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How To Get Philo On Samsung Smart TV

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Things To Know Before You Sign Up For Philo

Philo TV – What Streaming Devices Can I Use – Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Mac, PC, iOS, Android

If youre tired of paying a big cable bill each month, you could save a bunch of money by cutting the cord and subscribing to Philo in 2021.

This live TV streaming service is a bargain seekers dream. For just $25 per month, you can watch more than 60 live channels. This includes popular channels such as Comedy Central, Discovery, Food Network, Nickelodeon and more.

And thrifty streamers will appreciate that this service costs less than half the monthly subscription price of YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV.

But theres always a catch, right? Philo lacks the live news and sports channels that many consumers enjoy.

In this article, Ill walk you through everything you need to know about Philos live television subscription service.

How To Install Philo TV On Firestick Or Amazon Fire TV

Philo is one of the most popular entertainment apps available out there for the people to enjoy. You can easily stream live TV and enjoy numerous channels with Philo. On the other hand, it offers lots of on-demand content as well. You can get Philo on Firestick and enjoy the content offered.

One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of Philo is its affordability. But, you will only have to spend around $20 per month to obtain your Philo subscription and keep on enjoying the content.

You can get the maximum out of this with the support offered out of Philo. You may also use Philo to save the favorite TV shows. In fact, Philo will help you to store them for a duration of 30 days for offline viewing.

Another great thing about Philo is that they offer a 7-day free trial period. If you wish to try Philo without making a payment, you may take a look at this trial period and use it.

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What Is Philo TV

Philo is a live TV streaming service that doesnt have any TV commercials. Philo is one of the few live TV streaming services to offer programming from ABC, FOX, NBC, and ESPN.

Philo TV is an American over-the-top internet television service that was launched in October 2017.

Currently, this TV streaming service is only available to everyone in the US and Canada. It offers 40 channels of live TV including Nickelodeon, A& E, and Discovery Channel for just $16/month.

Read more about the Philo TV review here.

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How To Install Philo On Samsung TV

Unfortunately, Philo is not available on Samsung TV, so you have to prefer other streaming options like streaming devices. Philo supports streaming devices like Amazon Firestick, Roku, Apple TV, and to be specific Samsung TV too.

Lets see how to watch Philo on Samsung TV via Firestick

1) Plugin the Firestick device on the HDMI port of your Samsung TV to install Philo on Samsung TV.

2) Launch your Firestick, and search for the magnifying glass on the upper left side of your TV Screen for Philo TV installation.

3) On the virtual keyboard, type Philo and search for it to install on Samsung TV.

4) From the displayed results, select the exact Philo app and install it on Samsung TV.

5) Once the download is over, hover to the Apps & Channels Section.

6) Launch the Philo app and sign in with your credentials.

7) The Next would be to Subscribe to Philo by subscribing to a Subscription Plan.

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Get Disney+ App On Any TV:

How To Watch Philo On Samsung Smart TV?

Disney+ can be added to just about any TV thats on the market. Even if you own a really old TV, you wont be left out.

You can stream every Star Wars film from the start to finish. The same goes for The Lion King or Marvel movies such as Avengers: Endgame.

This quick guide will take you step-by-step through signing up for Disney+ and adding it to streaming devices, Smart TVs and older TVs lacking HDMI ports.

Before you jump off your computer, smartphone or tablet, while youre online. Using a computer to complete your account is much easier than doing it with a remote control.

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If Youre Still Unsure Go For The Seven

Philo also offers a seven-day free trial that will help you make up your mind. You have to enter your credit card details and cancel the subscription before the end of the billing date if youre not satisfied with the service. You wont be charged if you cancel before the billing date.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out the Philo app on your Samsung TV and see if your family likes it.

If youre already a Philo subscriber, wed love to hear from you. So if youre satisfied with what Philo has to offer, or if youre disgruntled by it, please make sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Checking For Device Compatibility

Tracking down a list of compatible Roku devices for Samsung TVs is a cumbersome process. Suffice to say, its been reported that Samsung TVs from around 2014 and before have built-in protection software to prevent the devices from communicating properly. However, some users have reported success with a certain HDMI port on their TV and not the others.

Some indications of success might also be found in the fact that only Samsung TVs that run the Tizen OS version 2.3, 2.4, 3, 4, 5, or 5.5 can install and use the Roku channel.

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How To Get Philo On Samsung TV Using Roku

Users can also make use of the Roku device to allow the Samsung smart tv to access the Philo app. Let us see the steps to be followed.

#1. First and foremost connect the Roku device on the Samsung smart tv

#2. Then click on the home button on the Roku remote.

#3. After that, the user should choose the streaming channels from the main page.

