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How To Get Hulu On Smart TV

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Lg Smart TV Supported

How To Get Hulu on ANY Smart TV

There are several LG TV models that do support the Hulu application they are basically the once running Web OS 3.5 and above. They are listed below:

  • LG TVs with webOS 3.5 or higher
  • Select devices with webOS 3.0 not including the B6, UH6350, and UH6330 models, or the UH77, UH76, and UH61 series
  • LG TVs powered by Roku TV

Can You Subscribe To Hulu With A Virtual Prepaid Card

If none of the above methods works for you, you can subscribe to Hulu in Canada through StatesCard . These cards are the best way to get around geo-limitations and purchase whatever you want and from wherever you want. With StatesCard, you can easily subscribe to Hulu in Canada without needing any US-based payment medium.

Follow these steps to subscribe to Hulu in Canada with a Virtual Prepaid Card:

  • Create an account on StatesCard with your email and password.
  • The verification link is sent via email. Verify your account with this link.
  • The user should have a National ID, driving license, or passport from his country to confirm his identity.
  • Now top up your States card account using your or existing Paypal account.
  • Connect to the US-based server of ExpressVPN.
  • Visit the Hulu website or app and use your StatesCard account to subscribe to Hulu.
  • Voila! You can now watch Hulu in Canada without any pay-wall getting in your way!
  • Reasons For Hulu Is Not Working On Samsung Smart TV

    Following are some reasons that might cause you trouble to stream the Hulu app on your smart TV.

    • Hulu server down
    • Using an unauthorized VPN server
    • Outdated Hulu app
    • Temporary files in Hulu

    So, these are some of the reasons that might trigger Hulu not working on the smart TV problem.

    PS: lets figure out how to get HBO Max on LG Smart TV.

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    How Can I Watch Hulu Without A Smart TV

    If you dont have a smart TV or will be away from your TV, here are a few ways to access Hulu:

    • You can use your smartphone or tablet and download the Hulu app. You can find the Hulu app on Google Play and the App Store of Apple.
    • You can watch Hulu from your laptop or desktops browser. Hulu is compatible with most browsers, and Hulu also has a Chrome app you can install.

    If you have a non-smart TV with an HDMI port, you can plug in these accessories and access Hulu:

    • Google Chromecast, partnered with your smartphone or tablet
    • TiVo
    • Roku Streaming Stick
    • Select Blu-ray players by LG, Sony, and Samsung

    You can also use your gaming console to access Hulu. The following gaming consoles can open Hulu:

    • Nintendo Switch, via the eShop app store
    • Sony Playstation 3, 4, and 5
    • Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox One

    Can I Watch Hulu Anywhere On Samsung Smart TV

    Hulu Keeps Freezing On Sony Smart TV

    No, you cannot watch Hulu anywhere on a Samsung Smart TV and the reason is geo-restriction. It is an American streaming service and it is geo-blocked, which means that you can only access it within the USA. For example, if you are trying to access Hulu in Australia or you want to watch Hulu in UK, then you will not be able to do so unless you have a VPN.

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    Hulu On Older Vizio TV Models

    Hulu is one of the prominent streaming services in the US, and you can access it with ease from most Vizio Smart TVs. However, not all models support this streaming service.

    If you own a Vizio TV that is a few years old, you may still be able to get Hulu. This is a good thing as older Vizio TVs are known for their power efficiency, and the Hulu app is not one of the most power-hungry apps.

    You can also get it with the assistance of a third-party app.

    Essentially, the Hulu app is natively accessible on most of the major TV brands like Vizio TV. However, if youre unable to stream Hulu on your Vizio Smart TV, its probably because the older version of the app is no longer supported.

    You can check your Vizio Smart TV firmware version to see if Hulu is compatible. The latest version of the app is available for Vizio Smart TVs running the latest firmware version.

    Additionally, there is another solution to the setbacks that older Vizio TVs have when it comes to Hulu. To spare users the heartache, an application is now readily available for the older VIA models.

    However, its not as easy to get your hands on as the newer version of the app and you also wont be able to relish some of the premium features. All in all, it will get you the regular streaming library and thats what you need to watch the shows and movies.

    Start With The Official Sites

    It might be overwhelming at first, but what you’ll want to do first is check out the device lists for both Netflix and Hulu. There are a LOT of TVs, video game systems, and other devices listed that can help you play streaming content on your TV set. Odds are you’ll find something you already own on the list. In fact, most people are already watching Netflix streaming content on their PS3s over their actual computers!

