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How To Change Input On Samsung TV

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Where Do I Find Input On My TV

Samsung TV: How to Change Volume, Channels, Source/Input without REMOTE


In order to find input on your TV, you will need to access the menu. To do this, you will need to find the Menu button on your TV remote. Once you have found the Menu button, press it and the menu will appear on your screen. From here, you will need to navigate to the Input section. Depending on your TV model, the Input section may be located in a different place. Once you have found the Input section, you will be able to see all of the input options that are available on your TV.

How To Change Input On Samsung TV Using Voice Assistant

Most Samsung Smart TVs are equipped with smart assistants like Google Assistant, Bixby, and Amazon Alexa. Bixby for Samsung TV is only available for Samsung TV 2018 and above models. Alexa and Google Assistant are only on the Samsung TV 2020 and above models. By using any of these voice assistants, you can change the input source by voice command.

To command the voice assistants, click the Mic button on the remote and say your command.

For : Say, OK, Google, switch to HDMI.

How To Change Your Samsung TV Input Source

Your Samsung TV has a variety of inputs. These are also referred to as sources in the Samsung TV menu. Theres a considerable probability you have more than one source or input.

Many people, for example, have a USB port, and many have HDMI ports. You can also treat your video and audio inputs as separate devices. We will go through 3 methods to change your TV input.

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Why Is My Samsung TV Not Showing Av

There are a few potential reasons why your TV isnt showing the AV inputs:

1. The input may not be selected. Check to make sure that the input that the AV device is connected to is selected on your TV.

2. The AV device may not be properly connected. Make sure that the audio and video cables are properly plugged into the AV device and the TV.

3. The AV device may not be turned on. Make sure that the AV device is powered on.

4. The TV may be set to a different input source. Change the input source on your TV to the AV input.

5. The TV may need to be reset. Unplug the TV from power for 60 seconds, then plug it back in.

If you continue to have problems, please contact Samsung customer support.

What Do I Need To Change The Input Source In Samsung TV

Review: Samsung 65Q80T Offers Good Value For A QLED TV

It is already difficult to imagine a modern home without at least one good TV in the living room. It has long been an attribute of any home. A place where you can come and relax after work, watch your favorite show, spend time with your family, or, for example, play games on your console.

Not surprisingly, the demand for TV is now quite high. Many companies are trying to get into this field to make as much money as possible. That is why today you can see on the market thousands of different models from different manufacturers. There are more successful companies and fewer. On their background brightly stands out Samsung. Theyre one of the largest TV manufacturers.

Their devices stand out for their excellent quality and premium materials, along with quite powerful hardware and many features. For example, Samsung QN85B, QN90B, or QN95B TVs are some of the most advanced in the lineup.

However, any TV must have a basic number of features, among which are popular ports such as HDMI, USB ports for connecting speakers, TV ports, and others. Many users dont quite understand how to switch between them on different TV models. Since the functionality and design of TVs and remotes have changed significantly over time.

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How To Change The Source For Your Samsung TV

You have various inputs for your Samsung TV. When you use the Samsung TV menu, these are also known as sources. Theres a good chance that you have more than one input/source. For example, many people have a USB input, and many have HDMI ports. Its also possible to select your video and audio inputs as different devices.

For example, lets say that you have your PlayStation plugged into your HDMI and an external hard drive plugged into your USB. Its actually possible to have the visual piped in from your PlayStation, while having the audio piped in from your external hard drive. This isnt so uncommon either. For example, some people play console games while having their podcasts playing on their TV rather than having the video game audio playing.

How To Change Input Source On Samsung TV

How can I convert my Samsung television to HDMI? The first place is at the bottom-left corner of the rear of the television. As with a remote, you may show the menu selections on the screen by pressing the center button. Utilize alternative controls to traverse the menu choices display. Change the input to HDMI by locating the input change option.

How can I manually change the input on my Samsung television? All Samsung televisions have a TV control button that may be used to power on the television, adjust the volume, and change the source input. Additionally, the majority of TV models include access to the Smart Hub, Menu, and Settings.

Why cant I switch the source on my Samsung television? This might be the result of a malfunction or a low battery. You should replace the batteries in your remote. A new set of batteries may save significant time. If you are unsure if the remote is the problem, try changing the input using the TVs buttons.

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Access The Input Menu With Plug In The Method

If you cant access the source or change Input on Samsung Television for some reason, you can also use this Plugin method to connect. Use the following steps to Change the Input on Samsung Television with the Plug-in method:

Step 1:

Turn your Samsung TV on before connecting the device or input.

