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How To Mirror Android To Smart TV Without Wifi

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How to Mirror Android to Your TV Without WiFi!

Akin to the HDMI method, both Android devices and iPhones use the same principle. The only difference would be the system and the names of the systems.

For iPhones, it should be a Smart TV or an Apple TV, more specifically, for it to be able to support Peer-to-Peer Apply Play.

For Android devices, on the other hand, its Miracast the widely supported wireless mirroring standard.

Both operating systems utilize WiFi direct, but its not the same WiFi that we know. Its actually better and more comparable to Bluetooth, in case youre wondering.

Without further ado, here are the steps you should take:

Step 1: Disconnect Smartphones and Televisions from WiFi

First things first you need to make sure that WiFi is disabled from both your smartphone and your television.

On your device, disconnect from any network that has internet.

  • On an iPhone, go to Settings > Wi-FI and disable it.
  • On an Android, go to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi, and toggle it off.

For the televisions, though, toggling it off could be a bit confusing, but, you only have to follow this format Settings & Help > Network and Connections.

The words may be different, but thats the idea of where you should be.

Once you get in there, toggle its WiFi setting off for it to disconnect from an internet-enabled network.

Step 2: Turn Both Devices Bluetooth On

In newer Samsung devices, for instance, its labeled as Smart View. Opening this option will automatically redirect you to a nearby compatible device.

How To Cast Smartphone Screen To Smart TV Using Bluetooth

I would like to tell you that through the Bluetooth method, you can mirror only Youtube videos. So, if you have to stream your game in a smart TV then you have to follow above methods through USB Cable.

Follow the following methods to Cast Smartphone screen to Smart TV using Bluetooth :-

  • Firstly, Turn on Bluetooth Setting from your Android phone.
  • Turn on your smart TV.
  • Go to setting option from your Smart TV with the help of Remote control.
  • Scroll down and go to Remote & Accessories option through the help of Remote control.
  • Go to Add accessories option from smart tv.
  • Now, You smart would start searching the Bluetooth of your smartphone which you have turned on.
  • As the smart TV detects Bluetooth connection of your smart phone, then pop-up notification would go in smartphone which will ask to accept. So, Click to Accept option from your Android phone.
  • As you accept from phone, then you would get Pair option on your Smart TV. So, click to Pair option on your Smart TV with help of Remote control.
  • Now, your phone is ready to cast youtube videos. To cast youtube videos, just open any youtube videos an click to mirror icon and select your Smart TV Device.

So, in this way you can connect smartphone to Smart TV without wifi using Bluetooth.

Advantages of mirroring from mobile to TV using bluetooth

  • It does not require any type of wire or USB Cable.
  • It enables to cast your youtube videos up to 10 meters through bluetooth.

Casting From Specific Apps

‘Casting’ is a general term that means sending content from one device to another, in this case from your mobile device to your TV.

It’s easy to spot when you can cast something because you’ll see a specific icon.

You’ll usually see the icon on video apps such as YouTube and Netflix. If you select the icon, it will then bring up a list of devices that content can be cast to. Simply select your TV and the image will be displayed.

If you can’t see your chosen video on the TV, then try returning to your TV’s home menu and cast again.

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You Can Connect The Android Device With TV In Two Different Ways:

  • Use HDMI wire to connect the TV with Android mobile
  • The wireless process to stream Android to TV with WiFi connectivity
  • These two primary ideas have variations in their applications. You are free to choose any process that is accessible to you and easy to perform at the same time. We have discussed them in details in the sections below.

    Screen Mirroring Without Wifi On TV

    All Mirror Share Screen to Smart TV for Android

    There are a number of ways to mirror the screen on TV without Wifi. Though the connection depends on various factors:

    • Model Of TV
    • Smart TV or Old TV

    Below are a few popular ways to cast screen on TV:

    • Use Miracast
    • Use Chromecast Device

    If you want to play Android games on the TV screen, you can use both. You can read the detailed description in the above post.

    This Vizio 24-inch smart HDTV comes built-in Chromecast for screen mirroring.

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    Connecting Your Android Phone Wirelessly To A TV

    One way to view an Android phone on a TV is through Screen Mirroring. Almost all Android phones offer this capability built-in, as well as most smart TVs, media streamers, and smart Blu-ray Disc players.

    Media streamers that support screen mirroring for Android include Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. Apple TV does not support screen mirroring for Android natively.

    Screen Mirroring displays everything on an Android screen on your TV wirelessly .

