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Who Sells TV Wall Mounts

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Best Selling Amazon TV Wall Mount Installation & Review

David Beren is a tech writer with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. He has written and managed content for tech companies like T-Mobile, Sprint, and TracFone Wireless.

  • What is the best full motion TV wall mount?

    Our top pick for the best full motion TV wall mount is the VideoSecu MW380B2. It works for TVs from 37 to 70 inches, can support 165 pounds in weight, and has a dual-arm design that allows for 160-degree side-to-side swivel. It also has 15-degree forward swivel and a 5-degree backward tilt. The range of motion is plenty to accommodate your living room or bedroom no matter the size.

  • What is the best height to mount TV on the wall?

    Generally, a 42-inch TV needs to be mounted 56 inches from the floor. A 55-inch TV should be mounted 65 inches from the floor, and a 70-inch TV 67 inches, but this will depend on the height of your couch or chair too. You want the TV to be eye level with you based on where you’re sitting from.

  • What is the best articulating TV wall mount?

    We like the Echogear EGLF1-BK as the best articulating wall mount. It can hold displays between 37 to 70 inches that weigh up to 132 pounds. It can keep a TV mounted up to 16 inches out from a wall or 2.6 inches when retracted. It supports 130 degrees of swivel, and it’s easy to adjust with just your hands.

Easy Mount Installation With Wall Mount World

Need help installing your articulating wall mount? We can help! By shopping with us not only will you enjoy helpful customer service, our products are priced below market value. Contact us or call 318-423-2831 to speak with one of our professionals today! Customers who shop with Wall Mount World can save even more with free shipping on select orders in the USA.

  • 9228 Linwood Ave Ste D
  • Shreveport, LA 71106

Echogear Full Motion TV Wall Mount Eglf2

Finding the perfect spot for a large TV can be hard. Thatâs where a dual-arm articulated mount comes into play, and the Echogear Full Motion TV Wall Mount EGLF2 has the flexibility you want in this type of mount. It works with TVs from 42 inches all the way up to 90 inches, and can support up to 125 pounds â good enough for almost all current TVs. Best of all it extends 22 inches from the wall, can move 130 degrees and tilts 15 degrees, allowing you to get the best viewing angle from a lot of different seating locations.

You can install the EGLF2 on studs that are either 16 or 24 inches apart and it includes important post-installation levelling for minor adjustments. The EGLF2 works with VESA patterns from 200 x 100 to 600 x 400 millimeters. The only potential drawback is that, when collapsed, the unit is 2.4 inches from the wall.

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Can I Remove My Wall Mount If I Want To Sell My House

Some people may argue that TV wall mounts stay with the house as they are fixtures that are part of the home.

So the mounts are included in the cost of the house you want to sell, which is why you might not have a choice in this case.

However, we understand that flat TV mounts are not a small investment. In this case, we advise you to speak to your agent first so there isnt any misunderstanding later.

Need Help With Mounting Solutions

Universal Swivel TV Wall Mount for Most 30"

Trying to mount a TV but not sure where to start? No problem! Our team of mounting experts can help guide you to the right TV mounting application for your display screen size and space. We will help you evaluate your TV mounting needs and make recommendations for the specific type of mount that we think would work best for you and your specifications! Soon, you’ll be on your way to mounting your television and transforming your space.

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Best Full Motion: Videosecu Mw380b5 Full Motion TV Wall Mount

  • Easy set up and installation

  • Hardwar and HDMI cable included

  • Hardware feels a bit cheap

If its full motion you want during sports games, action-packed movies or just watching the latest episode of your favorite show, the VideoSecu MW380B5 is a standout choice. Supporting television displays from 37 to 70 inches, the VideoSecu can support up to 165 pounds in weight. The dual-arm design offers 160-degree side-to-side swiveling, 15-degree forward and five-degree backward tilt. Additionally, the television can extend up to 25 inches from the wall when in use. Installation is a snap with a 19-inch wide plate that can be mounted into two standard wood studs 16 inches apart. Post-installation level adjustment ensures that even the smallest of mistakes can be rectified after the fact to ensure a proper viewing experience every time.

Supported TV Sizes: 37″-70″ | Supported Weight: 125 Lbs. | VESA Mount: Up to 600×400 | Movement Type: Articulating

  • Incompatible with TVs that don’t have a flat back panel

Supported TV Sizes: 32″-75″ | Supported Weight: 125 Lbs. | VESA Mount: Up to 600×400 | Movement Type: Articulating

Universal TV Wall Mounts

The wall mounts that One For All offers are all compatible with all of the well-known television brands. For example, Samsung TV wall mounts, LG TV wall mounts, Sony TV wall mounts, Panasonic TV wall mounts or Philips TV wall mounts and of course, many more. As mentioned before, choosing the right TV mount, one that fits your television, all depends on the VESA size. It might be handy to know that the VESA size of your television screen can vary per brand .

