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How To Connect Your Android Phone To Your TV

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Screen Mirroring Android To TV At Home

How to connect your Android smartphone to your TV

To connect Miracast-compatible Android phone to a TV wirelessly you will need either a Miracast-TV or dongle. Many TV manufacturers like LG, Panasonic, and Sony started to integrate are Miracast into their products.

If you have a smart TV that has built-in Miracast technology, then you can use the Miracast screen mirroring function that is inside your phone to share your content. There is no need for extra hardware.

Here is an overview of how to connect an Android phone to a TV if both devices have built-in Miracast.

  • Make sure your Android device is on the same WiFi network as your TV
  • Use the screen mirroring function built-in to your Android device to connect to your TV
  • Adjust the source on your TV to ensure that it displays the screen mirroring signal from your Android device

In case, your Android phones have Miracast technology but your TV does not, you can still connect the two. You will need to purchase a solution for wireless screen mirroring like Miracast dongle or, alternatively, Chromecast dongle.

Play TV Sound On Phone

Watch your shows and movies as loud as you want without waking up your sleeping family. Enjoy dynamic action on the big screen, and exhilarating sound through your mobile.

Step 1. Open the SmartThings app and tap on your TV in the Dashboard.Step 2. Click menu above.Step 3. Click “Play TV sound on phoneStep 4. Plug your earphones into your mobile, and just listen to your TV sound.

* This function is supported with limited Samsung mobile devices.* Requires Bluetooth capability for TV and mobile device.

* The content within the screen are simulated images and are for demonstration purposes only.

* Available services and features on the Smart TV and the Graphic User Interface may vary based on region and/or model.

* Users must agree to Smart Hub Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before use.

* Compatible Operating System or app required.

* Shape of TV and remote may differ based on model and/or region.

* Graphic User Interface , design, features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

* This function is supported depending on TV Model.

Connect Your Phone To A Hdmi TV Using Usb Type

The most recent Android smartphones feature a USB Type-C port. Also known as USB-C, this is a cylinder-shaped input that replaces micro-USB and is used for charging and data transfer.

Including support for the DisplayPort standard, it enables USB-C to HDMI screen mirroring of your phone or tablet’s display to a TV.

Simply connect the USB-C cable to Android, then connect this to a suitable docking station with HDMI out or a USB-C to HDMI adaptor.

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How To Mirror Your Android Phone To Your TV With A Roku

You can also mirror an Android phone to a TV with a Roku. No matter the content you want to send from your Android phone to your TV, Roku can help you establish the connection wirelessly.

You must check to see whether your Roku supports screen mirroring before you establish the connection. The good news is that most of the latest Roku models support screen mirroring.

You must also check if your Android supports screen mirroring as well. Most Android devices model 4.4.2 or later support screen mirroring.

Here is how to mirror an Android phone to a TV with Roku:

  • Ensure Roku is running properly with updates installed.
  • Locate the screen mirroring feature and enable or click on it- the screen mirroring feature is located under Settings.
  • Click on Media Output.
  • Select the Roku device you want to mirror to.

Its that simple.

Use An Hdmi To Av/rca Converter

How to Connect Your Android Phone to Your Smart TV

The only real reason why you would consider connecting your smartphone to your TV using an AV cable also called an RCA cable or composite cable is if you have a standard box-type TV or an old TV without an HDMI connector.

If you have an old CRT or flat-screen TV that does not have an HDMI port for input, this method will work for you. In that case, youll have to get creative and use the AV/composite port thats the only one available on your TV.

A bit of warning, though. There are a lot of videos on YouTube claiming to have done this and logically, it should work. But theres also a chance it might not work.

What tools do you need?

First, you will need a phone that has an HDMI output feature, in which case you can check the list I gave above or check with your manufacturer if your phone has it. Second, you need an HDMI output cable whether via USB-C or MHL.

Third, youll need an HDMI-to-composite video converter. These are third party devices that you can buy from your local Radio Shacks or online from Amazon or eBay.

What does it do? Your phone outputs video in high definition format, but an older TV wont have the technology to access that, much less display it on its standard definition display. You need a device that will down-scale the HD output from your phone to an SD signal that your TV will accept and be able to display.

Lastly, youll need an AV cable to connect your video converter to the TV.

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Connect Android To TV Wirelessly

Because not all phones and tablets support HDMI connections, and cables strewn across the living room can be messy, a wireless solution may be preferable.

Casting content from your phone or tablet to your TV is actually really straightforward, but what confuses things is the huge number of terms that are used in conjunction with it, from Miracast and Wireless Display to screen mirroring, SmartShare and everything in between. There’s also AirPlay, but this is used only for Apple devices.

Our advice is not to worry too much about these terms: you are merely looking for an option in your phone or tablet Settings that alludes to casting or screen mirroring, which may be found under Connected Devices or Display Settings, depending on your device.