    There are two wireless connection paths to screen mirror an Android device on a TV:

  • From an Android device directly to a TV.
  • From an Android device wirelessly to a “bridge” device . The “bridge” routes the received mirrored content to a TV via an HDMI or other compatible connection.
  • Screen Mirroring is usually referred to as Miracast, which is based on Wi-Fi Direct technology. Depending on the brand and model of Android phone, TV, or “bridge” device, Screen Mirroring may also be referred to as:

    • Wireless Display

    Using The Apple Lightning Connector To Hdmi Port

    The screen of your iPhone can be cast on your TV screen without a wireless connection using this method. The Apple Digital AV lightning adapter must support mirroring if you want to accomplish this. The white adapter can be plugged into the mobile charging port at the bottom.

    Any HDMI display nearby can be connected to it. With this adapter, you can charge mobile devices with an additional port. You can easily carry it when you travel even though it is expensive.

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    Screen Mirroring With An Apple TV

    Screen mirroring means the same thing regardless of whether you’ve got an Android or iOS device. Once you’re connected, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s on your phone or tablet’s screen on your TV screen.

    • Make sure your iOS device and your Apple TV are on the same wi-fi network.
    • Swipe up from the bottom of your iOS device to reveal the control centre and select Screen Mirroring.
    • Select the Apple TV you want to cast to.
    • The Apple TV will then display a passcode, which you’ll need to enter into your device.

    If you can’t see Screen Mirroring in the control centre, it may mean the version of iOS your device is running does not support it.

    How To Mirror Android Screen To TV With Mind Blowing Solutions

    How To Mirror Android 7.0 Phone To TV (No Wifi, Cables or Chrome Cast Needed) 2018 | NextBit Robin

    This generation is crazy about getting bigger screens. The Android phones are getting bigger, with the latest Dernier cri being a 100% screen coverage. Take a pause and think, what has the biggest screen in your house? Right! Your television. How awesome would it be if you could broadcast a favourite movie to your TV and watch it with your friends/ family while you sit comfortably on your sofa. We will tell you how to do it. Keep reading this blog to know how to stream your Android screen to TV.

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    S To Connect Smartphone To Smart TV Without Wifi

    Other than wifi methods, there are many methods through which you can Mirror your phone`s screen to smart tv. They are through USB Cable, Bluetooth, Chromecast, Castar setting etc.

    In this article, you will know from the following above methods to connect from any android phone to your smart tv without wifi setting. You will get step by step process with screenshots.

    If you want to know that how to cast your android phone to Windows laptop, then check it.

    How To Mirror Android Screen To TV With Hdmi Port

    This is a very easy method. If your TV is less than 10 years old, it must have an HDMI port. HDMI or high definition multimedia interface signifies the wired connection which enables you to play HD video and audio altogether. You need to plug the wider side of the USB to your TV and the other end to your Android device. Now, set your TV input mode to HDMI port, and you are good to go!

    Tip: If your Android screen is broken and you can not control the screen to cast the it to the TV with/without wire, you may need to use USB OTG to control your broken Android.

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    Screen Mirroring Without An Internet TV Box

    If you don’t have a Chromecast or Fire TV Stick, you may still be able to mirror your device’s screen. Whether you can will depend on which TV, smartphone or tablet you own.

    Newer TVs have screen mirroring software built in. You will usually need to head into your network menu to enable it. You may also see ‘wi-fi direct’ in the same menu. This software enables file-sharing between devices without the need for an internet connection. It’s worth turning this on too, as it’s another potential way of getting what’s on your phone on to your TV.

    Your phone will also need screen mirroring capabilities. Different manufacturers have different names for it. Typically, you’ll find screen mirroring in the quick access menu or in the network settings of your device.

    • Huawei’s screen mirroring app is called MirrorShare.
    • On Samsung phones it will either be called Screen Mirroring or Smart View.
    • HTC’s app is called HTC Connect.
    • Sony keeps it simple by calling its app Screen Mirroring.
    • On LG phones it is called Miracast.

    The names are the same across each brand’s smartphones and tablets.

    Use A Wired Connection Instead

    How to Mirror your Android Screen to PC Without Cable ...

    Even if you have decent Wi-Fi in your house, it’s possible that your TV could be sitting in a dead spot. If that happens, it could mean your Chromecast is unable to connect to Wi-Fi at all.

    If this happens, don’t worry you don’t have to rearrange the whole room. Chromecast can connect to the internet via an ethernet cable instead. Of course, you’ll need to get an ethernet cable with a USB connection on the other end for this to work.

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    I Followed All Steps But Its Still Not Working What Should I Do

    So, after you followed all the necessary steps and youre still not able to connect it, the next best thing to do is to contact an expert or a technician to help you with it.

    You want to contact the manufacturer of your Smart TV to help you with how you can connect it without the use of the internet or a WiFi network.

    Those are the processes and the methods you can do to be able to link and connect your phone to your television.

    Needless to say, the different methods of how to connect your phone to Smart TV without WiFi are fairly easy. You just have to follow these steps and youll be good to go!

    You neither have to be an expert nor an experienced technician to be able to do this!

