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What TV Channel Is Yellowstone On

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Yellowstone Season 4 Recap in 15 Minutes | Paramount Network

Can you believe that its been over a year since the last new episode of Yellowstone? An entire year! Thankfully, Paramount Networks immensely popular drama returns later tonight for a fourth season of unpredictable action.

Originally premiering in June of 2018, Yellowstone quickly blossomed into a must-see hit. The series follows the Dutton family, a group who control the largest contiguous cattle ranch in the United States. Per Paramount Network, amid shifting alliances, unsolved murders, open wounds, and hard-earned respect, the ranch is in constant conflict with an expanding town, an Indian reservation, and Americas first national park.

If youd like to catch up on previous episodes, all three seasons of Yellowstone are currently streaming on Peacock. What time does Yellowstone Season 4 premiere tonight? How can you watch Yellowstone live on Paramount Network? Heres everything you need to know.

Is 1883 Part Of Yellowstone

Looking for shows like Yellowstone? The series co-creator, Taylor Sheridan, has you covered with 1883. The series, which premiered in December of 2021, is a prequel to Yellowstone which follows the Dutton ancestors on a journey from Texas to Montana. It stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as James and Margaret Dutton, as well as Sam Elliot as Shea Brennan.

Unlike Yellowstone, every episode of 1883 is available to stream, as they air, on Paramount+. The streaming service costs $4.99 per month after a seven-day free trial. Sign up here.

How To Watch Yellowstone Online In The Us

In the U.S., viewers can watch all four seasons of Yellowstone streaming on Peacock right now.

You can watch the very first episode of Yellowstone for free, with Peacock Free.

But to watch the rest of the series, you’ll need Peacock Premium . And if you don’t want ads interrupting your binge, you have to upgrade to Peacock Premium Plus .

Peacock is also available internationally through Sky in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

Peacock is one of the newest streaming services but houses a great library, including the entirety of The Office. Peacock Free offers thousands of TV episodes and movies no subscription needed. Sign up for Peacock Premium and get even more content, including originals like the Saved By the Bell reboot.

New seasons of Yellowstone air the Paramount Network, which is available with many cable packages. If you’ve already cut the cord and don’t have cable, you can get the Paramount Network on one of the best cable TV alternatives, like Sling TV or FuboTV.

Sling TV is our favorite live TV streaming service. The Sling Blue package includes more than 50 channels including AMC, BET, Bravo, CNN, Food Network, FX and TNT. You can get Paramount Network by adding on the Comedy Extra package for $5.

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How To Watch Yellowstone Season 4 Live:

If you have a valid cable login, you can watch Yellowstone Season 4 live on the Paramount Network website,,, the CMT website, or the Paramount Network app. New episodes will also be available for next-day streaming on the Paramount Network website/app and for purchase on .

No cable login? The Paramount Network website, TV Land website, and CMT all offer free 24-hour streaming passes.

Where Is The Yellowstone Prequel Series 1883 Streaming

How to Watch Paramount Network: (Yellowstone Season 3)

The prequel series 1883 premiered in December 2021 and revolves around the first generation of the Dutton family in the year 1883. It stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, and is streaming exclusively on Paramount+ as a Paramount+ original. It does not air on television, and it is not streaming on Peacock.

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How To Watch Yellowstone The Hottest Show On TV Right Now

Kevin Costner stars as John Dutton in “Yellowstone,” which is continuing its fourth season.

Yellowstone, which airs the fifth episode of its fourth season on Sunday, Nov. 28, has become a colossal hit for Paramount Network.

Since last year, it has gone from a moderate hit to the most-watched cable drama in a long time. The Season 4 premiere attracted over 10 million viewers, more than doubling its viewership since last year. Not since The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones has there been a drama with this much runaway success.

Yellowstone has a sizable lineup of stars, including Kevin Costner, Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes, Cole Hauser and Gil Birmingham. Jacki Weaver, who also appears in the new season of the series, caused a stir earlier in the season after being widely mistaken for Sally Struthers.

The series follows the Dutton family as they face off against different factions encroaching on their land.

Paramount Network, though, is not a widely known TV network and not everyone has it as part of a cable package, leaving some fans confused about how to watch Season 4. Plus, as more people switch to cord-cutting and streaming services, it can be difficult to find online.

How to watch Yellowstone Season 4 online without cable

If youre looking for the cheapest way to watch Yellowstone season 4 in real-time or on demand,signing up for Philo is the way to go right now.

How to watch old seasons of Yellowstone

Yellowstone Season 4 Premiere

The first episode of the fourth season of Yellowstone premieres with a special two-hour event on Paramount Network tonight, Nov. 7, at 8 p.m. CT. The popular drama is also available to watch on Philo, fuboTV, and Sling.

Yellowstone follows the Dutton family, led by patriarch John Dutton . The Duttons control the largest contiguous ranch in the U.S. and must contend with constant attacks by land developers, clashes with an Indian reservation and conflict with Americas first national park.

