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How To Update Hbo Max On Samsung Smart TV

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Power Cycle Your Samsung TV

How to update hbo max on samsung smart tv | HBO max on Samsung September 2021

The word power cycling refers to restarting and refreshing your Samsung TV. Certainly, it also refreshes the apps that are present in the respective device.

It resolves the technical glitches that are making the apps stop working. Continue with the below-given steps to easily power cycle your Samsung Smart TV.

  • Turn Off your Samsung TV and unplug the power cord from the power socket.
  • Wait for a few seconds or minutes and again plug in the power cable to the socket and give power to it.
  • Turn On your Samsung Smart TV and check to open the HBO Max app.

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Before downloading the app from the Play Store, it shows all the necessary information about the particular app such as reviews, package size, number of downloads, and age ratings as well.

For the best user experience and to maintain the popularity of the Play Store, Google continuously keeps on replacing the old versions with newer ones. Every single update to the Google Play Store improves its basic features to provide more choices for users to choose from.

Restart Your Samsung TV

The first thing that we all do when having problems with any electrical and electronic device is to turn it OFF and then turn it ON again. Smart TVs, like smartphones, can also be made to function like theyre intended after a quick restart. If you cannot update the HBO Max on your Samsung TV, turn OFF the TV, wait for a few seconds, and turn it back ON again.

You can check if this solved your issue by checking for the latest update for the HBO Max app using the steps we provided above.

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Update Your Samsung TV Firmware

If youre still not able to update the HBO Max app on your TV, the problem might with the Samsung TV firmware itself. With constant updates, any app or software on a device can start misbehaving with the platform its running on. On most occasions, developers acknowledge these issues by rolling out updates to the app or if the issue is widespread, there will be an update to the firmware itself.

You can start checking for new updates to the firmware on your Samsung TV by pressing the Menu button or Home button on your Samsung TV remote.

This should show the Smart Hub section on your TV screen. On this screen, navigate to the Settings option and select it.

When the Settings dialog appears, select the Support tab on the left sidebar, and then choose Software Update on the right-hand side of the screen.

When you select Software Update, you will be shown two options. You will have to select the Update Now option to check for the latest firmware version for your Samsung TV and update it.

The TV will now check for the latest version and update it for you automatically. When the update has been installed, your Samsung TV will restart itself and after successful installation, you will be able to see a message that will confirm that the update is complete. After you have installed the latest Samsung TV firmware, update the HBO Max app to its latest version by following the guide we mentioned at the start of this post.

How To Download Hbo Max On Samsung TV

How to Download and Watch HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV?

To use HBO Max on a Samsung smart TV, you’ll need a model from 2016 and later. The only way to make sure you can watch HBO Max on your TV is to check for the app in the store. If it doesn’t show up, there may be a compatibility problem at play.

Installing the app only requires a few steps, so let’s get to it:

  • First, you have to power up your TV and tap the Home button on your remote to bring up the menu bar.
  • Then use the remote to move to the Apps button and press it.
  • If the HBO Max app is not available among those suggested to you, tap the up button on your remote and travel to the search button .
  • In the text bar, tap in HBO Max. The software should already return the HBO Max app as you fill in the letters.
  • Move to the app and open it. Once you get on the HBO Max page, tap the Install button.
  • The installation process should only take a few seconds, but depending on your Internet speed, the time will vary.
  • Once the process is complete, new buttons will appear on the screen, namely Open, Add to Home, and a star rating system.
  • Go ahead and launch the app, log in to your HBO Max account, and enjoy all the great content the service has to offer.
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    Updating Samsung Smart TV

    As we keep the apps on our device updated, similarly it is essential to update the device on which we stream those apps. In simple words, make sure you update your Samsung Smart TV to the latest firmware.

    Chiefly the technical glitches with the streaming device can also cause the app to behave improperly. So, follow the below-given steps to successfully update your Samsung Smart TV within minutes.

    • Firstly, go to the Settings menu on your Samsung TV.
    • Choose the Support option.
    • Followed by that click on the Software Update option.
    • Finally, tap on the Update button to update your Samsung Smart TV to the latest version.

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    Few Samsung TV Users Facing Display Issues While Streaming On Hbo Max App

    More Videos

    HBO is one of the popular TV channels watched globally but we know it from the most famous show Game of Thrones. However, the channel also provides online content through its OTT platform namely, HBO Max.

    There are millions of active subscribers of this service across the globe. Moreover, the shows available on the platform can be enjoyed via mobile as well as on TV. But, those who are using HBO Max on SamsungSmart TVs are facing an issue that ruining the content viewing experience.

