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What’s The Best Live TV Streaming Service

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Q: What Streaming Service Has The Most Live Channels

Best streaming services for live TV

The streaming service with the most live channels in our reviews was fuboTV. Their Elite plan offers more than 148 channels at $80 per month, though a large portion of those channels are sports-related. The runner up is DirecTV Stream with more than 140 channels offered in their top-tier Premier package .

Do Live TV Streaming Services Cost Less Than Cable

Individual live TV streaming services generally cost less than premium cable subscriptions. But depending on the cable provider, the cost of a premium live TV streaming service may be on par with or even more expensive than basic cable.

If you want or need multiple live tv streaming services, you can easily wind up paying more than you would for the live TV component of your cable package. Thats why its important to shop around, price out services, and choose the one that best fits your viewing needs.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Watching TV Online


  • Periods when the service may be used for free before being purchased
  • You are free from being bound by prohibitively expensive contracts
  • A vast selection of on-demand entertainment available at your disposal
  • You can watch your favorite programs whenever its most convenient for you.


  • To view, you need to have a reliable internet connection.
  • There are not many live sporting events to choose from.
  • It may take significant time for cable television programs to become available on streaming platforms.
  • Cable subscriptions are still required to see some programs.
  • There is a possibility of inconsistency in some event lineups.

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Fubotv: Best For Sports Fans

The Basics

Team Clarks Full Review of fuboTV

3 Key Things To Know

  • Pro vs. Elite: fuboTV has two main package offerings, so the first thing youll need to decide is whether youre good with the Pro package detailed above or prefer to spend an extra $10 per month for an upgrade. The Elite package gives you 45 extra channels.
  • Sports live here with one notable exclusion: fuboTV prides itself in offering a large menu of sports channels, so youll find all of the professional sports leagues and college sports leagues represented by their networks as well as the ESPN and FS1 families of networks. The one thing missing that many fans will want is access to regional sports networks such as Bally Sports South . Those are available to stream only on DIRECTV STREAM as of this writing.
  • Channel count confirms theres more than just sports: While that list of sports channels is impressive, youll also get news stations including Fox News, MSNBC and CNBC. For entertainment, youll get HGTV, Food Network, A& E, Bravo, Discovery and more.

Is It Worth It?

If you have a couple of sports nuts in your house, you may be able to satisfy them with the large channel list offered in fuboTVs basic package.

Youtube TV: Best For Dvr And Overall Experience

GET THE BEST LIVE TV STREAMING SERVICE No useless channels. No long ...

The Basics

3 Key Things To Know

  • Unlimited DVR storage is included: Theres no extra charge for the hours of movies, television shows or sporting events that you want to save on your cloud DVR. And since its in the cloud, you can access your saved content from any device and location. The user experience here is great.
  • *MOST* of the sports channels that you want live here: YouTube TV is going to have most of the big games sports fans want. Thats because it carries the ESPN family of networks, FS1, SEC Network, Big Ten Network, Golf Channel, MLB Network, NFL Network and more.
  • Multiple streams and user accounts make for a family-friendly experience: With YouTube TV, you get up to three simultaneous streams and as many as six individual user accounts. Three streams mean most of the family members can watch on their own devices with few interruptions. And each of these user accounts offers its own DVR accounts. Also, parents can set restrictions. So its a very customized and controllable experience for each member of the household.

Is It Worth It?

The $65 monthly price point seems high, but thats an all-inclusive rate for all features and non-premium channels. Theres no sorting between packages to find the best mix of what you want. By and large, its all here.

Money expert Clark Howard is a YouTube TV subscriber.

Later in the article, well have more from Clark on how he landed on YouTube TV as his households live TV streaming choice.

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How Do You Get Local Channels Without Cable

Most live TV streaming services offer local channels, though availability differs depending on your location. If a platform has local content as part of its lineup, you can usually enter your zip code to see what channels you’ll be able to get before signing up. Our pick for best local TV streaming is DirecTV Stream because it has the most local offerings, including regional sports networks.

How To Decide Which On

When several options are available, choosing the best one might be challenging. Even though it may be impossible to declare which live TV streaming service is the finest overall, we will do our best to put you in the right way when it comes to the top ones. There are a few things to take into mind, including the following:

What kinds of television shows do you like to watch?

may appeal to you if you prefer watching original programs that are of high quality. They already have fantastic series like The Expanse and The Marvelous Mrs. Masel, and they are investing significantly in producing additional materials. You may find that the charms of Disney Plus are more appealing since they are something the entire family can enjoy together. To assist you in making a decision, we will walk you through each on-demand option. In the battle of the streaming services, each one satisfies somewhat different preferences, but the content remains king.

Whats your spending limit like?

