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How To Cut Cable TV

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Make A List Of The Channels You Need

How to cut the cord and go cable free

A crucial step towards figuring out what streaming service is right for you is collecting a list of the TV channels you and your roommates or family members watch. This can be one of the most annoying parts of the whole ordeal, as it forces all of your household to contribute.

My necessary channels are Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Food Network, FX, TNT and USA which are available through multiple streaming devices. But because of my roommates’ list of demands BBC World News, DIY, MSNBC, Nat Geo Wild, PBS and YES we’re in trouble.

There Is A Slight Streaming Delay That May Cause Spoilers

One thing you should note if you enjoy watching live TV streaming is that your feed comes in a bit delayed compared to cable and over-the-air setups. If youre trying to watch live events and tweet and react live on social media about it, or watch with someone over voice chat who has a cable line, this can be a downer. You might be a few moments behind. You may see spoilers online before you see them on your TV. Your internet connection will also influence your viewing experience quality. Since you depend entirely on an internet connection, you will be without virtual entertainment if you lose that connection due to an internet outage, staring impotently at a blank or frozen screen.

How To Cut The Cord And Never Pay For Cable TV Again

Are you tired of paying a costly cable or satellite TV bill each month? You may be able to cut the cord and start saving money in 2022!

If youre paying $100 or more per month for your cable television service, theres a good chance that streaming TV can help you save hundreds of dollars each year without losing access to the content that matters most to you.

And in the process, you may find that you dont really miss the cable channels youve been paying to hold onto for so long!

In this article, Ill outline strategies for saving money on your television budget by switching to streaming. Ill also give you tips for the most cost-effective way to switch from cable to streaming TV.

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Are You Ready To Cut The Cord

If you realize youre paying a cable company for hundreds of channels you never watch, you could cut your costs considerably and still end up with more quality viewing choices than ever. With a little research and planning, you can cut the cord to cable and never look back. If youre ready to cut the cord, we can help you get started with streaming TV. Then, be sure to check out our TV recommendation tool, which will help you choose the TV service that best fits you and your family’s needs. Pick the channels and services that are most important to you, and well make a recommendation based on your choices. Its easy and fun to build your own cable-free television plan!

Does Getting Rid Of Cable Save Money

Cord Cutting Is About To Go Way, Way Up

Can you save money if you get rid of cable? Absolutely!

Getting rid of cable is saving me a lot of money. Almost $124 per month, guys. Thats nearly an extra $1500 a year in my pocket. I could really save another $30 a month if I wanted to only use free streaming channels.

Just be sure to turn off any channels you dont use. Most streaming channels are charged monthly. So, you can turn one off and switch to another instead of having a bunch of paid streaming channels.

For years I have only paid for HBO a month or two out of every year. I just turn it back on when Im ready to binge shows like Big Little Lies or Game of Thrones.

So, the key to keeping streaming costs low is to always turn off what you dont watch. Dont pay for extra services you havent used in a couple weeks.

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Is Cutting The Cord Worth It

The first thing to consider is whether your current cable deal is super amazingly cheap. If, by some miracle, youre paying less than $100 per month for everything you want, it may be worth sticking with your current plan. Chances are, since youre reading this piece at this very second, you are notespecially when you factor in those nasty hidden cable costs for things like equipment, broadcast, and regional sports fees. In this case, cutting the cord will most probably save you cash.

Youll still need a home Internet connection, which may now be part of the cable bundle, so figuring out how much it will cost as a standalone service is also important. Many times, the broadband Internet service is at least half of what youre paying for cable as a wholeso lets say youre paying $120 per month, it may be just $60, and you can spend the rest of those savings on the specific streaming TV services you want. You can also shop around for other broadband dealsbut make sure to check if youre under contract for your current plan before you do so.

Best Streaming Services In 2022

Its 2022, and the age of streaming is in full swing. For those of you who have already cut the cord to your cable or satellite, we salute you. But for anyone looking at alternatives to cable TV and wondering if cutting the cord is worth it, were here to help.

We get it, cable TV seems like a simple option. You pay a monthly bill to get all your channels in one place. The problem is the pricewhich creeps up annually. According to Doxos U.S. Cable & Internet Market Size and Household Spending Report 2021, 82 percent of American households with a Cable & Internet bill spend $116 per month, or $1,392 per year, or $1,141 per year when averaging across all U.S. households. And for many, its costing a whole lot more.

