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How To Connect Alexa To Lg Smart TV

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Alexa Is Not Discovering Lg TV

LG Smart TV How to Setup With Alexa

If Alexa is not discovering your LG TV, you might have skipped the registration step. This step is essential for Alexa to work. Here is how to fix the issue:

  • Press the Home button on the remote control
  • Launch the Set Up TV for Alexa app on your TV.
  • Follow the setup guide on your TV to complete TV registration.

You can create an LG account from settings:

  • Go to Settings.

You will have to create an account from the prompts on your TV.

Lg Smart TVs Compatible With Ring

LG has moved from calling them Smart TVs to calling them AI TVs. If you have a LG Smart TV that was bought in 2019 or later, you are in luck. Alexa is built-in to all 2019 LG OLED TVs and NanoCell TVs that are running WebOS 4.0 or newer.

If you are unsure, you can actually check from the menu on your TV. First, you need to make sure your LG Smart TV is connected to the internet. Here is how to check.

Steps to Check your LG Smart TV is connected to Internet

  • Power on your LG Smart TV
  • Open Settings by pressing the Gear Button
  • Steps to Check if you have Alexa on your LG Smart TV

  • Power on your LG Smart TV if not already
  • Open the App Drawer by pressing the Home Button
  • Scroll to and select Alexa The first generation of LG Smart TVs with Alexa built-in called the app Web OS. Newer generations call it Alexa. Either way, when you have the app selected, the words Amazon Alexa will scroll under the logo.
  • The Amazon Alexa app will open. Select Get Started
  • Log into your Amazon account on a separate device and either scan the QR code or enter the code displayed on the TV
  • Once Amazon displays Success! you are all set. You can use Alexa on your LG Smart TV by pressing the Amazon Alexa button on the Magic remote control and speaking into it.

    Since this integration is a work in progress, I recommend checking out the LG support page for Alexa, located here.

    Convenience Of Amazon Alexa Comes To Third

    • Open share list

    Alexa Delivers User-friendly Features andSeamless Voice Control Via LGs Magic Remote

    SEOUL, July 14, 2021 For the first time, Amazon Alexa will be coming to a wide range of third-party TVs powered by webOS, LG Electronics proprietary TV platform. TV brands such as Advance, Blaupunkt, Eko, JSW, Manta, Polaroid, RCA, Seiki and Skytech as well as original design manufacturers Ayonz, Dualshine, Konka, Silicon Player, Skyworth and Xianyou, among others, will soon be offering this capability in their compatible webOS-powered TVs with Magic Remote so even more consumers can enjoy the intelligent voice recognition capabilities of Alexa.

    LGs proprietary ThinQ AI and voice recognition technologies allow webOS TV owners to simply speak into the advanced Magic Remote to get things done or get the information they need. With its point and click capability, LG Magic Remote is extremely intuitive to use and automatically recognizes and connects to set-top boxes and other compatible devices such as soundbars.

    Simply long pressing the Amazon Prime Video button and speaking into the Magic Remote opens up a whole new level of convenience, enabling webOS TV owners to adjust the TV volume, change channels, play music, read news, control a smart home, tell a joke and more. For example, simply say Alexa, open YouTube or Alexa, suggest comedy movies into the remote and Alexa will respond immediately, displaying viewing options on the screen for ones enjoyment.

    # # #

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    Is Your TV Smart Enough

    The first step in connecting Alexa to your TV is finding out how Alexa can work with your existing home setup. If you have a smart TV such as one made by LG, Sony, Vizio, or Samsung setup is as easy as flipping a few virtual switches. Otherwise, you can use an Amazon Fire TV Stick or a Roku device to control your media.

    Additionally, some TV boxes offer levels of smart control built in, such as Verizon Fios VMS 1100 and IPC 1100, DirecTVs Genie and Genie Mini, and many of Dish Networks Hopper set-top boxes.

