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What Is The Best Large Screen TV

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The best TVs in 2022 for all budgets

2022 was a huge year for the best TVs. Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony and more all vied to claim the top stop in home entertainment but with so much choice, how do you narrow down the best TV you can buy in 2022?

Its a tough task, especially with how often new tech is debuted. The likes of Samsung and LG announced major display upgrades at CES 2022, meaning more top TVs are likely just around the corner. Even without brand new releases in the mix, though, theres still the question of 4K or 8K, with 16K TVs even on the horizon, too.

Buying a new TV can feel confusing to say the least, which is why weve pieced together this authoritative guide. Well help walk you through the best televisions currently on the market, suitable for any room, and for all your viewing needs. Should you only be interested in gaming screens, however, we suggest you check out our best gaming TVs guide instead.

Given how budgets are often the most challenging hurdle of TV buying, weve tested a wide mix of the best smart TVs, from mid-range to premium options. Marrying together good quality and affordability can be difficult, even more so when you want to purchase tech from one of the top three manufacturers. Although many households wont be able to afford more premium end options, like LG C1 OLED, that doesnt mean you cant find a great budget deal.

How To Clean A TV Screen

If you don’t touch the screen and leave fingerprints behind, there’s really no need for anything but the occasional dusting. But there are a few tips to keep your TV in good condition.

Firstly, don’t clean the TV while it’s on. Turn it off and let it cool down, otherwise you’ll have evaporation issues that will leave more streaks than you’re removing.

Each week:

  • Wipe dust off the bezel and surrounds with a dry microfibre cloth.
  • Gently buff fingerprints and dust off the screen with a damp microfibre cloth or an LCD screen cleaning solution.
  • Definitely don’t use multipurpose cleaners or anything containing bleach or ammonia, and don’t use anything sharp or pointy

Also, check the settings to make sure your TV is set to download firmware updates automatically. If not, turn it on as this is an important security feature. It’s worth wiping down the remote with a soft damp cloth once a month as well.

What Size TV Do I Need

The best way to find the ideal TV screen size is to measure the distance between your couch and where the TV will be wall-mounted or placed on a dedicated stand and divide that distance by 2. So if your couch is 120 inches from where the TV will be, the ideal size would be 60 inches. You can always go a bit bigger or smaller depending on what’s available from brands and what your budget is, but you don’t want to go wild and get a huge screen if you don’t need to. Not only do you run the risk of having your new, expensive, TV just simply not fit into your space, a screen that is too big can overwhelm a room and even cause motion sickness. And on the other end of the spectrum, smaller screens do tend to be more affordable, but a TV that’s too small for a room can make the space feel cavernous and force everyone to crowd around in order to see.

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Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Biggest Flat Screen TV

Browse the top-ranked list of biggest flat screen tv below along with associated reviews and opinions.

  • Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars with 473 reviews

    Top comment

    1) The biggestscreen2) clear picture3) Good sound…TV flatscreen…My first 85 inch flatscreen Great television we live it

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Smart, powerful, and beautiful, the X85J is designed for all your favorite content. Powered by the X1 4K HDR Processor, super-bright 4K HDR pictures come to life with vivid color and realistic contrast. With enhanced Motionflow technology, Google TV, and HDMI 2.1 for next-gen gaming, all available in a wide range of sizes, your favorite content just found a new home.See all All Flat-Screen TVsTop comment

    1) The biggestscreen2) clear picture3) Good sound…TV flatscreen…My first 85 inch flatscreen Great television we live it

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Smart, powerful, and beautiful, the X85J is designed for all your favorite content. Powered by the X1 4K HDR Processor, super-bright 4K HDR pictures come to life with vivid color and realistic contrast. With enhanced Motionflow technology, Google TV, and HDMI 2.1 for next-gen gaming, all available in a wide range of sizes, your favorite content just found a new home.$1,999.99Your price for this item is $1,999.99Save $200The previous price was $2,199.99Add to Cart

  • TV Buying Guide: 9 Things You Need To Know

    Check out Irelandâs BIGGEST curved TV screen⦠itâs 105â? &  only â¬82,599 ...

    TV shopping is tough these days, but this TV buying guide is here to help. You know that everything looks better on a better TV, but how can you find the right TV for you? With so many display options and technologies it’s easy to get overwhelmed. With lessons learned across dozens of reviews, guides and technical explainers, this guide is your sherpa through the TV shopping wilderness, whether you’re looking for simple shopping advice or need to know which features matter most.

    Today, there’s a staggering array of high-definition , 4K Ultra HD and even 8K TVs in stores, from bargain big screens to the high-end displays that distinguish the best TVs available. From the differences between 8K and 4K resolution, the basics of smart TV features, why you want HDR, and the differences between LED and OLED, we’ve got answers to all of the common questions about smart TVs.

    Were here with our TV buying guide to help you decide.

