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How Much Is Frontier TV

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What You Need To Know About Frontier Internet

Does Frontier Have Good Internet? | Frontier Internet Review 2018

Frontier is a large telecommunications company based in Norwalk, Connecticut, with a history that dates back to 1935. The publicly-traded company provides TV, phone, and internet services across 29 states as of early 2020. Frontier Internet currently serves more than 3.5 million broadband subscribers.

Frontier internet plans include both DSL and fiber internet options. Frontier internet service is available without a contract, but a 12-month agreement is required to get the best price. In areas where Frontier requires contracts, an early termination fee applies.

Prices advertised online for Frontier FiberOptic require a 12-month agreement. Customers are also able to bundle Frontier cable and internet to help cut long-term costs.

With a range of service options including home WiFi, youre likely to find a plan from Frontier communications internet service to fit your needs.

Final Take: Is Frontier Worth It

If you live in an area with Frontier Fiber, its an excellent option for internetand according to our customer survey, it has reliable customer support too. We especially recommend Frontier Fiber Internet 500/500 Mbps plan.

And iffor some heartbreaking reasonyour only internet option is Frontier Internet , brace yourself for slow internet speeds and high prices.

Frontier Internet Plans And Prices

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Data effective as of publish date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.*Price per month. One-time charges apply. Maximum speeds are wired speeds. Wi-Fi, actual and average speeds vary. Service performance details at One-time charges apply. Per month for 12 mos. w/ Auto Pay. One-year agreement, early termination fee, and one-time charge apply. Max speeds are wired. Wi-Fi, actual & average speeds vary. Per month for 36 mos. One-year agreement, early termination fee, and one-time charge apply. Max wired speed 940/880 Mbps. Wi-Fi, actual & average speeds vary.¶ Per month w/ Auto Pay. One-year agreement, early termination fee, and one-time charge apply. Max speeds are wired. Wi-Fi, actual & average speeds vary.

Frontier has two internet networks spread across the US: Frontier Fiber and Frontier Internet. The Frontier Fiber plans are worth considering, especially the value-packed Frontier Fiber Internet 500/500 Mbps package.

But Frontier Internet is DSL, so even if its widely available, both plans are super slow and expensive for what youre getting we dont recommend them. Frontier Internet plans 25 Mbps download speed is the barebones minimum for home internet, and Basic Internets 6 Mbps will be nearly unusable if you want to do more than check emails.

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Frontier Internet Plans Prices And Availability

Frontier offers FiberOptic service in 19 of its 25 states, but availability is limited mainly to metro areas. Everywhere else, like the majority of Connecticut or West Virginia, where Frontier is available throughout most of the state, will have access to Frontier Internet. Again, that means DSL.

None None

There is little availability overlap, if any, between Frontier FiberOptic and Frontier Internet plans. Even if both service types happen to be available, I can’t imagine why anyone would choose Frontier Internet over Frontier FiberOptic.

At $40 per month, Frontier’s entry-level fiber plan offers download speeds that are twice as fast as Frontier Internet’s Preferred plan while costing $5 less, and you’ll enjoy much better upload speeds, too. While Frontier Internet can be a bit cheaper than Frontier FiberOptic, the speeds and connection quality that come with fiber service compared to DSL are hard to pass up.

What Kind Of Packages Are Available

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Frontier FiberOptic comes in different speeds that start at 50 mbps download / 50 mbps upload and go all the way up to 940 mbps download / 880 mbps upload, which is called gigabit service.

Customers can also bundle their internet with FiberOptic TV service and digital voice to get the best FiberOptic Fios bundle for their needs that comes with extra features and a consistent price.

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How Frontier Fiberoptic Compares To The Competition

The competition that exists for Frontier will vary based on where you live, and there are dozens of smaller companies that offer comparable or cheaper packages.

Unfortunately, these smaller companies only cover select areas across the United States, so youll need to do an online search as part of your comparison if you want to consider smaller internet service providers.

Frontier has better customer service than Comcast, AT& T, and CenturyLink, and their packages are far more customizable than most of the large internet service providers out there. They also offer some perks like set pricing that are rather uncommon.

Fiber Optic And Internet Services

In addition to the purchase of copper lines from Verizon, over time Frontier also acquired the fiber-optic system built by Verizon primarily in Fort Wayne, Indiana, around Portland, Oregon, the Tampa Bay Area of Florida, Southern California, some eastern suburbs of Seattle, Washington, the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, and the Greenville area in South Carolina. The company kept the name “FiOS” for the fiber systems and licenses it acquired from Verizon.

The initial transition was rocky, with Frontier initially claiming that it had no plans for changes after the transition, but later attempted to institute a $500 installation fee for new television subscribers, backed out of franchise agreements in some cities in Oregon, and increased rates by 50% in Indiana. Frontier later retracted the rate increases and installation fee, but has not reclaimed franchises in the cities that it relinquished and not before losing Fiber TV subscribers.

