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How To Make TV Stand Taller

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Add A Wooden Base To The Bottom

DIY Portable TV Stand

Perhaps the furniture that you have in your room doesnt quite fit with your nightstand in terms of shape, material, or color. You may decide that you want to look for something that fits better with your nightstand. If this is the case, another option is to place a wooden base underneath your nightstand. Wood is a good choice because it is simple and also there are several color and style options with wood. There are many different advantages to using a wooden base.

First of all, when choosing this approach, the options are virtually endless. Here are a few ways to add a wooden base to your nightstand.

  • Make it yourself. Suppose you want a sturdy wooden block as a base. In that case, you can make one yourself. As long as you are comfortable using basic tools and have the time to do so, making your own wooden base for your nightstand could be a good option. It requires a few simple materials and tools. By making your own wooden base, you can ensure that the dimensions and material used are tailored to your liking.
  • Buy a wooden block. Another option to add a wooden base to your nightstand if you dont want to make your own is to buy one that fits your required specifications.

Adding a wooden base underneath your nightstand may be one of the best ways to adjust the height of your nightstand. The advantage of adding a wooden base to your nightstand instead of using a piece of furniture is you can make your base according to your liking.

Diy TV Stand Plans You Can Make This Weekend

If youre like most people, the center of your living room isthe TV. Rather than making the TV the focal point, why not focus on the area right underneath it?

A TV stand can completely change the style of your room, and it can add some practical hidden storage too.

Here are 17 DIY TV stand ideas to get you inspired, but remember, with DIY, the possibilities are limitless! Wish you could combine multiple of these ideas? Do it! Make something thats 100% YOU.

Lets break it down into two popular categories: farmhouse and modern. And when I say modern, I really mean not farmhouse. We have a mix of traditional, mid-century, and full-on modern designs, so theres a TV stand plan for everyone here!

Lets start with farmhouse!

Plan For Storage And Organization

Keeping your TV stand free of clutter and cables is one of the best ways to showcase your flat-screen TV. Shop for a TV stand with storage to organize media or magazines, and look for units with broad tabletop space if you want to put accent decor on display. Large entertainment centers are perfect for arranging multiple electronics in a compact, centralized location. Most TV stands include cutouts for cord management, helping you conceal cables and keep your family safe from electrical hazards. Depending on your style, choose between open shelving, closed cabinets, and drawers.

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Pieces Tee Blind Nuts Furniture T Nut Inserts For Wood

At the outset, i would like to make a few comments about the various types of wood joint systems used to build cabinets and furniture. Preparing for peanut has an excellent tutorial on how you can make a tv stand that’s nearly free of cost. 8 pieces tee blind nuts furniture t nut inserts for wood. How to make a cheap outdoor tv stand in less than 40 minutes. Make sure the stand or section of wall you’ll be using is at least half a hand’s width larger than your tv on all sides. The tv stand will be positioned in a location in our media room which is across a corner, between the fireplace and stair wall. Do you suppose make a tv stand taller seems great? Diy tv stands are not as complicated or difficult to make as you may think and to really show you that we prepared a few examples. I made a separate post since it’s. 18 posts related to make a tv stand taller. It’s a tall tv stand, making it the perfect choice for a large room with an awkward layout or a bedroom. Super tall stand for super big tvs. Painting with lighter, natural colors , for example, will not only make your room look bigger but will make the tv stand out on the.

Install The Extra Wood Board Under The Top

50 Best Ideas Very Tall TV Stands

In this case, you have to remove or unscrew the top frame or the potion. For this, remove the drawers and other accessories from your bedside table.

You can make some measurements and suitable dimensions for the new extension. Make the new layout or sketch and design according to your perception and construct it.

Arrange it or attach it to the above portion with the bolts or wood glue. Now, reassemble all the accessories like drawers, top surface.

The last step depends on your choice and needs, like the polish or paints it. You can skip this process if you do not want it.

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Use A Furniture Riser On The Bottom

One of the more traditional ways to make your nightstand taller is to use a furniture riser. Furniture risers are a good option because they will often fit nicely with your furniture. There are different types and styles of furniture risers. For a nightstand, there are three options that might be best suited to your needs. These are castors, bun feet, or traditional furniture risers.

Diy TV Riser In Three Steps

Home / DIY Projects / DIY TV Riser in Three Steps

Learn how to make a DIY TV riser using simple tools and wood. You can customize this to any size and stain any color you like. Make this riser fit into your decor.

Skills Required: Beginner. Youll be using a few saws, a router, and then staining. Its relatively easy if you have experience with tools. And honestly its a great project to get started with tools if you never have before!

