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How To Mute Roku TV Without Remote

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Roku TVs: How Turn Off/On with Button on TV (No Remote Needed)

If you attempt the above fixes and your Roku volume isnt working, it is possible that the Roku itself is encountering a few issues. Here are some fixes you can attempt.

  • Reset the Roku: Unplug the Roku and its power link, stand by 10 seconds, and attachment them back in again to reset the Roku. This can occasionally get the remote to work once more, allowing you to change the volume.

  • Change HDMI port: Plug the Roku into an alternate HDMI port. On the off chance that the port was broken, you wouldnt have the option to change the volume with the remote.

  • Change A/V port: Similarly, if your Roku depends on an outer A/V framework for sound, ensure it is associated appropriately and isnt encountering any blunders itself.

  • Change the links: If your sound arrangement depends on links, you should think about supplanting them with ones you realize work to check whether that fixes the volume issue.

  • Adjust sound settings: It might be that Rokus sound settings needs tweaking. Go to Settings > Audio and afterward change the choices for your arrangement. In case youre utilizing an optical link, set HDMI and S/PDIF to Dolby D.

  • Turn off your encompass sound: Test if the encompass sound is the issue by going to Settings > Audio and setting Audio mode to Stereo. Then, at that point, set HDMI to PCM-Stereo.

  • How To Turn Up Volume On Roku TV Without Remote Or Wifi

    You may quickly connect your ROKU TV to the internet and turn up the volume without using the remote or a WiFi connection if it has an ethernet connector.

    Here are the Steps for Increasing Volume on ROKU TV Without Remote


    How to turn up the volume on Roku TV without a remote? To use your Roku tv without a remote, download the Roku app for your cellphone or tablet. Connect the tool with the app to the identical WiFi community as your Roku participant. Then pick Devices withinside the app and tap the remote icon. The Roku mobile app is an unfastened app to be had on each Google Play and Apple save for Android and IOS tool users. The app allows you to browse channels, set up or eliminate channels, and quite an awful lot get the right of entry to any characteristic for your Roku account.

    Roku TV Slowly But Surely Getting There

    While Roku still lacks in a few areas, like OS versatility, compatibility with some streaming platforms or smart TVs, the service is just getting better and better. Even if its not happening at a pace preferred by its loyal users.

    With that in mind, the Mute button situation is still somewhat laughable given that its such a basic function of any remote. Let us know how you deal with it. Do you use your smartphone like most people or did you already commit to voice control only? Or, let us know if this minor omittance has actually been a deal breaker for you.

    The Best Captions for Charlotte

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    Use Google Assistant To Control Hisense Smart TV

    Google Home Mini

    These days, many smartphones have , a well-liked voice assistant service from Google. Even the most recent Hisense TVs have the feature built, and you can use it to operate your TV.

    Lets look at how to use Google Assistant to control your Hisense TV:

    • Get the Google Home app for your iOS or Android phone.
    • Ensure that the Wi-Fi networks used by your smartphone and Hisense TV are the same.
    • Your TV is listed on the app if it includes the Google Assistant capability.
    • To link your TV to the Google Home app, tap on it.
    • Once connected, the Google Home app should allow you to control your TV.

    Google Assistant can even be used to operate a TV, in addition. You can speak specific commands to your phone, such as OK Google, turn the TV off or OK Google, increase/decrease the volume.

    You can also use the Google Home apps on-screen controls to change the volume or pause the streaming content. These controls are similar to those on your smart devices volume slider.

    How Do I Turn On My Roku TV Without Remote


    Roku is one of the best selling streaming devices, and it has partnered with a number of Smart TV brands to produce Smart TVs with Roku OS. A few of these Smart TV brands include TCL and Hisense. And, with these Roku TVs comes a remote control that eases all operations between you and your TV. But, what happens when you lose the remote or that it gets damaged? How then will you turn on or use your Roku TV without a remote?

    Turning on your Roku device when you do not have a remote shouldnt be a problem. The Roku device is independent. Hence, it will go on standby mode when you turn off your TV. And, once you turn on your TV and switch the HDMI output where your Roku device is connected, it will turn on automatically.

    Your Roku device will respond based on if your TV is on or not. You dont need to turn on your Roku device manually.

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    Onn Roku TV Remote Replacement

    Controlling your onn TV without a remote is both stressful and tiresome. You will need to find a replacement for your onn remote sooner.

    Replacement remotes, compatible with all onn Roku TVs, are available to purchase across different stores. However, most of these replacement remotes for onn Roku TV are incompatible with Rokus additional devices. Remember that this remote is not an original but a replacement.