    Add Skills From The Menu

    Connect Alexa to LG Smart TV

    Once the App is running, you will locate the search bar and add skills you want Alexa to have. Adding skills is straightforward. You only need to search for the skills and enable them within the App. The skills you have enabled will help Alexa control your smart devices.

    Amazon Echo also comes in handy if you are looking to add skills to your Alexa. You only need to say the words Alexa enable then state the skills you want to add. For example, you can say, Alexa, enable the Wait Wait Quiz.

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    How To Connect Alexa To Sony TV

    Bravia models enabled for voice control compatible with Alexa have a special app available. To reach it, make sure your TV is connected to the Internet, then from the remote control, press the Home button and reach the App section. Then select the Configuring TV control with Amazon Alexa icon. Follow the procedure and select your Google account associated with the TV during the first configuration. Then give the TV a name that is easy to pronounce and press the Finish button.

    We can follow the first 5 points of the previous paragraph and, at the time of the search, enter Sonys Android TV. Once identified, click on Enable use . The configuration will start, which is simple and guided. You simply need to enter the Google account associated with the TV.

    How To Connect Alexa Speakers To Your TV

    If you want to connect Alexa speakers to your TV, you will first have to prepare both of your devices. To do this, you will need to do the following steps:

  • Place your TV in close proximity to your Alexa speaker, so it will be in range to connect via Bluetooth.
  • Say: Alexa, disconnect. When you instruct it to disconnect, it will check if there are any existing Bluetooth connections and unlink them.
  • Navigate your TV to Bluetooth pairing mode.
  • Next, say: Alexa, connect, which will command your audio device to initiate pairing with the TV.
  • If the device responds with Searching, it understood your command.
  • Find your Alexa speaker in the Bluetooth menu of your TV.
  • Alexa should confirm the connection has been made successfully.
  • Note: You may want to turn off Bluetooth on other devices such as phones and tablets, as sometimes having Bluetooth on can interfere with connecting a new device to your Alexa device.

    Then to test out how things are working, play something on the TV to check the audio. All the output should now happen through your Alexa speakers.

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    Connect Alexa To The App

    Use the navigation menu on the left side of the youll be using to control your LG smart TV. Connecting the App with Alexa should not be a challenge since the App will enlist many Alexa devices after you have clicked on the menu.

    You will then select the Alexa device from the list then the connection will be successful. The Alexa device will light up to let you know the connection is successful and complete.

    How Do I Connect Alexa To My Lg Smart TV

    Connecting Alexa to an LG TV

    Depending on the version of webOS your LG smart TV is running, you’ll follow different steps to connect it to Alexa. Generally, however, you’ll need two apps to use Alexa with your LG smart TV: Amazon’s and LG’s. But you’ll need to follow different steps to tie them together.

  • First, check which version of webOS you’re using go to one of the following :

  • Settings> General > Devices> TV> TV Information.
  • Settings> All Settings> Support> TV Information.
  • Your version of webOS determines your next steps.

  • WebOS 4.0: From the Home screen on your TV, launch the Set Up TV for Amazon Alexa app, and skip to Step 12 below.
  • WebOS 4.5: Go to Settings > Connection> Link to Devices for Voice Control, and then go to Step 12.
  • WebOS 5.0: If you have a speaker like the Amazon Echo, go to the Home Dashboard > Settings > Link to Smart Speaker in the upper-right corner. Launch the “Home Dashboard” from the Home screen and go to Settings> Link to Smart Speaker on your LG TV. Otherwise, continue to Step 3.
  • WebOS 6.0: Continue to Step 3 and follow the note in Step 11.
  • Download the LG ThinQ app to your phone:

  • Scroll down and tap TV.

  • Choose LG.

  • The next screen has instructions for setting up your TV through the LG app, which you’ve already done. Tap Next.

  • Select Enable to Use to get the Alexa skill for ThinQ.

  • Sign in to your LG account using whatever method you chose before.

  • Tap the bubble to accept the terms to link your account, and then choose Agree.

