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How To Cast Phone To TV Without Wifi

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Final Thoughts On Mirroring Android Phone To TV Without Wifi

How to Mirror Android to Your TV Without WiFi!

Learning how to mirror phones to TV without Wi-Fi is one of the great features that demonstrate how technology is constantly evolving to improve our lives. Nothing beats the experience of seeing whats on your tiny phone screen on a large TV screen. And if youve ever wondered if it works without Wi-Fi or an internet connection, you now have an answer.

Use An Android To Hdmi Connector

Similarly, you can connect your Android device using a USB adapter cable or a direct USB to HDMI cable. All youll need to do is to plug the USB cable into your phone and plug the HDMI end into the HDMI plug on your smart TV.

That way, you can cast your phone to a TV without a WiFi connection. Also, you can use your mobile data to view other streaming apps.

If these methods do not work, we have a more comprehensive guide on how to cast your phone to tv without wifi.

How To Mirror Phone To TV With Mhl Cable

To mirror your phone to your TV via MHL cable, simply connect the HDMI end of the MHL cable to the TV and type C end to your Android smartphone. If you have an iPhone, you can get a lightning MHL cable and connect the lightning end to the iPhone and HDMI end to the TV. To supply power to the MHL cable, you can plug the USB into a good wall charger, in case the USB on the TV is too weak.

And thats it. The moment you connect all the cables, you should see your Android or iPhone screen on your TV. To disconnect, just unplug the cable and you are good to go.


  • Works with both Android and iOS
  • The Delay of Screen Mirroring is lower compared to other options


  • Not all phones support MHL. But if you are using any latest flagship phone, you should be good to go.

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Screen Mirroring Without Wifi iPhone To iPad

Currently, mirroring the iPhone to iPad without wifi is impossible. There are two ways to mirror the iPhone to iPad using wifi:

  • Airplay
  • Apowermirror
  • Both of these ways need a wifi connection.

    The built-in Airplay helps if you are using an iPhone or iPad operating on iOS10. For this, both the iPhone and iPad should be connected to the same server. Though its impossible to get connected without Wifi.

    Apowermirror is an amazon application for mirroring iPhone to iPad. It has a simple interface and works on all iOS devices. Though its impossible to work without wifi.

    How To Mirror iPhone To Chromecast

    How To Quickly Connect Phone To Smart TV Without WIFI

    To mirror your iPhone screen to a ChromeCast device you need to use a third-party app. A good app for this purpose is Replica App, which is a free-to-use app, available on the App Store.

    Here are the steps to follow on how to mirror iPhone to ChromeCast:

    1. Download Replica app from the App store and launch it from your iPhone

    2. Setup your Chromecast with the Google Home App

    3. Make sure both the ChromeCast device and your iPhone are connected to the same WiFi Network

    4. Connect to the Chromecast device from the displayed device list

    5. Tap on the Start option to start Screen Mirroring

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    Ways To Connect Phone To TV Without Wifi

    Planning on watching your favorite TV show, a football match, or just viewing a Youtube video on your big TV screen instead of your small android phone but forgot to pay for Wifi? Have you ever thought of connecting your phone to your TV without Wifi? Screen mirroring without wifi is possible.

    With the consistent advancement of technology, it has become much easier to do so. You can quickly connect your Wifi to your smart TV and have fun viewing.

    But what happens when wifi is not available for your use or your TV happens not to be a smart TV? Below are the ways to help connect your phone to your TV without Wifi.

    Do I Need To Connect My Chromecast Device To An Android Phone

    Chromecast is designed to work with mobile devices. For this reason you need one to cast from unless youre using Chromecast with Google TV. This can be either an Android or iOS device. As mentioned, Chromecast with Google TV doesnt require a mobile device to stream content, though it is still recommended to use a mobile phone to set it up, and it is a hard requirement for other Chromecast models.

    You cannot set up your Chromecast device with a PC as it is no longer supported, but you can cast from your PC in the Google Chrome browser.

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    Why You Need Internet Connection For Screening Mirror

    Do you need the internet all the time for screening? No, you may not need it when you are casting images and downloaded content. But you need it when you are doing three activities given below:

  • You need a Wifi connection when you want to screen video streaming
  • Wifi is essential when you want to screen web content
  • Wifi is needed for screening live streaming programmes also
  • If you say you dont need wifi for screening, it means you have alternative technology. Moreover, your sending and receiving devices both are supporting this alternative technology.

    How Do I Chromecast From Android Without Wifi

    How To Mirror Phone To TV (No Wifi, Cable or Chrome Cast Needed)

    To cast from Android to Chromecast without WiFi, you need to first enable Guest Mode. If you dont have a WiFi network at your home, you can enable Guest Mode by toggling the switch to On and entering a PIN to allow your device to connect without WiFi. This method works with any Android device, but if you dont have a WiFi network at home, it is still possible to cast from Android to Chromecast without WiFi.