One of the things that is nice about having neighbors is that you can help each other out. When you have a pretty solid tool collection and know how to use them, sometimes that means making something that your neighbor needs.

And thats how this television riser came about.

Neighbors Kiel and E.B. bought a super cute piece of furniture at Costco and then put their television and sound bar on top of it. What they didnt notice, and I wouldnt have either the sound bar covered up the bottom of the screen over an inch.

They found this incredibly annoying and I dont blame them. It was just enough that Id be thinking, what is going on down there? What am I missing? Whether or not there is action behind the sound bar is irrelevant! To give you an idea . . .

Before the Riser:

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Wooden Chair Leg Basic But Classy

Theres something to be said about wooden furniture pieces. They have a timeless appeal to them and whichever space they are kept in, they look good.

This is very similar to the DIY Plant Stand Ideas from this post.

If you live in a small place and you desire to have a nice TV stand that can fit in your house, just use this DIY technique to build a nice looking wooden chair leg DIY TV stand.

Heres what you need:

  • Buy 2 thick wooden boards .
  • Then sand the wooden boards as much as possible to make them look smooth. It basically helps to smooth out any cracks in the wood.
  • After that, use a pre-stain wood conditioner over your wooden boards to give them a nice color and let them dry for about an hour.
  • Then use a mineral spirit for a shiny finish on your wooden bench.
  • After that, place metal brackets on the wood and drill screws into them to secure them in place.
  • Now the last step is to fix the legs to the wooden bench. The legs can be of any shape and design according to your choice.
  • After completing the last step, you get a beautiful wooden chair leg TV stand.

    Stop Using This Stand

    DIY Entertainment Center TV Stand (75″ or 56″) | Build It Better | EP. 07

    I think weve all seen this old chestnut enough to safely say: its time for us to never see this TV stand, or any derivative of it, ever again.

    Its possibly one of the saddest looking TV stands Ive ever seen. Sure, you can put it in a boardroom or something, but it has no place in anyones living room.

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    Glue The Wood Pieces And Rout

    Make one solid riser piece by adding wood glue to the long ends of the boards and then clamping the pieces together. Wipe away any excess glue that squeezes out. Let dry overnight.

    Select a router bit so that you can give the edge a nice little round. These keeps it from looking like you picked some boards out of the wood pile and stained them.

    Route all of the top edges of your almost-finished DIY TV riser. Its amazing what a difference it makes!

    Once the edges are rounded, sound down the stand as desired to get it smooth. Wipe away the sanding dust.

    TV Console Is Too Small

    Anyone can see that the image above is pretty silly.

    But is it always that obvious when your TV is too big for your console or TV stand? Nope! Otherwise it wouldnt be such a common mistake.

    I recommend getting a console that is at least a few inches wider than the width of your TV .

    Its important to remember that TVs are measured diagonally and TV consoles are measured horizontally, so make sure to take the actual width of your TV screen into consideration when choosing your console.

    Proportionally, your TV should be roughly 2/3rds the width of your stand.

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    Dresser Diy TV Stand Hit Two Birds With One Stone

    Dressers as a TV stand?


    Well, everything is possible if you use your imagination and creativity.

    If you have an old dresser lying around somewhere in your house, you can opt to use it as a TV stand.

    If the dresser has the right dimensions and isnt being used for anything else, then why not?

    Spending the extra money on buying a new TV stand is foolish if you can avail a piece of furniture thats already lying around in your house.

    Use paint if needed to make it look pleasing and attractive.

    Re-purposing an old dresser as a TV stand can be a big help.

    This multi-purpose TV stand can be used as a place to store your DVDs, gaming consoles, external boards, etc.

    To give the old dresser a more updated look, you just need to sand and prime it for a finishing touch.

    This DIY technique is super cheap and easy and most importantly, can save you money.

    Cable Drum Make Some Space For The Big And Bold

    Walker Edison Traditional Tall TV Stand for TVs up to 48"

    This big and creative cable drum TV stand can change the look of your boring and dull TV lounge.

    This cable drum stand looks difficult to make because of its big size, but in reality, it has some easy DIY steps!

    Follow these simple steps to create one for your home:

  • Take a wooden drum and saw it in half
  • Next, board up one half of it using wooden boards.
  • Glue the boards to the half-drum by using a Polyurethane adhesive for a strong bond.
  • When the glue is dry, place your TV on the boards and make sure its secure.
  • Tips: You can use the other half of the drum as a storage space to keep your DVD collection, TV remote or your music CDs.

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    Install The Tapering Leg Jig

    You need some essential tools, and items like bolts, knobs, toggle clamps, plywood, table saw, drill set, and few other accessories in this method.

