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What Is The Best App For Live TV On Firestick

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Install Cyberflix TV On Firestick Using Es File Explorer

The 10 Best Apps For Free Legal Live TV On The FireStick And Most Other Platforms

Note: ES File Explorer charges $9.99 per month for sideloading apps on FireStick. I recommend using the Downloader method instead

While ES File Explorer is a wonderful file manager app, it doubles as an effective side-loader for FireStick and other Android devices. Download ES File Explorer from Amazon Store:

  • Select the lens icon from the FireStick home-screen
  • Type in ES File Explorer
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and install the app

Follow the steps below and install CyberFlix TV using ES File Explorer:

1. Launch ES File Explorer

2. On the right, you will see a bunch of icons. Scroll down and click

3. On the following screen, click +New on the bottom

4. A small dialogue box will pop up. Enter the URL in the Path field. Enter any name you want in the Name field. I will name it cyber flix.

Click when you are all set

5. Wait for ES File Explorer to download the CyberFlix TV APK

6. Click Open file when the following prompt is displayed

7. Click Install on this prompt

8. Click INSTALL and Wait for the CyberFlix TV to install on FireStick

10. When CyberFlix TV on FireStick is installed, App installed notification is displayed. Click Done to go back to the ES File Explorer app

You have successfully installed CyberFix TV on FireStick. If you wish to delete the APK , follow these steps:

How To Download Apps On Fire Stick

Just follow these steps to download Fire Stick apps:

  • Fire up your Fire Stick device.
  • Select Apps from the top menu.
  • Press down on the remote control to open the Apps section.
  • Use the directional pad to locate the app youre interested in.
  • Press the center button to choose the app.
  • Then, hit the or Get button.

How To Watch Live TV On Firestick For Free Using The Best Streaming Apps

14th April 2021

The Amazon Fire TV and Stick have revolutionized home entertainment and made cutting the cord an easy decision. With one of these devices, you can enjoy a whole range of home entertainment, including live TV channels from all over the world. You can watch almost any channel free of charge, thanks to the availability of streaming apps for Android-based devices. In this article and guide, well show you different ways you can watch live TV on Firestick.

But, before going further in this article on How to Watch Live TV on Firestick, its important we mention some privacy cautions you have to take.

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Best Firestick Channels For Movies And TV Shows


Although Netflix is a paid Firestick channel, the content it offers is worth your money. Right now, Netflix is bursting with a wide range of TV shows and movies, and more added every month. There are Netflix Originals that are exclusive to the platform. All in all, its one of the best Firestick channels to multiply your entertainment pleasure.

Pluto TV

Its a completely free app that offers hundreds of channels to watch. Plus, you can stream tons of on-demand TV shows and movies too. Its an ad-supported service with unlimited free hours of entertainment.


AMC is a paid Firestick channel that lets you stream AMC copyrighted shows and AMC originals. You can log in to the AMC app by using the AMC satellite subscription.


HBO Max is an all-in-one Firestick channel that lets you watch HBO originals, documentaries, movies, TV shows, comedy, and sports.


ABC is a paid service powered by Americas leading cable TV Network. You can watch on-demand content and live streaming of ABC by subscribing to the participating TV provider.

A& E

A& E is a free channel to stream a huge collection of A& E series including deleted and extra scenes. The best thing is A& E also offers full episodes of popular shows like 60 Days In, Ghost Hunters, and much more.


Hulu Firestick channel is paid and gets you access to Hulu originals and an on-demand catalog of movies and TV shows. You can watch news, sports, Cinemax, and HBO if youre willing to pay a few extra dollars.

Fox Now

Beware Of Pirated Streams

Free Live TV Apps For Firestick

Most of the apps allow you to watch live TV on Firestick free of charge. This is why they should use them with caution as they provide content that should otherwise be paid for free.

Consumption of pirated content is a breach of copyright rules it can, therefore, get you in trouble with your ISP and/ or the authorities. Thats why it is so important to keep your online identity private.

The only way this can be achieved is by using a private and secure VPN. However, not all are reliable, as most collect the user logs and/or supplies low speeds and a limited number of servers.

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Watchespn For Fire TV

The U.S.-based sports entertainment network ESPN has a strong presence in the digital market space. The company has expanded beyond cable and satellite services to provide a smart and easy to use app for mobile devices and streaming sticks, including Fire Stick and Fire TV. WatchESPN gives you full access to live sports, major events that are broadcast on ESPN, news and highlight videos, and game analysis from your favorite ESPN commentators. Plenty of content for sports fans to stream and enjoy!

To use WatchESPN for Fire TV, simply download the app to your Fire TV. Youll need to sign in with an existing cable or satellite provider to unlock the content, but beyond that, its completely free to use. For more information about the app, or to see some more options for watching ESPN on Fire TV, just check out our guide linked above.