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    Best Gaming TVs For 2022

    The C1 is almost certainly the OLED screen every new-gen gamer will be lusting after now and, for us, is one of the best gaming TVs money can buy. Period.

    With four 4K 120Hz-capable HDMI inputs, plus a dedicated Game Optimizer control panel, it takes playtime nearly as seriously as we do and immediately gave us a great experience in testing. We found a superb, premium image quality, which leans more heavily on AI smarts than weve seen to date, which is spectacular, both with native 4K and up-scaled HD, and something that presents games incredibly beautifully. Offering deep blacks, vibrant hues, and almost three-dimensional levels of details, this is an OLED to be ogled.

    We also found that motion handling has had a tweak. TruMotion Smooth is still around if you like a slick interpolated look, but theres also a Cinematic Movement option that does something clever with frame merging, so movies always look filmic. It works well. HDR performance is also extremely good. The C1 supports Dolby Vision, HDR10, HGiG, and HLG, but theres no support for HDR10+ which we find a bit disappointing.

    If youre looking to take home a top OLED performer as your premium 4K TV for gaming model, the LG C1 is the obvious front runner, giving us a true treat in testing.

    Overall, we rate the X90J a winner and a particularly good choice as best gaming TV for PS5 owners.

    Lg G1 Gallery Series 4k Oled

    Why you should buy this: It does it all and does it beautifully.

    Who its for: Anyone who can afford it.

    Why we picked the 65-inch LG G1 Gallery Series 4K OLED TV :

    If youve been following our coverage of OLED TVs, and in particular, LGs OLED TVs, you know that superlatives just come with the territory. We loved the 2020 LG GX OLED, and the new 2021 G1 series is even better.

    For a few years now, TV reviewers have observed that despite OLEDs incredible black levels, contrast, and color, OLED TVs havent been able to match QLED TVs in terms of brightness. The LG G1 Gallery Series goes further than any other OLED TV to address this gap, through a new kind of OLED panel that LG has labeled OLED Evo.

    Its essentially a tweak of the materials used to produce OLED panels, but it yields visible results. How good is it? The LG G1 Gallery Series produces the cleanest, most enticing imagery Ive seen from a TV yet, our reviewer enthused.

    That performance is also helped considerably by LGs latest picture processing tech, quarterbacked by its fourth-generation Alpha 9 AI Processor 4K along with its AI Picture Pro algorithms. While it can sometimes be a little overzealous with motion smoothing unless you intercede, its ability to upscale compressed, non-4K content is the best weve ever seen.

    More TVs

    Theres really only one drawback to the LG G1 Gallery Series: Its price. $3,000 for a 65-inch TV is a lot of money.

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    For Gamers: Best TV For Video Games

    Buy a gaming TV if:

    • You want low input lag: The lower the TVs input lag, the less time between when something happens in the game and when you see it on your screen.
    • You want the latest gaming-friendly HDMI 2.1 features: The newest HDMI 2.1 specification includes a number of gaming-friendly features like automatic low-latency mode, variable refresh rate, and the bandwidth to pass a 4K 120 Hz signal. While many TVs might support one or two HDMI 2.1 features, only a select few currently support the higher bandwidth.

    Buy another type of TV if:

    • You dont play video games: Other TVs can deliver great performance for movie- and TV-watching for a lower price.

    Why we like it: In addition to being our favorite overall performer for movies, the LG C1 OLED TV supports all the HDMI 2.1 features you could want for gaming, including 4K 120 Hz inputs, ALLM, VRR, and HGIG. In addition, it has one of the lowest input lags weve measured on a TV, its game mode offers accurate colors, and it has superior viewing angles and pixel-response times compared with LCD TVs. It supports AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync for PC gamers, too. Unlike almost every other HDMI 2.1 display out there, the C1 supports HDMI 2.1 on every HDMI input , not just one or two.

    Available sizes: 48, 55, 65, 77, and 83 inchesHDMI ports: four

    Make The Right Connections

    Top 5 : Best Large Screen TVs to buy in 2022

    Don’t forget to consider a TV’s connections before you buy. Youll want to ensure that it has the right type of inputs and outputs to support all your audio/video gear.

    Almost all TVs now have side input connections, as well as rear inputs, which provide some flexibility for connecting source components to your TV. Inputs located on the side or bottom of the TV work best if you’ll be mounting a TV flat against a wall. If you are wall-mounting a TV, a short HDMI extender can be used to make connections a bit easier to use.

    HDMI Inputs

    Component/Composite Video Inputs

    Most TVs also include component-video inputs, which have RCA-type connectors in red, blue, and green. They are sometimes marked PR, PB, and Y. On some TVs, the component-video input will do double duty as a composite-video connection, as shown above . These analog video-only connections are typically used for connecting older gear that lacks HDMI outputs.

    RCA Audio Jacks

    Almost all TVs have the familiar red/white RCA jacks used to send or receive stereo audio signals. Many smaller TVs, and some larger ones, may have a headphone jack so that you can watch a show without disturbing others in the same room. A TV with Bluetooth capability will let you do this wirelessly if you have Bluetooth-enabled headphones.