    Here is a detailed description of the onn Roku TV remote replacement:

    • It is a universal remote and is therefore compatible with all Roku TVs.
    • It is easy to use since you dont need to set up onn Roku TV afresh to use it with the replacement remote. In addition to that no programming, nor pairing is required prior to the remotes use. All you need to do is insert working batteries, and you are good to go.
    • It has shortcut keys for Netflix, Vudu, Hulu and Roku Channels. Youll also find other replacement remotes having YouTube or Amazon Prime shortcuts.
    • It has a slim design that makes it easy to grip.
    • It is incompatible with Rokus additional devices like the Roku streaming player, Roku box, and Roku stick. This remote is only compatible with Rokus in-built functions.
    • Being a replacement and not an original, this remote does not have voice control, a headphone jack, or a pairing button. It is also a standard IR remote and not an RFremote.

    How Do You Unmute A Roku TV

    Unmuting the volume on a Roku TV can be challenging if you dont have a remote. Luckily, there are several methods you can try to fix this problem. Among them is changing the audio settings in the Settings menu. After doing this, you can test the sound from the TV by pressing the volume buttons on your remote. If you still cannot hear anything, you may have trouble with the signal from the TV source and need to change it to another one.

    First, check the volume settings of your TV, soundbar, or AVR. Make sure the sound level is at 50% or higher. Another solution is to try different cables. If they dont work, your Internet service provider may be able to help you. If all these solutions fail, you can try rebooting your Wi-Fi router.

    If you are unable to hear the sound on your Roku TV, you might have a problem with the language setting. To fix this, you need to press the menu button on the remote and navigate to the set-up section. Then, check that your language and location are set to USA.

    Learn More Here:

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    How To Identify Your Roku Remote

    Figuring out which Roku remote you have can be tricky. The only Roku remote that doesn’t have a compartment for batteries you replace is the Roku Voice Remote Pro as it charges via USB.

    If your Roku Remote has a microphone button but no headphone jack, it’s likely the Roku Voice Remote.

    If your Roku remote doesn’t have volume controls, it’s the Roku Simple Remote. If your remote has colorful A and B buttons, it’s the Roku Game Remote.

    Now you know how to fix a Roku remote that’s not working, take a look at some of our other Roku guides, including how to use screen mirroring on Roku and what we think is the first thing every Roku owner should do. And if you’re looking for some viewing inspiration, check out our guide on the best Roku channels.

    Change The Batteries In Roku Remote

    How to use the volume controls and mute button on your TCL Roku TV Remote

    We mentioned changing batteries at the outset, but its an essential first step if your Roku remote volume isnt working.

    Make sure you have a fresh set of AA batteriesswap them out in the remote and see if the volume rocker starts working.

    If the volume still isnt working, but other buttons are, continue with the following troubleshooting steps.

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    Connect Using Last Known Device

    Another possibility to use your Roku without Wi-Fi is to connect using a last known device. If you chose to do this, your Roku will be under the impression it is connected to the last known Wi-Fi, and you will be able to stream effortlessly.

    To connect to Wi-Fi using a last known device you should change the name of your phone to the previous Wi-Fi name/SSID. Doing this will connect the Roku to the internet via the hotspot. However, by using the same ID and password, the Roku is tricked into thinking it is connected to Wi-Fi, even though there is no connection there.

    When you open the Roku app, you will see your device listed. You will also have a remote on your Roku app, which will give you full control over the Roku. From the app, you can adjust the settings, accordingly, based on your individual preferences.

    Re: Roku TV Muting And Unmuting

    My tv is doing this did you ever get yours to fix I to tried a factory reset and it’s still doing it took batteries out of remote before that I can’t figure out how to fix this

    Thanks for the post.

    Can you please provide more specific information about the issue you are experiencing? What are the steps to reproduce the issue? What happens when you remove the batteries from your remote?

    With more detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.


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    How To Control Tcl TVs With No Remote

    Even though most TCL TVs come with a remote, its pretty easy to lose a TV remote when you use it daily. Whether youve temporarily misplaced your remote or you want a permanent solution for controlling your TCL TV, you have a few different options:

    • Wireless apps: TCL TVs can be controlled through smart devices, such as phones or tablets. After being downloaded, these wireless apps can be used as universal remotes for your TCL TV.
    • Gaming consoles: TCL TVs without a remote can be turned on with wireless gaming consoles like the Playstation 4, the Playstation 5, and the Nintendo Switch. While gaming consoles give you the means to turn a TCL TV on or off, they dont offer the same range of controls as wireless remote control apps.

    If you need to control your TCL TV permanently without the stock remote control, using a wireless remote control app such as TCL TV Remote Control or Roku Remote Control allows you to control your TV without it.