Because the vast majority of on-demand services are very cheap, cost shouldnt be too much of a problem. For instance, the most affordable plan on Hulu costs only $5.99 a month. It provides access to hundreds of episodes that can be viewed on demand. The wonderful thing about on-demand is that it allows many individuals the financial flexibility to purchase two or three packages they like while still costing a fraction of what cable would.

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What Are The Advantages Of Sports Streaming Services

The advantage of a sports streaming service is that fans get dedicated sports programming. Some services focus mainly on entertainment, so when you find a platform focused on the sports you love, it makes your viewing experience that much better. You can also get key features like DVR or replays of games. Of course, many of the services that made our list provide the best of both worlds.

What We Like About Youtube TV

Best Live TV Streaming Service Overall In 2021!!!
  • YouTube TV has an outstanding variety of channels.
  • This live TV streaming service has an unlimited DVR storage.

YouTube TV has most of the channels you love

YouTube TV comes in at a close second because it has a variety of channels most families want.

Although it’s $5 less than fuboTV’s Pro package , YouTube TV is the only live TV streaming service that offers NFL Network, MLB Network, and NBA TV in its lineup for $65 per month.

And if you’re an NBA fantasy player, we recommend ordering YouTube TV to be prepared for next season. YouTube TV is the best for streaming all NBA games.

If you’re a pro league sports watcher, YouTube TV might be the best option for you. And of course, this service has channels for the kiddos and for the roommate who loves reality TV.

Check out the full YouTube TV channel lineup to see if it has the channels you and the house can enjoy, but here’s a sneak peak:

Enjoy that unlimited DVR storage space

The DVR’s unlimited storage space is a feature that plays into the value of YouTube TV.

Only YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV give you an unlimited DVR storage space, and your recordings will save for nine months.

You can record all episodes from The Office and Friends on your smart TV, as well as all the movies your heart desires.

The DVR comes in handy during game season too. You can record a great NFL football game one season, save it, and watch it again during the summer when you’re missing the gridiron action.

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Best Free Live TV Streaming Sites

Streaming Live TV is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to consume content. In todays fast-paced world, one of the best ways to keep up with the latest news, sports, and entertainment is by streaming live tv. It is a not only great way to stay entertained, but its also a great way to connect with like-minded people.

Many free live TV streaming sites are available, so selecting one is difficult. We researched 50+ providers, and the following is a handpicked list of Top 9 Live Streaming Sites.

What Clark Watches And Why

Clark Howard subscribes to YouTube TV, but its not necessarily because its his favorite streaming service.

Like most of us with multiple TV consumers in the household, Clark is looking for harmony in his streaming TV choice. And his family found it with YouTube TV thanks to the channel selection and DVR functionality.

Were using YouTube TV, but its under great protest from me because of the $65 per month, Clark says.

Clark says, if the decision were his alone, he would take advantage of the cost savings that a Sling TV package could offer.

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Nowtv Best Sporting Events With 7 Day Trial

NowTV is a live streaming site that allows you to steam the latest and best TV. It allows you to watch award-winning blockbuster movies across three devices simultaneously in full HD resolution. You can stream the latest reality TV on the same day as the US with over 8000 episodes and full box sets on demand.


  • It allows you to watch more than 300 box sets on demand, exclusive from the Sky Originals.
  • It offers a 14-day free trial for sporting events
  • Enjoy an ad-free experience
  • Payment Options: Credit/ Debit Card and Paypal.
  • Geo Locations: Worldwide
  • Supported Devices: Smartphones, tablets, PC, smart TVs, set-top boxes, and games consoles.
  • Number of Channels: 20+ movies, entertainment, and sports channels.
  • Payment Options: Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal.
  • Pricing: Plan starts at $4.99 for 2 months for Now Entertainment+ Boost 7-day free trial.
  • Free Trial: 7-days
You will be able to stream award-winning dramas and exclusive shows You can need to buy different packages for different entertainment needs.
You can stream all 11 Sky Sports channels Poor sound and image quality compared to the competition
It provides flexible one-month contracts
It allows you to watch in Full HD on 3 devices simultaneously with Boost.
It offers over 1000 movies on demand.

Do You Need Fast Internet To Stream Live TV

What is the best streaming service for live TV?

To make use of any of these services, you’ll need broadband internet. If you’re living on your own, you may be able to get by with as little as 10Mbp. If you’re sharing your home with others and/or you want to watch 4K videos, I recommend you have at least a 25Mbps internet connection. Not sure how fast your connection is? Run the Ookla Speedtest.

And, by the way, you won’t lose anything by switching from a cable box to a Roku or Amazon Fire TV 4K stick. The only real difference between conventional cable and internet TV is that live streaming sports lag 15 seconds to a minute behind live broadcasts.