This season, amid shifting alliances and a growing list of enemies, the Dutton familys legacy is jeopardized like never before, and retribution is certain.

The season three finale saw Rip and Kayce working together on an unresolved issue, Beths plan backfiring, Jamie searching for answers about his past, and the ranch hands seeking revenge.

On the season premiere tonight, called Half the Money / Phantom Pain, heres what viewers can expect: The coordinated attack on the Duttons continues as everyone searches for answers on who is responsible Rip delivers on a promise.

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What Happened In The Season 4 Finale Of Yellowstone

Spoilers aheadif you have not watched the entirety of season 4, then pause here until you do!

The season 4 finale mostly revolved around Beth. Seemingly getting her affairs in order, Beth asks Walker how she can sneak a weapon into the prison. At first it’s unclear if her upcoming prison visit is to see Summer or someone else, but we soon learn that Beth heads to the prison to visit inmate Terrell Riggins. Riggins was responsible for the attempts on the lives of the Beth, John and Kayce in the season 3 finale, but only as the hired help. Beth goes to visit him with the intention of killing him. She believes the person behind the attacks to be Jamie after Riggins confirms he came to visit him. She then heads back to the ranch and kidnaps a priest along the way so she can marry Rip. She confronts Jamie over his involvement in the assassination attempt on the Duttons. Beth gives Jamie three options after he tells her he wasn’t involved, but later learned it was his biological dad, Garrett. Of course, Jamie chooses the wrong option and kills Garrett in order to save himself, but things go from bad to worse when he is caught red-handed by Beth when he tries to dispose of Garrett’s cold and lifeless body at the Train Station.

While the season 4 finale wasn’t nearly as explosive as the season 3 finale or season 4 opener, we suspect the seeds have been planted for a wild ride for season 5.

Yellowstone On Dish Network

Yellowstone Season 1 Recap in 10 Minutes | Paramount Network

Not to be confused with Yellowstone National Park, the Yellowstone show is a Primetime Emmy nominated drama available through DISH network airing on the Paramount Network, channel number 241.

The premise of the show unfolds around a powerful family of ranchers in present-day Montana. Commonly referred to as Yellowstone, the Dutton family owns Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Run by the head of the family, John Dutton , the show follows the familys struggles as they navigate an eruption of problems brought on by their bordering neighbors.

The Dutton familys involvement in politics and their shifting alliances with land developers make Yellowstones deeply personal account a binge-worthy fan favorite on the Paramount Network.

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How To Watch Yellowstone Season 4

If you have cable, you’re in luck: Starting Sunday, November 7, Yellowstone season 4 airs on Paramount NetworkonSunday nights at 8 p.m.The season will kick off with a two-episode premiere, plus a preview of the other shows part of creator Taylor Sheridan’s universe, Mayor of Kingstown and 1883. Following the premiere, we’ll get one episode per week, airing on Sunday’s at 8 p.m.

If you don’t have cable, turn to these affordable streaming services to watch the show live or record it for later:

  • Sling: Combine the Sling Orange package with the Comedy Extra package .
  • Philo: At a flat rate of $25 a month, get 60+ channel, including Paramount Network. Test it out with a free seven-day trial.
  • fuboTV: The standard package 118 channels, 250 hours of DVR space and sharing capabilities starts at $64.99. Before you make the splurge, get a one-week free trial.

Is There A Yellowstone Season 5

Yellowstone has indeed been renewed for Season 5. The new season is expected to begin filming in May 2022, so we could possibly get to watch the next installment by the end of the year. There’s no official word yet on Yellowstone Season 5’s premiere date but with any luck, it should arrive by November 2022.

The show has also spawned a prequel series, Y: 1883, which tells the origin story of the Dutton family, also created by Taylor Sheridan. 1883 debuted on Paramount+ on December 19, 2021. Its first season consists of 10 episodes and is set to conclude on February 26, 2022.

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Okay That Helps Thanks Ill Start Watching Right This Min

Once you finally sort all of that out, you arrive at a deeper question. You can watch Yellowstone now but why? Do you watch it because its almost exactly like Succession, but with more horses and less humor? Do you watch it for the admittedly beautiful landscapes, or because youre simply stunned by the weird craggy thing Kevin Costner does with his voice? Maybe its the way Rip shoots a bear off a cliff. Maybe its because you heard season four of Yellowstone pulls a Cousin Oliver and you just cant get enough of that trope! Or perhaps you enjoy the fact that, as my Vox colleague Emily VanDerWerff puts it, Yellowstone is a show about how when you own a ranch, you have to kill many people. Probably its just that when push comes to shove, you find the show appealing. I guess thats why Im still watching? Its that, plus I enjoy shows where people spend a lot of time arguing in the vicinity of cows.

If you subscribe to a service through our links, Vulture may earn an affiliate commission.

How To Watch Yellowstone For Free Online

Watch Yellowstone for Free: Stream Season 2 and Old Episodes

Although Yellowstone isnt available on many platforms, it is possible to watch Yellowstone for free online.

