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How To Cast Vimeo To TV

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How Do I Connect My Vimeo App To My TV

Cast VIDEO from Laptop to TV without cables | DLNA | NETVN

To use the Vimeo app on your Samsung smart TV, follow these steps. First, install the SmartThings app on your smartphone. When it has completed, open it and log in to your Vimeo account. You can then use the app to watch videos on your TV. Once youve completed the setup process, you can access the Vimeo website. Next, install the Vimeo app on your Samsung smart TV.

To install the Vimeo app on your Samsung smart TV, download it from the app store or official channel. You will need to log into your study account. The Vimeo website works on a number of platforms, including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. If you dont want to use Chrome or Firefox, you can use MirrorMeister to cast the Vimeo video to your TV. If youre on an iOS device, you can also install the Vimeo app on your Mac by going to the Vimeo website and searching for the cast to TV option.

You can stream videos to your Samsung smart TV using the SmartThings app. After installing the app, you can start watching videos on your TV. You can also upload your videos to Vimeo for viewing later. Just follow the creators and add their videos to your feed. You can share private links with your friends or family. Moreover, Vimeo streams its videos in 1080p HD for your convenience.

How To Screen Mirroring Vimeo Using iPhone

If your iPhone not supporting the Vimeo inbuilt cast features means then use this screen mirroring option on your iPhone. For screen mirroring on your iPhone, we need to download the app called Streamer for the Chromecast app.


  • Connect your Chromecast to your TVs HDMI port.
  • Make sure your TV and Andriod Phone is connected to the same wifi or not.
  • on your iPhone.

Step1: Download the Streamer for Chromecast app on the apple store.

Step2: Open the Streamer for Chromecast.

Step3: On the home page you can see Cast Icon in the middle.

Step4: Tap the Cast Icon.

Step5: It will search and your Chromecast devices display.

Step6: Tap your Chromecast device.

Step7: A pop up opens, in that pop-up

Step8: On the very next page, Tap the screencast option.

Step9: Again a pop up opens.

Step10: In that option.

Step11: In a second, your iPhone screen is mirrored on your TV.

Step12: Now open the Vimeo app and play any video.

Step13: The video played on your Vimeo app is also played on your TV at the same time.

Simple Ways To Watch Vimeo On Your Chromecast

Nowadays, most of us spend our leisure time watching videos on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Even though these platforms provide the ability to upload videos, they dont have advanced tools for content creation. Thats where Vimeo is very helpful. Apart from streaming videos in high resolution up to 4K Ultra HD, it also has tools to enhance your videos in an advanced way. Another best quality about Vimeo is that it has built-in Chromecast support. Hence, you can access it to watch your favorite videos on larger screens. You can easily cast Vimeo to TV by connecting both devices to the same network.

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How To Cast Vimeo Videos To TV Using Your Android Device

Before now, the Vimeo app for Android does not support the casting option. So, its users depend on using its mirroring option as the only option to cast their favorite videos onto large screen Television from an Android device. As of now, Vimeo has corrected this issue by including the casting option in the Vimeo Android app. That means you can now cast Vimeo from Android smart devices to your TV by simply selecting the cast icon on the app to cast your videos.

Follow the steps below to screen mirror your Vimeo content from the Vimeo android app to your TV.

Step 1: Connect your Chromecast Dongle and Android device to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Launch the Google Home application on your Android device.

Step 3: Select the menu icon and click on âCast Screen/Audio.â

Step 4:: Click on the âCast Screen/Audioâ again to go to the device selection option.

Step 5: Select the device to cast your Android phone or tablet screen onto In this case, you should select your Chromecast device.

Now, the whole of your phoneâs screen should be displayed on your TV.

Step 6: Now, open the Vimeo player Android app on your Android device and play any video youâd like to watch, and enjoy it on your large television screen.

Follow the steps below to Chromecast Vimeo android app videos to your TV screen with the casting option.

Step 1: Connect your Chromecast and Android phone to the same wi-fi network.

Step 2: Open the Vimeo android app and load the videos you want to watch.

How To Watch Vimeo On Apple TV

Mirror Your Android Phone and Tablet on Chromecast

Vimeo is a video streaming app similar to YouTube. The app has a smaller community of creators with quality videos for a wonderful streaming experience. It focuses on the delivery of high-definition video across a range of devices . The Vimeo app is available in the Apple TV App Store for free installation. Therefore, You can watch Vimeo on an Apple TV streaming device.

Vimeo offers ad-free streaming of videos and you can follow the channels, creators, categories to get their videos on the feed. You can also download the videos on the app for streaming offline. It offers plenty of useful tools for the creators for hassle-free creation and uploading of videos. The Vimeo app also has the live streaming option for the creators.

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How To Activate Vimeo On Firestick

With the steps below, you can activate the Vimeo app on Fire Stick.

