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Is An 8k TV Worth It

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K TV Price: How Much Does An 8k TV Cost

Is An 8K TV Worth It?

Because 8K presents a significant upgrade from the 4K resolution offered on the majority of TVs, even the most affordable 8K TVs are priced as premium products. Even the most affordable models sell for around $3,000, and prices can range as high as $59,999 for the largest 98-inch 8K TVs.

Right now, manufacturers and retailers are clearing out old stock to make room for the upcoming 2021 models, and that has brought prices down a bit, with the most cheapest 8K TVs being the 65-inch LG NanoCell 8K for $2,799 and the Samsung Samsung Q800T 8K QLED TV for $3,199.

75-inch models sell for between $4,000 and $4,500, with options from LG, Samsung and Sony. But in the 80 to 85-inch sizes, prices vary more, with the 82-inch Samsung Q800T 8K QLED TV selling for as little as $5,999 and up to $8,999 for the Sony Z8H 8K LED Smart TV .

8K OLED models are a different story, with LG’s 8K OLED TVs selling for $19,999 or $29,999 for the 77 and 88-inch models, respectively.

And if you want the biggest 8K TVs, the 98-inch models from Samsung and Sony each sell for $59,999.

Should You Get An 8k TV Or A 4k TV

Just as videos below 4K quality may look worse on a 4K screen, an 8K screens exponentially higher resolution could cause even more problems for viewing content you already have. And, as noted before, there is very little native 8K content available.

A 4K TV can be a big jump in resolution, detail and quality, especially for fans of the moviegoing experience. Once more content is meant to be viewed in 8K, that higher resolution might be worth it.

Early adopters certainly will want to consider buying an 8K TV. But for most people, particularly those still watching HD screens, purchasing a larger 4K TV would provide a more noticeable improvement in TV and movie watching.

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What Is 8k TV And Does It Really Matter

– Widescreen, flatscreen, curved, 3D, HD, Full HD, 4K HDR. What’s the next thing you’ll find appended to this recent list of television evolution? 8K.

That’s right, the TV industry is pushing forward with its next big thing, giving manufacturers something new and shiny to sell to you.

But is your 4K TV about to become redundant? Not quite. Stick with us and we’ll explain everything.

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Pro: 8k Resolution Is Undeniably Magnificent

You cant deny science or maths for that matter, and the figures really do speak for themselves if you havent had the pleasure of viewing an 8K TV in all its glory as of yet. At 8K youre getting four times the resolution of 4K, meaning even more pixels packed into the display 7680 pixels by 4320 pixels, to be exact. This, of course, translates into a greater, more detailed picture.

In our breakdown of all things 8K, we said: For the naysayers doubting whether those extra pixels will be worth it, weve seen it up close and it does make a dramatic difference to the quality of the picture. You heard it here first.

Should You Shop The Black Friday 8k TV Deals Now

Is 8K WORTH IT? NEW 75â? NanoCell LG 8K TV Review

While there are some excellent choices in the best 8K TV deals above, its super early this year to start shopping. Why should you shop now, when there may be better deals later? The answer is the deals probably wont be much different later, but even if they are, retailers have you covered. Best Buy has a Price Match Guarantee which allows you to get a refund for the price difference on items you buy, that go on sale even lower. Amazon has extended its return window for holiday purchases until January 2022 so you can always return and rebuy to get the better price.

Deals aside, were not sure what kind of supply chain and inventory problems were going to see later on. The same is true for shipping delays, which are sure to show up as we near the holidays and more people start buying items online! We recommend getting your shopping done now, as soon as possible, while these Black Friday 8K TV deals are hot off the presses!

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Con: Size Variations Are Huge

In this instance, we hate to say it, but bigger is definitely better where 8K TVs are concerned, which is why were seeing a lot of 8K TVs launching at gigantic sizes. With pixel density decreasing, bigger screen sizes lend themselves to showcasing higher resolutions at their best.

Whilst we are seeing the likes of Samsung announcing 65-inch models as opposed to the initial 80-inches and above, they are still absolute units and, for some, simply not feasible for fitting into your home. For those not ready to commit to a 65-inch TV, then, it may be worth waiting it out to see what models are launched across the coming months.

Sonys Master Series Z9G 8K TV starts at £13,999 for the 85-inch model

Build Quality: Comparing Samsung Q900 Vs Samsung Q9fn

From the front, the two TVs are similar in terms of style, with both featuring the straight edges and pointy corners common of the companys latest versions.

The Q900R bezels are positioned outwards rather than inwards like they are on the Q9FN, and the Samsung branding has been relocated from the top to the bottom right.

The main difference is in the stands, with the Q9FN having an elegant pedestal, while the Q900R gets more functional legs. Such legs can be placed either at the ends of the bottom edge of the Q900R or closer to the center, or they can be tucked away into unique recesses at the rear of the safe-keeping package if you want to be wall-mounted.

