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How To Watch Udemy On TV

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How To Cast Udemy Courses From Smartphone To TV

How to Watch Udemy Courses on Your TV

Since the Udemy app has cast support, you can easily Chromecast the app from the smartphone. However, it requires a common internet connection between the smartphone and the Chromecast device.

. Unlock the smartphone and go to the or App Store.

. Search for the Udemy app and install the Udemy app on the smartphone.

. Open the Udemy app and log in to your Udemy account.

. Choose the course to watch and click the Cast icon at the top.

. Select the Chromecast device in the prompt and connect to it for streaming the Udemy courses.

How To Get Udemy On Roku

Udemy can be accessed on Roku through screen mirroring mode. It is because the Roku Channel Store does not offer this app. Follow the upcoming tutorial for the procedure to get Udemy on Roku.

Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku Firstly, you need to turn on the Screen Mirroring mode on your Roku device to mirror from your Android or PC. On connecting Roku to TV and the internet, the homepage will display. Go to the Setting section and then tap the System settings. Choose Screen mirroring mode and select Prompt or Always Allow option to enable mirroring. Now, connect both your Roku device and Android/PC to the same Wi-Fi network, and then follow the steps below. For detailed guide, check out How to Screen Mirror on Roku.

Where To Get Udemy Paid Courses For Free

The first procedure is to, sign up on the Udemy website. You dont need to do that if you already have an account with them. There are several websites and platforms that offer Udemy Paid Courses for Free. I have personally secured more than 500 courses for myself with this simple method.

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    How To Access And Use The Course Player

    After youve enrolled in a Udemy Business course, starting your learning experience is quick and easy. This article outlines how you can begin your course and adjust the course player settings as you progress through it.

    How to start a course lecture

    After enrolling in a course, you can begin it by following the steps below:

    1. Log into your Udemy account and click on My learning at the top right-hand of the page.

    2. Select the course you wish to take by clicking on the course icon.

    3. The first lecture will begin playing in the course player.

    Once you’ve begun a course, you will be automatically returned to where you left off in the course player, next time you access it.

    How to navigate through the course curriculum

    All the published lectures and curriculum items of a course appear on the right-hand side of the course player when you’re watching the course in the default view. You can quickly scroll through the course curriculum by moving your cursor over it, and begin a lecture or course item by clicking on it.

    Downloadable resources that have been included in lectures can also be accessed in the course curriculum as well. For more information on how to download a supplemental resource click here.

    Accessing the course player settings

    The course player includes various features and settings you can use to enhance your educational experience. These can be accessed by clicking the Settings icon at the bottom-right .

    How to adjust the video quality

    How to expand the screen

    Choose Your Mobile Device

    How to Watch Udemy on Roku Using Screen Casting

    Your mobile device is how you will show your Udemy course videos on your TV. Without a compatible device, you wont be able to watch your course on the larger screen. Thats why choosing your device can be an important step.

    • Apple users can use their iPhone or iPad to display Udemy courses. You can use either the app or your mobile browser to bring up the videos, though the app will be easier.

    • If you prefer Android, you can use an Android smartphone, like Samsung, to display the videos. You can also use a compatible Android tablet if that works better for you.

    • Any other device that works with Apple TV or Chromecast can also work. However, you should know that Udemy does not support Roku as of the time of this writing.

    Choosing a mobile device will come easily for many people. However, you will need to be able to access Udemy on your device of choice so that you have somewhere to access the videos. If you want to learn more about the devices that can show Udemy courses, .

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    How To Watch Udemy On Android TV / Android TV Box

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Udemy is a popular online course platform for students in different countries. It was launched in 2010 and had more than 183000 courses and 44 million students taking courses. Udemy platform focuses on students as well as professionals who are looking to improve their skills. On Udemy, you can find nearly 65000 instructors taking different courses. Also, Udemy has courses in 75 different languages with more than 594 million enrollments. If you have plans to enroll, lets learn how to access Udemy on Android TV.

    If you look at the courses on Udemy, most of them will help you to improve your job-related skills. Also, corporate trainers use Udemy as a platform to create coursework for their employees. Additionally, some courses on Udemy give you credits for technical certification. Courses on Udemy cover a lot of fields for the users. This includes Python, Java, SEO, SEM, Business, Marketing, Drawing, Photography, Music, and much more.

    How To Chromecast Udemy Courses To TV

    Do you have the hunger to learn new technologies? Then, you might want to check the Udemy platform. Udemy platform is a hub for learning educational courses. With new technologies getting updated or added every day, we need to adapt to the latest technologies by continuous learning. You can also use the Udemy app to cast Udemy courses to the big screen with the Chromecast-connected TVs.

