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How To Hide Your Cords On Wall Mounted TV

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Feed The Wires Behind The Wall

How to Hide Your TV Wires for $10

To feed the wires behind the wall, grab a long piece of string, longer than the gap between your entry and exit points and tie a weight to one end, leaving enough string to tie to the wire, or the knot loose enough to undo.

Drop this weight into the entry point and let gravity take the weight down behind the wall as you feed the string dont let go!

Keep feeding down until you see it through the exit point . Grab it and pull through, without letting go of the top of the string.

How To Hide Cords On Wall Mounted TV In Apartment

Are you here looking for how to hide cords on wall mounted TV in apartment? Next to food shopping, cable management is the second most daunting prospect for those about to invest in a new TV. Most marketers dont help either, bombarding us with ads that show elegant and streamlined living rooms with one problem. That is cables poking out from behind your choice of brand-new television. Why cant they just magically disappear? Guess what they can!

In fact, taking care of signs of cords and electronics wires in many well-publicized cases can be as simple as enlisting the help of some white cords. They are either cleverly hidden or cleverly arranged by positioning them between other items .

So now we have additional ways to create aesthetic appearances while looking for how to hide cords on wall mounted TV in apartment?

So, lets get started with all of the effective ways you can hide cords in your apartment. I know that this can be a challenge, so stay with me!

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    There is nothing that messes up a beautiful room like a mess of cords. Here is a simple way on how to hide tv cords in the wall.

    There are a lot of different ways to cover them up and make them disappear, but a lot of them are tacky and many cost way more than they should.

    When we built our new floating shelves we knew we needed to hide those ugly tv cords and what we ended up doing was simple, classy, and most importantly, cheap on how to hide tv cords.

    Let me show you how you can do it too!

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    How To Hide TV Wires On The Wall: 3 Simple Solutions

    But if you already have the mount or tv stand set up for your specific tv, and you still arent sure what to do with those wires, weve got a couple of ideas. As tv mounting experts, we can guide even the most seasoned tv watcher through the steps and modifications it takes to optimize every tv room.

    Hide Surround Speaker Wires By Skirting The Floor Molding Or Laying Down A Rug

    Wall Mounted TV and Hiding The Cords

    While cable ties and raceways are great for keeping cables organized behind your TV, what happens when you have to run cables elsewhere in the room? Surround speaker wires are probably the most common example.

    For my own system I use a 16-gauge Monster XP speaker cable to connect my surround speakers to my receiver. Monster tends to get a bad rap for being overpriced, but I like the XP range as it is economical, well-constructed and also available in white.

    Whichever brand you choose, you can run the cables along skirting boards and door frames and attach them using inexpensive, nail-in cable clips.

    If you have a large, cathedral-like room it may not be possible to run cables along the walls, so invest in a good rug instead. While it’s unsafe to run power cables under rugs it’s ok to cover things like speaker cables or Ethernet, but try to run them in the least trafficked area if you can. For maximum hardiness, you could run a rubber raceway by itself on the floor if necessary.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Get TV Wires Chased Into The Wall

    Youre looking at an average cost of around £100 to £180 to get wires chased into the wall. Find out more in our TV set up cost guide. Costs will vary depending on the type of wall, but a professional can get the job done and dusted in a day and can also ensure that the wires meet building and fire regulations.

    Purchase A Cord Cover

    If you dont like the idea of drilling holes on your wall to hide cords and hide TV wires, you can conceal them with cord covers. You can hide the dangling cords from your wall mounted TV by camouflaging them on the wall using cord covers or cables hider. A cord cover is a shallow channel for your wires that you can be directly wall mounted. The wires are placed into this channel and concealed when the cover snaps on.

    Cord Covers usually come in two types: metal cord cover and plastic cord cover. Metal covers are more durable and paintable, while plastic covers are less expensive. Metal covers are more difficult to install because they need to be screwed to the wall. On the other hand, plastic covers have an adhesive backing that allows it to stick and be easily wall mounted.