As a Decider reader, youre already hip to all the amazing content available out there, from popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and which are either built right into your smart TV or accessed from streaming devices like Roku, and . And now, you have even more options to get rid of cable and still watch TV, with live television streaming services like Hulu with Live TV and Sling TV.

Here are the best cord cutting options of 2022.

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Set A Streaming TV Budget

Setting a streaming TV budget is the third step to cutting the cable TV cord.

After youve determined the cost of an internet-only plan, you can subtract that amount from your current cable TV and internet bundle.

That will help you figure out the potential monthly savings from switching to streaming.

Example: $150 Cable & Internet Bundle $60 Quoted Price for Internet Service = $90 Left for Streaming

Some live TV streaming services advertise that theyre about half the price of cable, but it varies.

The more expensive streaming plans offer well-rounded channel lineups that include local broadcast TV, the most popular sports networks and major cable news channels.

Ill share my favorite live TV streaming service for beginners later in this guide.

Reasons To Keep Cable TV

5 cord cutting myths DEBUNKED! | TV cable cutting tips

I can really only think of 2 things I miss about cable. The first is the DVR. I could record shows and keep them forever, if I wanted too. That really did make watching TV so convenient.

The second downside is just that I was used to the cable channels, guide and interface. It takes a little time to get used to the new interface with streaming apps.

And, you have to remember which streaming app your show is on. Luckily, all of those streaming apps let you save your favorites and they remind you about shows you havent finished watching yet.

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Is Directv Stream Cheaper Than Cable

With promotions and hidden fees, its difficult to see which is cheaper in a given year. However, if we take the data we have and project it over a few years, we can see which is more affordable. To do this, we need to figure out what an internet-only plan will cost. This will vary widely based on where you live. The number of internet service providers in your area greatly affects the price. Living in an area with 2 broadband providers, I can keep my internet costs under $50 per month by taking the ISP with a better promo price each year. However, if I lived in the next county over with only one provider, I would be paying about $77 per month for broadband. Survey data from consumer reports show that American households spend an average of $66 per month for broadband internet access.

Ive taken the information and put a table together to see which is cheaper after five years, DIRECTV STREAM and Internet or an Xfinity TV and internet bundle. The table below assumes the following.

$231.11 $32.27

As you can see from the table, even a premium streaming package like DIRECTV STREAM Choice is still a cheaper solution than cable TV. Choosing the streaming package will save consumers almost $145 in year one, $259 in year two, and $378 in year three. Savings continue to grow slightly in years 4 and 5.

How To Test Youtube TV

During your free trial, compare YouTube TVs channel lineup to your cable TV provider.

Go through your cable TV live guide and write down all of your must-have channels and then repeat the process using YouTube TVs live guide.

You also want to use your trial period to evaluate YouTube TVs user experience and performance. Here are some questions to answer:

  • How long does it take to change channels?
  • Is there any lag or buffering?
  • Have there been any error messages?

You can get YouTube TVs free trial offer directly from its website. After you sign up, set a reminder for when your free trial ends in case you dont want to keep the service.

You must enter payment information to start the trial, but you wont be billed if you cancel before the trial expires.

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Pick A Streaming Service And Save

Take the price of your cable TV package and fees and subtract the amount your internet will go up by to get the number you’ll be comparing against your next new package total.

If your monthly bill minus the price hike for high-speed internet is greater than $65 + the monthly cost of following your favorite teams, then any of the best live TV streaming services will save you money. If it’s less than that, you might want to stick to considering Sling TV.

If it weren’t for my roommates, I’d be jumping into Sling TV’s waiting arms, and save somewhere around $92 per month. If I pinched my nose and signed up for AT& T TV, we’d save around $30 per month .

But having tested AT& T TV , I know that I’d actually stick with the devil I know than save a quarter of what we spend today. Plus, since I’m the one pushing my roommates to cut the cord, and they’re mostly satisfied with cable TV, I’m not going to force AT& T TV’s experience on them when I know it’s not great.

Yes, thanks to the Yankees, this guide for how to cut the cord has an unhappy ending: I’m stuck with cable. But I don’t think most people have the weird and esoteric channel requirements that our household does. And once I get a place of my own, or if my roommates leave, I’ve done the work to know that Sling TV Blue is the service for me.