1. Once you launch the Vimeo app, you can see an Activation Code.

2. Visit the Activation Page of Vimeo on any web browser.

3. Sign in with your Vimeo account and enter the activation code. Next, click on Submit.

4. Now, the Vimeo app on Fire TV will be activated.

5. You can stream any video from the Vimeo app.

Method : Media Servers

Required Transmitter: PC, Mac, Android device or iOS deviceRequired Receiver: Almost any computer, mobile device, streaming player or game console

Although media servers require a few minutes to set up, theyre a much more reliable and efficient way to stream content than screen mirroring is.

Media server programs essentially turn your PC into a remote server that streams video to a receiver thats hooked up to your TV. Receivers will often optimize video streamed from media servers, regardless of the format its saved in, making it a good choice for anyone with a Wi-Fi connection thats not reliable enough for perfect screen mirroring.

MORE: How to Buy a Streaming Media Player

Quality media server programs are a dime a dozen, especially on Windows and Android. While we cant discuss the specifics of every single program on the market, well give one free-software recommendation per system. If youre curious about other options, just search for media server on Google and see what comes your way.

No matter which system you use, I do have one recommendation: Put all of your media in a single, easy-to-find location call it something like Media,Media Server or Video Collection. Keeping everything in one place will make your media server easy to navigate, and it will keep out all of the ancillary video and audio files from elsewhere on your system.

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How To Add Vimeo On Roku Using The Roku Mobile App

You can use the official Roku app to add channels to Roku.

1. Launch the Roku app on your Android or iOS device.

2. Sign in to your Roku account.

3. After that, tap on the Devices tab.

4. Make sure to connect your Android or iOS device and Roku to the same wifi network.

5. Choose your Roku device that is displayed on the screen.

6. Once the connection is established, select the Channels tab.

7. Next, select the Channel Store tab.

8. Search for Vimeo.

9. Choose Vimeo from the search result and tap on the Add Channel button.

10. The requested channel will be added to Roku in 24 hours. If the channel is not yet added, update Roku to get the channel immediately.

How To Chromecast For Vimeo Application

How to: Cast any video from Android to your Samsung TV

This is a complete guide on How to Chromecast Vimeo Application in 2020.

In this new guide youll learn:

  • How to Chromecast Vimeo in Android
  • Chromecast Vimeo ios
  • How to cast Vimeo From Desktop

Lets get started.

Vimeo is a video sharing application that was launched in 2004. It was made up of filmmakers. Vimeo has emerged 80 million creators. It gives a path to people to share videos and to get progress for their work. You can upload your own creative videos on video for people to watch and enjoy.

Depending upon the video people will share and give comments. Vimeo is considered one of the competitors of YouTube and also considered 130th most popular website. For business-focused people, Vimeo will be a good option.

  • It has a different platform to provide new content videos and ideas.
  • You can this application on Roku, Apple TV, smart TVs, and amazon fire stick.
  • There are 30 million people registered on Vimeo and also probably 200 million people will come to this site every month.
  • You can upload your own creative videos anywhere.
  • You can get 1280×720 quality videos.
  • If you want to give your video with good quality, then you should be paid a pro account.

You can cast the Vimeo application with Chromecast from three devices.

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How To Add Vimeo On Roku Channel Store

  • Connect the Roku device to the TVs HDMI connector and turn it on.
  • Connect to the internet and hit the remotes home button.
  • From the home screens menu, choose Streaming Channels.
  • Scroll down to Search Channels in the Roku Channel Store.
  • In the search box, type Vimeo and choose from the results.
  • To install Vimeo on Roku, go to Add Channel and choose Vimeo.
  • To open the Vimeo app, choose OK in the popup and go to the channel.
  • Choose the videos you want to watch and watch them on Roku.
  • You may also use your Facebook, Google, or Apple account to log in. Installing Vimeo on Roku allows you to watch the greatest videos on your TV and share them with friends and family. Roku may also be used to view live streaming videos. As a result, Vimeo is the ideal software for nonstop video viewing without advertisements. Theres also the opportunity to purchase or rent premium videos. Stream videos from Vimeo and enjoy them with your friends and family on the big screen.

    Letsview Mirror Laptop To TV Wirelessly

    LetsView is a free screen mirroring tool and it is definitely of big help to mirror your laptop on your TV when you are discussing or displaying a presentation to a bigger crowd like in a class or in a meeting. Also, it maintains its screen quality even if its mirrored on a TV. To learn how to cast laptop to TV, follow the steps below.

    • On your browser, download and install the program for your laptop and TV.
    • Launch the app on your TV and your laptop.
    • From the LetsView interface on your laptop, click the Computer Screen Mirroring.
    • Enter the PIN code provided on your TV to start mirroring.
    • Then you will see your laptop screen on your TV with no delay.

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    How To Chromecast Vimeo On Your TV

    Here we have given the various alternative ways to Chromecast Vimeo on your TV screen. Four ways from that you can cast your Vimeo videos to tv screen.

    The four possible ways are

    • Cast Vimeo using iPhone.
    • Cast Vimeo using PCs Chrome browser.
    • Screen Mirroring Vimeo using the Andriod Smartphone.
    • Screen Mirroring Vimeo using iPhone.