    Udemy is one of the platforms that provide resources in the form of courses to learn and master new technologies. Also, you can properly utilize this platform if you can watch these courses on the big screen. So, Udemy has a built-in Cast feature on the Udemy app. For the detailed procedure to cast Udemy to your TV, you can refer to the below section.

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    Udemy Chromecast: Using Pc

    1. Open Google Chrome web browser on your PC.

    2. Go to the Udemy website on the Chrome browser and log in to your Udemy account.

    3. Click on the Customize and Control icon, also known as the three dots icon, at the right corner of the Google Chrome browser.

    4. Next, click on the Cast option in the menu.

    5. Select the Chromecast device to connect and click the Sources drop-down.

    6. Choose the Cast tab.

    7. The Udemy tab will be cast to your TV via Chromecast. Now, you can browse through the courses and choose the one you want to watch.

    Installing Downloader On Android TV

    Watch Udemy Courses On TV – Fix Waiting for the Lecture Issue

    1. Connect the Android TV to a strong WiFi network.

    2. Select the Apps tab and open the Google Play Store.

    3. Click on the Search icon and type in .

    4. Select the from among the app suggestions and click on the Install button.

    5. Wait for a few minutes so that Downloader installs on your Android TV.

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    Certificate For Udemy Courses

    Udemy offers certificates for the courses. You can easily obtain these certificates and even share them once you have completed the course. These certificates add value to your resume and skill set. Hence, you should always try to complete the course and get the certificate too.

    • As soon as you have completed a course, you will get a notification. Also, you can see a color change in the trophy icon. This will indicate that your certificate is ready to obtain.
    • Now, go ahead and tap on the trophy icon. This will open the preview of the certificate.
    • Navigate to find the Download option. Usually, it is present on the lower right side of the page.

    Check out the steps to Sign Up And Login To Canvas Student Account With A Join Code

    Watch & Install Udemy On Apple TV Via Airplay

    You can use AirPlay to cast your Udemy course on your Smart TV, especially Apple TV. For this, first of all, you will need the Udemy app for iOS.

    • Start the process by connecting your mobile device and the AirPlay device to the same wi-fi connection. This is crucial to the process.
    • Make sure that you have already made an Udemy account and also downloaded the app on your mobile phone.
    • Now, you have to launch the Udemy app on your mobile phone. On the app, go to the My course page.
    • Open any video of a course that you want to cast and watch.
    • There you will find a casting option on the video. Tap on that icon. You will see a list of devices to choose from for casting. From the list select your TV.
    • As soon as a connection is established, you will get a notification on your TV.
    • To halt casting, you have to tap on the casting icon again.

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    Using Apple And Apple TV

    One option available strictly to Apple users is Apple TV. If you have an iPhone or iPad and an Apple TV, you can connect the devices to screencast your Udemy course. This can be a nice option since it keeps everything within Apples ecosystem, so there shouldnt be any compatibility issues.

  • The first thing to do is to check your WiFi network on both your iOS device and your Apple TV. If theyre not on the same network, change the network on one device so that they match.

  • On your iPhone or iPad, you can go to your settings, then WiFi to check the connection. Your Apple TV will have a similar setup where you can check the network.

  • Next, go to your iOS device of choice and open the Udemy app. You should have your account and all your courses available.

  • Go to the My Courses tab and that you want to watch on your TV.

  • Look for the monitor icon. It looks like a rectangle with a triangle on the bottom. Tap that icon and hit Apple TV.

  • Now, you can watch your course on your Apple TV. However, you should keep your mobile device nearby in case you need to access settings or other features.

    Guide To Watch & Install Udemy On Android TV Via Chromecast

    How to Watch Udemy on Roku Using Screen Casting
  • Go ahead and start the process by connecting your mobile device and the Chromecast device to the same wi-fi connection. This is crucial to the process to watch Udemy on Chromecast.
  • You have to make sure that you have already made an Udemy account and also downloaded the app on your mobile phone. You should download the Udemy app for Android in this case.
  • Now, you have to launch the Udemy app on your mobile phone. On the app, go to the My course page.
  • Then, you have to open any video of a course that you want to cast and watch.
  • There you will find a casting option on the video. Tap on that icon. You will see a list of devices to choose from for casting. From the list select your TV.
  • As soon as a connection is established, you will get a notification on your TV.
  • To halt casting, you have to tap on the casting icon again.
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    How To Chromecast Udemy Courses To Your TV

    by Admin | May 30, 2022

    Udemy is an online learning platform for learning about anything from home itself. It provides courses from Universities and Colleges around the world. The Udemy app has categorized the courses for easy locating. It has an offline mode to download the lectures, and you can learn the courses at the desired time. The app conducts quizzes or tests to evaluate the learning progress. You can the Udemy app to view the teaching videos on your TV.

