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How To Sync Roku Remote With TV

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How To Sync A Roku Remote To A TV

How to pair a Roku remote to your TV and Roku

Ben PattersonRead moreOctober 14, 2021

Roku turns your ordinary TV into a smart one. It comes with a remote that is designed to work straight out of the box. But, in some cases, that doesnt happen, and youre required to take action to connect it properly. Fortunately, the process doesnt take a lot of time and requires only a few steps.

If youre interested in learning how to sync your Roku remote to your TV, youve come to the right place. In this article, well discuss what you need to do to pair the remote with your Roku player. Additionally, well answer what to do in case your remote isnt working.

Without An Old Remote

To pair your new remote with your Roku Smart TV or streaming stick without an existing remote, you have to reset it first. To reset your Roku remote, open the battery cover. Youll see a small circular pairing button. Long press on it for about 5 seconds.

The LED Light to the left of the pairing button will start blinking. Make sure your Roku TV or streaming stick is close by. The pairing process will automatically start. Youll see an animation on your TV within seconds confirming that your remote and your Roku TV are paired. You can now use your Roku remote to navigate around your Roku TV.

You can also perform the pairing process during the setup of your Roku device as shown in the following screenshot.

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What Are The Compatible Remotes For Your Roku Device

Most of the confusion regarding the Roku remote pairing process stems from the lack of clear information from Rokus side regarding remote compatibility for various Roku models, present and old. To find the model of your Roku streaming player, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to Home by pressing the button or by using the app
  • Select Settings
  • The name of your Roku device and the model number should be visible there.
  • Here is a compatibility table we created to help you.

    Roku Device
    Roku Smart Soundbar Simple, Voice, Voice Pro

    Note: While Simple Remotes work with Roku TVs and Roku players, ensure that the specific IR remote you are purchasing is compatible with Roku TV and/or Roku player. This is because sometimes they are mutually exclusive.

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    How To Sync Roku Remote To TV In 1 Minute

    Have you recently bought a Roku remote and are unsure how to connect it to your TV?

    A Roku remote allows you to control your TV and streaming devices. Once you set up the TV and the remote, you can power the device on/off, control the volume, and navigate the menu from the comfort of your seat.

    There are two types of remotes. An infrared remote doesnt require syncing with the TV. You only direct it to the receiver and are good to go. Ensure theres no obstacle blocking the path.

    Setting up a voice remote also involves a simple process, including:

    • Going to your device, Check RemoteSettings
    • Select Remote and Devices
    • Select your Remote
    • Set up the remote for the TV control

    Weve got your back if you want to learn how to sync your Roku remote to a TV. Read on for tips on how to pair your TV.

    What Do You Need To Know Before You Can Sync A Voice Remote

    How To Sync Roku Remote To TV

    You can program your remote to control the volume and power when setting up and activating the Roku device for the first time. However, you can also set it up later.

    During the setup process, the Roku device will try to detect your TVs brand over the HDMI connection and set up the remote. If it cannot detect it automatically, you can use various steps to set it up manually and program the remote. It is best to connect the Roku device directly to the TV during the initial set-up.

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    Sync The Remote Using A Smartphone

    The Roku app for smartphones includes a remote option you can use to control your Roku TV. It is also an excellent way to pair your Roku remote without using the pairing button.

    All you will need is a smartphone with WiFi.

    Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  • Download the free-to-use Roku app.
  • You need to ensure that your smartphone and Roku device are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Now, go to the Roku app. There youll see the Remoteoption, select it.
  • The Remote option allows you to control your Roku TV with your smartphone.
  • With the smartphone, locate Settings and then Remotes and Devices option on your TV.
  • Finally, choose thePair New Device option.
  • Your Roku device will automatically scan for compatible remotes. If your remote is working correctly, you shouldnt have any problem.

    If your Roku remote is still not syncing, you may need to try the following method.

    When To Buy A New Roku Remote

    If your Roku remote is not syncing with the TV anymore or if it malfunctions often, you might want to buy a new one.

    They are not expensive, and you can find high-quality universal models compatible with almost any TV.

    Amazon and other online platforms offer Roku remotes from under 11 USD. You can also buy one directly from Roku.

    Tip: Smartphones can function as Roku remotes. All you need to do is download the Roku app and sync your Roku device with your smartphone! This way you always have your remote on you and you never have to go looking for your Roku remote again!