    In this case, take a plywood piece and cut it according to the side-table size. It is better that your nightstand should be taller than the bed.

    Then, make a broad, shallow groove in which the bolt head cap adjusts with ease and repeat this process for another side.

    Next, make some more grooves with the spiral bit in the shallow so that the bolt fit. Use the hardware and with all slot out, adjust your table and assemble it.

    Place some toggle clamps and make the bolt hole and screw them.

    You have to ensure that you make the small enough, which makes the safety of your bottom piece. In the end, install the jig to the miter bar and trim the corners.

    You have to cut the leg bottom by determining it through the table saw help. In the jig, you rotate the leg to 90 degrees and cut it again.

    This process repeats for all four sides and makes the perfect tapered leg. You have to take some precautions while screwing do this by hand instead of a drill or fixing tool.

    Assuming You Must Hang The TV

    Again, another myth. I do agree that generally large flat-screen TVs that are hung on the wall look nicer and create a more streamlined look. But if youre renting or for various reasons are not able to wall mount your television, there is no need to despair.

    So long as you are making sure that the media console youre placing your TV on is correctly proportioned to your television, its going to look just fine!

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    Complement The Room Layout

    Working with a small or irregularly shaped room doesnt mean you have to sacrifice the TV of your dreams. Choose a swivel TV stand to find your optimal viewing angle when the available space for your TV doesnt comfortably line up with your seating. A corner TV stand lets you fit a big display in a compact spot, while a wall-mount TV stand frees up room in front of your seating for easier movement or entertaining. Even if you mount the TV independently of a stand, a wall console is useful for adding storage capacity to the room.

    Getting The Sofa To TV Distance Wrong

    DIY TV Stand For Giant TVs [up To 77â? Wide]

    There is a lot of debate over what the correct distance should be between TV and the sofa. There are some guidelines certainly that one can follow, but it really boils down to personal preference.

    To read some of the different opinions on the matter, you can check out these articles, which present very reasonable, sound arguments.

    Personally, over the years Ive tried a few different size TVs/distances, and I actually kind of obsessed over getting it right. But I have finally settled on what I feel is the perfect distance. We found that the perfect distance between the sofa and our TV is pretty much exactly 7 .

    We have a 65 TV if youre curious, we have this TV its an AMAZING 4K smart TV, that costs under $800. The reason we picked it is actually because it has an incredibly super-thin frame. But then it turned out to be a really great TV too, ha! 100% worth it, cannot recommend enough!!!

    I have tested out different distances with my 65 TV, and I find that putting the sofa any further away from the TV screen than 7 or so feet, creates a disconnect from the screen and feels muchless cozy. Though I understand this may be a little too close for some, I find that 7 sweet spot creates a much more immersive experience.

    We also play a lot of games on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, so for us its the perfect distance.

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    Measure And Cut The Wood

    Figure out the length youd like to make your stand. Ours was approximately 30 or so. Measure the wood using a tape measure and make pencil marks for cutting.

    Use a circular saw to cut the wood down to the correct length. If you need a wide stand because the base of the TV is large like my neighbors, youll want to cut a few pieces to make more of a platform. We just three pieces.

    Use a table saw to cut the rounded edges of the wood down flat so that they can be glued.

    Farmhouse TV Console Plans

    1. TV Conole WIth Sliding barn doors

    Lets start off with one of the most popular tutorials here at Crafted by the Hunts: the DIY farmhouse TV console with sliding barn doors. It was one of the very first pieces of furniture weve ever made, so even if youre just starting out, this is a good tutorial to try!

    The sliding barn doors give you quick and easy access to all your devices in the middle while providing that hidden storage we all desperately need. Why do TVs and game systems have so many wires??

    2. Two-toned

    4 Door Media Console by Shanty 2 Chic

    Want to add a little contrast to your home? Try this two-toned media console by Shanty 2 Chic! Their building plans are always straight-forward, easy-to-follow, and come with 3D renderings at every step!

    3. Concrete Top

    Rustic TV Stand with Concrete Top by Houseful of Handmade

    If you want to add in some materials other than wood, you cant miss this rustic TV stand by Houseful of Handmade. The top is made with concrete, giving this piece a rustic and industrial feel. It also has plenty of compartments for game consoles, books, decor, and more!

    4. Open storage

    Farmhouse TV Console Sideboard by Remodelaholic

    If youre a big fan of some classic farmhouse furniture, youll love this console by Remodelaholic. The x detail on the side is characteristic of traditional farmhouse style. The planked back and the two-toned finish add even more charm to this piece.

    5. From dresser to TV console

    6. custom storage

    7. floating tv console

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