Frontier Fiber service in most markets operates on the same technology and software as the Verizon FiOS system. As of 2021, Frontier has re-branded FiOS services as they do not currently have the licensing rights to call it FiOS anymore.

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No Transparency With The Pricing

When will the price go up, and by how much? From what I’ve gathered, most Frontier internet plans go up around $10 in price after the first 12 months, but a Frontier salesperson indicated that price increases could vary by region. The gigabit plan is a bit more stable, with pricing good for 36 months, and the Basic Internet plan comes with a price-for-life guarantee if you’re interested in paying $40 for speeds up to 9Mbps for the foreseeable future.

“Generally, our internet prices do not change for the first 12 months,” a Frontier spokesman said. “Thereafter, the timing of price changes, if any, depend on the initial promotion the customer signed up under, the status of competition and other market factors. We strive to keep our offerings competitively priced.”

A corporate statement, if there ever was one, and it expectedly doesn’t tell us much. Frontier declined to tell us directly what kind of price increases customers should expect, and the information doesn’t seem to be available anywhere online, either. It’s an unfortunate look, because of all the ISPs CNET has reached out to regarding standard pricing, Frontier is one of the only ones who failed to comment on how much customers would be paying after one year.

Is Frontier Internet Good

Frontier | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Frontier offers some perks customers will enjoy such as 24/7 technical support, free rental of its WiFi routers and affordable internet plans. At the same time, it’s important to highlight Frontier’s customer service is the worst in the industry.

With this in mind, you may want to keep Frontier off your list if there are other internet providers available at your address.

To check out those providers, head on over to our best internet providers to see rankings, comparisons, and analysis.

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Frontier Fiberoptic 50 Mbps Internet + Frontier TV Custom Essentials

130+ channels


for 12 months with 2-year agreement. Actual speeds may vary. Installation, equipment fees, Internet Infrastructure Surcharge, Quantum service fee, VoIP admin fee, broadcast fee, RSN fee, early term, taxes & other fees apply. Services subject to availability and all applicable terms and conditions.

Frontier Pros And Cons

  • Up to a three-year price guarantee


View plan

Data effective as of publish date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.* Per month for 12 mos. w/ Auto Pay. One-year agreement, early termination fee, and one-time charge apply. Max speeds are wired. Wi-Fi, actual & average speeds vary. Per month for 36 mos. One-year agreement, early termination fee, and one-time charge apply. Max wired speed 940/880 Mbps. Wi-Fi, actual & average speeds vary.

Frontier Fiber Internet 500/500 Mbps may be one of the best internet plans in the US, and we recommend grabbing the plan if its in your area. We usually suggest at least 100 Mbps download speeds for families, which runs about $50 per month depending on your provider. Frontier Fiber Internet 500/500 Mbps is five times faster than our recommendation for the same pricea sweet deal for sure.

But if you have to have gigabit speeds, Frontier Fiber Gig is a great way to take advantage of Frontiers fiber-optic network. Its not the cheapest gig plan on the market, but its still worth it for the 940 Mbps youre getting.

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Frontier Internet Equipment & Fees

Your Frontier package comes with a few different things:

  • Free Wireless Router – Often, when you go with competing for internet providers, you can pay as much as $10 monthly for the modem rental. By going with Frontier, you can save up to $120 annually in modem fees relative to what other competitors charge.
  • WiFi Security – A good companion to its internet services is Frontier Secure. This all-encompassing package includes software to fend off spyware and malware from harming your internet devices. In addition, you receive identity protection, secure storage of your files and pictures on cloud storage and more.

Want More TV Options Enter Your Zip Code Below To Find TV Providers In Your Area

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You dont want to sign up with a TV provider only to find out on installation day that the TV listings arent what you wanted. This channel guide shows you what to expect from the Frontier channel lineup.

Or ratherthis is what you can expect when Frontier starts offering TV to new customers again. Yeah, its a wild story.

Pro tip: Looking for a specific channel? If you are using a laptop or computer press Ctrl + F and type in the channel name. If Cox offers that channel you will be shown which package its part of.

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Frontier Internet + TV Simply Fios 50/50 Including TV Extreme

  • Total Price This package goes for $95 per month. The price is locked for 24 months. There is also $75 Upfront involved.
  • Limited time You can be eligible to get a double play promotional offer with Frontier. This entails excellent pricing as well as quality services.
  • The internet speed of this plan is 50Mbps. The speed cuts across all the plans, including the TV plan.
  • Plans and promotions These are specific plans and promotions for each region.
  • Contract The duration of the contract is 24 months.
  • Data: There is no data cap.
  • Connection type: Fiber
  • Current Deal Youll be eligible to get a free modem, and you wont pay for the installation fee. But this is strictly for existing customers that will bundle their service. Aside from this, there is also a $100 rewards card to be enjoyed when you order online.