    Why Is Hbo Max Not On My Smart TV

    How To Install HBO Max on a Samsung Smart TV

    Make positive you’ve gotten the most recent model of HBO Max. To do this, on your Android TV move the choice to the HBO Max tile, and then press and dangle the make a choice button. Then, choose View Details and then Update . Make positive you may have the most recent tool updates on your Android TV.

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    How To Sign In To Get Hbo Max App On Samsung Smart TV

    TV devices: Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, PlayStation, Roku, Samsung TV, Xbox, Xfinity TV Box

    To sign in on your Samsung Smart TV, youll need to have your phone or a computer handy.

    Heres how to sign in:

  • Open HBO Max on your TV and choose Sign In .
  • Sign in Not Available? You may already be signed in. To see which account youre signed in with, choose your profile icon , then scroll right and choose Sign Out. Here you can see your account email address. If you want to switch to another account, choose the Sign Out button and then sign in to your other account.
  • You should see a 6 character code. Stay on this screen while you grab your phone or a computer.
  • Open a web browser on your phone or a computer and type in the address bar . This should take you to an Enter Code screen.
  • Enter the code that appears on your TV, and then choose Next.
  • Choose Sign in Through TV or Mobile Provider.
  • Choose your provider . If youre using a computer, choose View All Providers and then select your provider.
  • Enter the username and password for your provider account that includes HBO Max.
  • First time signing in? Enter or confirm your name and email and then choose Create Account. Account found? See the next section.
  • Once your TV updates , choose whos watching and youre ready to stream.
  • Update The Software On Your Samsung Smart TV

    Every once in a while, your TV will receive software updates to add new features or fix bugs. No matter what TV you have, keeping your software up to date is very important. You can update your TV’s software over the internet or using a USB flash drive. Just keep in mind that after a software update your video and audio settings might automatically be reset to defaults.

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    What If There Is Not An Update Available

    Sometimes, even if something is not working quite right, there won’t be an update available right away. If you notice that an app is not working, let us help you troubleshoot it. This might be all you need to fix your problem. Some apps will be fixed by a downloadable software update, but other app updates or Smart Hub updates will download and install automatically.

    Hbo Max App Not Available On My Samsung

    How to Get HBO Max on Samsung Smart TV

    Some Samsung smart TV does not support the HBO Max app. Only some selected Samsung versions on the Samsung smart TV can only download and install the HBO Max app. However, if the HBO Max app is not available on your Samsung TV model it means that you cannot use the HBO Max app on the TV.

    An alternative way to use the HBO Max when the app isnt supported on your Samsung smart TV is to get a handy Android TV, download and install the HBO Max app on it, and launch the HBO Max app to start using it.

    This will, however, pose an additional cost to the price of your Samsung smart TV. Additionally, the HBO Max app is currently available on the following smart devices and streaming devices.

    • Apple devices i.e. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD
    • Android devices, Android TVs, Chromebooks and Chromecast
    • Playstation 4
    • Xbox One
    • Samsung Smart TVs 2016 model onwards. This is only accessible via the HBO Max official website other than the official app.
    • HBO Max services are not available on Amazon Fire, Comcast TV and Roku TV users. This is because the new distributor doesnt support the service.

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    Why Wont Hbo Max Work On My Samsung Smart TV

    Below, weve gathered some probable causes for your HBO max not working or a black screen issue on Samsung TV.

    • Compatibility Issues: Some Samsung TV models wont support Disney plus, and thats why youre encountering an HBO max not working issue on your Samsung TV.
    • Network connectivity issue: If your internet connection is unstable or has an outage, this can be the reason behind this issue. To fix this, call your ISP or troubleshoot your Internet.
    • Outdated HBO Max: Not keeping your HBO Max app up-to-date can also lead to the HBO Max not working issue.
    • Samsungs Outdated Firmware: Using the Samsung Smart TV with outdated firmware can also lead to the HBO max not working issue. Installing the latest version of firmware might be helpful for you.

    Instructions On How To Upgrade Hbo Max On Fire TV / Firestick And Resolve The Error Message Unsupported Version

    Some HBO Max apps, including sideloaded versions, have been rendered inoperable as of today as a result of the streaming services release of a new version of its app.

    In its place, the program is now displaying the message Unsupported Version as shown above.

    While it is recommended that you delete and reinstall the official HBO Max Samsung app rather than updating your sideload app, this will prevent you from having to reinstall the HBO Max app on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.

    This is because the official HBO Max Samsung app is now available in the official Amazon Appstore.