Best Apps For Jailbroken Firestick

If you have followed our guide above to jailbreak the FireStick, then you are in for a real treat here. You have opened up your FireStick to unlimited streaming content, including popular movies and shows. I highly recommend you check our guide on how to jailbreak FireStick, as it includes some important apps for jailbroken FireSticks, something that other websites simply ignore in their guides.

Dont worry though, its good that you are here. I will share some of the must-have jailbroken FireStick apps that can change your whole media viewing experience on the streaming device.

Check out the following apps for jailbroken FireStick:

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Are Firestick Apps Legal

Absolutely. Most apps for Firestick are 100% legal, meaning you wont get into any legal trouble for installing and using them. However, some of the offerings might be copyrighted, like in the case of Kodi. This is where you need to exercise caution because illegal streaming of such content can lead to fines or even jail time.

How To Get Local Channels On An Amazon Fire TV Stick

Best Live TV App Setup For The Amazon Firestick Update

Robert Hayes Robert is a freelance editor and writer living in Colorado. Read more January 25, 2021

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a great device that allows you to stream all of your favorite content right to your TV without having to pay for cable. However, while streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video offer incredibly large libraries of content, none of them offer local channels. Fortunately, though, there are still a few ways you can get local channels on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Keep reading to learn how you can quickly and easily access local content without cable.

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How To Use Live Net TV On Firestick/fire TV

If you didnt open the app after installing it, you can easily launch it by following the below steps:

1. Hold the Home button on your FireStick

2. You will see a menu pop up shortly

3. Click Apps

4. Now and scroll down to Live Net TV and run it

Now that you know how to access Live Net TV, lets explore it.

When you run Live Net TV for the first time, you will see this prompt. Scroll down and click Continue

Next, the app will ask for permission to access your device, click Allow

Here is the main window of the Live Net TV app on FireStick:

As you can see, the categories and country tabs are lined up on the top of the screen.

You simply need to click on any channel you would like to play. The app will ask you to select the default player. I have noticed that the MX Player works best with this app. You can check our MX Player guide to install MX Player on your FireStick.

Click Always if you would like to make MX Player your default player. It will also make sure this pop-up does not appear every time you try to stream a channel.

You can change your default player anytime by visiting the Settings section. Speaking of Settings, you can by access Settings two ways in this app. First is by clicking the Gear icon in the far top-right corner of the main screen.

Another way is to visit the Hamburger Menu in the far top-left corner of the main screen.

Now, lets explore the hamburger menu. Here are the main options:

  • Live Channels
  • Settings

The Best Apps To Watch Live TV On Your Amazon Fire Stick TV

William Sattelberg William has been with TechJunkie since 2017, writing about smartphones, games, streaming media, and anything else that technology touches in our current age. He also works as a video producer, writing and recording scripts for our video team and editing videos for TechJunkie’s YouTube channel. William graduated from SUNY Fredonia in 2016 with a degree in Video Production, and lives in Buffalo, NY. Read more June 3, 2021

We live in the age of peak TV, and that means theres almost endless amounts of options for what show youre going to watch after a hard day of work. From classic comedies to prestige dramas, television now offers viewers a full buffet of options to choose from, and that can make some customers feel overwhelmed. To make a stressful situation worse, watching television doesnt just call for an antenna or a cable subscription anymore, but dozens of apps installed on a streaming box attached to your television. From legit, subscription-based offerings like Netflix and Hulu to free applications that offer shows from, shall we say, less-than-standard avenues, theres a lot of places to get your media from today.

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Es File Explorer File Manager

Android-based devices are powerful for a number of reasons, but most peoples favorite is the ability to manage the OS down to the file system level. Fire TV doesnt have its own explorer, but with free apps like ES File Explorer available, thats not a problem at all.

ES lets you look through your devices contents just like you would on your desktop PC. Check out installed programs, look for large folders that are taking up space, or hunt down that pesky file you downloaded but cant seem to find. Better still, ES lets you install content remotely, working like a cross between a browser and the Downloader app above. Its a superb all-in-one tool, and an indespensable addition to any Fire TV owners arsenal.

To use ES File Explorer, simply search the appstore for it by name, or send it to your device via the online appstore.

How To Install Apps For Live TV On Firestick

Firestick Live TV Apps: How to Install 7 Best IPTV Apps ...

so if you already have the downloader app installed on the firestick then just open the downloader app and enter the address shown on your screen right now

if you dont have the downloader app installed on your firestick just

  • Press the home button on the fire stick remote
  • Then press the Search icon
  • Enter the word
  • Select Downloader
  • Then press Install and open Downloader
  • Enter the address
  • Then just press go then when you arrive at the screen here just select that button right there let the fire stick download APK time install APK time
  • Once you have APK time open just go down to the Live category
  • Press the button on CKay TV, then press Install to install CKay TV for Firestick
  • Then press the button on Redbox TV and install Redbox TV
  • If you want more Live TV apps for Firestick, then install Live Net TV, OLA TV, and TV Tap.
  • BONUS: Install This Movie App for Firestick

    I recommend that you install mobdro for movies. Mobdro gives you several 24×7 channels which show movies and TV shows 24 hours a day.