    Essential things required for casting are

    • Google Chromecast or Chromecast ultra.
    • Vimeo application on the smartphone.
    • Latest version Chrome browser in PC.

    Alternate Method To Stream Vimeo

    How to Cast Video to TV  MBARNETTE.COM

    The Vimeo app has AirPlay support and thereby, you can stream Vimeo on the Apple TV from iOS devices. You have to connect your Apple TV and iOS device to the same Wi-Fi network.

    Install the Vimeo app on your iPhone or iPad from the App Store.

    Open the Vimeo app and select the Profile icon on the top right corner.

    Sign in with your Vimeo account and select Videos.

    Choose any video to play. On the playback screen, tap on the AirPlay icon.

    Select your Apple TV from the list of devices and connect to it.

    The Vimeo video will appear on your Apple TV screen.

    Vimeo app is the best platform to enjoy watching artistic videos. In Vimeo, you can select your favorite categories like Music, Sports, Animation, Travel, and many more. You can create, host, manage your own library and you can also host virtual events.

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    How To Cast Vimeo To Chromecast From iPhone

    Similar to the Android app, Vimeo on iPhone and iPad also has a built-in cast icon.

    #1: First, connect your iPhone with the same WiFi to which the Chromecast is connected.

    #2: Install and launch the Vimeo app from the App Store.

    #3: Enter your login credentials to access the Vimeo app.

    #4: Next, tap the Cast icon and select your Chromecast device name from the search result.

    #5: Choose the video you want to cast.

    #6: Thats it. The Vimeo video playing on your iPhone will play on the Chromecast-connected TV screen along with subtitles.

    How To Cast Vimeo Videos On Roku

  • The Vimeo app has a Cast icon that may be used to cast video files to any casting device. You may cast the Vimeo app from your smartphone to Roku by selecting the cast icon.
  • Before proceeding, navigate Settings > System > Screen Mirroring > Screen Mirroring mode > Always Allow on your Roku. Join the same WiFi network as Roku using your smartphone.
  • Install the Vimeo app from the Play Store or App Store on your smartphone.
  • Sign in with your Vimeo account and open the app on your smartphone.
  • On the app, you may watch any video.
  • Tap the Cast icon on the playback screen.
  • Tap the AirPlay icon on iOS.
  • The casting devices list will show. Select a Roku device.
  • The video is now playing on your Roku.
  • Install the Vimeo app on your Roku device, and youll be able to view all of the professional videos. Using the Cast or AirPlay icon on your smartphone, cast the Vimeo app. To gain unlimited access, get a Vimeo membership.

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    How To Fix Vimeo Not Working Issues On Roku

    Some Roku users have mentioned in the Roku Community that they canât stream the Vimeo videos for quite some time. So, if itâs the case for you, you can follow the troubleshooting guidelines mentioned below.

    1. Logout out of the Vimeo app and re-login again.

    2. Restart your Roku TV, and it will clear the temporary bugs on it.

    3. The Vimeo app might be loading because of the cache build-up on Roku. So, clear cache on Roku and fix the issue.

    4. Uninstall and reinstall the Vimeo app to fix any issues on it.

    5. Your internet speed must be slow, and thatâs why you canât stream on the Vimeo app. So, find a way to boost internet speed on Roku.

    Can You Get Vimeo On Samsung Smart TV

    How to Screen Cast and Mirror a Phone to TV

    To watch Vimeo on Samsung Smart TV, simply sign into your Vimeo account. This will allow you to view videos and upload them to your account. Depending on the features of your Samsung Smart TV, you may also be able to cast video content from your smartphone to your TV. Follow the steps below to learn how to watch Vimeo on your Samsung Smart TV. Once youve signed in, you should be able to start watching videos right away.

    First, download the Vimeo app on your Android or iOS device. If youre using an Apple TV, you can download the free app from the App Store. If youre using an Android TV, you can download the Android TV app, which has limited functionality. The HTML5-based Samsung Smart TV app isnt ready yet, but it will launch in a few weeks. The Vimeo app is compatible with Tizen-powered TVs and can be used on Samsung Smart TVs, Apple TV, and other devices.

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    How To Screen Mirror Vimeo To TV Through Android

    The Vimeo app for Android is not compatible with casting options. Hence, if you really want to see it on your TV, then you can use the Screen Mirroring option. This is the only solution to watch Chromecast Vimeo from Android devices. In the future, Vimeo might make it compatible to easily cast video on Chromecast. Let us follow the below steps until then.

    Step1: Connect your Android phone and Chromecast to the same WiFi Network.

    Step2: Open the app on your Android.

    Step3: Click on the device name on the home page of your Home app.

    Step4: Click on the Cast My Screen option.

    Step 5: Tap on the Cast Screen button on the pop-up.

    Step 6: A Warning pop-up will appear. Click on the Start Now button.

    Step7: Launch the Vimeo app on your phone and start playing the video which will get screened on the TV.

    You can use any one of the methods and start watching your favorite videos on the TV using any type of Chromecast device.

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