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How To Mirror My iPhone To My Samsung TV

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Can I Connect My iPhone To My Smart TV Wirelessly

How to Mirror iPhone to Samsung Smart TV

You can wirelessly connect your iPhone to a smart TV as long as the TV is AirPlay 2-compatible. To find out if your TV is AirPlay 2-compatible, check with your TV manufacturer. Once you know the two are compatible, here’s how you mirror your iPhone.

  • First, make sure your iPhone and smart TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and powered on.

  • On your iPhone, swipe down from the upper right corner to open the Control Center.

  • Tap Screen Mirroring.

  • Select your TV from the list that appears. If a passcode appears on your TV , enter the code on your iPhone to complete the connection.

  • When you’re finished mirroring your iPhone to your TV, all you have to do is go back through those steps and tap Stop Mirroring.

    Why Is It That I Am Unable To Mirror My iPhone To My Samsung TV

    The iPhone screen mirroring or AirPlay functionality is not working on the Samsung TV.

    Make sure that both your iOS device and your Samsung TV are linked to the same internet connection before you begin using them together. Check for the most recent update on both devices.

    Restart your iPhone and Samsung TV to see whether they work. Take a look at your AirPlay preferences and restrictions.

    Screen Mirror Mac To Samsung TV

    Enjoy all the little details on TV

    You can also connect Apple Mac computer or laptop to TV wirelessly using the MirrorMeister app. This is ideal if you have downloaded a movie that you would like to see on the big screen.

    Follow the 4 easy steps below to set it up:

  • Download and install the Mac Screen Mirroring app. Enjoy a free trial. Dont worry, you wont be charged!
  • Connect your Mac, MacBook, or MacBook Pro to the same network as your Samsung TV.
  • Open MirrorMeister. Select your TV and press Start Mirroring.
  • Start streaming your photos, videos, YouTube clips, series, presentations and other content to your TV or streaming device.
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    Screen Mirroring From Samsung TV To Pc

    Not just your Android, iPhone, or iPad, you can also mirror your Windows 10 PC to your Samsung TV. Most Windows 10 PCs support screen sharing via a feature called Miracast. Follow the steps given below to cast your PC screen on a Samsung Smart TV.

  • Connect your Windows PC and Samsung TV to the same Wi-Fi network. Without doing so, you wont be able to share your PC screen with your TV.
  • Go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices on your PC.
  • Click on the + button in front of Add Bluetooth or other device.
  • A pop-up window will show up. Click on Wireless display or dock.
  • Your PC will search for all available displays connected to the same wireless network.
  • Just wait until you see the name of your Samsung Smart TV listed as an available device and click on it. In case you dont, make sure that your TV and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Keep an eye on your TVs screen and select Allow when prompted.
  • Your Windows PC will now be connected to your Samsung TV.
  • You can now enjoy the Miracast display on your Samsung TV from your PC. In case you are an Ubuntu user, read our guide describing the steps to cast media to a TV from Ubuntu.

    Screen Mirroring iPhone To Samsung TV Adapter

    Can iPhone Screen Mirror With Samsung Smart TV

    Another way to connect iPhone to smart TV for screen mirroring is the use of lightning digital AV adaptor. With the help of this adaptor, youll be able to mirror your iPhone to any HDTV with ease. It lets you watch and enjoy videos even from streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu Plus.

    The best part is that it enables charging for iPhone while youre enjoying your favorite show as it comes with the second lightning adaptor port. Follow the below steps to learn how to Lightning Digital AV Adapter for iPhone screen mirroring to Samsung Smart TV.

    Step 1: Turn on your TV and then, plug in the HDMI cable to the HDMI port that youll find on the back of your TV.

    Step 2: Now, connect the HDMI cable another end to the Lightning Digital AV Adapter.

    Step 3: After that, plug-in the connector of the adaptor to your iPhone.

    Step 4: Now, move to the Input section on your television, choose the port where the HDMI is connected. In a while, youll be able to mirror your iPhone onto your TV.

    How to Screen Mirroring iPhone to Samsung TV via Adapter

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    How To Airplay To A Samsung TV From Mac

    1. Make sure your Mac computer is currently connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV. AirPlay to a Samsung TV won’t work if both your TV and your Mac aren’t on the same Wi-Fi network.

    2. Choose and open the content to AirPlay to a Samsung TV. Any photos or videos saved to your Mac will work. You can also AirPlay audio from the Apple Music desktop app.

    3. Tap the AirPlay button, if there’s one available. It’s a curved rectangle with an arrow pointing up at the bottom. In the Photos desktop app, it’s next to the settings wheel.

    5. Select your Samsung TV from the list. You might see other AirPlay-compatible devices on the list, so ensure you choose your TV.

    6. If prompted, enter the 4-digit AirPlay Passcode displayed on your TV. If you’ve used this device to AirPlay to your Samsung TV before, you might not need to enter a passcode depending on your set’s AirPlay settings.

