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How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV Wirelessly

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Understanding The Mechanism And How It Works

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to a TV in 2022

Before we proceed on how to connect Nintendo Switch to TV, lets first acquaint ourselves with the gaming console, including how it works and its different play styles.

The Nintendo company is one of the pioneers in the video-gaming industry. Over the years, they have produced gaming consoles that defined the authentic entertainment experiences of both children and adults. From the iconic Nintendo Entertainment System to the Wii U GamePad, these devices gave everyone a taste of what immersive gaming truly is.

Now, Nintendo Switch has acquired all of the companys entertainment DNA, and all legendary features from the previous devices are carefully loaded into the system. As a result, you can enjoy Switch with the correct Switch accessories to connect it to the TV that elevates your gaming experience.

You can use Nintendo Switch in three different play styles. Those include the TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, and Handheld Mode.

Can You Connect The Nintendo Switch To The TV Without A Dock

Yes, but it is generally advised against using adapters. If your dock is ever damaged or you are away from home, all you would need is an HDMI to USB-C port converter. You would then connect to the relevant ends of the TV and Nintendo Switch and play like normal. The overall experience isnt affected when using this configuration and offers another simple solution, with an additional cost.

Make Your Controller Battery Last Longer

Theres nothing more annoying than losing a multi-player game because your controller is out of battery. According to Nintendo, theyre supposed to last for up to 20 hours on a full charge. However, many of us regularly forget to charge them, especially when theyre extra controllers that are not regularly connected to our handheld Switch.

To make your battery last longer, you can opt to turn off vibrations. Go to System settings > controllers and sensors. Under Controller vibration, select Off. Aside from a slight improvement to battery life, it can also be helpful for players who find them uncomfortable.

Switch controllers use Li-ion batteries that prevent overcharging. In fact, these types of batteries stop working when left uncharged for too long.

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The Dock Isnt Getting Enough Power

If youve eliminated the possibility of a loose HMDI cable, another reason to consider might be that the dock has not enough power as it should get. If this is the case, try to plug the device solely to a power outlet. Other appliances might be getting more substantial power, leaving the dock unable to operate since its not getting a decent amount of power to function correctly.

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV:

How to Connect the Nintendo Switch to a TV

Connecting your Switch to a TV is one of the easiest ways.You can follow these steps to connect your Switch to a TV:

  • Put your Switch inside the Dock as shown in the image Switch Dock
  • Now connect your HDMI cable and the Power cable on the back of the dock Power & HDMI
  • Now, plug the other end of the HDMI cable on the back of your TV
  • Turn on the Nintendo Switch, the light on the dock should light up Dock light
  • Now, you can turn your TV on and switch to the mode that you plugged your HDMI in. For example, if you plugged it in your HDMI 3 port click on the mode HDMI 3 on your TV using your remote.

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    How To Connect A Nintendo Switch To The TV Without A Dock

    Typically, when using a Nintendo Switch dock, such as the UKor TV Dock , the cable for power and video for the Nintendo Switch goes to the back of the dock.

    This is where you can find the different ports. There is one USB-C port for power input, along with a USB 3.0 port provided for any additional storage needed and an HDMI output port.

    The job of the dock is to convert all the connections pertaining to data and power to USB-C. These signals route back to the docks bottom and to the console through the USB-C port. This particular USB-C port is responsible for charging the docked Switch when in use.

    The dock also manages the transmission of video files to the TV as well as data stored in the USB device.

    So the dock is a crucial tool in the overall setup, and finding a way to replace the dock might seem like a difficult task. Thankfully, it is not.

    With the help of a USB-C to HDMI adapter, one can stop relying on the dock. Plus, its a breeze to successfully connect the adapter to the TV and the console. All you have to do is follow these steps carefully:

    Is It Possible To Charge The Nintendo Switch Without A Dock

    Yes, you can charge the Switch without the dock.

    The best way to charge the Switch is by using the official or 3rd party Nintendo Switch power adapter as this provides enough power to not only play the Switch but to charge it at the same time.

    The official adapter operates at 15V and 2.6 amps. This provides 39 Watts of power which is well above most fast charging mobile phone adapters.

    Alternatively, any USB C cable plugged into a USB power plug will charge the Switch.

    However, it worth keeping in mind that different power plugs will charge the Switch at different rates. Most Mobile phone power adapters offer much less power than the official Nintendo Switch adapter. So the Switch will charge slower.

    For example, this 18W charger will charge the switch slower than the official charger. But its still more than enough power to charge the switch in a few hours.

    Its also worth keeping in mind that the Switch will not charge faster if you use a power adapter that outputs more than 39 watts of power.

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    How To Charge Nintendo Switch Without The Dock

    If the dock of your Switch is broken or stopped working, you may be worrying about how to charge your device. Luckily, you can use a third-party power adapter for this purpose.