    USB Ports

    A TV with one or more USB slots will let you connect a USB flash drive and play music or watch photos or videos on the TV. Many TVs have a slideshow feature for viewing digital photos.

    Ethernet Jack

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    Where To Buy A Big TV

    If you want a big LCD or OLED TV, the answer is pretty simple: Go to your local electronics retailer or shop online. Huge flat panels are available through many stores and direct purchase from manufacturers. Want a 77-inch OLED? Hit up Amazon or Best Buy online, drop the cash, and it’ll be on its way to you.

    Projectors are also readily available to consumers, to an extent. If you want to buy an entry-level to midrange home theater projector and a screen and set it all up yourself, you can. If you’re planning to spend tens of thousands of dollars in putting together a really impressive home theater, though, you’ll want to talk to an expert. Home theater installers, also known as custom installers, specialize in purchasing and setting up your projection system, speaker system, and even working out the construction and electrical details your dream home theater needs handled. High-end home theater equipment is usually only available through these installers, who also double as AV dealers the really, really good projectors aren’t usually available boxed on shelves at stores.

    As for LED video walls, that’s more tricky. You’ll have to contact Samsung or Sony directly, or find a contractor or installer who works with them in order to get the LED arrays sent to you, and have them properly aligned and installed. Though Samsung has recently made available one-piece consumer microLED TVs .

    What Are Freeview And Freeview Plus

    Freeview is simply the brand behind free-to-air TV . It integrates the EPG , or onscreen program guide, which should be easy to navigate and read.

    Most TVs also support Freeview Plus. This adds support for catch-up TV apps such as iView and 7plus, so you watch what you want when you want.

    However, for all this to work you need your smart TV connected to the internet through your home network, as the catch-up TV is delivered to you via streaming video.

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    Best 80+ Inch TV: What To Look For

    The 80+ inch TV market is dominated by high-end models, including the best 8K TVs, since the larger screen size benefits most from the increased resolution. However there are still excellent 80+ inch 4K TVs available we do recommend going 8K if you’re able, though.

    There are both OLED and QLED screens available , though this size range tends to be dominated by LCD currently. Very few of the best OLED TVs actually reach this scale, though more models are appearing.

    As with any screen size you should be looking for HDR support, Dolby Atmos, state-of-the-art smart platforms, and gaming features ready for next-gen consoles, if you’re so inclined there’s more info on these in our guide to the best gaming TVs.

    The most essential thing, when dealing with panels this large, is to have high-tech image processing to ensure that all content looks awesome on the big screen when the picture is this big, you will see any imperfections, especially when upscaling from HD or standard definition to 4K or higher.

    When’s The Best Time To Buy A New TV

    Here are all the large screen TVs with 4K resolution you can buy on ...
    • New TVs are released every year, usually between April and July.
    • They are usually expensive at launch, so it’s best to wait at least a few months.
    • TVs from the previous year will still be available for up to six months following the launch of new models.
    • We’ve found that TVs tend to hit their cheapest point around eight months after launch.
    • You’ll find good deals on Black Friday, in the January sales and when their successors are released.

    We can also help you find the best TV deals.

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    The Final Word On New TVs

    Theres never been a better time to buy a new TV. Manufacturers are constantly trying to outdo each other by including and even developing advanced technologies to make the viewing experience second to none. As a consequence, those wishing to be at the forefront of technology may have to be prepared to pay a premium, with TVs often costing $5,000 or more. In this case, it can be worth looking at brands with reputable warranty periods and servicing to ensure your prized possession is well taken care of should anything go awry. In any case, you can essentially expect to get what you pay for, and the bigger brands have a good reputation for a good reason.

    Screen Resolution: 8k 4k Or Hd

    Resolution describes the number of pixels that make up the picture on a display, described in terms of horizontal rows and vertical columns. More pixels translate into sharper picture and finer details, so higher resolution is better.

    No TV buying guide would be complete without a discussion of resolution. For many years, the 1920 x 1080 resolution, also called full HD, has been the standard, and is still the most common resolution in TVs across globe. However, TV manufacturers are rapidly shifting to Ultra HD sets . These 4K models have four times the number of pixels as current HDTV screens. Were talking 2,160 horizontal lines, or 3840 x 2160 pixels.

    The biggest benefit of 4K TVs is that small objects on the screen have more detail, including sharper text. Overall, images appear richer and more life-like than on an HDTV, but the benefits can be subtle. The sharper picture also has the added benefit of letting you comfortably view the screen from a shorter distance, making larger TVs more comfortable to view in a regular-sized home.

    You might start getting 4K TV over the air. The new ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard began rolling out to several cities across the United States in 2020, bringing the potential for better signal, better picture, and smarter features with Internet connectivity. This new standard will expand in 2021, but TVs with ATSC 3.0 tuners are still few and far between.

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