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How To Install Sportz TV

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Using Sportz TVs Multiscreen Feature

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To watch more than 1 channel on the same screen simultaneously, you just have to select the multiscreen option on the Sportz TV home screen. Then, select any of the icons and add any desired channel and select the layout, which seems to be perfect for you.

Now, to exit the multiscreen window, just select the channel you want on your screen. Moreover, you can also undo the last step by clicking the back button on your remote. Wondering which audio will you hear? The audio of the highlighted channel only will be played while using multiscreen.

Install Sportz TV App On Firestick

Heres how to use Downloader to download and install the Sportz TV APK on Firestick:

  • Assuming that you launched Downloader for the first time, click Allow to give it the required storage permissions.
  • Next, click OK to dismiss the quick start guide and proceed to Downloaders Home
  • Highlight and click the URL bar and enter this download link for the Sportz TV APK file:
  • Hit the Go button once you enter the link. The download should start immediately.
  • After the download completes, the Android installer will appear on the screen. Click Install to install Sportz TV IPTV on Firestick.
  • Finally, click Done after its installed successfully, then Delete the Sportz APK file in the Downloader app, as theres no use for it.

Press and hold the Home button on your Fire TV Remote to open up the quick access menu, and click the Apps option. Go down the following list of apps and click the Sportz TV tile to launch the app.

Move Sportz TV on the top row of the app list so that you can launch it directly from Your Apps & Channels row on the Fire TV home screen.

Is Sportz TV Safe

Before we review the Sportz TV service, I first want to scan the official URL with VirusTotal.

The new official URL for this IPTV service is

NOTE: You will find the original Sportz TV website is currently offline. .

Here is the screenshot of the VirusTotal scan results.

VirusTotal did not find any malicious viruses/malware within the Sportz TV website URL.

However, this does not mean we shouldnt protect ourselves when streaming content from this unverified IPTV service.

The best way to do this is with a secure VPN that will secure your identity and anonymity when using IPTV services like this.

Now, here are the channels and pricing information for Sportz TV.

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Subscription Plans Of Sportz TV

Sportz TV is a subscription-based IPTV service that offers numerous combinations to its subscribers. Here, three different types of subscription plans are available. So, you can easily choose your favorite one according to your wish. Keep following the below-given guidance to get the best guide for subscription plans of Sportz TV.

Get Two Connections

It is affordable and one of the best packages on the subscription plan list. You can get two connections and Parental Control with this plan for a month.

Get Three Connections

If you want to access Sportz TV IPTV on three different devices at the time, you can use this plan. It gives you parental control and live channels for one month. But, you cannot access VOD content on your device with this plan.

Get Four Connections

With the Four connections package, you can get numerous live channels and parental control. Moreover, you can access the Sportz TV IPTV content on four different types of devices at the same time. But, there is no option to stream VOD content on your device.

S To Install Downloader App On Firestick

How to Install Sportz TV IPTV on Firestick / Android TV Box 2020 ...

Before we install any external app in our firestick it is recommended to first enable ADB debugging and apps from unknown sources. Below are the steps to do that, follow all steps carefully.

  • First of all, you need to open your FireStick device.
  • Now go to settings of your FireStick.
  • Now click on the My Fire TV option
  • Now go to the Developer options.
  • Now enable both ADB Debugging and Apps from unknown sources.
  • Now you are all set to download the Downloader application on your firestick.
  • Go back to your FireTV home screen and search for downloader.
  • Once the app is installed you can click on the open button to open it.

Now its time to install Sportz TV APK on FireStick via the downloader application.

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How To Use Sportz TV Iptv App On Firestick

After downloading and installing the Sportz TV app on Firestick TV lets see how to make good use of this application.

To move your favorite app on the home screen so that this app is easy to access, do so there are 2 ways.

Hold on to the home button for a few seconds until a pop-up window appears on the screen. Now you can choose the apps and channels option to see all your installed apps available on Firestick.

Other ways are to choose the second-row available on your home screen and click on the top left option of see all.

Search for your Sportz TV app.

After locating the Sportz TV app click on the menu button on the remote.

And move or relocate the app and make it available on the home screen.

To use the Sportz app for the first time you need to give the login credential that was sent to you via an email. The screen will show you 3 fields. Any Name, username, and password. You can add other users as well after the app logged in.

Select the user and get a login to the application.

After that, you will see that Sportz TV is all set up on the Firestick, it will take some moments.

This is going to be your Home screen, once to set up all things and get log in using your User ID.

You can use the multi-screen feature of this app by clicking on the + icon. That is a bonus trait of Sportz TV.

How To Use Sportz TV On Firestick

Now when you have installed the Sportz TV app on your FireStick, the next step is to use it. The app is easy to use and user-friendly. So you wont face any issues while using it.

