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How To Connect Roku To TV Without Hdmi

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Identify The Hdmi Port For Your Device Get The Corresponding Hdmi Cable For Your Device

Roku Streaming Stick to HDMI Video Adapter by Bleiden

The first step to connecting to your TV is getting the right HDMI cable that suits your devices HDMI port.

Depending on your device, like a laptop, for example, a standard HDMI cable may suffice. However, you need to make sure the HDMI cable you get fits your devices HDMI port.

For smaller devices like cameras and portable media with small HDMI ports, youll need corresponding HDMI cables for such devices.

Below are different types of HDMI cables for different devices:

Can I Connect A Bluetooth Soundbar To My Tcl Roku TV

No, you cannot connect a Bluetooth device to the TV itself. You can only pair Bluetooth devices if you use the TCL Roku wireless speakers or the smart soundbar. To connect to the TCL Roku TV, you would still need a wired connection.

Connecting a soundbar to a TCL Roku TV isnt that different than other brands. While it offers a number of wired setup options, wireless connection to your Roku TV can only be achieved via connection through other devices. For wired connections, we would recommend digital over analog for better sound.

Overall, connecting a soundbar to a Roku TV isnt that complicated. Just follow our steps closely for an easy setup.

How To Set Up A Mobile Hotspot On Your Device

Before we begin, mind that not plans provide an opportunity to use a mobile hotspot. Before you use the hotspot option on your smartphone, check your data plan. You may end up having to pay for additional services if the option is not included in your plan.

The steps below are for an Android phone, but they are no different if you use iPhone or any other device with a different OS.

  • Open settings on your phone and go to Mobile hotspot. This feature is usually at the top of the list of available settings.
  • Once there, select Set up Mobile Hotspot. This will bring up the Hotspot menu.
  • Immediately after the mobile data usage notification appears you will be proceed to the next menu. Click OK to continue.
  • Add the Wi-Fi network information stored on your Roku device to the Mobile Hotspot Setup menu. Type your network name and then scroll down to type in your password.
  • After all of this, dont forget to save the hotspot you created.
  • Check your settings and connection instructions to make sure everything is in order before you tap OK and activate the mobile hotspot.

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How To Connect Roku To Wi

ArchRead more June 25, 2020

Losing the Roku remote is certainlya problem that can happen to anyone. Finding a way to edit your networksettings without a remote is a useful thing to know just in case you find theneed to do it. Toward that end, well show you some tips on how to connect yourRoku device to a Wi-Fi network without the Roku Remote.

How To Connect Roku To An Older TV With No Hdmi Port

How to connect Roku to TV without HDMI?

If you have an older TV that does not have HDMI ports, you dont have to worry as you can still connect your Roku device to it.

Roku comes with many different variants, some of which are compatible with composite video cables.

If your Roku device does not support composite video cables, you can purchase a composite to HDMI converter.

To connect your Roku device to your older TV, all you need to do is follow the same steps listed above, using composite video cables to connect the devices together instead of an HDMI cable.

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Does Roku Work On Any TV

To clarify, a Roku device can either be an HDR receiver , a Roku streaming stick, or a TLC Roku TV.

As mentioned above, your television does not necessarily have to be a smart TV. As long as it has a port for an HDMI cable of course, to be able to link and connect the HDR receiver, it will work just fine.

Most televisions today have HDMI ports and connections so, this should not be a problem for people who are looking to purchase or to get a Roku device or a Roku streaming stick.

How To Connect Hdmi To TV

This article was written by Nicole Levine, MFA. Nicole Levine is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. She has more than 20 years of experience creating technical documentation and leading support teams at major web hosting and software companies. Nicole also holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Portland State University and teaches composition, fiction-writing, and zine-making at various institutions. This article has been viewed 365,065 times.

This wikiHow teaches you how to connect different types of video devices, including computers, cameras, and gaming systems, or any Roku players to your TV’s HDMI port. HDMI is a common format for transferring high-quality digital audio and video between devices. Even if the device doesn’t have an HDMI port, you can usually make the connection using a special cable or adapter.

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Free TV Services To Watch On Your Projector

There are countless free TV services available that allow you to watch your favorite TV shows, live news, and sports without paying anything. All the services mentioned below are legal and legit ways to watch live TV on your projector without cable box for free. It includes:

  • Crackle
  • FilmRise

As you can see, there are several Free TV services you can use to either watch your favorite TV shows, sports, news, and movies. However, you dont always get your favorite TV channels with free TV services. Youll need to work with newer or non-popular TV channels.