    You can buy Cable Concealer Kits on You can choose a color that blends on the color of your wall, or you can point it so it camouflages on your wall.

    We all want our living rooms to look neat and clean. If you want to hide TV wires in plain sight, just follow the tips we gave you! Again, if you are not confident about doing it yourself, you can always ask for professional help. Aerialforces professional engineers are always here to help you with your TV problems. Meanwhile, if you want to mount your TV on the wall, you can also visit our TV mounting guide or avail our TV mounting services.

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    Now Youve Learned How To Hide TV Cords With This Simple Way

    Definitely one of the easiest spruces done in our house so far.

    Love this post? I think you might also love this

    Make a simple hanging shelf out of wood. This easy DIY idea looks great on your wall for storing little decor items in your home.

    Make a modern house number sign with wood shims to improve your curb appeal. This unique address plaque is simple to make and looks great!

    Hook Cords To The Wall Or To The Back Of Your Furniture

    How To Hide Your TV Wires in 30 Minutes – DIY

    Having a power outlet near your TV may not be enough to hide your wires. Dangling cords may still appear if you have other electronic devices. To prevent these wires from dangling, we suggest you anchor them to the wall or to the back of your furniture such as your rack. You can anchor your cords using Command Cord Clips, which are available in different sizes on

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    Make Cables Look Camouflaged By Installing Light Strips:

    A huge design trend is colorful LED light strips in the home. These lights can make any space look futuristic, sleek, and clean, but they can also keep you sane by hiding all your TV wires.

    Speaker wire is commonly mounted behind or along with most LED light strips. Since speaker wires are likely to stay put most of the time.

    However, rigid adhesive backing that doesnt require an electricity source might be your best bet. Some connector systems will probably work best for other situations where wires might need to be repositioned occasionally.

    Make A Wood Frame And Cover It In Fabric

    Its a creative way to hide TV cords without cutting the wall, however, you have to choose the fabric wisely. You want it to fit the wall color and the furniture in the room.

    For the frame, youll need four studs that you have to attach to each other with a few screws to get a rectangular shape.

    As a next step, you have to attach the fabric to the wood frame with staples and cut a hole for the TV mount. Use picture or wire hangers or adhesive strips to hang the frame on the wall.

    All the TV wires go behind the frame and remain hidden but, if necessary, theyre easily accessible. Wall mounted TV cable management at its best.

    You can buy all the necessary fixtures at your local hardware store.

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    Tuck Away Wires In A Cable Management Box

    That power strip on the floor is the source of so many visual woes, since multiple power cords lead out of it. It’s a cord traffic jam that seems to attract cobwebs and floor detritus like a magnet.

    Made of sturdy ABS plastic, a cable management box neatly hides the power strip and excess wires in a container that looks like it absolutely belongs there. Typical colors are off-white, white, black, wood tone, and more. Some can even be painted.

    Side cable ports can be opened or closed as needed. Most boxes have air holes or slots to permit discreet ventilation.

    Hiding Cords Inside A Brick Wall

    Pin on DIYs

    As opposed to stud walls, hiding cords inside a brick wall can be more difficult and quite dusty. The process is a bit similar when dealing with a stud wall, but you will have to use a hammer and chisel, or an SDS drill to drill through a brick wall. This process can be risky as you might accidentally ruin your wall. If you are not confident about doing this task, we suggest you leave it to the experts.

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    +1 Organize And Hide The Wires Behind The TV Stand Like A Pro

    If you dont have your TV mounted on the wall and you use a standard TV stand, chances are great that theres a jungle of wires behind the stand.

    To organize and hide the cluttered cords, first, you have to shorten each of them individually to the length you need. A fast and easy way to do that is to wind the cables up and then tie them with Velcro or cable ties. To minimize the clutter, you can group cords that go in the same direction and tie them up. However, make sure you separate electrical and AV cables to avoid any interference.

    Your goal is to make cords as short as possible and reduce the number of individual cords to a minimum. After this step, your wires will be much more organized and ready to be concealed.

    Want to reduce your homeowners insurance premium?