Step 2:

With the screen lit on, connect your device, e.g., PS5, to the TV using the port or cables.

Step 3:

Once you plug in your device to the Samsung TV, you will find the input menu pop up on the screen or, depending on the model of the Samsung TV you have, it might automatically change to input on the Samsung TV, which is connected.

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Why Wont The Av Work On My TV

Change Source / Input Name On Samsung Smart TVs

The most common reasons are that the TV is not properly plugged into the AV system, the AV system is not turned on, or the AV system is not properly configured. If you have checked all of these things and the AV system still does not work, you may need to consult your TVs owners manual or contact the TVs manufacturer for further troubleshooting assistance.

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By Clicking The Physical Control Button

Dont have a TV remote?

Dont worry! You can still change the input by clicking the physical control button on the unit.

There are 3 different types of it:

And its located either:

  • Under the Samsung logo.
  • At the left or right backside of the TV.
  • At the bottom left or right of the screen.

Below are the guides on how to access the source settings using each one of them:

D-pad button

Step 1: Press the power button.

Doing this will make the function menu appear on the TV screen.

Step 2: Tap the volume down button to highlight the source on the function menu.

Step 3: Click the power button again to select it.

Doing this will display the source settings page.

Step 4: Use the up/down buttons to select the correct input.


Step 1: Press the button once.

Doing this will display the function menu on the TV screen.

Step 2: Press the same button 5 times to highlight the source.

Step 3: To select it, press the button again once.

After this, the source settings page will appear.

Step 4: Press the button multiple times until you highlight the correct input.

Step 5: Press the button again for the last time to select the input.

Joystick-type button

Step 1: Press the center of the joystick.

Wait for the function menu to pop up on the TV screen.

Step 2: Move the joystick towards the right of the TV to highlight the source.

Step 3: Tap the center again to select the input.

Doing this will display the

Step 4: Move the joystick up and down to highlight the correct input.

How Do I Change Television Inputs With My Apple Television Remote

Adjust your television setups to immediately alter inputs with the Siri Apple television remote.

Your brand-new Siri Apple television remote must immediately link to your television, enabling your input with no more actions. However, if you locate that this isnt functioning, you will certainly require to change the televisions setups to alter to Apple television as quickly as it registers its link.

Be mindful that this attribute is just offered on more recent television versions, so examine your television handbook or the firms main web site to see if this choice benefits your tool.

Each television brand name titles this setup in a different way as seen listed below:

  • Sony BRAVIA Sync
  • Samsung Anynet+

If you have an additional tv brand name, search for the choice classified with Sync or Link, or describe your television handbook.

Turn on the HDMI CEC setup, and also reboot your television to see outcomes. If absolutely nothing modifications, your television design might be also old to trigger this attribute, and also you will certainly require to utilize your televisions receiver to do this activity.

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How To Change The Signal Source In The New Models Of Samsung TVs From 2016 With A Standard Or Smart Remote

The new models of Smart TVs have more powerful processors, so the menu is more animated. The order of source selection itself is slightly different, and the One remote that came with the 2016 TVs no longer has a Source button. If you have a regular remote, you can press the Source button and get to the Source selection menu. If you have a TV with a Smart remote , you need to do the following.

  • Press the Home button on the remote One, youre taken to the home menu.
  • Using the Circle Pad control on the One, select .
  • First press the Enter Button. You will see a menu of available sources.
  • Select the desired source.
  • Press the Apply button, the TV will switch to receive the signal from the selected source.

How Can I Use My Phone As A Remote For My Samsung TV

Samsung PN64H5000 (USA) Plasma TV Review

If your phone has an infrared blaster, you can use it as a remote control for your Samsung TV. To do this, youll need to download a remote control app like AnyMote or Samsung Smart View. Once youve done that, open the app and point your phones infrared blaster at the TV. Then, tap the button on the app that you want to use as a remote control.

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Samsung TV Keep Switching Inputs/source

The TV world has been quite upended by a recent feature that auto-detects HDMI devices. In many cases, owners have reported that their Samsung TVs will continually switch back and forth between inputs if more than one device is connected to multiple HDMI outputs. If youre watching a movie, a game, or even a meeting on your smart TV, this is a huge distraction.

It has been a complaint Samsung customers have been raising for quite some time that their TV keeps switching inputs over and over again. The only newer versions that can perform this are those that have recently received a firmware update. You should then update your TV and use your IR remote to enter Mute > 7-2-9 > Exit so that automatic HDMI switching is disabled.