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    How To Connect Alexa To Lg Smart TV

    If you lose your LG Smart TV remote, you can still operate your TV using Alexa. The voice assistant will allow you to control your TV with voice commands.

    All LG OLED, UHD, and NanoCell TVs with webOS 4.0 TVs manufactured in 2019 and later have Amazon Alexa built into the devices. LG TVs work well with Alexa due to a built-in technology known as ThinQ.

    LG ThinQ interprets voice commands and enables your TV to do exactly what you ask. But before you can start using voice control, you will have to connect Alexa to your Smart TV.

    You need to install the Alexa App and open an to be able to pair your TV. In this guide, well show you how to pair Alexa with your LG Smart TV.

    Turn Your Amazon Echo Into A Free TV Speaker

    Why spend money on a new soundbar or speaker system when you can use a device you already own?

    If you have an Amazon Echo, you have all the extra TV speaker you really need.

    We’ve all done it — there’s an exceptionally quiet scene in a movie and you turn your TV volume all the way up just to hear what the hushed actors are saying. Or maybe you crank it up to feel the thrill of a car chase. Those are signs you need a better speaker for your TV. Fortunately, your is likely compatible with your smart TV, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your eardrums when the next loud scene comes on if your TV speakers just aren’t up to snuff.

    The best spot to place your Echo is on the side table so you can hear what’s going on without maxing out the volume. Keep in mind that your Echo speaker is only compatible with smart TV’s that have Bluetooth capabilities. However, you can also connect your Echo to a Fire TV if you don’t have a smart TV.

    To get started, place your Echo device near the TV you’ll be connecting to and make sure both are plugged in and turned on. Now say, “Alexa, connect” — the voice assistant will start checking for devices to connect to. On your smart TV, navigate to the Bluetooth settings to find the Echo speaker you’re wanting to connect. For example, I might see “Katie’s Echo Dot” or “Living Room Echo Plus.” It’s the same process if you have a Fire TV.

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    How To Connect A Smart TV To Alexa

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    Adding a smart TV to your Alexa setup allows you to operate your TV with voice commands. You can say something like, “Alexa, play The Office” and The Office will begin playing. This wikiHow will teach you how to add a compatible smart TV to your Alexa setup.

    Alexa Voice Commands To Control Your Ring Doorbells And Ring Cameras

    Connect Alexa to LG Smart TV

    I suppose you need to know what voice commands there are to control your Ring Doorbell or Camera.

    To answer a ring:

    Source: Alexa Ring Skill Page

    If you are interested in setting up routines to automatically show your Ring video feed when someone rings the doorbell or there is a motion detection event, check out the Routine Set up section of this video.

    You can obtain the most current support for the Ring Alexa integration by visiting the Ring support page located here.

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    Linking The Lg Thinq App With Alexa

    Well show you how to add your smart TV to Alexa using an LG smart TV as an example. The instructions for adding your particular TV brand may be similar or differ slightly, just follow the instructions in your Alexa app for iOS or Android.

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    Alexa will first have you install the LG ThinQ app for your iOS or Android device. From there, integrating your smart TV with Alexa is easy. Make sure your smart TV and Alexa device are on the same Wi-Fi network .

  • In the Amazon Alexa app, tap the Devices icon at the bottom
  • Click the plus sign at the top right corner
  • Tap Add Device at the bottom
  • Youll see a screen that says: Which device would you like to setup? Enter TV into the Device type or brand search field, or scroll down until you see TV
  • Tap your TV brand
  • Tap the link to be directed to the app store screen. If you tap DISCOVER DEVICES, Alexa will attempt to search your network for compatible smart TVs
  • At the app store screen, install the LG ThinQ app.
  • Why Would My Lg TV Not Respond To Alexa

    Unfortunately, not all models of LG TVs are compatible with Alexa and you need one of their newer SmartThinq models in order to connect it to your Amazon device.