    Now you know how to AirPlay to a Samsung TV, you might want to see our guides on how to connect Nintendo Switch to a TV and .

    No Expensive Hardware Needed

    Mirror the screen and audio of your iPhone or iPad on any Samsung TV with AirBeamTV. When you want to watch movies or apps on the big screen, AirBeamTV is the leading app for Screen Mirroring iPhone to Samsung TVs.You dont need expensive hardware or cables to cast your iOS device to your TV. Download the AirBeamTV app to stream your iPhone to Samsung TV, without Apple TV or AirPlay.

    Step 2: Install the free Receiver App

    Follow the instructions in our app to automatically install the free AirBeamTV Receiver app on your Samsung TV. You can also browse the Samsung TV App Store and search for AirBeamTV. Read this article for more information.

    Step 3: Select Your Samsung TV

    Launch the Mirror for Samsung TV app on your iPhone or iPad. Select the TV that you want to use for mirroring.

    When you use the AirBeamTV app for the first time, depending on your model Samsung TV, your TV might ask you to allow the connection. In that case, take your TV remote control and press OK to allow the connection. Also, make sure that Access Notification is switched off.

    Step 4: Start Mirroring

    Step 5: Use Apps, Stream Movies, and More

    Your iPhone or iPad screen will appear live on your Samsung TV. Now you can open apps, video content, and more from your mobile device. Watch movies and videos. Stream fitness workouts. You can view it all on the big screen with AirBeamTV.

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    How To Mirror iPhone To Samsung TV For Free

    Initial Procedure: Install the App. Access your iPhones screen on your Samsung TV using the AirBeamTV app. Get the app right this minute.Step 2: Fire up the AirBeamTV app on your iPhone and choose your Samsung TV. Select your preferred television set from the options.Third, initiate the process of mirroring. If you want to begin broadcasting, choose the button.

    Screen Mirroring iPhone To Samsung TV Airplay 2

    iPhone 13’s: How to AirPlay to Samsung Smart TV (wireless screen mirror)

    Apple AirPlay 2 provides wireless streaming of media or content from Apple devices like iPhone, iPad or Mac. With the help of it, you can easily stream content from your iPhone to your Apple TV. Luckily, it also enables you to stream your device media to compatible Samsung TV. You can stream movies, music, shows and cast photos from your iPhone directly to your television. Lets learn how to use AirPlay 2 for iPhone screen mirroring to Samsung TV.

    Step 1: To start with, ensure that youve connected your iPhone and TV to the same wireless connection available.

    Step 2: On your iPhone, go to the Photos app and choose the video or photo you would like to share.

    Step 3: Now, click Share icon located at the bottom left and then, click the AirPlay icon.

    Step 4: Finally, choose the target Samsung TV from the list of detected devices and youll be able to stream your video or image on the TV.

    How to Screen Mirroring iPhone to Samsung TV via AirPlay 2

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    How To Airplay Content From Within Apps

    If you’d rather not mirror your entire phone’s screen to your TV, some major media services like , HBO Max, and Hulu have an AirPlay button directly in their apps. Unfortunately, Netflix no longer includes the in-app AirPlay option.

    Some built-in iPhone apps like the have the AirPlay option as well, located in the “Share” menu.

    1. Once you’ve made sure your phone and your TV are on the same Wi-Fi network, open the app and select the media you want to play.

    2. Find the AirPlay button a rectangle with a triangle beneath it, usually near the top-right or top left corner of the screen and tap it. If you’re trying to AirPlay from the Photos app, tap the “Share” button, then select “AirPlay.”

    3. Choose the name of your Samsung TV from the list of available devices.

    4. If a passcode appears on your Samsung TV, enter it into the pop-up on your iPhone.

    5. Your photo or video should then begin mirroring onto your Samsung TV.

    Recommended iPhone To Pc Screen Mirroring App

    For different reasons, you may want to screen mirror your iPhone to a computer. For instance, you need to record your iPhone activities on PC. Here we strongly recommended the professional Phone Mirror to help you make the screen mirroring from iPhone, iPad, or Android phone to Windows computer.


    • Mirror iPhone and Android screen to Windows 11/10/8/7 PC smoothly.
    • Screen mirror your iPhone or Android device to a computer through Wi-Fi and USB.
    • Support all popular iOS, Android and Windows devices for screen casting.
    • Capture any activities happened on iPhone with high quality while mirroring the screen.

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    Mirror Your Phone With A Tap On Your Samsung TV

    Your new Samsung TV comes with an exciting new way to mirror your phones screen! Use Tap view to display your phones screen on your TV so you can enlarge photos, show friends a video, or maximize a spreadsheet for easier viewing. Set up Tap view in the SmartThings app and on your TV to start transferring your phones screen with a simple tap.

    How Do I Use Screen Mirroring On My iPhone With Apple TV

    How To Screen Mirror From Mac To TV

    If you prefer convenience over a ton of cords, well show you how to use screen mirroring on iPhone. Its exactly what it sounds like: what you see on your iPhone screen is what youll see on your TV. That includes everything from battery level to pop-up message notifications to whatever you were reading or watchingso be careful when you use this option. You dont want everybody knowing your business.