The uniform width of the Q900R and its fully flat back makes it appear more like a curvy photo frame when assembled, while the smooth tapering of the Q9FN covers the fact that it is only a bit thicker than its 8K.

All TVs utilize Samsungs One Connect model, which requires all connections to be moved from the rear of the set to a different One Connect panel, with the two components linked via a small, semi-transparent cable.

Its an outstanding feature, but it doesnt provide a point of differentiation between these two sets while Samsung claims it would replace the One Link box of the Q900R with one that completely supports HDMI 2.1, free of charge if requested by the user.

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K Uhd Vs 8k Viewing Distance

There is nothing much to talk about the viewing distance as it only matters while comparing the two versions or standards. At the same time, visual acuity also comes in the average results for testing. Having 20/20 vision is considered to be the normal acuity.

The value of normal acuity is the sharpness of vision or visual acuity from a 20 feet distance. Other values like 20/40 mean that your visual acuity is different from the normal acuity. Hence, you can clearly see an object from 20 feet away which people with normal acuity can view from 40 feet.

Unless you are seeing nature footage or a moving scene from a close distance, you wouldnt be able to detect a difference in the image quality. Also, keep in mind that the quality depends vastly on the recording.

Which One To Pick: 4k Or 8k

HOW GOOD are 8K TVs? NEW 75â? NanoCell LG 8K TV Review. Is 8K WORTH IT?

Whether it is a monitor or television, getting 4K seems to be the smartest choice. Because the speed, software, 4K content, consumer electronics, and other necessary equipment are ready to currently support the standard. Also, the cost of the technology is getting decreased day by day.

Before buying a 4K TV or monitor, measure the desk area and see whether it can fit a 27 or larger panel. Otherwise, you can go for a VESA mount and not worry about the tables size.

Now, lets talk about getting 8K or 8K TVs.

Unless future-proofing your home setup, you might get disappointed seeing both types of displays side by side comparison. According to some independent researchers, from a test run on a controlled group of people, our naked eye cant distinguish between 4K or 8K video quality. There are some exceptions in the test results but a majority cant.

Apart from that, 8K content, compatible player, software, and other necessary tech have a long way to go. Only 8K HDMI cables and some high-end displays are available right now. So, it wouldnt be a wise move according to some experts to spend a huge amount of money unless you dont have a budget issue.

Lastly, my suggestion for you is to visit a store or your friends house who has the latest tech and experience them. It will help you decide with full confidence.

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Is There 8k Content Out There

Clearly, purchasing an 8K TV gives you a better product than a 4K TV because the resolution is better however, that only matters if you are watching 8K material.

If you take material that has been broadcast in 2K and 4K and throw it on an 8K TV, you wont necessarily see much of a difference.

Sadly, the days of 8K content being everywhere are still pretty far off. Most of the 8K content resides on YouTube, and the footage is relatively limited to travel videos and pretty landscapes. There are some films that are shot in 8K, but most are finished in 2K because the standard cinema screen is 2K. Many movie theaters do not broadcast their films in 8K, so there isnt much point for production crews to finish films in 8K.

Streaming platforms such as Disney+ and Netflix are still in the process of upgrading their content to 4K, so it will be a while before the streaming platforms are broadcasting in 8K. Because 8K content is not yet readily available, there will not be much of a difference in the quality of the picture when moving from a 4K TV to an 8K TV. It might not be worth it.

Your Broadband Is Going To Break

The other aspect of this is that streaming services and, most importantly, your internet, won’t be able to handle all that data.

You need a pretty good broadband connection with unlimited data to happily stream Netflix shows in Ultra HD without it buffering all the time and that privileged internet doesn’t come cheap. 8K content is literally double the data, and most households simply don’t have the download speed to stream the sheer volume of pixels flying down the cables.

To give you an example of how hard it will be to stream 8K content live, the BBC tried to broadcast a 4K stream of some of the 2018 Football World Cup in Russia to a select group of people. You had to have a 4K TV , a minimum internet speed of 35Mbps , and be vetted by the BBC themselves before the broadcast.

Around 3,000 people across the UK took part, and only 700 people managed to watch an entire match in 4K quality without the connection falling off or the quality dropping. And this is with only half the pixels of an 8K broadcast.

8K TVs might technically be possible, but it’s the rest of the industry, from the cameras and cables used to film the content, to the internet providers and even your own brain, that needs to catch up.

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Is It Worth Buying An 8k TV

Here’s a quick summary of our current thinking regarding 8K TVs.