    Alternatively, you can use the Chromecast app on your Android phone or tablet. It is available on Android, but not iOS. Once you have installed the app, open it, click on the menu button in the upper left corner. Now, click on the Cast tab, and then select either a desktop or file to mirror your screen to the Chromecast device. To stop the mirroring process, simply tap on the device again.

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    Does Airplay Use Data

    AirPlay can use Data if:

    • you stream shows from streaming services on your iOS devices to your TV while both are on the same Wi-Fi Network.
    • you stream videos to your TV from your iOS device, while your TV is connected to your iOS devices Personal Hotspot while Mobile Data is active.

    AirPlay wont use Data if:

    • you use peer-to-peer AirPlay to stream video thats in your iOS devices local storage to your TV
    • you use Screen Mirroring to mirror your iOS devices screen to your TV while neither are connected to a Wi-Fi Network.

    How To Mirror Your iPhone To A TV Without Wifi

    You can easily link the game console or Blu-ray player device to your smart TV with an HDMI cable. However, you cant use it to connect an iPhone to your TV. To do that, you need an external digital AV adapter. Here in the first part, we like to show you how to physically connect an iOS device to a TV when there is no Wi-Fi network connection. By doing so, you can mirror your iPhone screen to a TV for better displaying and viewing.

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    Mhl Cable Cast Screen To TV Without Wifi

    So, wouldnt it awesome, if we can get screen mirroring for cheap. Well, thats where MHL cable comes in. In fact, they are the whole reason, we come up with this topic.

    For those who dont know, MHL cable is a cable that can cast your smartphone screen to a larger screen.

    MHL cable support screen mirroring right out of the box. Simply connect one end of an MHL cable plug into the micro USB port on your phone while the other will plug into an HDMI port on a television or monitor. There is another USB end, that acts a power source, you can either plug that to the USB port of your TV or put it on wall adapter.

    Although MHL cables are easily available on for less than $10, we decided to try our luck on local stores. And guess what, it was our lucky day, we got the cable for both Android and iOS, for less than $7.

    To connect an Android device to a TV, simply insert the HDMI end to the HDMI port of your TV and power on the USB as well, next, insert the other micros USB end to the Android. And thats it, itll start cast right out of the box.

    Similarly, to connect iPhone to TV, you can get a similar cable with lighting connector on it Although, we had to add our television as a trusted device for it to work.

    In terms of performance, there is no almost no lag and you can cast Audio as well. Making it perfect for business and home use.


    • Very cheap compared to alternative
    • Available for Android and iOS
    • Can cast both Audio and Video


    Use Apple Digital Av Lightning Adapter

    How To Cast Netflix From Phone To TV Without WiFi? Best 4!

    This method is the easiest method of casting the iPhone screen on TV without wifi. To do this, you need to buy an apple digital AV lightning adapter that supports mirroring. All you need to do is just plug in this white adapter at the bottom of the mobile charging port.

    Connect it to any HDMI display nearby. This adapter has an extra port for charging mobile devices. Although its expensive but easy to carry when you travel.

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    Mirror Using Google Cast

    One convenient option involves using a Chromecast device with a cast-enabled Android device . Google Cast allows users to mirror content from their mobile devices without being connected to the internet. Using this method, your Chromecast will automatically scan for nearby cast-enabled devices, requiring minimal configuration.

    This option is incredibly promising, considering most devices typically require a shared internet connection to communicate and cast content. If you dont have a cast-enabled device, however, dont worry, there are some alternate methods to cast to your TV without the internet.

    Connect With Dex Proprietary Hardware

    Samsung also offers proprietary hardware for DeX like DeX Pad and DeX Station. This makes the process even more seamless. Just place your phone on DeX pad or Station and start using it instantly. You can also connect wireless or wired keyboard and mouse to DeX Pad and Station, so you also can start using them instantly without connecting to your phone.

    The only difference between DeX pad and station is that you can use a phone as a touchpad while using the pad, but that isnt the case with Station.


    • Works on any TV with attached proprietary hardware
    • Ability to use the phone in desktop layout
    • Works even with DRM supported apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Bank Apps, etc.


    • Works only on flagship Samsung phones

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    Anycast Cast Screen To TV With Wifi

    Like the previous method, this one is also more of a hack then an actual workaround. Instead of getting a Smart TV, a better solution is to get a cheap Miracast dongle from Amazon. Consider it as a cheaper alternative to chromecast. They come from a local brand, and support 3 modes, Airplay/DLNA/Miracast. Meaning itll not only works for Android and Windows PCs but also support Apple ecosystem.