You cannot disable automatic HDMI switching on certain models, but you can add an HDMI switcher in order to have only one HDMI adapter to worry about. By tricking the system into thinking it only has one HDMI port open, you eliminate the problem, but at your own expense rather than with Samsungs assistance.

The Source Is Selected Through The Menu

In many cases, especially with modern TVs, you can simply select the source through the normal menu. You launch the menu using the remote control or a combination of simultaneous button presses on the TV. Once the menu appears, you can scroll to the option labeled Source. Select this option and it will show you all the sources/inputs you have on your TV right now and may even show you which connections are missing.

You can also tag your inputs if you like, which is another way to rename them. This is only useful if you have two things, like you use the same two game consoles for some reason. In most cases there is a menu to label/rename your inputs. For example, with the Samsung Q7, you need to select the input and press up.

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Samsung TV Input Source Not Working

Getting Samsung tv input source problem after connecting an external device to your Samsung tv. Then, your Samsung TV HDMI port could be not working properly or maybe youre not selecting the right input source. There can be too many reasons why your HDMI is not working properly, but weve to find that one culprit.

Can A Hotel Television Serve As A Monitor

How to Label Inputs on a Samsung 4K Smart TV (4K UHD)

There is always the possibility of purchasing an HDMI cable, connecting it to your laptops HDMI port or Mini DisplayPort using the proper connection, and then inserting it into the HDMI port on the back of your hotels television. Then, you can play anything on your laptop and mirror it on your television.

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Change Input Using A Remote Home Key

This method is the same as method three above. The only difference is that here, you need a remote.

Press the home button on your supplied Samsung remote. You will then see options running through to the bottom of your screen.

Use your remotes down button to scroll through to the bottom until you reach the word , then click it to select it.

You will then see your inputs. Rename them also if you wish. Click on the input icon, then scroll up you will see the option to edit it. Edit the HDMI sources. Note that you will not edit the apps.

Source Is Selectable Via The Menu

In many cases, especially with modern TVs, youre able to simply select the source via the regular menu.

  • You start up the menu using your remote, or a combination of simultaneous button presses on your TV.
  • Once the menu is up, you can scroll to and select .
  • Next, a window will show you all the sources/inputs that your TV has right now and may even show you which connections are missing.
  • You may also label your inputs if you wish, which is just another way of renaming them. Its only useful if you have two of something, such as youre using the same two gaming consoles for whatever reason. In most cases, theres a menu for labeling/renaming your inputs. For example, with the Samsung Q7, you have to select the input and press up.

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    Choose The Best Hdmi Input Audio Format

    When connecting an external device, theres one more thing you need to take into consideration, and thats the HDMI Input Audio Format. If you do not connect any HDMI input devices to your TV you do not need to change this setting.

    To set up your TVs input audio, navigate to Settings and select Sound, and then select Expert Settings. Select HDMI Input Audio Format, and choose between the two available audio formats:

    PCM: This stands for pulse-code modulation. Use this setting if the external device you’ve connected to the HDMI port has already processed the sound, and you just want it to come out of your TV’s speakers.

    Note: This changes the signal to 2.0 PCM as it passes through the TV. If you select PCM even though you have a home theater system or soundbar connected, the sound system will only receive 2.0 channel sound and the result will not be multi-channel surround sound, even if the sound system is capable of multi-channel PCM audio.

    Bitstream: Use this setting if you plan to have audio processed by a home theater system or soundbar, after passing through the TV. This setting is required in order for a home theater system or soundbar to be able to offer multi-channel surround sound from other devices connected to the TV, if it is capable of it.

    Change Input On Samsung TV Via The Menu Button On The Remote

    Plasma TV Samsung PS51D490 and PS51D550

    Similar to the first method, you can use the Menu button as a way to change your TVs input or. Most remotes of modern Samsung TVs have this built-in and can be an alternative to using the button if its not working on your Samsung TV.

    To change the input on Samsung TV via the Menu button on the remote, proceed to these steps:

  • Open your Samsung TV and ensure that the input device is connected.
  • Press the Menu button on the remote. Its below the Volume and beside the Smart Hub buttons.
  • Select . You will now see the various input devices that are currently connected to your Samsung TV.
  • Note: You can also choose to rename an input once there are several input devices connected to your TV.

  • Select your desired input device and press OK.
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