Do You Care About Watching Sports

5 Real Benefits of Cutting the Cable TV Cord

Sports fans have an increasing number of streaming options that show live games, but depending on which sport you follow, the local team in your area and how many games you want to watch, it can get costly. Channels devoted to NBA basketball, NHL hockey and MLB baseball teams, known as regional sports networks, are available on most cable networks but are rare and expensive on streaming services. These are the channels you’ll need to watch most regular-season games for those sports .

Live TV streaming service DirecTV Stream’s $90 plan is often the only option if you want to watch your local RSN via streaming, although in some parts of the country a somewhat cheaper service will carry your channel. Coverage varies widely by sport, team and city, so check out our dedicated guides for more details — including exactly which services carry your local team and how much they cost.

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NFL pro football is a different beast. Those games are usually carried on local CBS, Fox and NBC networks, but you’ll typically need an antenna, a live TV streaming service, or watch select games on Paramount Plus, Peacock or Amazon Prime Video — the latter will host Thursday Night Football exclusively in 2022. And of course you’ll need ESPN, available on most live streaming services, to watch Monday Night Football.

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What Does Cord Cutting Mean To You

Traditional cable forces customers to take bundles of channels. You don’t get to pick and choose which channels you get and the amount you pay includes anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars for every channel in your package.

That means that you may not watch some channels that your friend loves and your friend may not watch your favorites, but each of you subsidizes what the other watches.

If cord cutting continues — and there’s no reason to believe it won’t — budgets will get smaller at big cable networks and smaller ones won’t be viable. Some cable networks, of course, have replaced lost revenue with streaming services, but that won’t be possible for every channel.

As fewer people pay for cable, some channels will simply disappear, and others will cut back on their programming.

If we ultimately reach an a la carte world, everyone will pay more per channel to get exactly what they want. It’s a potential end to a system that created a lot of choice and a move toward one where only the strongest players survive.

Make Notes Of Your Conversation

Be sure to write everything down in the off-chance your cable provider makes a mistake and doesnt follow through. Write down the date and time of your conversation, as well as the name of the agent. Ask for the agents direct phone number, email, and/or agent number for your records. Write down the confirmation number they give you for your cancellation, as well as any additional information. Its better to have too much information than not enough.

The cable company should provide you with a written confirmation of your cancellation, either by mail or email. This confirmation will have the instructions for returning any rented equipment as well as anything else involving the cancellation process.

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Best Free Streaming Channels

There are so, so many free streaming channels available. You could honestly have an endless supply of tv and movies to watch using just free streaming apps. They make money by showing ads, just like local and cable tv.

Peacock, Roku TV, LoCast, PBS, PBSKids, SlingTV, HGTV, Disney, and Nickelodeon are some of our favorite free streaming apps.

Free streaming apps offer a limited amount of the shows that are usually shown on those channels. So, you might have 4 episodes of a bunch of their shows on the free version of those apps.

YouTube is also free. Younger kids, teens, and adults love watching their favorite youtubers as much regular tv.

Most of the free apps also have a monthly paid version that unlocks a lot more episodes and shows. Generally the fees are pretty low. Mostly around $5 per month for a single channel, like PBS Kids or NickHits.

With so many free options plus a plug in local TV indoor antenna you could completely get rid of cable and still have tons of tv shows and movies available.

How To Watch News Channels Like Cnn Fox News & Msnbc Without Cable

How to Cut the Cord: 5 Step Guide to Cancelling Cable TV in 2022

Good news! All of your favorite 24-hour cable news networks have YouTube Channels. You can find recent clips of shows and news stories on their channels.

And, they even LIVE STREAM news most of the day. Live streaming is just like watching the news channel on cable.

You can find tons of daily coverage and FREE live streaming from Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, BBC News, Sky News, & DW News on their YouTube Channels.

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How To Cut The Cord

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Freeze! Drop the scissors!

Have you done your research? Are you sure watching TV without cable is right for you? Hmmm, maybe we should clear this up first?

You probably know the cord-cutting trend is growing strong. In most cases, it saves you money and increases convenience.

If youre still on the fence, here you will learn the pros and cons. If you decide its for you, youll also learn how to cut the cord with ease.

But before that, check out these crazy stats:

  • There are 31.2 million cord-cutters in the United States of America.
  • In 2020, 50% of 18 to 34-year-olds preferred to watch the news over the internet.
  • 27% of US households plan to cut the cord in 2021.

Makes you think, doesnt it? Are all these people going mad, or have they found the secret to enjoying TV the right way?

This cable cutting guide will answer your burning questions.

Lets see…

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