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    Can I Get Local Channels With A Fire Stick

    Fire Stick is a powerful streaming device that lets you watch your favorite content on your TV screen without a cable subscription. Though streaming platforms like Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu offer extensive libraries for your viewing pleasure, they dont have any local channels.

    Are there any other Amazon Fire Stick apps that should be in this list? Let us know in the comments section below!

    How To Watch Live TV On Firestick For Free

    TIP: If you like Live TV apps for Firestick, then you might love these other tutorials I made for MOVIE Apps for Firestick: Cinema APK, Media Box HD, and Cyberflix.

    If you have a FireStick, you should definitely know about the vast array of apps that you can use with it. Everyone has different entertainment preferences, and there are apps that can suit them all.

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    Specific Sports Apps For Fire TV

    The above apps are great for big live sports fans, but what if youre just interested in one or two sports? It may seem kind of pointless to subscribe to a whole channel just for the occasional football game. Amazon Fire TV has the answer with a few official apps that support live sports through subscriptions, and sometimes even for free!

    Peacock TV: Best Free Streaming Service For Fire TV

    BEST LIVE TV APP FOR FIRESTICK !! / LiveNetTV Latest Update !!

    Amazon recently announced that Peacock TV is now available on all Fire TV devices. Peacock TV is one of the only streaming services that lets you watch thousands of hours of movies, TV shows, news, and live events for free, without even entering your credit card information.

    Since Peacock is NBCs streaming service, this is one of the best apps you can get to watch shows like The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and more. Plus, you will also be able to watch most of the Tokyo Olympic programming with this free app on your Fire TV Stick. However, the free tier is ad-supported, and you might be blocked from watching certain movies or TV episodes unless you upgrade to a paid plan.

    If you are willing to pay a monthly subscription fee, check out our list of the best streaming services to find out which paid app is best for you.

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    Why Do You Need Jailbroken Firestick Apps

    Most of the best streaming apps have a subscription fee, which can be costly, especially for monthly subscriptions. Sideloading third-party applications come as a lifesaver in terms of entertainment.

    With these apps, you can stream Live TV, Movies, TV shows, Sports, Documentaries, Kids shows, and much more at zero cost and with high-quality links. You name it, and you will find it. When you have a jailbroken firestick, it is easier for you to install these apps as you will get past any restrictions for unauthorized software.

    Youtube Best Firestick App For Music

    Youtube is the video giant and nothing can beat this application that streams tons and tons of videos on demand. You can watch and create a list of your favorite music and videos any time.

    But most importantly, you can enjoy the live performances of your favorite artists, bands and music festivals. Get this app on your firestick and have a blast.

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    Amazon Fire Stick Free Channels List

    Ill put the channels into the best grouping and order as I can to help find things quickly and easily. Theres a lot to choose from on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Ill try to update this list as often as possible.

    If youre looking to purchase your first Amazon Fire TV Stick or upgrade an old one:

    Realize that there truly is an astounding amount of content available, and not all of it is necessarily worth writing about. More importantly, not all of it is even legal. I would caution you to be really careful about the free apps that you install. Choose reputable apps from trustworthy sources. Dont try to get around the system with apps that promise to give you paid content for free or very cheap.

    Theres lots of good, free content available in almost every genre on the Amazon Fire TV Stick. If youre open to spending a little bit in addition to enjoying free channels, you can get even more great programming. Just remember, you dont have to spend anything if you dont want to.

    Sports on the other handcan be rough. But there are ways to enjoy sports without being stuck to cable plans as well.

    Stream Safely Using A Vpn

    Best Apps for Firestick: My Top 20 YouTube Tutorials

    A lot of cord-cutters are clueless that any activity that they do online is tracked, streaming activities to be exact.

    If you are tagged as someone who consumes a huge amount of data for streaming, it will automatically throttle down your connection.

    To avoid this from being executed, reliable VPN services like IPVanish is a must-have.

    Here are the benefits of subscribing to IPVanish:

    • Provides access to Location-based content. This much is true when you are outside the US and would like to use Locast.
    • Hide all of your online activities and change your IP Address to another so that nothing can be traced back to you.
    • Unlimited privacy and anonymity most especially when accessing public wifi connections.
    • The ultimate solution for Firestick Buffering and Kodi Buffering as well.

    9. Input your username and password to log in.

    Learn more about IPVanish. Get an IPVANISH now.

    It is very tricky choosing what is the best free live tv app for the Firestick. The official apps that are available on the Amazon app store are not as good as the free app in terms of channels.

    Mostly, the channels featured by these apps are not that popular. But if you are not picky and as long as you get to watch Live TV for free and legally, these apps can accomplish the job.

    Our best bets would be Locast, Plex, Airy TV, and Tubox TV. Be sure to check them out!

    Final Thoughts

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