Although, services like Peacock and Roku Channel offer you a good amount of content for free. Peacock is a Freemium service, and within the free tier, it offers an extensive collection of TV shows, movies, news, and sports channel. The monthly pricing is also low as the premium tiers start at $4.99 and $9.99 a month.

The Roku Channel, as the name suggests, is only available on the Roku TV platform. It offers an extensive collection of TV shows, sports, live news, and movie titles for you to watch without paying anything extra.

If you arent particular about what to watch, then Roku Channel will be sufficient for you. It offers a whopping 150 live TV channels for your to watch and includes a program guide similar to premium TV services and your cable TV. The free channels offer you access toweather, sports, reality TV, kids entertainment, and more.

How To Set Up Your Phone As A Remote Control For Roku Via The App

How to connect your Roku box to your TV

To set up your phone as a remote control using the app, do the following:

  • On the second device, download the Roku app for iOS or Android.
  • When you open the app, tap the Remote icon at the bottom. This will allow you to use your phone as a remote. The default button layout of the remote is almost identical to the hardware remote.

You can also use swiping instead of tapping the buttons. To do this, you need to change the layout in the app settings.

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What Connections Do I Have

So, firstly you need to take a good look at what ports you DO have available, and go from there. We are going to look at some simple, alternative options according to what your kit supports.

If youve found you do not have an HDMI port, you will always have the classic red and white , and yellow sockets, which are the old-style RCA ports. Or you may see red, blue, and green ports too. These are extra video connectors so that you can use red, blue, and green, instead of the traditional yellow for your video. These will provide a far better quality viewing experience.

So lets take a look at each of these options and get you pluggin and playin as quickly as possible!

Use A Hdmi To Av Converter

The HDMI to AV converter usually features a video converter, USB cable and a power cable.

You can use any of the cables to initiate connections to your device. Follow the guide below to connect your Roku player to the TV using a HDMI to AV converter:

  • Connect the HDMI cables from the Roku device to the adapter
  • Proceed to connect the AV/RCA cables(yellow, red and white cables to the AV port of the TV
  • Ensure each cable goes into the same colour port of the TV
  • Then connect the power cable of the adapter
  • Run the same connection for the Roku device to the TV
  • Then connect them to a power outlet and power them on
  • Once your device comes on, the TV screen will display the Roku signal
  • Use the Roku remote to select the source on the TV screen
  • Select TV/AV source option
  • Your device is ready for streaming

Although most TV sets require linking your device via HDMI cable to the TV HDMI port, not all TV devices, come with an HDMI port.

And unlike the older models and series of Roku device players, the newer models do not require an HDMI connection.

HDMI gives strong video and audio quality connecting your Roku to a TV is not mandatory to connect your Roku player to a TV with an HDMI. With the recommendations above, connecting your Roku player to your TV should be hassle-free.

If you are having any connection issues, check the device input or power source. Ensure that the device is correctly plugged into a power source and that the cords/cables are in the right inputs.

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Using The 2018 Roku Express Device

The 2018 Roku Express + comes with composite cables ready for connection. All you will need to do is then connecting the composite cables from the Roku port to the port at the back of your TV. Most analog TVs have these as well as newer TV models.

After this, you should be able to see pictures and audio on your TV, and you should enjoy your favorite channels regardless of your TV lacking an HDMI port.

Can I Use A Roku With An Older Television

What are the steps for installing my Roku on an older TV ...

As I mentioned earlier, Roku is easy to connect and use.

No matter whether you have a newer TV or an older LCD , youll be able to connect a Roku to it. There isnt a clear-cut answer about which Roku model is best for you.

Heres a table you can use to figure out which Roku model you should buy:


Every Roku model works with both old and new TVs, so you can buy whichever is in your budget.

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Does Roku Require Subscription

As opposed to what many people believe in, you dont need to subscribe to Roku. All you need is a device that can give you access to all of its features.

There are quite a few different Roku devices available in the market. When youre able to purchase it, youll be able to use it!

That brings us to our next question, which is

If You Know The Old Wi

If you know what the old Wi-Ficonnection is, what youll need to do is to trick your Roku device that itsconnecting to the old network. You can do this by setting up one mobile deviceas a mobile hotspot and then using the second device as a controller.

Mobile Hotspot and Tethering isusually under the Network and Internet tab of your phones settings. Changeboth the name and the password of your mobiles Hotspot settings to that ofyour Roku devices old network settings. Once both your phones Hotspot and theRoku device are turned on, Roku should connect automatically to the network.Connect your second mobile to the Hotspot, then open the Roku mobile app. Usethe Remote function by clicking the icon, then change the Wi-Fi settings as indicatedon the instructions above.