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Need A Hand With That TV Wall Mount

If you’re not sure what kind of mount would work best in your space, let us help you weigh your options. Our Flat Panel TV Mount Buying Guide covers the various kinds of mounts, detailing their strengths and weaknesses, and even includes videos to walk you through the installation. If you still have questions, or if you’d prefer someone else to handle the install of your TV wall mount, the experts in our Custom Audio and Video Department are here to help. Reach out by phone at or send an email to with any questions you may have or for more information on our services.

Whats With Your Walls

How to Install a Wall Mount TV

Almost all TV wall mounts are compatible with drywall and come with all the necessary hardware you need to install, including bolts and drywall anchors. If you are installing your wall mount on a plaster or masonry surface, youll need some stronger hardware that wont come in the wall mount box. This may require a trip to the local home or hardware store to gather the necessary power tools and products. One other thought about location: We suggest you avoid mounting a TV over a fireplace if you can check out this article for our thoughts on that controversial topic.

Just as most TV wall mounts are compatible with drywall, all TVs use a standard mounting pattern, called a VESA pattern. The name is an acronym for the Video Electronics Standards Association, the body that decided what that generic pattern is. Basically, it just means that whichever wall mount you choose, it will be easy to attach to your TV.

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Features To Look For In TV Wall Mounts

Size – Every TV mount will not fit every TV. Each TV mount will state what size and weight television it can handle. It would be horrible to be hosting a movie night, and your new mount is incapable of holding the TV’s weight. We’d hate for you to mount the hardware on the wall only to realize the wall mount is too big or too small for your TV.

Tilt – Measured in degrees, the tilt refers to the degree to which the TV can stray from its parallel position to the wall. The mount is varying negatively when tilting towards the ceiling and positively when tilting towards the kiddos sitting on the floor. It minimizes glare from open curtains and afternoon or morning sun.

Range of Motion – The range of motion will depend on what type of TV wall mount you purchase and the range specific to the particular mount. For our choices, tilt ranges between -3 to +15 degrees, level rotation ranges from -5 to +5, and swivel or full-motion ranges from 45 degrees to 130 degrees.

Shape – There are a few general shapes of tv wall mounts, and it will depend on what type of mount that you’re buying. Typically, two parallel mounts will fix onto the studs behind the drywall, attached to a single arm or multiple, and the attachment from the arm to the tv will be two parallel brackets, a square frame, or an X-bracket.

How To Choose The Best TV Mount

A wall-mounted set can look more attractive than one sitting on a stand, and keep your family safe from TV tip-overs

Wall-mounting is an increasingly popular option for people setting up a new TV. A wall-mounted television can save space and make a room look better. A TV that might look too big if its sitting on a stand will be less imposing if you hang it on a wall.

Wall-mounting can also prevent dangerous TV tip-overs, which send hundreds of kids to the emergency room every year.

But you need to get the right mount for the TV, and for your room.

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Do You Leave TV Mounts When You Sell A House

Now that we have reached the end of this article, we hope it is easier for you to understand whether or not you should leave your TV mount.

We understand, leaving behind your expensive possessions like mounting brackets might not be easy. Unfortunately, in some cases, you might not have an option to choose.

Read this guide to understand what you can do and if you should leave your TV mounts when you sell your house.

In case you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Different Types Of Televisions

Mounting Dream MD2380

Currently, there are a lot of different types of televisions on the market. Think of LED, OLED, QLED or even a curved television screen. At One For All we offer TV mounts for all of these types. In short, it does not matter which type of television you own, at the One For All website you will find a fitting TV mount. If you have any trouble finding the right one, please use our Wall Mount Wizard to help get you started. By using this selector you will be able to find the right TV mount for your home situation!

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Mounting Dream Tilt TV Wall Mount Md2268


You donât have to spend a lot to get the advantages of a tilting TV mount. The Mounting Dream Tilt TV Wall Mount MD2268-LK proves that point. The MD2268-LK has a lot of features for the money â which is probably why it is the best-selling TV mount on Amazon. You can adjust the tilt of the mounted TV 8 degrees to help you find just the right viewing angle. It also has a fairly low profile â just 1.5 inches from the wall, keeping it out of the way. The MD2268-LK also features quick release straps to make it easier to get to ports behind the TV â something not all inexpensive tilt mounts offer. With support for a wide range of TV sizes, VESA patterns from 200 x 100 to 600 x 400 millimeters, and a weight capacity of up 132 pounds, this mount will work with almost any TV.

One thing you give up with a less expensive mount is the ability to adjust the level after installing the mount, so make sure you spend the time during installation to get it right!

Hang Your Television To Create The Ultimate Entertainment Experience

If you have never enjoyed your favorite program on a hanging television in your own home, you are missing out. Television is all about perspective, and with a hanging flat screen, you will see TV like never before. From the Super Bowl to the World Cup, your home will be the source of ultimate entertainment. At Wall Mount World, you can be sure to find every essential part to achieve this or one of our professionals will help guide you through the entire process. Need more convincing? Shop with Wall Mount World and enjoy Free Shipping on select orders in the USA.