Follow these steps to use the Sportz TV app.

Step 1: From the main menu of your FireStick, open Your Apps & Channels. Click the See All option if the app is not there

Step 2: Click the icon of Sportz TV from all the other apps

Step 3: Select Move from the Options if you want to bring the Sportz TV app to your main screen

Step 4: Now launch the app and enter your user name and password of your Sportz TV account. Then click Add User

Step 5: Click the user name you added and long-press it for more options. Then click Login

Step 6: If you are using the app for the first time, wait for a while so that the app can set up everything

Step 7: The interface of the app will look like this. Select anything of your choice and start streaming right away

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What Does Sportz TV Iptv Offer

As the name of the IPTV suggests, Sportz TV offers extensive coverage of traditional sports networks, along with premium channels and sports content that you can only get with sports add-on packages, such as NBA League Pass, NFL Game Pass, NHL Center Ice, MLB Extra Innings, FOX Soccer Plus, etc.

You can also stream pay-per-view events live without paying additional fees.

Apart from that, Sportz TV offers more than 6000 premium entertainment, news, movies, kids, sports, lifestyle, and infotainment channels with all of its IPTV plans.

It includes channels from several different countries across the globe, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many more.

Although Sportz TV doesnt offer on-demand content, it does compensate for the absence of VOD with its other features, including the Electonic Program Guide and multi-screen support, as well as extensive live chat support via Telegram.

The subscription also includes the M3U URL just in case you dont want to use Sportz TVs official IPTV app. Furthermore, the lineup of channels wont be affected by the blackout restrictions in your area.

Check How To Download And Install Sportz TV In Firestick


With over 6,600 live HD channels, Sportz TV is one of the best IPTV services you can get on an Amazon FireStick device. Some amazing features of Sportz TV like compatibility, affordability and ease of use of the app are definitely worth it. You can watch all live sports on FireStick, even PPV content.

It really is the only app you need for all your streaming needs. Need a cheap way to stream online? Sportz TV has the solution for you. More and more online streamers are turning to Sportz TV to watch the content of their choice as it is one of the best services available to watch almost 6600+ HD channels live and on demand content.

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Features Of Sportz TV Apk

  • The app provides an opportunity for a number of channels to stream it, which is free of cost.
  • To develop them in categories, which help you to find things easier.
  • It doesnt have more ads or promotional content.
  • You can make easy access the content in the complex definition.
  • The app is easily available and moreover, it is completely cost-free.
  • You can watch more than 6000 sports channels from all over the world on it.
  • There is also an option for registered users to demand their favorite sports channel.
  • Stream channels in 1080P video quality for free.
  • All contents are present according to categories.
  • Is The Sportz TV Iptv App On Firestick Legal

    IPTV services are legal as long as they abide by the global copyright laws and purchase a license for the content they plan to stream. However, it is difficult to determine whether Sportz TV abides by these laws. Illegal IPTV services typically dont provide a dedicated app, but that still doesnt prove that Sportz TV is legal.

    To be safe, we highly recommend that you use a VPN to stay anonymous while streaming. The VPN will encrypt your entire traffic to make it unreadable by your ISP and change your IP address to give you a new identity. This way, your ISP wont know what you are accessing and so they wont throttle your internet connection. Copyright trolls also wont get to you either as they wont be able to tell your real identity.

    However, the VPN you choose determines the privacy, security, and anonymity levels you get. To ensure maximum protection, we suggest that you go with ExpressVPN.

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    Installing Sportz TV Iptv On Kodi

    Installing it on Kodi is also just as simple. Just follow the given steps carefully.

    • Open the Kodi app.
    • Go to the Enter add on browser and select it.
    • Choose PVR IPTV Simple Client
    • Select Configure and then click on General.
    • Set the location to Remote Path.
    • Now, click on the Select M3U Playlist URL option.
    • You just have to enter the M3U URL you received earlier here and click on OK.
    • Then, find the M3U text file on your device and select it.
    • Next, click OK and select Enable.

    You will have to set the location to Local Path if you have already downloaded the M3U text file on your device. Then, simply browse and find the required file on your device and enable it using the same method. Now, after all the channels are loaded, you will be able to stream your favorite channels or shows using Sportz TV IPTV service on Kodi.

    Android users can simply download the Sportz TV app and then log in using their username and password and enjoy streaming their favorite channels.

    Presently, there is no official Sportz TV IPTV app for iOS or Apple users.

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    What Is Sportz TV Iptv:

    How to Download and Install Sportz TV on Firestick

    Content Summery

  • Q. What is the best feature of Sportz TV?
  • Sportz IPTV app is one of the best quality and entertainment providers. It offers you a large variety of Video-on-demand , movies, shows, and several channels for sports. Sportz TV is one of the best add-on applications available on Amazon Firestick TV or Kodi.