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    Paring With An Ir Roku Remote:

    • Get your Roku player connected to the TV, then switch it on.
    • Select and place the corresponding input port on your TV connection board to your Roku device.
    • Choose the correct source on your TV to show your Roku channel
    • Insert good batteries into the infrared remote control
    • Point the remote to your device and press any button and wait for a minute for the system to complete the syncing process.
    • Re-Pairing the remote again to your Roku device.

    Take off the power cord from the device. Then wait for some seconds before re-plugging it. You may need to wait until the home screen of Roku is displayed. Now restart your remote by simply removing and inserting the batteries.

    How To Pair Or Reset A Simple Roku Remote

    How to Pair a Roku TV Remote Without a Pairing Button

    A simple Roku remote uses infrared light to control the Roku player, so it is automatically paired with any Roku device. All you need to do is point it directly at the Roku receiver. Anything blocking its path, including a glass cabinet door, could cause the remote to stop working.

    There is no way to reset a simple Roku remote, but you can remove the batteries and reinsert them or replace them with new ones. Or you can also reset your Roku device itself by pressing the Reset button, which you will usually find on the back or bottom of your device.

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    Note: To find out if the infrared light in your remote is working properly, you can point it at the camera on your smartphone and push any buttons on your remote. If your camera doesnt detect the invisible infrared light, you might need to replace your remote or upgrade to a newer Roku device.

    Note: Before you buy a new remote, make sure that it is compatible with your Roku device first.

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    How To Sync Roku Remote Without Pairing Button: Solved

    Youve just purchased a Roku device and are eager to use it. The difficulty, though, is that your Roku remote does not have a pairing button, or perhaps that button is malfunctioning. Youre now wondering how to sync Roku remote without pairing button. We have got all the answers for you in this guide.

    Few Things To Consider

    Before you set up your remote control, it is important to know a few things.

  • You have the option of setting up the Roku remote during the device setup as well as after it has been done.
  • Roku doesnt affect existing TVs that have already been installed with it.
  • Roku will try to recognize the brand of the TV if you set up both the enhanced remote and Roku player simultaneously.
  • Its sometimes not possible to retrieve the TVs brand, so youll need to manually type it in.
  • To ensure that the installation goes smoothly, you must gather the necessary data before beginning.
  • When you wish to set up the remote control on your Roku, you should connect it directly to the TV first.
  • Because the Roku device for streaming needs to identify the TVs brand in order to function properly.
  • Roku is sometimes connected to surround systems instead of televisions. Even though this possesses no issues, it cannot be performed during setup.
  • Plug the Roku directly into the TV when installing the remote. After its complete, it can be readjusted.
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    How To Sync A Roku Replacement Remote

    This article was written by Nicole Levine, MFA. Nicole Levine is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. She has more than 20 years of experience creating technical documentation and leading support teams at major web hosting and software companies. Nicole also holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Portland State University and teaches composition, fiction-writing, and zine-making at various institutions. This article has been viewed 31,247 times.

    This wikiHow teaches you how to set up a replacement remote for your Roku player or TV. Since pairing a new remote requires getting to a certain place in the Roku’s settings menu, you’ll need an existing remote to pair a new onebut what if your existing remote is broken or missing? The trick is to use the Roku mobile app as a temporary remote to get through the setup process.

    How To Connect A Roku Remote To A TV Without Wi

    How to Sync a Roku Remote or Reset it?

    A voice remote requires a Wi-Fi connection to communicate with your Roku device. Therefore, you dont have to point it directly to the device for it to respond.

    You dont always need a remote or Wi-Fi connection to sync a remote. You can also use the pairing remote option if your TV allows you to navigate the settings without a remote. Use the following steps:

  • Open your Roku devices Home screen.
  • Navigate down to the Settings
  • On the left side of the settings menu is the Remotes option. Go to the Pair Remote option.
  • The process should automatically connect your remote to the Roku device. If it doesnt, it could be an issue with the remote. You can try restarting the remote or upgrading to a new one. Restarting the Roku device can also help deal with the matter.

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    How Do I Use My Phone To Control Roku

    You dont have to use the Roku remote to control your TV. Instead, you can use the Roku mobile app. The app is free and available for iPhones and Androids.

    Read the instructions below if you want to learn how to set up your Roku app and use it instead of the remote.

    Before jumping to the steps, ensure your Roku device and phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

    Now, you need to allow your Roku to receive commands through the internet. Follow the instructions below to set it up:

    1. Grab your remote and press Home.

    2. Go to Settings.

    4. Select Advanced system settings.

    5. Press Control by mobile apps.

    6. Press Network access.

    7. Select Default. This option enables you to control the Roku device using the Roku mobile app or another third-party app.