To stream Season 1, Episode 1 of Yellowstone for free, make use of Peacock TVs free membership tier. You can watch all of Yellowstone Season 1 for free on the service no need to give credit card information.

The best way to watch Yellowstone for free is to take advantage of Peacock Premiums seven-day free trial. Because all four seasons are accessible with a Peacock Premium account, this free trial will give you seven days to watch as much Yellowstone as you can free of charge.

Another way to stream Yellowstone online for free is by taking advantage of fuboTVs seven-day free trial. Head to to start your subscription, and youll have seven days for free before youre charged. During that time, use your fuboTV account credentials to watch Yellowstone online free on the Paramount Network.

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How Can I Watch Yellowstone

You can stream the first four seasons of the series now on the recently launched Peacock streaming service. That service does offer a completely free tier. However, only the first episode of the series is free to watch. To stream the rest of Yellowstone on Peacock, you will have to sign up for its Premium tier, which costs $4.99 a month or $9.99 a month .

What Do You Need To Watch Paramount Network On Your TV

Watching Paramount Network through DISH is simple. As a provider of cable through satellite TV, DISH is ranked number #1 by customer satisfaction. And you dont need much to watch Kevin Costner in action.

Because DISH works through a satellite, a professional tech will come to you and install a dish for you. This will, not only give you access to your channel package, but also Internet access so that you can download and stream new HD episodes of your favorite shows.

To get the most out of your plan, and so you can access the Paramount network, youll need an Internet-connected Hopper, Joey, or Wally device. After everythings installed, you can sit, back, relax, and watch a cinematic story right before your eyes.

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Where Is Yellowstone Streaming

The easiest answer is that Yellowstone is streaming on Peacock. The first four seasons are currently streaming on Peacock Premium, while only the first season is available on the free version of Peacock. Peacock Premium costs $4.99 a month with ads and $9.99 a month without ads.

Yellowstone Season 4 started streaming on Peacock on March 28, 2022.

How To Watch Yellowstone Season 4 Premiere Free

1893 Flashback | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

“Yellowstone” Season 4 premieres on Paramount November 7, 2021.

Yellowstone returns for the season 4 with a two-episode premiere on Sunday, November 7 .

The Yellowstone season premiere episodes, Half the Money and Phantom Pain will be broadcast on Paramount Network at 8 p.m. ET, and available to stream on fuboTV, Philo and other live TV streaming services.

Yellowstone is a drama series that follows the border struggles between a massive Montana cattle ranch, a Native American reservation, and a group of land developers. It stars Kevin Costner, Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes, Cole Hauser, and Gil Birmingham, and has a horde of avid fans eagerly anticipating the primetime soaps return.

Season three finished with all-out war being declared on the Dutton family as they were targeted for assassination. But John survived the hail of bullets, and will return in season 4.

Heres a trailer for the new season:

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Watch Yellowstone On Fire TV Stick

To watch Yellowstone on Fire TV, follow these instructions.

  • To watch all 4 seasons of Yellowstone, .
  • On your Fire TV Home screen, click on the search icon in the screens upper-left corner.
  • Enter the name of the streaming service you subscribe to in the search bar
  • Select the streaming service and press OK.
  • Select Download, and the channel will install
  • The streaming app is now installed on your Roku. Open the app, and log in with the credentials you used to subscribe to the service. Search for Yellowstone and select the show.
  • How Can I Watch The Yellowstone Marathon

    Tune in to the Paramount Network beginning at 11 a.m. ET on Saturday, July 2 to begin the marathon with Season 1, Episode 1 of Yellowstone. Every episode of Yellowstone will follow. The marathon will conclude with the season 4 finale, “Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops,” at 10 p.m. ET on July 4.

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    Why Yellowstone Paramount’s Biggest Show Isn’t On Paramount Plus

    Yellowstone is the biggest show linked to the Paramount name, but it’s missing from Paramount Plus. Here’s why — and where you actually can stream it.

    Joan E. Solsman

    Senior reporter

    Joan E. Solsman is CNET’s senior media reporter, covering the intersection of entertainment and technology. She’s reported from locations spanning Disneyland to Serbian refugee camps, and she previously wrote for Dow Jones Newswires and the Wall Street Journal. She bikes to get almost everywhere and has been doored only once.

    Yellowstone is, by far, the Paramount Network‘s biggest hit. It’s also one of the biggest hits on cable television, bar none. The season 3 cliffhanger finale in 2020 drew the biggest audience of any scripted TV show on cable that year, with 7.6 million viewers watching it. The season 4 premiere in November on the Paramount Network nearly doubled that, with 14.7 million viewers.

    So the Paramount Plus streaming service would seem like the natural place to turn for anyone hoping to stream the show. But counterintuitively, the one show most associated with the Paramount name is nowhere to be found on Paramount Plus.

    As confusing as that is, it’s somewhat by design. Yellowstone isn’t the only high-profile Paramount title missing from Paramount Plus streaming service: If you’re looking for Comedy Central’s South Park, for example, you need to check out HBO Max.

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