  • Unless you have money to burn, don’t even consider buying one right now.
  • From what we’ve seen, there’s little image quality improvement over 4K TVs.
  • Any image quality improvement we’ve seen required sitting very close to a very large screen.
  • To get the most out of any 8K TV, you need actual 8K content.
  • Both new consoles promise 8K resolution, but that’s potentially misleading.
  • In the next few years 8K TVs will get cheaper and perhaps actually be worth considering.

To reiterate, one of the biggest reasons 8K TVs are not as amazing as you might expect, besides their price, is that there simply aren’t any 8K TV shows or movies to watch on them. And while the latest gaming consoles will eventually do 8K , 8K games today are basically nonexistent. The best you can get in most cases is 4K, so all those extra pixels of an 8K TV won’t be used to their fullest potential.

Now that you’ve slid your wallet back into your pocket, sit back and soak in everything there is to know about 8K TVs today.

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Best Black Friday 8k TV Deals For November 2021

Is Samsung

With a super-high resolution display, 8K TVs are the equivalent of four 4K TVs put together, delivering the most realistic images possible. It also means 8K TVs are undeniably expensive, but by taking advantage of the best 8K TV deals, you can trim their cost down to something more manageable. If you thought an 8K TV was a bit too rich for your wallet, then dont worry some amazing Black Friday 8K TV deals have arrived, earlier than ever this year. If they really are out of your budget, there are a ton of Black Friday TV deals in a variety of sizes that you can look at instead.

Retailers have gone all-out this year! Just take a look at some of these amazing Walmart Black Friday deals, youll find a host of 8K TV deals in there, too. And dont worry about shopping early, we recommend you do! Retailers are extending return windows to ensure you always get the best deal possible. Not to mention, we dont know what kind of supply chain, inventory, and shipping delays well see later on this year. Back to the main point, if you want top-of-the-line video quality and resolution, check out the best Black Friday 8K TV deals below.

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Is An 8k TV Upgrade Worth It

This very much comes down to who you are and what you demand from your TV. Let’s separate the argument from resolution: A flagship TV is designed for the best performance, regardless of the content that you’re feeding into it. It’s also the company’s 8K TV and that upscaling performance is great. So buying a top-level 8K has some merit, because you’re not just buying resolution.

At the same time, the lack of 8K content from a convenient source might pose something of a barrier to adoption for many people. That, we’re sure, will come crashing in over the next 3-5 years, at which point we’re expecting 8K to be much more commonplace. With that in mind – and the average life of a TV set being around 5 years at least – there’s probably a lot of evolution to come before you’ll be natively watching 8K content and getting the most from an 8K TV.

With that in mind, it’s hard to recommend a “cheap” 8K TV which we might see appear over the next 12-18 months. If you’re not buying quality, you’ll probably not get a great 8K experience.


Buy For Today Not Tomorrow

Future-proofing is a common phrase that tends to crop up whenever a new television technology makes its way to market, and you’re likely to hear it often in regards to 8K. However, it’s this writer’s opinion that there’s no real way to predict where TV technology is going to take us in the near future.

Only a couple of years ago, early adopters of 4K TVs used the same ‘future-proofing’ rationale when making the leap into the Ultra HD generation, but that eagerness has proved to be a double-edged sword in the long run.

For instance, many first-generation 4K TV owners were unaware that HDR10 and Dolby Vision integration would be just around the corner, leaving them with televisions that were ill-equipped to display the best that Ultra HD had to offer.

Having said that, the 8K TVs of today really do offer some of the most exciting and next-gen technologies on the market. If you have the capacity and the budget for a larger screen will certainly get some benefit from all those added pixels .

Vastly improved upscaling makes even HD sources look exceptional on 8K screens, while the gradual implementation of HDMI 2.1 ports paves the way for 8K gaming on next-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

So if you do decide to make the leap into 8K Full UHD, our advice is to make sure you do it for the upscaling features already on offer which are admittedly exceptional and not because you’re expecting 8K content to arrive soon.

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So Now I Have To Buy An 8k TV I Just Bought A 4k TV

Well, you can if you want to, but only if you’ve got a spare £8k to throw at a TV.

8K is still in the extreme early-adopter phase of release, with only a couple of people actually buying them from shops right now, particularly in the UK. In fact, only 900,000 8K TVs were sold in 2019, and half of those went to Chinese consumers, so you really don’t need to rush out and take out a second mortgage to get one right now.

Samsung is making the first real attempt to bring 8K TVs into regular people’s living rooms and, even then, it’s going to take a fair chunk out of your bank account. That’s actually half the problem with 8K TVs right now, as most of us mere mortals will be priced out of the technology almost immediately.

Currys, £14,999

Meanwhile, 4K TVs are way more affordable than they used to be. You can pick up a pretty solid 40″ TV for under £400 right now, and most top quality ones are around £1k.

You’re much more likely to be able to buy one of these and actually enjoy it without that looming sense that you’ve bankrupted yourself just to binge-watch The Office for the 17th time in a row.

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