Ready To Sign Up With Frontier

If Frontier has all of the channels youre looking for you can .

Still need some help deciding? Read our Frontier TV review for more information.

Frontiers Choice HD plan is perfect if you just want the basicsit has your go-to TV channels, including Disney Channel, ESPN, Food Network, and Hallmark Channel. Youll get more specialized networks like BTN, Freeform, and OWN with the Prime HD package.

Extreme HD covers most of the best sports channels, adding on ESPNews, Golf Channel, and NFL Network to Prime HDs already lush sports programming.

If you want all the premium channels without worrying about extra fees, Ultimate HD is the TV plan for you. It offers HBO, CINEMAX, and Showtime, plus Frontiers many other top channels all in one package.

Youre probably wondering about Custom Essentials. Its a bit of an oddball among these plansbased on what weve read, it doesnt look like this pack will be returning for new customers when Frontier TV sign-ups come back.

Since youll have to wait to sign up for these Frontier packages, we suggest checking out the other TV providers in your area to see your current options. Enter your zip code below, and well pull up the full list. And dont sweatwe dont store or use your location info for anything else, so youre safe with us.

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Frontier Securea Step Forward To Online Security

You dont have to worry about any kind of identity theft as FRONTIER offers the Frontier Secure feature providing multi-device protection. The FRONTIER SECURE feature helps you cancel and reissue the stolen credit cards, passports and more. It also provides you everything you need to keep your online data safe. Having the Frontier Secure feature, you dont have to worry about anything, all you have to do is sit back and relax and let us take care of everything. Add secure to your bundle and you get $5 off your bill every month.

Fiberoptic 50 Mbps Internet Offer

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Limited-time offer for new residential Frontier FiberOptic Single Play customers in select areas where available. Must subscribe to new Internet with maximum Internet speed of 50 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload. Maximum service speed not available at all locations and maximum and average speed for service may be lower. Service speed is not guaranteed and will depend on many factors, including use of Wi-Fi. Service and promotion subject to availability.

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Frontier Internet Customer Service

With 24/7 technical support, you can contact Frontier’s customer service via phone with any questions you have. They have a callback feature if you don’t want to wait on hold.

Furthermore, Frontier also has a live chat option on its website if you prefer to communicate this way. You can also email Frontier with service issues, billing questions and more.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index rated Frontier at 56, giving it the lowest score among internet service providers. Even worse, Frontier had an 8.2 percent drop in customer satisfaction from last year to this year. This indicates its customers are becoming even more dissatisfied with its services and support.

On the Better Business Bureau, Frontier is not an Accredited Business, but it does have an F score. Trustpilot, a website that ranks companies purely from customer reviews, rates Frontier a 4.7/10.

Fiber Internet: Power Your World

With the speed of a 100% fiber-optic network at your fingertips, a whole world of internet possibilities is available. Equal or near-equal download and upload speeds mean you can do everything from stream, game, and download all at once without worrying about slowing down your connection. In other words, the connection provides fast download and upload speeds simultaneously.

Don’t let the action stop when you’re at a critical moment in the game, or when you’ve reached the whodunit in your favorite true-crime podcast. Frontier Fiber Internet keeps you in the now while connecting to the future.

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Frontier Fiberoptic In My Area

Frontier Internet isnt necessarily available in every state, nor is it available in every part of the states where it does have a presence. Frontier FiberOptic is hard to come by if you live in New England or most of the Sun Belt states. In other words they are only only located in select areas.

If you live on the West Coast, however, you wont have any issue finding fiber optic service in your select areas.

Frontier Communications FiberOptic service is the most wide-reaching in the following states:

  • California
  • South Carolina
  • Florida

The more rural an area that you are in, the less likely internet from Frontier FiberOptic will be available. Conversely, if you live in a major city in the states where Frontier Communications has the most presence, theres a very good chance that you will have access to the service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Frontier Communications

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  • How fast is Frontier high-speed internet?

    With Frontier Fiber 2 Gig, you can get download speeds up to 2 Gbps for $149.99 per month .

  • Can I get internet-only service from Frontier?

    Yes, Frontier internet-only plans start at $49.99 per month for speeds up to 115 Mbps. The Frontier Fiber 2 Gig plan is the fastest option for $149.99 per month for download and upload speeds up to 2 Gbps.

  • How much does Frontier Fiber Internet cost?

    Frontier Fiber Internet plans range from $49.99 to $149.99 per month for symmetrical download and upload speeds up to 2 Gbps.

  • How much does it cost to disconnect my Frontier Fiber service?

    If you decide you no longer want your Frontier Fiber service, Frontier charges you a $10 disconnect fee.

More Information

  • Frontier Communications offers service in 25 states.
  • Frontier Communications offers DSL, Fiber, Fixed Wireless, and Copper internet access.
  • Frontier Communications offers service in 510 zip codes nationwide.

Services offered by Frontier Communications

  • Internet

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