Most smart TVs will support screen mirroring from Android. If you don’t have a smart TV, relatively cheap wireless display devices such as Chromecast and Roku can facilitate a wireless connection between your phone or tablet and TV, and have many other handy uses, too. Check that the screen mirroring option is enabled in the settings of whichever device you are using.

Now go back to your phone or tablet, and ensure it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV. Find the casting option and select your TV to begin mirroring the screen. You may be asked to enter a code displayed on the TV to confirm you are connecting to the correct device.

Why Should You Connect Your Phone To Your TV

Do you love mobile gaming? If so then connecting your Android phone to your TV can give your gaming a superb experience. The reality is that phone screens are big but not big enough.

Besides, if youre looking to stream movies on Putlocker, Netflix, and more, you will notice

that smartphone screens arent big enough. Thats where youll need to connect your Android device to your TV.

Also, if you want to show off pictures or cast other media to a group of people on TV, then connecting your phone to your TV is the best option.

The reality is that connecting your Android phone to your TV gives you a whole great watching experience your phone cannot.

Ready to start streaming movies on your Android phone on a bigger screen?

Alright, lets see how it goes.

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Connect Android To TV Using A Cable

Most Android devices have a video output protocol that enables you to connect either a USB-C or an HDMI cable to your television. Once you are connected, just switch the source on your TV to show your screen. Some Android devices even have a desktop mode that treats your screen like a second monitor to enable you to have a bigger workspace.

Hdmi Cables Direct Connection And Top Quality

How to Connect Your Android Smart Phone to a TV in 2 Easy Ways

If you have content on your phone that you want to directly beam or mirror to your TV , then using a cable is a slightly more old-school method.

Android users can buy a USB-C-HDMI cable, capable of outputting up to 4K resolution, while iPhone folk can buy the equivalent iPhone-to-HDMI cable. Note that if you want to output 4K video at 60Hz, your TV will need to be HDMI 2.0-compatible, and youll need to use an HDMI 2.0 cable.

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Stream With A Dlna App

Finally, if the previous options don’t work for you, most internet-connected TVs support a streaming protocol called DLNA. With this, you can stream media files from your phoneor any of your other devicesto your TV.

Be warned, though, that any files you do stream can’t have any Digital Rights Management features, which means you’ll have to stick to your own music and videos Netflix wouldn’t be supported here. Fortunately, this still covers most things you might want to send from your phone to your TV.

Can You Connect An iPhone Or iPad To TV With Usb

Wondering how to connect an iPhone to your tv with USB? Sadly, this isn’t possible. As iPhones and iPads don’t have USB, you can’t use this as a connection method. But you can connect iOS devices to a TV using a cable.

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If you own an iPhone 5 or newer, it will have a Lightning connector. To connect your iPhone to a TV you’ll need the Lightning digital AV adapter for HDMI outputs, or the Lightning to VGA adapter if you have an older VGA display. Buy the cable that fits your TV and phone. Older iOS devices with the old 30-pin port instead use the 30-pin VGA adapter.

You can connect an iPad to your TV through the same means. Again, you’ll most likely need a Lightning cable for this. Only the iPad 3 and earlier use a 30-pin cable. All other iPads, including every iPad Mini and iPad Pro, use a Lightning cable.

Once you’ve plugged in your adapter, simply hook up the video output to your display. Then, your phone screen will mirror to the TV. Apple’s official Lightning adapters contain an additional Lightning port for charging while viewing content on a second screen.

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How To Transfer Files From Phone To TV Using Usb

While the most common use case for connecting a phone to a TV using USB is for screen mirroring, there’s another option. Instead of screen mirroring, you can connect it as a storage device for viewing pictures and videos on your TV.

However, this will require a compatible monitor, TV, or projector. Most modern displays should accept USB storage.

Of the various USB to TV connection options, this is the easiest. Since it only requires a phone, USB cable, and TV with a USB input, it’s simple to set up. Which specific cable you need depends on your phone.

On an iPhone or iPad, use a Lightning cable . Alternately, Android users need a micro-USB or USB-C cable. The USB cable that came with your phone or tablet should work fine.

Other Things You Can Try

How to connect Android phone to Android tv

If neither wireless streaming or MHL/SlimPort are a solution to connect your Android smartphone to the TV, then perhaps you can simply plug it into the USB port of the TV. In this way, stored photos and videos can be also displayed on the TV from the internal memory or microSD card.

Have you used these methods to connect your phone to your TV? Or do you have an alternative method? Let us know in the comments!

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How To Mirror An Android Screen Wirelessly Using The Google Home App

An alternative method to connect your Android screen to your Smart TV is with the help of the Google Home app. This method will work if you own a Chromecast or have an Android TV with Chromecast built-in.

1. Download the Google Home app from the Google Play Store.

2. if you havent already. If your smart TV has a Chromecast built-in, it will automatically appear on the app.