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Quick Links: Top Live TV Streaming Choices

  • YouTube TV: Best for DVR and Overall Experience
  • Sling TV: Best for Value Streamers
  • fuboTV: Best for Streaming Sports Fans
  • Philo: Best for Streaming on a Budget
  • DIRECTV STREAM: Best for High-End Streaming and Regional Sports

Other live TV streaming options to consider that are not included in this roundup: Vidgo TV and Frndly TV.

  • For a limited time, you can get Hulu + Live TV for $49.99 per month for 3 months. Thats a savings of $20 per month. To qualify, you must sign up by October 5, 2022. Disney+ and Hulus on-demand service are included in this price.
  • Price hikes are coming to the Hulu family of streaming options. Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ are all going to see price increases by December 2022, which will push the prices of select Hulu + Live TV packages higher.
  • YouTube TV added HSN to its channel lineup in September 2022.
  • For a limited time, YouTube TV is extending its free trial period from 14 days to 21 days for new customers.
  • You can get your first month of Sling Orange, Sling Blue or Sling Orange + Blue for half price as a part of a promotional offer.
  • DIRECTV STREAM updated its limited-time offer for new customers. You can now get a $40 discount to be spread across your first two months as a new subscriber. This deal comes with a five-day free trial on the front end, so you can test things out before youre under obligation to pay.

How Did We Choose These Live TV Streaming Services

I watch a lot of TV. I always have. My dad had his own TV sales and repair shop. So I literally grew up with an oscilloscope probe in one hand and a soldering iron in the other. I spent my summers climbing up and building TV towers in rural West Virginia, where the only way you were going to watch a TV show was with an antenna 50 to 100 feet in the air.

Since then, I’ve been streaming since before most of you knew what streaming was… With that in my background, it shouldn’t surprise you to know that I watch and subscribe to pretty much every major streaming service out there. Although those I don’t subscribe to, I at least sample every now and again. So, when I tell you about the services I recommend, it’s because I know them well and I really like them.

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Best With Local Channels: Directv Stream


Why it made the cut: DirecTV is a robust streaming platform that offers the most regional channels of any competing service.


  • Unlimited concurrent streams at home


  • Higher tiers are expensive

DirecTV Stream offers several streaming packages, ranging from the 65-channel Entertainment plan to the 140-channel Premier plan. Though your channels will vary depending on the plan, the overall lineup offers the most robust offering of regional networks from a streaming service.

  • Limited tiers make it easier to choose


  • Weak channel selection

At $35 for its Blue or Orange plans, Sling TV is one of the most affordable live TV streaming options on the market. Its an excellent service for people who occasionally watch live TV, but dont need a ton of channels or DVR features. You dont get a lot: mainstream and local channel selections are limited and sports fans will want to steer clear. That said, if you pay for the Orange + Blue plan and get the full channel lineup, youll have plenty of cable staples, including AMC, ESPN, and Cartoon Network, while paying less than you would with the other options on our list.

  • YouTube Premium not included in YouTube TV subscription

YouTube TV is also one of the few platforms that streams live TV in 4K, which is both a great strength and a sore spot. On the one hand, we love any opportunity to make our shows and movies look better. On the other hand, YouTube TV charges extra for the privilege.

Live TV Streaming Services Compared

Is PLEX the All-time Best Free Streaming Service?

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV is Hulus live streaming option. Featuring an assortment of live sports, news, and events, the service offers over 75 channels and the ability to watch TV live and on demand. Hulus live TV experience allows you to watch two screens at the same time and also includes the ability to record live TV . It includes ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, ESPN 2, The CW, A& E, FX, Pop TV, TBS, TNT, USA, CNN, Disney Channel, E!, FS1, CNBC, and many more. The cost is $69.99 per month or $75.99/month and you can cancel anytime. In addition, you can add things like HBO, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX, Enhanced Cloud DVR, Unlimited Screens and STARZ for an extra monthly cost.

Sling TV

One of the first live streaming options, Sling TV is also one of the cheapest. Like cable, it gives you a few different packages to choose from. Besides its three plans, Sling Orange, Sling Blue , and Sling Orange + Blue , Sling TV also offers a good selection of add-on channel packages. Highlights of each plan include ESPN, Disney, BBC America and Comedy Central in Sling Orange and Discovery, FOX News, MSNBC, NBC Sports and SYFY in Sling Blue. If you want it all, the Sling Orange & Blue plan comes equipped with 50 channels. The one thing to note is that you will not get the local ABC channels with any package though if you pay two months of service in advance, Sling TV will send you a free HD antenna. Local CBS channels are are also a no go, though you can add Paramount+ if thats important to you.

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