    8. Open the Roku app on your phone and search for devices on your network.

    9. Select your Roku device and connect to it.

    How To Pair New Roku Remote Without Pairing Button

    It is a well-known occasion where people are having trouble pairing their Roku remotes if they already have another remote paired.

    Here we will discuss how to avoid some troublesome occurrences and how to successfully add a new remote to the workflow.

    To add a new remote follow the steps below:

    • Navigate to the Home Screen of your Roku device
    • Scroll down to Settings.
    • Select Remote from the menu that appeared on the left side
    • Select Pair Remote
    • Press the Right Arrow and you will be provided with instructions
    • Follow the instruction to add your new Roku remote

    If your first attempt is unsuccessful do not discourage yourself, instead, try the steps again, and hopefully, you will succeed this time.

    However, if you are not able to add your new device you might have to disconnect all other devices that are currently paired with it.

    Under our next heading, we will discuss how to unpair a Roku remote.

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    Pair Your New Roku Remote

    To pair a Roku remote with the Roku device, you need the pairing button intact. If you are using a new Roku remote, follow these steps to pair it with the Roku device.

    • Turn on the TV.
    • Tun on the Roku device.
    • After the Roku logo appears, insert the batteries in the remote.
    • Press the pairing button in the battery compartment.
    • Keep pressing until the pairing light starts flashing.
    • The device will automatically start the pairing process. This might take a few minutes.

    If the pairing button on your Roku remote is not working or is damaged, you can use the Roku controller app to pair it.

    If your Roku Remote is Not Pairing, try resetting it, and checking its batteries.

    How Do I Pair My Remote To My Samsung Smart TV

    Roku remote pairing and troubleshooting

    Having trouble pairing your Roku remote with your Samsung smart TV? There are several ways to solve this issue. Changing the batteries in your remote may solve the problem. Changing the Wi-Fi network on your TV may also solve the problem. Once you have completed all the steps, you should be able to pair your Roku remote with your Samsung smart TV. The pairing process takes approximately 30 seconds. If the pairing process doesnt work, try restarting your device or reconnecting to the original Wi-Fi network.

    The first step is to point your remote at the Microphone button on your TV. Next, program the remote. You can do this via the remote settings menu on the TV. To do this, press the Info button while simultaneously pressing the Home button. You will notice that a status light will start blinking after 5 seconds. Repeat these steps for each button on your remote.

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    Using Old Or Existing Remote

    You can also do the pairing with an already set up Roku device. In this case, you can use an existing Roku remote to navigate to Settings or you can use the Roku Mobile App if it was already set that up with your Roku device. With your old or existing remote, press the Home key, then go to Settings on the Roku TV > Remotes & devices > Setup a new device > Remote. Make sure your remote has batteries that are working and then press Continue.

    Your Roku TV will start searching for your new remote. Set your new remote pairing mode by opening the battery cover and long-pressing the pairing button for about 5 seconds until the status LED light blinks. Your new remote should now be paired with your TV.

    And thats basically it! That is how you reset your Roku remote and pair it with your Roku TV or TV stick. Was this helpful? Wed love to hear from you so drop a comment below with your experience.

    Can I Pair A Roku Remote Without Pairing Button

    If your Roku remote pairing button is broken, yes you can pair it with your Roku receiver using another way.

    In contrast, if your remote does not have and never had a pairing button it means that you have a standard IR remote which doesnt even need to be paired.

    If this is your case and your Roku remote does not have a pairing button by default, you can still visit the official support page for more information, but you shouldnt expect to pair your IR remote.

    The IR-only remotes are compatible with boxes such as Ultra and Premiere.

    Sadly, if you are using a Streaming Stick you should know that they dont have an IR sensor and you wont be able to use your remote with it.

    However, if your Roku remote is pairable , but it is not working or broken, next we are going to introduce steps for you to follow in order to pair without it.

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    The Remote Is Not Working Or Syncing

    The most common problem users have with Roku remotes is that they are either disconnecting often or simply not connecting at all.

    If thats the case, heres what you can do:

  • The first step is to restart your Roku device.
  • Just turn off the TV and unplug it.
  • Once the TV is unplugged, you need to press the power button on the TV .
  • Hold the button down for around two minutes.
  • Now, connect and turn on the TV.
  • You will have to pair the remote again. So, you can use the pairing button or the steps we mentioned before.
  • It should solve connection issues between the Roku device and the remote. However, if that method doesnt fix your problem, you can try changing the batteries.

    Tip: Some Roku devices allow you to restart the TV without disconnecting it. All you need to do is find the Restart option in the System Menu under Settings.

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