#4. Then the user should choose the search channels option.

#5. Here the user should search for the Philo application.

#6. Now the user should click on add channel.

#7. Then the user should click on go to channel.

#8. The user should launch the application. And then sign in to the account with a subscription.

#9. And thus the user can access the Philo app on Samsung tv with the help of Roku.

Install Philo App On Samsung Smart TV Using Apple TV

samsung smart iptv app how to get app installed on your samsung smart tv

Step 1: Plugin in the apple TV to your Samsung TV and Turn on both devices.

Step 2: Go to the homepage and select the app store. The Philo app is available in the app store itself.

Step 3: Search for the Philo app and Install it.

Step 4: Open the Philo app and proceed with bu either signing up or logging in.

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How To Get Pluto TV On Samsung Smart TVs

Getting Pluto TV on Samsung Smart TVs isnt all that difficult, but were going to walk you through the whole thing in just a few minutes.

  • First, power up your Samsung TV. Go to the home screen or the Smart Hub, however, you want to call it.
  • Go to the Apps section and use the search feature. Using the on-screen keyboard, type in Pluto TV.
  • From the results page, choose the Pluto TV icon.
  • From the apps page, click Add to Home to install the app.
  • Once the installation process is complete, you can launch Pluto TV. Log in to your account and enjoy all the free content they have to offer.

How To Download Philo On Samsung TV Using Apple TV

The apple tv also helps the users to get the Philo app on Samsung smart tv. Let us see the steps to be carried on.

#1. Firstly the user should connect the apple tv to the Samsung smart tv.

#2. Then the user should go to the home page and choose the app store.

#3. After that, the user should find the search bar and search for the Philo application.

#4. Now the user will find the Philo application.

#5. Here the user should click on the get option.

#6. Once the app is installed the user can launch the Philo app.

#7. The user should then sign in to start streaming on the application. Thus the users can access Philo App.

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Philo Live TV Channels Prices And Add

Published By Dennis Restauro

One of the main reasons people drop cable TV is to save money. Philo understands that and put together a streaming package with over 63+ TV channels like HGTV, AMC, and more for a price of $25 per month. Philo also recently added a Movies and More channel add-on you can choose to add for just $3 more per month. Not only does this article cover everything there is to know about Philo, but you can experiment with the various features covered in this article by taking advantage of this free trial.

Does Philo Come With Dvr Capabilities

How to Stream Philo on Samsung Smart TV

Good news for potential cord-cutters: Philo has one of the better cloud DVR policies in the live TV streaming space.

You get unlimited storage space on your cloud DVR with Philo, which means you can record as many shows and movies as youd like without fear of running out of storage. The only other service that offers this much storage at its base subscription price is YouTube TV.

As a part of its price increase in June 2021, Philo is now allowing subscribers to keep recordings on their cloud DVRs for up to a year. Previously, the limit for cloud DVR storage was just 30 days.

There is fast-forward and rewind functionality on Philos cloud DVR, so you can skip right through commercials on recorded content. You can read more on how Philos cloud DVR functions here.

Heres a look at how Philos cloud DVR storage space stacks up against some of its top competitors.


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What Channels Do You Get With Philo

The Philo channel lineup is unlike most of the other options in the live TV streaming market thanks to an alternative programming strategy.

First, lets start with the things you wont see on Philo that many of its competitors offer:

  • Local channels
  • Sports channels
  • National news commentary channels

Access to these channels is what drives the price of competing services into the $65 per month range.

Instead of paying expensive broadcast rights fees for these popular channels, Philo focuses instead on bringing you reality TV, documentaries, drama and comedy series, movies and childrens programming.

Youll be able to enjoy channels such as AMC, Comedy Central, Food Network, Hallmark and Nickelodeon with a Philo subscription.

If you like Philos channel lineup but still want local channels, heres how you can get them without cable. And if you want sports with a Philo subscription, you may be best served paying for an ESPN+ subscription or one of the professional leagues annual game packages. Heres our guide to watching live sports without cable.

Below is a full list of the Philo channels. If you want to compare Philos channel lineup to other streaming TV services, see our side-by-side chart or use our live TV streaming channel tool.

WE tv

Premium Channel Add-on Packages

Philo doesnt have a very large menu of add-ons, but there are a couple of options for upgrades with the service.

Guide To Subscribe To Philo

You can subscribe to Philo on various devices. We have given you the procedure to to Philo in the web browser.

Step1: Open any compatible web browser on your Smartphone or Desktop.

Step2: Browse and go for the Start free trial option.

Step3: Now provide your phone number or email address in the respective field in the browser.

Step4: Then provide your payment information in the browser and tap on the option.