    • As a result of the streaming services release of a new version of its app, some HBO Max apps, including sideloaded versions, have been declared useless as of today.
    • Rather than this, the program is now displaying the notice Unsupported Version, as illustrated in the screenshot above.
    • It is recommended that you deactivate the HBO Max sideload app rather than updating your sideload app.

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    How To Get Hbo Max On Samsung Smart TV

  • Before starting, you need to make sure you have an HBO subscription, so .
  • Once you become an active subscriber, start your Samsung Smart TV and make sure it’s connected to the Internet.
  • Now, press the Smart Hub button on your TV remote to see the home page.
  • Select Apps that you can find it in the lower portion of your screen.
  • Use the Search feature and type in “HBO Max” to look for it.
  • Now, select HBO Max from the results and choose Install to downloadthe app on your Samsung Smart TV.
  • After the installation is complete, select Open to access the HBO Max app .
  • The last step is to enter your credentials to log in to your newly-installed HBO Max app.
  • That is all! Now you can play HBO Max movies and series on your Samsung Smart TV device.
  • What Is Causing Me To Be Unable To Locate Hbo Max On My Samsung Smart Television

    How to Update HBO Max App on Samsung TV

    Check to see that you have the most recent version of HBO Max.

    To accomplish this, on your Android TV, navigate to the HBO Max tile and then press and hold the choose button for several seconds. After that, select View Details and then Update .

    Make sure your Android TV is up to date with the most recent software upgrades

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    How Do I Know What Model Year My Samsung TV Is

    If you don’t know which one you have, there are two ways to find the model code and/or the serial number of your Samsung TV, depending on how old the TV you own is:

    • For older models, you will find the model code and serial number at the back of the TV. Check for a small white sticker that displays the model code, serial number, and version of your TV.
    • For much newer Smart TVs, you can get the model and serial number by going to Menu > Support > Contact Samsung. You will find the desired information in the pop-up that will appear there.

    Samsung Smart TV Users Reporting Issues With Hbo Max App

    Samsung Smart TVs are loaded with many popular apps like Netflix, YouTube, Xfinity, Amazon, HBO Max, and more. These streaming services make it easier for everyone and stream videos.

    Moving forward, some Samsung smart TV users reported having issues with HBO Max applications. According to their concerns, the HBO Max app does not work on Samsung smart TV, when they try to open HBO Max, it requests to update the app to the latest version, but there are still no updates in the app store.

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    Update Over The Internet

    To get the most out of your TV, you should download software updates as soon as they become available. Using your TV’s remote, navigate to Settings, and select Support. Select Software Update, and then select Update Now. New updates will be downloaded and installed on your TV. Updates usually take a few minutes please do not turn off the TV until the update is complete. When the update is finished, the TV will restart automatically. If there aren’t any new updates, select OK to exit.

    How About Deleting And Wanted To Reinstall Hbo Max Samsung App

    Pin on tech./elec./automobiles

    If the HBO Max app continues to fail to update to the most recent version despite your attempts to reset your TV and update the TVs firmware, the only other option is to entirely remove the program from your TV library and reinstall it.

    In order to activate Smart Hub, press the Home or Menu key on your television remote to bring up a menu that allows you to uninstall the HBO Max app from your Samsung TV.

    Select the Apps area from the Smart Hub by navigating through it with the navigation keys on the remove.

    Select the Settings icon from the upper right corner of the App screen once it has loaded.

    On this screen, you will now be able to see the HBO Max application. Then, using the Down button or Tools button on your remote, select the Delete option from the drop-down menu.

    Your TV will now ask you if you want to delete the app from your home screen. To confirm the process, select the Delete option from the menu bar.

    After the program has been uninstalled from your TV, you can reinstall it by selecting the Apps tab on the Smart Hub and following the on-screen instructions.

    Select the Search icon from the top right corner of the Apps screen after youve arrived there.

    Enter HBO Max in the search area, press the Enter key, and the app will appear in the search results in a few moments.

    On your television, you will now be able to access the most recent version of the HBO Max application.

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    Why Can’t I Get Hbo Max On My Samsung TV

    If your Samsung TV won’t play HBO Max videos, it may be that HBO Max needs to be updated. To do this, open the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV and select ‘Apps’> click on the ‘Settings’ icon> ‘Updates’> ‘HBO Max’> then select ‘Update’ to complete the process and resolve video play issues.

    How do you update the HBO Max app on your TV? Step 1: Update HBO Max

    Select Apps. Select the Settings icon . Select Updates. Find and select HBO Max, then select Update.

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