3. Tap on the device and then tap on Cast my screen at the bottom.

4. Tap on Cast screen > Start now.

5. To stop mirroring your Android to your Smart TV, retrace the steps and select Stop mirroring.

Connect Android To Your Hdtv With A Micro Hdmi To Hdmi Cable

The cheapest, the easiest and perhaps the best way to connect your Android device to your HDTV is with an HDMI cable. It isn’t as common for manufacturers to include a Micro HDMI port in their device as it was just a few years ago but if you are lucky enough to have one, it makes the entire experience much easier.

Micro HDMI to HDMI cables are roughly the same cost as a regular HDMI cable, so you can get one for as cheap as $20 or less. You can find them in local electronics stores.

After you plug your device into one of your TV’s HDMI inputs, switch the TV’s source to the HDMI port and you are good to go. Ensure the Android device is in landscape mode to obtain the best viewing experience. While Apple has stuck with the 4:3 aspect ratio with the iPad which is great for browsing the web, Facebook and the computer side of tablets most Android tablets sport a 16:9 aspect ratio that looks great on those big HDTV screens.

The big disadvantage to going with a wired solution is the difficulty in using the device while you have it connected to the TV. If you are watching a movie, this limitation isn’t a big deal, but if you want to play a game or watch YouTube videos, it isn’t ideal.

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How To Connect Your iPhone To A TV Wirelessly

There are several methods you can use to connect your iOS device to a TV wirelessly. One of them is to use Chromecast, but you can also use the native AirPlay feature, Apple TV, or a DLNA app.


AirPlay is a feature on Apple devices that allows you to share music, photos, videos, and more from your iPhone/iPad to your TV. You can connect your iPhone to a TV wirelessly using AirPlay provided the devices are on the same WiFi network.

  • If youre using Apple TV, open the Control Center on your iPhone and tap Screen Mirroring.
  • Tap your Apple TV or other display compatible with AirPlay to mirror the phones screen to your TV.
  • Apple TV

    Apple TV is a set-top box by Apple that can stream Netflix, HBO or other services, deliver music from Apple Music, play games from the App Store, and also act as a hub for HomeKit-compatible smart home devices.

    Apple TV supports AirPlay, which means you can connect your iPhone to your TV wirelessly, and stream audio and video content. Connect your iPhone and Apple TV to the same WiFi network, and then connect to Apple TV via the Control Center.

    DLNA App

    If you have a Smart TV that supports DLNA, you can connect your iPhone/iPad to your TV wirelessly using a compatible DLNA app. You can install a DLNA-compatible iOS app for your TV such as 8player Pro, TV Assist, or ArkMC, but check the app developers website for instructions on how to use the app with your TV.

    Hook Up Your Phone Via Usb

    Simple Ways to Connect Your Android Phone to Your TV

    Screen mirroring isnt the only thing you can do with a smartphone. You can also connect your phone to your TV via USB. Here, the phone can act as a storage device, and the TV can play the songs, videos, and images stored on it.

    Almost every television nowadays comes with a USB port. Check your TVs manual to know if it supports USB connections.

    After plugging in your device, make sure you enable the File Transfer mode by pulling down the notifications bar.

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    Casting For Streaming Videos Movies And Photos

    The simplest way to beam YouTube, Netflix, Google Photos and other key media apps from your phone to your TV is by using Chromecast, though for this to work, your smart TV will need to have Chromecast built in, a device with Chromecast built in , or a Chromecast dongle plugged in. All modern Android TVs have built-in Chromecast.

    To cast using Chromecast, simply look for the Cast icon in the app that youre using, tap it, then select your TV. Youll need to be on the same network as the TV for this to work.

    iPhone users can also use AirPlay to stream video and audio to their TVs. However, youll need to have a TV with AirPlay built in or an Apple TV device connected to your TV. At that point, look for the AirPlay icon in the app you want to stream from, then tap it to stream to your TV.

    If you dont have AirPlay or Chromecast, there are various generic solutions like Wi-Fi Direct, while certain smart TV makers have their own methods such as Samsungs SmartThings app.

    For a whole bunch of apps designed to stream your in-home media library between devices, see our list of the best DLNA streaming apps for Android.

    Connect Using Chromecast Built

    TVs with Chromecast built-in allow you to cast from your mobile device to the TV. Chromecast built-in is available on Philips, Polaroid, Sharp, Skyworth, Soniq, Sony, Toshiba, and Vizio TVs.

    To cast from your Android mobile device:

  • On your mobile device, open the Netflix app and sign in.

  • In the upper or lower right corner of the screen, select Cast .

  • Select the device you want to watch your TV show or movie on.

  • Select a TV show or movie and press Play.

  • You can fast forward, rewind, pause, or change the audio or subtitle settings from your mobile device.

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