Step5: Youll receive a link to your enrolledphonenumber or email address. Make a click on the link.

Step6: Then tap on Confirm Sign-up to confirm your subscription.

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Youtube And Youtube TV

YouTube has two offerings for live streaming: YouTube and YouTube TV.

YouTube is the second largest search platform, next to Google, and it has billions of videos available.

  • YouTube allows content creators to premiere videos, stream live, and engage with their audience.
  • Some TV stations also take advantage of YouTube as a platform for parallel broadcasting of programs found on free-to-air channels.
  • The nice thing about YouTube is that its free with ads. If you dont want ads, youll have to subscribe to its premium service.
  • If you are a content creator, YouTube is a great option since it features tools for audience engagement. You can even monetize these live streams you make.

YouTube TV, meanwhile, is a live broadcast platform that features TV channels.

  • YouTube TV is different from the original YouTube platform, as it focuses on live broadcasting from TV networks.
  • Some of the networks you can get on YouTube TV include ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and ESPN.
  • Unlike the original YouTube, YouTube TV is not free and costs $65 a month with up to six people using an account.

Guide To Get Philo TV App On Samsung Smart TV

How To Install Apps On Samsung Smart TV-2021

The Philo app is incompatible with Samsung Smart TV. So the direct installation of the app cant be done. We should go through the workarounds to get the Philo app on Samsung Smart TV. We have given effective procedures for you.

  • Get Philo TV on Samsung Smart TV using Chromecast
  • Get Philo TV on Samsung Smart TV using external devices
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    Install Philo App On Samsung Smart TV Using Roku

    Step 1: Connect Roku to your Samsung TV through an HDMI port

    Step 2: Change the to Roku

    Step 3: Go to Home on Roku device and select Streaming channels

    Step 4: Search for the Philo app and Select it.

    Step 5: Choose to Add channel and Select Go to channel

    Step 6: Launch the app and Login to subscribe.

    Even More With TVeverywhere

    Those are the platforms for which there are native apps for Philo. The list actually expands a bit thanks to a service called TVEverywhere . Using its app, you’ll also be able to watch channels available on Philo on devices like Xbox One and Amazon Fire TV which otherwise don’t have Philo apps.

    Philo is now available on Android TV.

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    How To Get Disney Plus On Samsung TV

    To start streaming Disney Plus, all you need to do is navigate to the Apps section of your screen to find and download the app. However, if the app doesnt populate, then youll need to use an alternative method like a Roku streaming device.

  • Start up your Samsung Smart TV and select the Apps section from the menubar.
  • To search the app, click on the Seach icon which resembles a magnifying glass.
  • An on-screen keyboard will appear. Type Disney Plus and tap Enter.
  • Select the Disney Plus app and click Install.
  • Five Live Streaming Apps For Samsung Smart TVs

    How To Watch Philo On Samsung Smart TV?

    The most notable app for live streaming content on Samsung smart TVs is the Samsung TV Plus app.

    Samsung calls this service free TV with no strings attached. And this tagline holds.

    The Samsung TV Plus app gives users hundreds of shows and live channels that can be accessed anytime. And like other streaming apps, the Samsung TV Plus app allows you to watch videos on demand and Live TV shows wherever you are.

    Thats quite a lot for a free service. You only need to download the Samsung TV Plus app and begin watching.

    The Samsung TV Plus app is available for most Samsung smart TVs released after 2016 and is also available for some Galaxy smartphones.

    Other apps worth noting that are available on Samsung smart TVs are:

    • Pluto TV

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    Can You Get 4k Live Streaming On A Smart TV

    You can get 4k live streaming on your smart TV on the following conditions:

    • Your smart TV can display in 4k resolution
    • Your streaming service can support a 4k resolution
    • Your Internet Bandwidth is at least 25 Mbps

    These conditions are non-negotiable. Meaning, you need to fulfill all three to get a 4k resolution.

    Samsung Smart TV App Store Missing: Possible Causes

    There might be several reasons why your Samsung Smart TV app store is missing on your device. The below guide will help you to identify the possible cause and fix the problem.

    1) Restriction by local authority: There is evidence where people have reported that they cannot access some of their regions applications.

    When they reported on the forum, the user knows that the app is banned in the area. Therefore, the users are not able to use the Smart Hub service on their Samsung Smart TV.

    To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to aweb browser thatsupports HTML5 video

    Also, in some cases, language barriers and restrictions from the service provider are the possible reason you cannot access the Smart hub app.

    2) Internet Connectivity: There is the possibility that your region has a network issue. Check the internet service in your area and update the Smart Hub App.

    3) Premium Service: The Smart hub is not entirely free. A premium app requires the user to pay to fix the monthly amount to use the app.

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