    How To Connect Phone To TV Wirelessly With Usb Without Wifi And More

    Most modern smartphones will let the user connect the phone to a TV so they can share the contents on a larger screen. There are several ways to connect phone to a TV. In this post, we will show you how you can connect phone to a big screen. You can connect a phone wirelessly over a Wi-Fi connection, or you can also use a wired connection that doesnt require internet. A wired connection usually involves using a USB cable or HDMI. Once youve connected your iPhone or Android phone to the TV, you will be able to enjoy the contents of the phone on the bigger display. You can stream videos, browse through photos, and more.

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    How To Mirror Smartphone To TV Without Wifi

    Connecting without a cable is also relatively easy and might even be cheaper, considering additional hardware is not always needed.Find the chromecast device you want to mirror your screen to and tap on it.Find the code for the tv on your smart tv and type it in the youtube app on your phone.For this, you will need to open the connection for screen mirroring both your smartphone as well as on your tv.

    Go to the settings on your phone and select connections.How do i connect my smartphone or tablet to my tv using screen mirroring?How do i stream from my phone to my samsung smart tv without internet on mu tv:How do i stream from my phone to smart magnavox tv:

    How to mirror your android smartphoneHow to share android screen with pc or mac without usb/wifi:However, you might need an internet connection or a saved file on your mobile phone.I am able to mirror to my samsung smarttv just by selecting mirror on the tv and on my phone.

    It can depend on the tv.Its very simple using usb cable.Just press the cast option on your smartphone, and it should connect wirelessly to the tv.Make sure both are on the same wifi network.

    No doubt that this method is quite similar to wireless display but is quite better.Once the two are linked, your smartphone screen is mirrored to the tv and you can use it on the big screen to access some other apps, and not just the streaming services.Open the google home app on your smartphone.Open the youtube app on both your phone and tv.

    How To Connect Your Android Phone To Your TV

    How To Mirror Phone To TV (No Wifi, Cable or Chrome Cast Needed)

    You can stream your Android phone or tablet screen to a TV through screen mirroring, Google Cast, a third-party app, or linking it with a cable.

    There are times when you’re watching something on your phone and you want to share it with the room or just see it on a bigger display. Those with Android devices have a few options, including built-in features, third-party apps, and cable hookups. Let’s break down your choices, from the simplest solution to the most complex.

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    Ways To Connect Phone To TV Without Wifi

    Planning to watch your favorite TV show, a football match, or just viewing a Youtube video on your big TV screen instead of your small android phone but forgot to pay for Wifi? Have you ever thought of connecting your phone to your TV without Wifi? Screen mirroring without wifi is possible.

    With the consistent advancement of technology, it has become much easier to do so. You can quickly connect your Wifi to your smart TV and have fun viewing.

    But what happens when wifi is not available for your use or your TV happens not to be a smart TV? Below are the ways to help connect your phone to your TV without Wifi.

    Connect With Usb Port

    This is an entirely Wifi-proof way to mirror devices to your smart tv or regular tv. All you need is an HDMI/MHL cable for the tv and an HDMI/MHL adapter for your smartphone.

    However, do keep in mind that not all phones support HDMI. For instance, only Samsung Galaxy S8 and above support this. The same goes for MHL, especially since manufacturers are slowly dropping support for it.

    Hence, do check if your smart device supports HDMI or MHL. After you have made sure of this and bought the appropriate cables, its pretty straightforward from here to mirror your devices screen to your smart tv or regular tv without wifi:

    • If you have a phone that supports USB type C port, as the latest phones from the Galaxy series do, then plug in one end of the HDMI adapter to this port. The same goes for MHL cables. However, do note that you wont be able to charge your phone as the adapter will take up the USB-C or micro USB port.
    • Next, connect one end of the HDMI/MHL cable to the adapter and the other end into the appropriate port on tv.
    • Switch your tv to the correct input, and you can start mirroring immediately.

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    How To Mirror An Android Device To TV Without Wifi

    ArchRead more September 2, 2020

    Mirroring your Android device to your TV is a great way to let others see your devices screen. Doing this without a Wi-Fi connection, however, isnt as simple as it may seem.

    That said, there are ways to get around the problem. In this article, well show you how to mirror your Android device to your TV without a Wi-Fi connection.

    Screen Mirroring Vs Casting

    How to Mirror Phone to TV without Wi

    Another way to view content from an Android device on TV is through Casting. Screen Mirroring and Casting are similar, but there are differences including:

    • Casting requires the Android device and TV to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
    • Casting works for photos, self-made videos, and select apps.
    • While selected Cast content is playing on your TV, you can perform other tasks on your Android device at the same time or even turn it off.
    • Your Android device may require an additional app and plugging in a Chromecast on your TV before Casting can be used.

    Some devices allow casting of select apps from Android phones without the need for an additional app or Chromecast.

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