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Alternative : Screen Mirroring

One of the most popular ways of connecting a phone to a TV without an HDMI cord is screen mirroring. Screen mirroring is a feature that allows you to mirror everything that is happening on your phone on your TV screen.

So, once you mirror your phone with the TV screen, everything you will play on your phone screen, be it videos, photographs, or all notifications, will be displayed on your TV screen.

For screen mirroring, there are various applications inbuilt in a smart TV such as Miracast, with which you can connect your phone and TV.

Steps for Screen Mirroring Phone and Television

  • In the first step, you have to enable the cast option on your smartphone. If necessary, you will also have to enable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but this part depends from device to device.
  • In the second step, you have to open the screen mirroring app on your television. It can be either Miracast or any other application that must be provided on your device.
  • When you switch on the cast option on both devices, you will see the name of your smartphone on your TV screen. This is the last step in which all you have to do is select your phone, after which your phone and television will be connected.

The screen mirroring option does not work smoothly, but the latest operating system in various smartphones is known for working better than the old devices.

Using An Hdmi Converter

Roku Media Player to HDMI Video Adapter by Bleiden

Using a converter is another way to connect your two components. With a converter, you can connect your HDMI to HDMI cable on one side, and your RCA to RCA cable on the other side.

The right converter will allow you to successfully convert your digital signal to an analog signal, as long as you have the right cables to connect the two. Converters like the LiNKFOR 1080P HDMI to Component Converter dont break the bank, either.

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Do I Need Hdmi For Roku

If you are installing a Roku® streaming player you need a Premium High Speed HDMI® Cable for video and audio. Premium High Speed HDMI Cables are available for purchase on the Roku Accessories Store. If you are installing a Roku® Streaming Stick® or Roku TV you do not need any cables to stream content.

Pairing The Remote And Initial Setup

In most cases, you would have to pair the remote control with your television.

You just have to carefully follow the on-screen directions on how to do it. Once youre able to do that, what you want to do next is to choose the language that fits you best.

Itll have defaulted to English, so if you prefer another language, this is the part where you can do it.

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Is It Possible To Connect Roku To An Old TV With No Hdmi Port

It is possible to connect your TV that has no HDMI port to Roku. There are basically two ways to achieve this. But note that even if you do connect your Roku to your TV that has no HDMI port, you will not be able to stream 4K content. Why should you bother about 4K content? If you love top-quality pictures when watching movies or playing music videos, then you do appreciate 4K content. It is also known as digital cinema 4K, especially seen in movie theaters. The resolution is quite higher than the normal 1080p. That is what you cant get if you connect your Roku to your TV that has no HDMI. You may say, you dont care you just want to enjoy your Roku regardless of the quality. In that case, read on to find out how to connect both devices.

Options Using Rca Cables

How to Connect Roku to TV Without HDMI Port?

There are lots of different RCA cables available that contain a number of connectors: a classic red and white RCA cable, composite RCA cables which include a video channel, and a component RCA cables which have three different cables for the video channel.

You may have seen our related article on how to connect a soundbar to a TV without HDMI or Optical and, as in that case, the RCA cables are going to be your go-to option, especially with older equipment.

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Re: How To Connect A Roku TV To A Receiver Using Hdmi Cable

The problem with “Roku TV — HDMI/ARC — Yamaha” is that Dolby Digital Plus, either auto-detected or user-selected, does not work. So, a simple fix, which still permits surround sound, is to slightly downgrade the protocol. Go to Home / Settings / Audio / S/PDIF and ARC, and select “Dolby D, DTS” instead of “Auto detect” or anything with plus. Please let me know if it works for you.

I am not a Roku employee, just another user.

How To Update Your Rokus Wi

To update your Rokus Wi-Fi settings you need to:

  • Now, with the Roku mobile app used as the remote, you need to go to Settings on your Roku and select Network.
  • Once there, youll need to change your network settings to match the new Wi-Fi network you want the Roku to connect to.
  • Once set up, turn off the mobile hotspot on your phone and connect it to the same Wi-Fi network that you just set up in the Roku.
  • Use the remote control of the Roku mobile app in the same way as the original hardware remote control.

If you dont have the option to use a mobile hotspot, you can still use the Roku app on your mobile device as a remote until your mobile device and the Roku are connected to the same network.

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