    If you don’t already own a Wii, XBox, Wi-Fi enabled TV or DVD player, or a streaming device like a Roku then you’ll have to buy one. Or, if worse comes to worst, you can always just hook up your laptop or PC to your TV via an HDMI cable and watch your shows that way.

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    Get Hulu To Stream 60+ Top Channels Along With Exclusive Series Movies And Premium Originals On Your TV

    Wondering how to watch movies and live TV programs on Hisense Smart TVs? Hulu is one of the best entertainment services where you can watch tons of television shows, movies, Hulu Originals, and Live TV content on your Hisense Smart TV. It is a subscription-based streaming service that offers different plans:

    • Hulu $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year
    • Hulu $12.99 per month
    • Hulu + Live TV $69.99 per month
    • Hulu + Live TV $75.99 per month

    You can also add premium add-ons to your account by paying the required money. It includes HBO Max, CINEMAX, SHOWTIME, and STARZ.

    The interesting thing about Hisense Smart TV is that it runs on three different OS: Android TV, Roku, and Vidaa. Depending on the type of OS, the downloading procedure will vary. You can check the full list of Hulu-supported devices here.

    How To Watch Live TV On Hulu Online Or Throughthe Hulu App

    How to Fix Hulu on a LG TV
  • Launch the Hulu app.
  • On the Home screen, click Live TV. This will be in the upper-left side of the screen. It will show you the live stream of the channel you last watched.
  • Then click on the three-line icon in the lower-left corner of the player bar during playback on If using the mobile app, tap the exit full-screen icon or turn your device vertically during playback.
  • Select the channel that you want to watch.
  • Then Hulu will load the Live TV channel you have selected.
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    What Features Does Hulu + Live TV Support

    All Hulu + Live TV users now have access to unlimited cloud DVR at no extra cost. With unlimited cloud DVR, you can record as many episodes of your favorite TV shows as you want.

    Each program you record will be available for on-demand playback for up to nine months after the recording date. Playback for recordings includes the option to fast forward and rewind.

    Hulu + Live TV also includes support for streaming on two screens simultaneously. For an extra $10 a month, you can upgrade to Unlimited Screens, which allows you to watch Hulu on as many screens as you want, as long as the devices are connected to the Wi-Fi network you’ve designated your “home network.”

    With the Unlimited Screens upgrade, subscribers can also stream on up to three mobile devices on-the-go, or outside of the home Wi-Fi network.

    Check If The Hulu Servers Are Down

    If Hulu is still not working on your Vizio Smart TV, you should make sure that the Hulu servers arent down.

    While this doesnt happen that often, its a real possibility. You can also check Hulu on other devices, like your smartphone or laptop, to see if its down there too.

    In this case, all you can do is wait for the servers to come back online.

    If you follow the platform on social media, like , they might let their followers know when to expect Hulu to come back on. You can also check sites like Downdetector for information.

    However, if the sites not actually down, you can use the following methods to troubleshoot why Hulu isnt working on your Vizio Smart TV.

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    How To Get Hulu App On An Old Samsung TV

    If you are using an old Samsung TV, you may still be able to watch Hulu.

    Even if you dont have a Smart TV and want to watch Hulu on an old Samsung TV or on Apple TV, once you have a premium VPN you can download Hulu quickly and easily:

  • Start by turning on your old Samsung TV
  • Press the internet TV button that you will find on your remote control.
  • Choose the button that says Content View.
  • Select Internet TV.
  • Using the search icon/search option, you can select apps and locate the Hulu app.
  • Open the Hulu app and log in to your Hulu account.
  • Have fun watching!
  • Go To Hulucom On The Browser

    How to Watch Hulu on Philips Smart TV

    If you can get the app installed on your Samsung Smart TV, you can also try getting Hulu on the TVs web browser.

    Compatibility can be a hit or miss, and there are chances of this not working well or not working at all when playing content on the Hulu website with a TV.

    The browser is known to run into issues a lot, and you might have to restart the browser and the TV occasionally.

    To play Hulu content on your TVs web browser:

  • Press the Home app to open Smart Hub.
  • Navigate to Apps.
  • Highlight the address bar of the browser and select it to start typing.
  • Type in in the address bar and press OK.
  • Wait for the page to load and log in to your Hulu account when it loads in.
  • Try playing the content to see if it works.
  • Sometimes the website might tell you that Hulu isnt available in your location, so try restarting your TV and try again.

    Using the website might not work because it isnt designed to work on smart TVs, but if it works for you, know that it is an alternative.