    Since Sportz TV is supported by the developers on the back end that keep working and supply you with the latest updates and new options.

    After subscribing to its reasonable plan, you will access overwatch over 6000+ Live in HD quality. The best feature of this app is that it provides you with an option for multi-channel streaming. You can access or share multiple screens up to four channels at once. Sportz Firestick tv comes with a user-friendly interface so that you can explore and relish it conveniently.

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    Signing Up For Sportz TV Iptv

    In order to use this service, you will have to register and buy the program through the Sportz TV IPTV official website. After registering, you will be provided with a username and password, which will come to use later.

    You can choose from the plans stated above. All the plans include 24/7 channels, Sports, PPV, Adult channels, and also international channels.

    To register for Sportz TV, simply follow these steps-

    • Visit the Sportz TV official website by clicking here on your PC or smartphone.
    • Choose and buy whichever plan you deem perfect for yourself.

    After registering, you will be asked to create a password for your account, and further, you will need it to sign in to your account. Make sure to use a correct email address as you will receive lots of useful information related to your account and other news on your email.

    How To Install Sportz TV Iptv On Firestick 2022 Update

    In this tutorial, We will show you how easy it is to install Sportz TV IPTV on FireStick.

    Millions of people are shifting to IPTV service these days as it is cheaper than usual subscriptions over standard cable satellite TV. It also offers compliance, maintenance, and other traits that conventional ones dont have.

    Furthermore, it includes a lot of add-ons you can pick from depending on your entertainment preferences.

    The most convenient way to watch IPTV is through media streaming equipment such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K.

    This device is highly in demand as it has the capacity to install 3rd party apps such as IPTV APK. People know it as jailbreaking.

    With a jailbroken Firestick, you can install an IPTV app for live streaming, as well as other applications to enjoy Movies, TV Shows, Music, and more, ALL FOR FREE.

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    How To Install Sportz TV On Firestick Via Download App

    • Open the Downloader app on your FireStick.
    • Enter Sportz TV Apk Download URL and click Go button.
    • Wait for the download to complete, once its done click the Install button.
    • Wait for the Sportz TV app to install on your device.
    • Once the installation is complete, click the Open button to launch the Sportz TV app on the Fire TV Stick.

    S To Install Sportz TV App On Firestick:

    How to Legally Watch Live TV on Roku Players & Roku TV Without Cable TV

    1- In the FireStick home page, go to the settings option.

    2- Choose My Fire TV.

    3- Tap on the Developer option.

    4- Select Apps from Unknown Sources.

    5- Tap on Turn ON.

    6- Go back to the home screen and tap the search option.

    7- Type in the search box and tap on it.

    8- Click .

    9- Click the option .

    10- Choose Open.

    13- Click the option Browser.

    14- Type the URL address of the Sportz TV IPTV app and then tap Go.

    15- Click Install.

    17- Now go back to your Downloader option. And select Delete.

    18- Select the option Delete again.

    19- Now go to the home page and click Your Apps and Channels and select Sportz TV IPTV.

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    Important Details Regarding Multi

    The multiple streams will play simultaneously. The sound will only play for the selected stream. If you want to watch any stream full-screen, just select and click that stream. Once in the full-screen mode, you can press the back button any time to return to this multi-screen window. You can play as many simultaneous feeds on the multi-screen window as your subscription plan allows. If you want to play more feeds, you will need to add more connections. For instance, if you have the base $9.95 plan, you can only play up to 2 streams Each stream requires its own share of Internet bandwidth. This feature may not work properly on low-speed connections

    What To Look For When Shopping For Iptv

    When it comes to selecting an IPTV Service, a little bit of research is required. Here are the things to look for before purchasing an IPTV Provider:

    • Customer Support
    • Premium Sports Options

    There are literally thousands of IPTV options. Many of these provide similar structure and content, but not all services are the same.

    One thing to look for when searching for a provider is payment options.

    Because of the uncertainty of these providers, TROYPOINT suggests paying for IPTV services on a month-to-month time frame or quarterly basis. That way, if your provider goes offline or you find a better service, you are not tied down.

    For those who want to stay completely anonymous when purchasing an IPTV Service, we suggest using Bitcoin or a service like Abine Blur for credit cards.

    Using Bitcoin or Abine Blur is the best way to purchase IPTV services anonymously online .

    In addition to paying anonymously, we also suggest creating an Anonymous Email Account when registering for these services. Use that email address when registering for your service. Dont provide these questionable outfits with your real information.

    Another thing to consider when choosing a service is the number of connections it offers.

    Sometimes, users can view IPTV on up to five devices simultaneously, while others allow only one.

    IPTV Services come in all shapes and sizes and prices will vary. However, these usually range somewhere between $10-$20 per month, saving users hundreds of dollars each year.

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