    How you go about it depends on what devices you have, but heres what to do if youre in the Apple ecosystem.

    Just connect your iPhone to your AirPlaycompatible TV easily with an Apple TV and Apples AirPlay wireless protocol. This lets you stream videos, display photos, and other content directly or mirror your devices display on your TV. Its easier than it sounds, promise.

    But if youre worried, heres exactly how to stream from your phone to your TVApple style.

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    What Is The Difference Between Screen Mirroring And Screen Casting

    Sometimes users might get confused about the difference between screen mirroring and screen casting since theyre so similar.

    Screen mirroring is used to show the exact movements of your iPhone or other devices screen on a larger display such as a TV in the same room. The destination display duplicates your device exactly.

    Screen casting another feature that commonly exists with screen mirroring in phones, tablets and more refers to casting a video from your device to a display and continuing to use the device without interrupting the video. For example, you can cast a video from your phone to a TV while still being able to use your phone to text someone back. The texting will not affect the video playing on the TV.

    Screen casting doesnt duplicate the phones exact screen or movements onto the TV, either. Therefore, once you cast a video you cannot see it play on your phone while it runs on the TV.

    Just curious?:We’re here to help with life’s everyday questions

    What To Do If Screen Mirroring Does Not Mirror Your iPhone Screen To TV

    If you cannot cast iPhone to your Samsung TV, you can apply some fixes so that it starts working again. As a preliminary fix, you can try restarting your TV and iPhone. But before that, please verify that your TV is compatible with Airplay. You can learn about it from your TV manual or Samsungs official website.

    Then make sure your TV and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Consider reducing the distance between your phone and TV for a strong connection. Also, you can try updating your Samsung TVs firmware, as outdated firmware can sometimes cause casting issues.

    You can also check out our comprehensive guide to know more about why screen mirroring is not working on your Samsung TV.

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    How To Stream From An iPhone Using Airplay 2

    From playlists and podcasts on your iPad to pictures and videos on your iPhone, you can now enjoy it all on your Samsung TV. With AirPlay 2 available on select Samsung TV models , you’ll be able to stream shows, movies, and music, and even cast images from all your Apple devices directly to your TV. You can also cast to your Samsung Smart Monitor!

    How To Connect iPhone To TV With Hdmi

    How to easily mirror your iPhone screen on a Samsung Smart TV using Airplay
  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to your TV.
  • Connect the other end to the adapter.
  • Plug the adapter into the Lightning port on your iOS device.
  • If you need to charge your device while using it, plug one end of a Lightning to USB or Dock Connector to USB cord into the second port on the adapter and plug the other end into a power source.
  • Switch to the HDMI input on your TV.
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    How Do I Screen Mirror On My Samsung TV For Free

    Getting started with screen mirroring is as easy as connecting your Android phone or your mobile device to your Samsung TV. First, make sure you have a good WiFi connection. Then, go to the settings on your Samsung TV, and look for the screen mirroring feature. Once youve found it, tap the TV to select it from the detected list. If you want to use this feature with another device, the same process applies.

    To begin, open the Control Center on your iPhone and tap on the AirPlay button . Next, select the Samsung TV from the list of available devices. After youve selected your device, you may be prompted to enter a passcode to complete the connection. Once connected, your iPhones screen will appear on your Samsung TV. It may take a few minutes to connect to the TV.

    To begin the process of screen mirroring, connect your iPhone to your Samsung TV via Wi-Fi. If the TV has built-in AirPlay functionality, you can connect to it with an Apple TV. Otherwise, download the JustStream app on your iPhone and connect it to your Samsung TV. If youve got an Android phone, you can also connect using AirPlay. Alternatively, if youre a Samsung TV owner, you can download the free JustStream app on your iPhone and connect it to your TV.

    How Do I Pair My iPhone With My Smart TV

    If you have a Samsung Smart TV and want to mirror the display of your smartphone, then you need to know how to pair iPhone with Samsung TV. To do this, you need to connect your iPhone to the TVs HDMI port and enter a pairing code. In the process, youll get a full-screen display from your iPhone. To connect your iPhone to Samsung TV, follow the steps outlined below:

    First, youll need an HDMI cable. You can purchase one at any electronics store. You can also use a lightning cable to connect your iPhone to your Samsung TV. Once your iPhone is connected, you can access files stored on the TV through the File Explorer app. This feature is particularly useful because you can navigate to the content you want to watch. In this way, youll be able to enjoy your content without having to leave the couch.

    To connect your iPhone to your TV, you need to find the HDMI port on your TV. This port is usually located on the side of the television. Its important to make sure the port is not damaged, or you could end up with a brick-and-mortar TV. Alternatively, you can also use a VGA or USB port on your television to connect your iPhone. Make sure youre using the correct cable to connect your iPhone and Samsung Smart TV.

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