    These are the models that currently support communication with Alexa W8, G8, E8, C8, B8, B8S, SK95, SK85, SK81, SK80, UK75, UK69, UK67, UK65, UK64, UK63, LK62, LK61, LK59.

    If none of these are your TV then it is impossible for Alexa to connect to them as they dont have the capabilities to receive your requests.

    If your TV is one of these, however, then carry on reading because it is likely that you just need to set up your TV correctly.

    Review of the Techwood 55AO8UHD: Amazing value for money

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    Can Alexa Turn On Lg TV

    Press the Settings button on the remote control. Press the Home button on the remote control and launch the Set Up TV for Alexa app on your TV. Follow the setup guide on your TV to complete TV registration. First, download the free LG ThinQ app and Amazon Alexa app to your android device to manage your device.

    How To Play TV Sound Through Alexa And Amazon Echo Devices

    How to Setup Alexa Voice Commands with LG Smart TV

    Anna MiddletonRead more November 22, 2020

    Alexa devices such as Amazon Echo are a convenient way to listen to the audio. From personal assistant features to streaming audio, theyre incredibly useful bits of technology. Notably, most newer Alexa devices are incredibly versatile so your can set several up in one room, or have one in every room.

    If youre trying to use Alexa with your TV it is possible. However, not all Alexa devices are able to play audio or link with TVs. Also, not all TVs can connect to Alexa. You need to know all the requirements before you can start listening to your TV from Amazon Alexas smart speakers.

    The following TechJunkie how-to article will explain how to play your TV audio through an Alexa device, along with the prerequisites needed to make this happen!

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    Do Lg TVs Work With Alexa

    Among the leading smart TV manufacturers , LG TVs have the best compatibility with third-party smart home platforms and their voice assistants. Specifically:

    All 2019 and 2020 LG TVs have Alexa and Google Assistant built-in

    While other smart TVs may have one of these voice assistants built-in, LG is the only brand to have both.

    2018 TVs, on the other hand, are compatible with Alexa but do not have Alexa built-in. This means that you need to link an Amazon Echo speaker to your TV to use Alexa voice commands.

    Why Wont Alexa Connect To My Lg TV

    Alexa will fail to connect to your LG TV if you are using an incompatible device. However, you can follow the steps below to try and fix the problem:

    • Launch the Set Up TV for Alexa app on your TV.
    • Sign in to your LG or Amazon account.
    • Select the name of your TV.
    • Open the Alexa app on a mobile phone.
    • Enable LG SmartThinQ Complete Skill.
    • Link the accounts.

    Go back to your TV and complete the setup.

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    Common Alexa Commands To Control Your TV

    Once you have connected your TV to your Alexa devices, you can use voice commands to turn the TV on and off, change the volume, play or pause a movie, and more. All you have to do is say Alexa, followed by the command, and, finally, say the name of your TV or service provider.

    • Alexa, turn on . orAlexa, turn off . These commands either turn on or off your TV.
    • Alexa, go home on . This will instantly take you to the home screen on your TV.
    • Alexa, lower the volume on . This command lowers the volume of your television.
    • Alexa, mute/unmute . Mutes/unmutes your television.
    • Alexa, play/pause/resume/stop . Control the playback of your device.
    • Alexa, open Hulu TV/Netflix/etc. This will open streaming devices that youre subscribed to.
    • Alexa, fast forward/rewind . Fast forward or rewind the video that youre watching.
    • Alexa, search for comedies/drama/horror movies on . This will allow you to search for movies by genre.
    • Alexa, play Tropic Thunder/Man in the High Castle on . This will immediately start playing a movie or TV show. However, you might have to use a remote to sign in to your streaming service before you can start playing certain videos.
    • Alexa, change the input to HDMI1/Xbox. Changes the input of your television to either HDMI1 or an Xbox, if you have it connected.

    Those are just a few of the commands that your Alexa can do. If youre dont want Alexa interrupting your movie, check out our step-by-step guide on how to make Alexa whisper.

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