    But, before that, let us understand something about it. The official Nintendo power adapter operates at 15V and 2.6 amps. It delivers a total of 39 Watts.

    So, your Switch charges fast and efficiently. On the other hand, third-party power adapters have different power values. They may be 18 Watts or more than 39 Watts.

    Most smartphone adapters have lower output rates. They still can charge your Switch but not properly. The charging will be slow and will affect the health of your device.

    You can use a third-party adapter as a temporary solution. But, always use the original or a 39 Watt adapter to avoid any damage to your device.

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    S To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV: With Dock

    How to connect the Nintendo Switch in TV Mode without the Dock

    1) Open the back cover of the Nintendo Switch dock. There you can find three spots for different plugs. The top-port AC is for the charge Adaptor, the middle port is the USB port, and the last one is HDMI output.

    2) Plug the AC adapter into the AC terminal. Connect the other end of the AC adapter to the power socket.

    3) Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI output port. Then, connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port of the TV.

    4) Close the dock cover after connecting the AC adapter and HDMI port. Now, remove the controllers from the Nintendo Switch.

    5) After removing the Joy-Con Controllers, put the Nintendo Switch in the dock. While placing the Nintendo Switch in the dock, make sure to place the display side in the front. Like the one mentioned below.

    6) Turn on the TV and choose the HDMI input based on the port HDMI used in the TV.

    7) Finally, the Nintendo Switch screen in the dock will turn off and it will appear on the TV screen.

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    How To Connect A Nintendo Switch To A TV Wirelessly

    There are two ways to connect a Nintendo switch to a TV wirelessly. There are two ways to do this. The first is by using an HDMI cable, and the second is by buying a wireless adapter that plugs into the back of your console. Both options work well, but we recommend going with the HDMI cable option if you want something more permanent.

    Its easy, and it works great! All you have to do is plug in one end of an HDMI cable into your TV and then plug in another end into your Nintendo Switch dock . Once connected, simply turn on both devices and enjoy playing games from anywhere in the room.

    Set Your TV To The Correct Hdmi Channel

    With that done, you’re now ready to play Mario Kart the way it should be experienced.

    If the Switch isnt outputting to the screen, make sure that the power lead and HDMI cable are firmly inserted into the dock. If theyre loose, the Switch will continue to think its being used in handheld mode and will behave accordingly.

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    How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV Without Dock: Explained

    RobotPoweredHome is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my blog, I may earn an affiliate commission. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Having been a fan of Nintendo since the Gameboy era, I was super excited when Nintendo launched the Nintendo Switch and I simply had to get one.

    Being able to play the best of Nintendo titles on my home console, but also the ability to play anywhere on the go was an opportunity too good to pass up.

    However, after purchasing my Nintendo Switch, my cat decided he didnt like the dock sitting on the table and while I was not paying attention, he decided to knock it off the table.

    Upon returning home, I realized my dock wasnt working and I was wondering how I could connect my Switch to a TV or monitor without the dock. And most of all, how would I charge the device?

    So after much deliberation, I found out that it isnt too difficult to get around this issue.

    Nintendo Switch devices can be connected to a TV using a USB-C display cable or a USB-C to HDMI converter. Similarly, you can use most standard USB-C chargers to power your Switch.

    Ill also walk through a few additional questions to give you a better idea of how you can use your Nintendo Switch without a dock.

    Nintendo Switch On TV Mode

    How to play Nintendo Switch and other game consoles on your iMac

    As the name implies, TV Mode is where you can enjoy playing your game while being displayed on the television screen. It adapts the traditional home console gaming, and you have the chance to witness your games graphics on a bigger screen. Of course, all you have to do is connect Nintendo Switch to your TV, detach the Joy-Con controllers, set the Switch system in its charging dock, and start playing.

    If youre wondering how to connect Nintendo Switch to TV, proceed to the next section to find out.

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    Can You Connect The Nintendo Switch To Your TV Wirelessly

    Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch doesnt have the ability to output an image wirelessly.

    The only way you can extract an image from a Nintendo Switch to a different display is by using the official dock or an adapter like the RREAKA for Nintendo Switch.

    You can buy wireless HDMI receivers. But you dont want to use these, Seriously. They are bulky antenna stalked things and they are not the best choice for the Switch for so many reasons. The best reason is that, because of the loss of data during wireless transmission, there is a massive 0.3-second delay between controller input and action on the screen.

    To put that into perspective, on 60fps shooter such as Call of Duty typically has a controller to screen delay of about 0.016 seconds. That makes the input lag from wireless HDMIs 19 times worse than with a typical 60fps game.