    Ux Should Be Improved In Mobile App

    – When you go my courses tab and browse one of your purchased courses in mobile app, there is no link to go to the author profile for looking his/her other courses. You basically need to search instructor name in search section to find his/her other courses. Waste of time. This problem can be solved very easy. In purchased courses, a simple button/link which goes instructor profile can be put in the more section. Then I can easily look my instructors other courses and enroll them if I like it. – When you look for a new course, you can see the curriculum in extendable way. Tree structure in other words. When you click the + sign, you can see the content of the section. This is perfect. If there is a lot of section, it says after showing some section, There is 19 more section. 19 is trivial, this number depends on the course. Anyway, when you click this link to see whole section, there is no tree view any more. No + sign to extend section content. Which means there is a very big table of contents page. You have to scroll down and up to see everything. It is waste of time. You can implement a tree view after I click to see whole section. Then If I curious about content of the one section, I can click the + sign and see the content. You also can add extend/collapse all section option. This is more user friendly. Thanks!

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    How To Watch Udemy Courses

    One of the best things about taking Udemy courses is that theyre flexible. You can start a course whenever you want, work on it at whatever time or place makes sense, and you can go at your own pace. To add to that flexibility, Udemy has created multiple options for watching the videos of your courses.

    • The most traditional way to go through a Udemy course is with the browser. You can log into your Udemy account and access all of your courses on your computer.

    • Another great option for completing Udemy courses is the Udemy mobile app. There are mobile apps for both Apple and Android, and you can access the app on a smartphone or tablet.

    • If you need a feature that doesnt exist on the mobile app, like access to your certificates, you can also use the mobile browser to get to your courses. That way, you dont need a computer to get the full features of Udemy.

    • However, if you want to watch the videos in your course, you dont have to stick to those options. If you can screencast, you can display your Udemy app and the course videos on your TV.

    All these options have their own pros and cons, and you can use one method or all of them. Depending on the day, it may be more convenient to use the mobile app. Maybe the next day, youll be home and able to use your computer for more learning.

    Once you use one method to watch Udemy courses, you can still use the other methods. That includes if you want to watch Udemy courses on your TV.

    How To Checkif Your Playback Environments Causing The Issue

    MATLAB – Simulink Tutorial for Beginners | Udemy instructor, Dr. Ryan Ahmed

    To determine whether your device, settings or internet connection may be causing the problem, while accessing Udemy Business on a browser, please do to the following:

    • Check your network configuration by using Udemys system check and follow any troubleshooting steps that are recommended. Please note that the system check is hosted on and externally from your Udemy Business account. You do not need to create a Udemy marketplace account in order to use the tool.
    • Try watching another lecture or course.

    If youre able to watch other lectures without any problems, this may indicate there is a technical issue with the original video. Please contact support so our team can investigate further and report the issue.

    If youre encountering playback issues with other lectures, however, then please try the applicable troubleshooting steps below.

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    How To Download Udemy App On Firestick

    If you get any issue while downloading the Udemy app officially from the Amazon App Store, you can sideload the app on Firestick. You need a third-party app, and we suggest you use the Downloader app.

    Note: We assumed that you had installed the Downloader app on your Firestick. If not, you can get and proceed further.

    Everything You Need To Know About Udemy

    Udemy is a massive open online course provider for-profit organization. The aim of Udemy is to impart professional skills to students and adults. Udemy was founded by Gagan Biyani, Oktay Caglar, and Eren Bali. Udemy came into existence in the year 2010. More than 46 million people are part of this online course-providing organization. They have more than 150,000 courses to offer to their students. These courses are being provided by 60,000 instructors who are teaching in more than 60 different languages. Till now about 644 million course enrollment has been noted.

    There are courses which are helpful in gaining job-related skills. As a matter of fact, Udemy has tried to attract corporate trainers to take courses for their employees. One can get a certificate too for the course they take. One can learn from free courses as well as paid courses. There are numerous free courses that are excellent.

    The mission of Udemy is to make novel possibilities for organizations and individuals across the globe. The library of course is vast and multi-lingual. This means that you can find courses in multiple languages which are prevalent across the globe. You can find courses for academics, health & fitness, business & entrepreneurship, music, programming, language, the arts, and much more!

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