    To get started, simply plugin the Anycast dongle to your TV HDMI port and power it on with the USB cable that comes along with it. Next, you will see the AnyCast page under your WiFi settings, connect it with your WiFi network and it should start casting your smartphone screen to the bigger TV.

    One thing to keep in mind is, some streaming apps do not support screen mirroring while using Miracast standard. So, before you make a purchase make sure to read the reviews to find out what works and whatnot.

    While the screen mirroring is good with no lag, the only issue is, a decent Miracast dongle will cost you 15 to $20. You can easily buy a Chromecast for $35, which offers much more feature over Miracast dongle. And lets be honest, although, its practical to spend $15 extra and get a Chromecast instead.


    • Cast both Android and iOS
    • Cast both Audio and video with almost no lag


    • A bit expensive and not value for money

    Can I Chromecast From My Phone Without Wifi

    How To Mirror Phone To TV (No Wifi, Cable or Chrome Cast Needed)

    If your mobile device doesnt have Wi-Fi, you can still use it to cast content to your TV. To do this, you must first set up a Wi-Fi hotspot on your smartphone, and then you must connect a second device to the same network. Alternatively, you can use a third-party service like Castify to mirror your screen to your television. Listed below are some of the best methods to use.

    Using a WiFi hotspot on your smartphone is a secure and reliable alternative to WiFi. Almost all smartphones today have this feature, and you can use it to connect your Chromecast to your phone. You can even share your connection with other devices nearby. Just be sure to set up a password to protect your network. Once you have done this, you can simply connect your phone to the Chromecast using the app.

    Once your phone is connected to the TV, you can use Bluetooth to play your content. Once the connection is established, you can use your phones data to use the internet or streaming services. This is the fastest and easiest method to cast content to your TV. While the process may seem difficult, its well worth it! There are plenty of other ways to use your phone to cast content to your TV.

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    What You Can Do On Your Android Phone While Casting

    There are several things you can do on your phone once you’ve set up casting from your Android device:

    • View the casted content on your Android device as well as the TV.
    • Use your Android phone as a remote control to navigate the casted content.
    • Perform other tasks on your phoneincluding calls, texts, social media, and web browsingwhile casted content is playing on the TV.

    Casted content will continue to play on your TV until you change the input on your TV or activate a different feature on a bridge device.

    If your phone is still on while casting, but you want to stop the cast, go to the app you’re casting, then selectthe Cast icon> Disconnect.

    How To Mirror Your Macbook Screen Using Airplay

    If you are using a Mac, you dont need to ensure that youre not connected to a wireless network with Internet Access, since the computer has both Wi-Fi and a Wired connection.

    The wired connection will be used for Internet access, while the wireless connection will be used for the AirPlay connection.

    If youre on a business trip, peer-to-peer AirPlay presentations are incredibly easy.

    Its simple to get your slideshow on a large screen without plugging into your clients network.

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    Using An Ethernet Connection

    Another way to use Chromecast without WiFi is by connecting an Ethernet cable.

    This method is helpful where your only options are local WiFi hotspots or hotel internet if youre traveling. In such cases, two-factor authentication, which uses browser functionality plus acceptance of certain terms and conditions, is required before you can access the WiFi.

    Chromecast doesnt have browser functionality so you wont be able to stream content. With an Ethernet connection, however, you can connect to the internet and cast from your device to Chromecast.

    For this method to work, youll need an Ethernet cable with a USB connection on the other end. If youre using Chromecast Ultra, plug in the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet power adapter, and then connect the USB cable to the Chromecast. Once done, plug into the active Ethernet jack and cast content as you normally would.

    Note: If you have the new Android-TV powered Chromecast, it lacks Ethernet support but you can buy a special power and Ethernet adapter for that purpose. The Ethernet power adapter isnt included with older Chromecast models, but you can buy a third-party adapter like the Cable Matters micro USB to Ethernet adapter or UGREEN Ethernet adapter.

    How To Use Chromecast With A Travel/portable Router

    How to cast android phone screen to TV screen? (Miracast

    A portable or travel router is a great alternative if you dont have WiFi and want to cast content to your Chromecast device. Plus, its safer to use your own router compared to a local WiFi hotspot or hotel WiFi as you have more privacy, control over who can access your network, and you there are no public WiFi agreements to accept.

    To use this method, you need to set up the router first, assign it an SSID and password, and then connect your Chromecast to the router via the Chromecast app on your device.

    If youre staying in a hotel, connect the router to the Ethernet connection and connect the other end to a power outlet so it doesnt go off while youre enjoying your favorite content. You may need to use the hotel TVs settings menu to choose your router and enter the password.

    Note: If you dont see the router, enter the SSID and password manually through the devices network settings. Once connected, the TV will be listed as a streaming destination via Chromecast app, and you can stream content from your device.

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