    What Type Of Adapter Do You Need

    The adapter should be compatible with your Switch and should support 4K resolution for a faster gaming experience.

    Otherwise, it will not work for playing games. Because there are many different types of USB-C to HDMI adapters.

    You should choose an adapter that has a USB-C input for power, an HDMI output, a USB 3.0 port, and a USB-C connector. You can buy the best one from Amazon.

    The dock that comes with the Switch is very fragile. Many users report that it can break very easily and cannot bear pressure.

    While a third-party USB-C to HDMI adapter is more durable than the dock. Hence, you should use it to connect with your TV.

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    Wirelessly Connect A Nintendo Switch To A TV Using A Wireless Hdmi Kit

    Currently, the only way to wirelessly send the video and audio from a Nintendo Switch to a TV or basically any screen with an HDMI port is by using a wireless HDMI kit.

    A wireless HDMI kit contains 2 different components:

  • HDMI Transmitter: Sends the audio and video signals from a device.
  • HDMI Receiver: Receives the signal from the HDMI Transmitter and outputs that signal to a connected TV, projector, monitor, etc.
  • Setting this up can be a little confusing and annoying, but it does work! The only unfortunate thing about a setup like this is that you cant wirelessly cast something to the TV and use the Switchs display at the same time.

    Why Is My Dock Not Working

    How to Connect a Nintendo Switch to a TV

    Your dock may be malfunctioning due to several reasons.

    Perhaps youre using the wrong cables. Not all HDMI and USB cables are compatible with Nintendo products. Before setting up the dock, ensure that youve got the appropriate equipment.

    Some smart TVs can also prevent your dock from functioning properly. Use the dock with older models to avoid compatibility issues since they generally provide more Nintendo support.

    Occasionally, the dock can be faulty. Theyre susceptible to damage, so youll need to apply for an online repair using your Nintendo repair profile to resolve the issue. In the meantime, a dependable adapter will take care of your gaming needs and keep your console fully charged.

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    Connect Switch To TV Without Dock

    Connecting your Nintendo Switch to the TV is a relatively straightforward process. Youll need to use an adapter to charge the Switch and link it to the TV.

    The following equipment will enable you to play your favorite Nintendo titles without a dock:

    • Nintendo Switch Adapter
    • USB Type-C Cord
    • Charging Adapter

    A quality HDMI cable will offer stable video and audio transmission, so not using the dock wont affect your gameplay. Theyre typically used for connecting PlayStations and digital TVs, so you probably have several lying around your house. Note that older models might not be able to connect to your TV or Switch, but most newer cables will get the job done.

    When looking for a suitable adapter, make sure that it will support your console. For an elevated gaming experience, its best to use an adapter that offers 4K streaming resolution. A weaker adapter wont work for gaming, so always check the specifications to avoid compatibility issues.

    Also, charging adapters are handy when your dock is damaged or broken. Some Switch users have reported that their docks were extremely fragile and stopped working correctly. Even if you prefer gaming through your dock, youll need another way of charging your Switch once it malfunctions.

    Investing in a charging adapter ensures that your console is always ready, with or without the dock. Third-party adapters are incredibly durable, so theyll keep your Switch powered on for years.

    • USB Type-C Power Input
    • USB 3.0 Slot
    • USB Type-C Connector

    How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV

    Here’s how to connect your Switch to the Television, for some laid-back, big-screen gaming

    WePC is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

    Since its release in 2017, we have had three iterations of the Switch, with the third and latest being the Nintendo Switch OLED. The portable nature of the Nintendo Switch is one of the consoles finest attributes. The device works seamlessly between dock mode and Handheld mode but still many ask how to connect a Nintendo Switch to a TV.

    Well, it is as simple as connecting the Switch up to its dock but lets run through this step by step and also discuss what to do if you have no Dock.

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    Nadessa Switch Dock A Replacement For The Nintendo

    Switch docking station

    This is an excellent dock for the switch.

    The following are the main points:

    • It is small.
    • Its economical.
    • It is the same color as the switch.
    • I bought this dock because I wanted another dock for visiting family and traveling. It works well and is fairly simple. You just unfold it. Its time to flip the switch and plug in the ports. Its all ready to go. It fits nicely in my switch box, and I havent had any problems with it.
    • This switch is ideal for people who are on the go. They prefer to play on a screen instead of using their hands. It is also great for those looking for a low-cost second dock.

    How Do I Connect My Switch To School Wifi

    How to Connect Nintendo Switch to TV [Easy Method]

    Connecting a Nintendo Switch to the WiFi Network

  • On the Nintendo Switch console, select Settings from the HOME Menu.
  • Select Internet, and then Internet Settings.
  • Select Welcome to SIUE and try to connect.
  • It will display a message saying « The network you are trying to connect to needs authentication » along some lines.
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