  • 9228 Linwood Ave Ste D
  • Shreveport, LA 71106

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Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For TV Wall Mounts

A TV wall mount is a device used to attach a television to the wall. It is used to save floor space and to provide a more stable viewing experience. A TV wall mount can also be used to hide cables and wires. Browse the top-ranked list of TV wall mounts below along with associated reviews and opinions.

  • Top comment

    WallMount…Great wallmount. Used for a TV in our kitchen. It expands out when being used but can be pushed back and out of the way….great wallmount…Nice mount easy to install easy to hang tv, no problems with installation

    See all TV MountsTop comment

    WallMount…Great wallmount. Used for a TV in our kitchen. It expands out when being used but can be pushed back and out of the way….great wallmount…Nice mount easy to install easy to hang tv, no problems with installation

  • Be the first to write a review

    Product Description

    One of the thinnest wall arm mounts on the market, the Peerless-AV DesignerSeries Universal Ultra Slim Articulating Wall Mount is designed exclusively for ultra-thin displays. The SUA747PU is built to hold displays firmly in any position landscape or portrait while still offering an ultra-low profile. An innovative I-shaped adaptor plate makes it easy to access the back of the display, keeping hardware hidden, and features internal cable management, providing a clean, professional look that transitions smoothly from the wall to the display. With a gloss black finish, the SUA747PU matches any décor.

  • Cut Out Clutter With Wall Mounts For Your TV

    How to Wall Mount a TV

    While your new TV will look great wherever you place it, the clean look of a TV on the wall adds to both the room’s decor and your viewing experience. Whether you like the look of a screen flat against the wall or would prefer a TV mount that swings out to improve the view from around the room, Abt can help you find just what you’re looking for. We have wall mounts for TVs in every design imaginable. Need an outdoor or ceiling mount? One that tilts, extends, swivels, or even a mobile mount? Whatever your preference, mounted screens turn TV rooms into entertainment centers, adding intention to the room’s design for a more sophisticated look.

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    Why You Should Trust Us

    Ive been reviewing home and outdoor gear since 2007. I spent 10 years in construction as a carpenter, foreman, and site supervisor, working on multimillion-dollar residential renovations in the Boston area, and my deep understanding of fasteners, materials, and styles of wall construction helped me evaluate the wall mounts.

    In writing this guide, I consulted with Grant Clauser, Wirecutters senior editor of audio/video and smart-home coverage. Grant has THX Level II home theater design training and has been writing about and reviewing home theater equipment since 2000.

    Check Inventory For This Product At A Store Near You

    This full-motion TV wall mount adjusts up, down and sideways to give you a perfect viewing angle for every situation. Easy-glide bearings let you change positions with a fingertip. Supports most flat screen TVs from 37 in. to 80 in.. Extends to a full 18 in. from the wall.

    • Full motion capacity lets you view your TV from anywhere in the room
    • Tilts up to 12-degrees forward or 2-degrees back to give you the ideal viewing angle while reducing glare
    • Allows TV to mount only 2-1/4 in. away from the wall when closed and extends up to 18 in.
    • Universal design fits most TVs VESA pattern up to 600/400
    • Easy installation for wall studs 16 in. on center
    • Mounting hardware included

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    TV Mounts Vs TV Brackets

    There may be some confusion on whether you need a TV wall mount or TV wall bracket when, in fact, the two terms overlap. Brackets are a common type of TV mount where the actual TV bracket is attached to the wall. A TV mount can be any type of mount that attaches it to a wall, for example a TV arm wall mount. Having split TV wall brackets built-in can make it easier to mount a TV in a corner of a room or try a low profile flat screen TV mount for a more modern look.

    How To Choose The Best TV Mount For You

    Mounting Dream TV Mount Bracket for 42

    Picking the best TV mount starts with your TV: how big is it and how heavy is it? You want to make sure the TV mount will work with its size and be able to handle the weight.

    Next, youâll need to check that the TV mount you choose will attach to your TV properly. Most TVs these days are VESA compatible, meaning the mounting holes on the back of the TV are a standard distance from each other. VESA patterns differ based on the TV size itself, but generally are listed as 200 x 200 millimeters, 400 x 400 millimeters and so on.

    With several styles of TV mounts to choose from, your next choice is whether you want one thatâs fixed tilts or uses an articulated arm . Fixed mounts tend to have the lowest profile, meaning the TV will be closest to the wall. This can make it challenging to get to ports unless the TV mount has a way to release the TV from the mount for access. Tilting TV mounts can be great for angling a TV for better viewing. Articulated TV mounts give you a lot of flexibility, with arms that both extend and swivel, allowing you to position the TV for the best viewing angle.

    Once you’ve bought a mount for your TV, you might need some help hanging it on the wall. Check out How to mount a TV to the wall in 8 easy steps for our hassle-free advice.

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