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    Watch Via Laptop With The Use Of Hdmi

    You can directly watch movies on your laptop if you dont want to spend money at all. Youll only need an HDMI cable here.

  • Connect your laptop to your Samsung TV using the cable.
  • Open the source of the TV display and select the HDMI port youre using.
  • And youll be able to stream Hulu from your laptop.

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    How Much Does Hulu Cost

    The traditional Hulu streaming service provides a subscriber ad-supported tier for $7 per month and an ad-free version for $13 per month . Hulu With Live TV is $70 per month and currently comes with Disney+ and ESPN+.

    This includes the ad-supported streaming option, 50 hours of cloud DVR storage, and the ability to watch on two screens concurrently. Add another $6 for the premium ad-free tier if youd prefer to go without continual nagging to buy something. There is also a Hulu With Live TV option without Disney+ and ESPN+ for $68.99 per month if you prefer.

    Hulu is a Disney property, and Disney offers a special deal in which you can bundle all of its streaming services Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ and pay just $14 per month. Thats $6 less than you would pay if you got them all individually.

    How Do You Get It

    How to Fix Hulu on a Smart TV

    Its easy to register for Hulu on either a smartphone or a computer. Navigate to and go through the prompts on the screen. For easy payments, connect your Hulu account to your Apple or Android account. Hulu also has an easy sign-up process for mobile and TV apps.

    You dont need to sign any contracts or long-term commitments, such as you would with traditional TV, to use Hulu. You can even take advantage of Hulus seven-day free trial and then cancel the service without any payment at all though you still need to enter your credit card information when you register. If you should ever need to cancel your subscription, its an easy process online or with customer service, and Hulu will save your account information if you ever decide to sign up again.

    Editors’ Recommendations

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    How To Watch Hulu With A Gaming Console

    Video game consoles can be used for a lot more than just playing games. They can play Hulu on your TV, too. To do so, you can set up your Microsoft Xbox 360 or Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, or Sony PlayStation 3 and 4 and find the Hulu app before streaming content.

    Although this isnt the best option to watch Hulu on your TV, it comes in handy if you own one and dont want to get an Apple TV or a Chromecast. The only hassle is having to type anything from your controller.

    How To Watch Hulu On Hisense Smart TV Using Browser

    In some versions of Hisense Smart TV, you will get a built-in web browser. With that, you can browse the internet on your TV. If your Hisense TV has a web browser, you can surf the Hulu website and stream its content.

    1. Open the web browser on your Hisense TV.

    2. Enter the Hulu website .

    3. Sign in with your Hulu account.

    4. Now, you will get Hulus video library.

    5. Choose your favorite content and stream it on your TV.

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    Watch Hulu On Samsung Smart TV In 5 Steps

    You can watch Hulu on your Samsung smart TV and enjoy all of your favorite shows. Hulu is a great app that allows you to watch content anytime, anywhere. It works great on Samsung TVs and will enable you to watch your shows and get the best experience on a bigger screen.

    Maintaining Hulu on your Samsung smart TV doesnt require a lot. In fact, its pretty simple. All you have to do is install the app and keep up with regular updates. After this, you are free to enjoy the entertainment experience on your Samsung TV with the best picture quality. In this article, well teach you how to get Hulu up and running.

    Surfshark: Most Affordable Vpn

    How Do I Get Hulu App On My Sony Smart TV

    Surfshark is the most pocket-friendly VPN out there it has over 3200+ servers to access blocked streaming services like Hulu on Apple TV, US Netflix, HBO Max, and more. Its SmartDNS services allow you to enable a VPN setup on any device where it is not available.

    Surfshark allows unlimited simultaneous connection per account, making it so unique. Despite the low price tag, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its price plans and packages.

    Budget-Friendly Hulu VPN

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    Connect A Laptop To Your Hdtv

    Don’t have a smart TV? The fourth option you have for watching Hulu videos on your TV is the old fashioned way: to plug a desktop or laptop computer directly into a video input port on the TV.

    Most new HDTVs include HDMI ports, which means you have to have an HDMI cable and an HDMI output port on your laptop or desktop. However, almost all TVs have a VGA port for using the TV as a monitor for your laptop. This setup lets you watch anything on your TV, including Hulu.

    However, the technical side of this method is a bit different for different folks. For example, if your laptop only has a DVI or VGA port and your HDTV only accepts HDMI cables, you have to buy a DVI or VGA converter that can utilize the HDMI port on the TV.

    If you’re not using an HDMI cable , you need an adapter that will plug into your speaker port and split it into the audio component cable. A 3.5mm to RCA cable will do the trick.

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