    You can hide the wires behind the TV stand in many ways. The method that will suit you best depends mostly on the type of TV stand you have.

    If your stand has a solid back panel, you can easily fix the shortened cables on it with some cable clips. As an inexpensive alternative, you can use binder clips to attach cords to the back of your stand.

    Another option is to mount plywood or a grid on the back of the TV stand and attach the cords to it.

    You can also use a cord organizer to shorten and manage all your TV wires in a stylish way and hide them on the back of the stand.

    Hide TV Cords In A Wall

    I honestly didnt think it was even worth writing about our living room cord control solutions because there are a zillion posts about it. But people keep asking meand no, I dont just edit out the cords before posting photos! They really are hidden 100% of the time.

    So when a friend asked me the other day, but whar are cords, I thought, lets bang this post out. Im going to chat two simple cord control solutions: one for the TV and one for the wire nest created by all of the electronics we have here .

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    Conceal TV Wires In A False Wall

    Brick, concrete, cinderblock, and even plaster and some drywall walls are either solid or present many obstacles to running interior TV wires.

    Building a false non-load-bearing wall requires little more than two-by-fours, drywall, drywall screws, and trim. The false wall can be attached to a wall behind it. Or you can bring the false wall forward and attach it to the ceiling and floor.

    With either version, adding trim to the junction between the false wall and the ceiling, floor, and adjacent walls saves you the considerable work of adding drywall compound and sanding the corners with drywall tape.

    Hide TV Wires Behind The Wall

    How to Hide TV Cables Without Cutting the Wall

    If cutting into your walls is an option, it is the best method to hide your TV wires. Not only will your cables be out of sight, but if you use an in-wall power extender with more than one outlet, you can plug more devices into the back of your TV.

    Plus, this method also lets you mount your TV flush against the wall. This is because most power extender kits are recessed, so your cables wont hit the back of your TV when you retract it back.

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    Conceal Your Power Strip

    The power strip is the source of so many things, but cord clutter is often the main attraction of this show. Try lifting the strip off the ground to keep all those plugs out of sight. Most power strips have holes on the back so you can even hang them on the wall with just a few screws or nails. If your entertainment center has legs for days, installing the power strip just below the base bridges the gap between the furniture and the wall. Another option is a wall-mounted power strip that plugs right into the outlet.

    How Do You Hide Unsightly Wires

    This simple solution to a wire free wall can completely transform a space and make a TV look seamlessly mounted. This can also work for a wall mounted plug in light if you didnt want to pay out for an electrician, just use one wall plate at the bottom and cut a smaller entry hole to mount the light on top of, and ensure the wire is long enough to reach a socket below.

    If your entry and exit points arent quite in line with each other, you can use a metal wire or unbent hanger with a hook on the end or magnet attached to catch the weight and pull it through the bottom hole, of course checking there is no stud in the way that will prevent you accessing the string.

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    Creative Ways To Hide Cords On A Wall Mounted TV

    You want to create an amazing setup for your new TV, and mounting it on the wall seems like a stylish way to go. Just one problem all those cords can really get in the way! While hiding cords can be pretty easy with a tv stand or entertainment center, cord management on a wall-mounted TV is much trickier. Here are our favorite creative ways to hide TV cords when wall-mounting!

    How To Hide Wall Mounted TV Cords

    Hiding Cords

    How to hide cords on a wall mounted tv in my own style wires for cord free young house love no cables down the hanging disguise from 7 stylish ways without cutting dailyhomesafety mounting your and hiding creative clear clutter guest post home diy projects

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    Take Advantage Of Stylish Accessories

    This one will work best if you have some type of stand or surface beneath your wall-mounted TV. Instead of messing around with the cords themselves, just strategically place accessories to cover them up!

    Not only is this method simple, its also one of the most creative ways to hide TV cords! Just be sure the accessories you use flow with the rest of your space and dont look out of place. A few well positioned books or snazzy art pieces can look like a natural part of your décor. The cords will still be there, but no one will even notice. For more decorating tips, check out our blog post on How to Decorate the Wall Around a TV!

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