    Press The Physical Power Button On Your Roku TV

    How To Manually Turn On Tcl Roku TV Without Remote References

    This is the easiest and most direct way to turn your Roku TV on or off without a remote. If you are reading this article, it is probably because you couldnt locate it.

    This is because the design trend among TVs is to hide the power button. Since Roku TVs are made by more than a dozen manufacturers, this gets tricky.

    Sometimes the power button is located behind a flap, on the back of the TV, or in some cases, its behind on the sides.

    To make your life simple, we dedicated multiple hours digging up the manuals of all major Roku TV manufacturers to find out exactly where the power button is located on the TV.

    It is worth pointing out that powering off the TV using the physical button or the remote only puts the Roku TV in a low power standby mode. It does not entirely turn the power off. To completely power off your TCL Roku TV, you need to unplug the power cable.

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    How To Update The Wifi Settings On Tcl TV Without Remote

    You may need to update your wifi settings on TCL TV in order to connect your smartphone without any struggle. This can smoother the process. However, this process can be done by using your digital remote that is already on the screen. Well, you can do this job just by following some easy steps. Remember, to perform this procedure, you are using your Digital Remote that is already installed on your smartphone.

  • Launch the Roku App on your smartphone
  • Choose any new network you want to use
  • Toggle off the Hotspot and connect it to your WiFi network
  • Now, the new network is set with the update
  • With the right process, you can update the wifi settings on TCL TV without a remote. So, to get the job done, follow those steps carefully.

    How Do I Mute My Roku Without The Mute Button

    The volume control on a Roku TV can be difficult to use if you dont have a remote, but you can still mute it. To do so, sign into your Roku account and navigate to the Advanced Audio settings. Here, you will find the volume controls and headphones icon.

    If you dont have a remote, you can also mute your Roku TV through your mobile device. First, open up the Roku app and log in to your account. Then, navigate to the settings menu and find the model number of your Roku TV. From there, you can toggle the volume, change channels, or adjust the volume. Youll need the same password or SSID as your mobile hotspot to do this, so be sure to enter it.

    The app is available for download in the App Store or Google Play. This free application makes your smartphone a remote control for your Roku. After downloading the app, connect your smartphone to the same WiFi network as your Roku. It will work just like a remote!

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    What Smart Devices Are Compatible With Tcl TV

    If youre trying to use a TCL TV without the stock remote, youll need to pair it with a smart device to use a remote app instead. Thankfully, both Android and iOS devices are compatible with TCL and Roku TVs. This gives you plenty of versatility when it comes to setting up your TCL TV as part of a smart home ecosystem.

    How To Pair A Roku Remote

    How To Connect Roku To Wi-Fi Without A Remote

    Another common cause for a Roku remote not working is that the control has become unpaired from the box it is supposed to operate.

    System updates, low power, changing Wi-Fi networks, using the device with another Roku box, or a simple technical glitch could all theoretically trigger an unexpected unpairing.

    Thankfully, it is easy to pair a Roku remote with a Roku box or streaming stick. Just follow the instructions below:

  • Disconnect your Roku box from its power supply.
  • Wait 10 seconds, reconnect the box, and wait for the Home page to load.
  • Locate the pairing button on your remote. It is typically found on the front of the device or in the battery compartment.
  • Hold the button down for five seconds or until you see the Roku remote blinking.
  • Remember, some older Roku models come with an IR pointer instead of using your Wi-Fi connection. If you have an IR Roku remote that’s not working, check that no dirt is blocking the receiver on either the control or the box/TV. Also, ensure that there are no obstructions in the remote’s line-of-sight to the Roku box.

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    S To Use Hisense TV Without Remote

    Alternatives to a remote are necessary for using a Hisense TV for various reasons.

    For instance, you might be waiting for a replacement remote because your one is broken, you lost it, or the batteries are dead.

    With that said, here are the different methods you can follow to use your Hisense TV without a remote.

    Roku TV Remote Not Working 8 Fixes You Can Try

    Is your Roku remote not working? Here are some useful fixes that’ll get your Roku remote working again.

    Is your Roku remote not working? It could be one of a number of different problems, some of which are simple, and others which are more complex.

    In this article, we’ll help you troubleshoot why your Roku remote has stopped working, and hopefully get your Roku remote working again.

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    For TVs Without A Reset Button

    In some models, the reset button may not be present.

    In that case, you will have to resort to other methods to perform the resetting function.

    Press the power and mute buttons simultaneously.

    Detach the power cord while doing that and plug it back in.

    Release them once the TV screen turns on.

    Follow the instructions provided by the guide and re-enter your account information.

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