV wires over brick fireplace using a cable management kit.

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    How To Hide Wires With Cord Covers

    Youll find a tangled mass of wires and cables in the area of the room where your TV is. Thats also where the cable box, DVD player and gaming system are along with their associated power cords. Hiding wires on a wall with a cord cover is uncomplicated and can be done in a short time.

    • Measure the wall to determine the length of the cords you want to cover.
    • Cut the cord cover to match the length you just measured.
    • Use a pencil to mark the anchor points on the wall. Use a level to ensure they are straight.
    • Use anchors and screws to mount the base of the cord cover to the drywall. The screws may either be included with the cord cover, or you will need to check manufacturers instructions to make sure you use the right sizes.
    • Lay the cables over the base and snap the cover on to conceal.
    • Paint the cover to blend it in with the wall.

    Hide TV Cords In A Wall

    How to Hide TV Cables Without Cutting the Wall

    I honestly didnt think it was even worth writing about our living room cord control solutions because there are a zillion posts about it. But people keep asking meand no, I dont just edit out the cords before posting photos! They really are hidden 100% of the time.

    So when a friend asked me the other day, but whar are cords, I thought, lets bang this post out. Im going to chat two simple cord control solutions: one for the TV and one for the wire nest created by all of the electronics we have here .

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    How To Hide TV Wires Behind The Wall

    As your home AV experts, we recommend putting your cables behind the drywall. It isn’t hard to do and can turn your TV setup from an eyesore to a dime piece. Having cables exposed is like your late-night karaoke singing, and hiding them is like auto-tune. It just makes everything better.

    Once again, we like to give you options that best fit your setup. We have 3 in-wall cable management solutions. A cable pass through, a powered cable pass through, and a powered cable pass through with a soundbar module. All of these come with saw attachments for your drill to make the perfect sized hole, so don’t worry about messing up the drywall. Save that for your friend Todd when he rages at the TV while watching football. Don’t be like Todd.

    You might be thinking “why do I need a powered pass through when I could just put my TV power cable through the wall”. While we salute your ingenuity, putting a power cable through the wall is against fire code . That could get you in some hot water if your TV ever caused a fire. Your insurance company will probably harsh your stoke and refuse to cover it…which would mean heading back to your parent’s musty basement. So while you can do whatever you want, in the name of becoming a responsible adult, we’d recommend against stringing your current power cables through the wall.

    Hide TV Cords Behind Other Objects

    This one is a basic trick that you can implement in a few minutes, and costs nothing. It works best if you have a surface under the TV, and the distance is not too large between the two items.

    Place some home decoration items, picture frames, plants or books under the TV and position them so that they cover the cords. Make sure you dont just put the items randomly below the TV. They should look natural and blend in the environment. Thats all.

    Hiding TV wires not only makes a room look better but also makes it much safer. However, theres so much more you can do to make your home a safer place. Weve collected the most important easy-to-implement home safety measures you should know in this article.

    Weve also created a useful home safety checklist that you can download free at the end of this article.


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