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How To Hang TV Without Wires

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Hiding TV Wires The Easy Way

How To Hide TV Wires & Mount TV Without a Drill | Rental-Friendly

You can use any of these five methods to hide unsightly wires from your TVs or other electronics. Some are easier and faster than others , but they can all be completed within about 2 hours.

If youre not comfortable working with electricity and dont want to have any code violations or safety risks, its worth it to call an electrician for help.

Theyll be able to install a permanent electrical outlet right where you need it so your devices can plug in without their cords dangling in your view. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to put safety first.

Dont make any cuts or touch electrical wiring unless youre sure you know what youre doing. And as always, remember to measure twice, cut once!

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How To Strategically Hide The Wires From The TV On Your Wall

A wall-mounted TV can be a showstopper in any home, yet too often a tangled clump of cords and wires can detract from your familys new state of the art toy. Wires are one thing if theyre hidden behind a piece of furniture thats the right size for your tv, but if youre displaying a new flat screen smackdab in the center of your wall, finding a discrete solution for the tvs wiring can take your flat screen from an eyesore to a focal point.

Before you give up and decide to live with the frustration of a bunch of ugly wiring spoiling your tv viewing experience, let us assure you its not that complicated. In fact, there are some relatively easy solutions for when youre looking for ways on how to hide wires from a tv.

How To Install TV On Wall Without Wires Showing

Posted inNextdaytechs Blog

Datacomm has come up with a product that has simplified hiding the wires of your Wall Mounted TV. This video wiring instruction is recommended for drywall installations. Nextday Techs is using this installation for the Picasso Wall Mounted TV Installation Click below to see this video.

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Drilling A Hole & Threading The Wire Through

We used painters tape to figure out exactly where we wanted to mount the TV. We decided to mount it at about eye level and directly in the center of the wall. We then marked the studs on the wall, making sure our TV mount would hit at least one of them.

With that marked, we drew a box on the wall where we wanted to make a hole to bring the clear cord through to the laundry room. We didnt want to have to snake the cord behind the TV, so we wanted it to be in the exact spot for it to go directly through to the other side.

I ended up using a 1/2 pilot bit to make a hole in the wall and then moved it around a bit to make the hole even bigger. Once the hole was made, we took a flashlight to see what we were working with and realized we could see the drywall from the laundry room a few inches farther back. Finn took a long screwdriver and a mallet and poked it on through to make a hole on the laundry room side. Heres what it looked like after a little poke.

With our mark on the laundry room side, we made a bigger, cleaner hole and threaded the clear wire on through. While the wire is narrow, the end of the cord is larger, so your holes will need to be big enough to get that piece on through.

Once our wire was threaded in the wall, we were able to focus on hanging the Frame TV!

Wondering How To Hide TV Wires

How to hide cords on a wall

Your flat-screen TV might have crystal-clear 4K picture quality, but if the TV wires are showing, the whole setup is going to look a little sloppy. Fortunately, its not hard to hide these cords from view.

Whether youre sick of wires ruining the look of a sleek entertainment center or tired of seeing the mess hanging down from your wall-mounted TV, there are easy ways to keep these cords out of sight and out of mind.

Keep reading to find out how to hide TV wires and cords with five methods that will make you say, Why didnt I think of that? Youll learn these smart ways to conceal your cords:

  • Attach Cords to the Back of the TV Stand
  • Install Cord Concealing Covers
  • Use a TV Cord Hiding Kit
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    Mount Your TV Bracket To The Wall

    Do not be intimidated. This is easy!!

    First, locate the studs in the wall. You want the bracket to be bolted directly to the studs.

    Once your studs are all located and marked with a pencil on the wall, hold up your bracket, use a level, and use a pencil to mark all the holes where your bolts will go. Now remove the bracket and drill a pilot hole into the center of each of your bolt markings, like this:

    Once your holes are drilled, put your bracket back up and bolt that bad boy to the wall.

    Now double check to make sure everything is level.

    Oh man, are we good or what?!

    Your mounting kit is officially ready to go. Now the real fun begins.

    Hiding The Box In The Laundry Room

    On the opposite side of this wall is our laundry room. If you remember from this post, I ended up tiling above our washer and dryer and we even put a butcher block counter on top to make a little work table up there. We did some measuring and realized that we could drill through the wall and into the laundry room to place the box on the butcher block on top of the washer and dryer! And the best part? We didnt even have to mess with the tile because our hole would be hidden behind the appliances. Success.

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    How To Hide TV Wires On The Wall: 3 Simple Solutions

    But if you already have the mount or tv stand set up for your specific tv, and you still arent sure what to do with those wires, weve got a couple of ideas. As tv mounting experts, we can guide even the most seasoned tv watcher through the steps and modifications it takes to optimize every tv room.

    Conceal TV Wires Behind Wall Trim

    How to install your Flat screen TV without wires showing

    Its not the easiest and quickest way to hide your TV cords, but its certainly an eye-catching one. It can be a great solution when you want to hide TV wires over a fireplace.

    Its major disadvantage is that the cables are not so easy to access under the trim work if you need to remove or add one in the future. Thats why I only recommend this method if youre willing to spend some time disassembling the trim work each time you add or remove a new device to your TV set .

    So, the basic idea is to hide the cords in a channel formed by two slats and covered with a third one. Youll need to make both horizontal and vertical channels.

    Before you start the execution, I suggest that you plan and design the trim work on paper, and test the length of the wires. You can paint the slats any color you like, but do that before mounting them on the wall . For more detailed instructions, visit this website.

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    How Do You Hide Wires On Mounted TV Renter Friendly

    If youre renting and cant drill into the walls to hide your cords, there are a few options for cord management that are both easy and renter friendly. Try using cord clips to attach cords to the back of your TV stand or wall. You can also use velcro strips to secure cords to the back of your TV or furniture. If your cords are particularly long, you can try wrapping them around a hanger and then securing the hanger to the back of your TV or furniture with cord clips or velcro strips.

    What Is The Easiest Way To Hide TV Wires


    And the easiest way will depend on the specific setup that you have. If you have floor molding or baseboards, you can run the wires along the edge of the room and paint them the same color as the trim. If you have a drop ceiling, you can fish the wires through the grid and drop them down behind the TV. Or, you can use cord management products like cord raceways or cord covers to neatly conceal the wires. Whichever method you choose, be sure to take proper safety precautions so that the wires are not a tripping hazard.

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    Tips For Having Fewer Wires

    One of the best ways to reduce cable clutter is simply to limit the number of cables you need. Here are tips to have fewer wires:

  • Use Bluetooth for speaker cables
  • Get a Smart TV that connects to the Internet.
  • Eliminate cables that you dont use or need.
  • Unplug cables when you arent using a device. For instance, you may not need multiple HDMI cables connected to your TV at once instead you could have just one and a multi-box in another location.
  • Finally Lets Install The Frame TV

    How to hide cords on a wall

    During the whole month of March, we had Install the Frame TV on our to-do list every single weekend. But for some reason, it just kept getting pushed down on the list. Well, not anymore. Im happy to say that we finally took the time to install the Frame TV and it didnt take us very long at all.

    However, we did have to go in with a plan because we knew we wanted to hide the TV box and cords that come with the television. And that took some figuring out

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    Hook Them To Furniture

    Do you want to be even sneakier with your TV wires but also dont want to damage the walls? Why not try hooking them to the furniture you have below the TV?

    Most of the time, when you have wall-mounted TV, you would place a table in front of it to hold your cable box, consoles, or other accessories.

    You can use the table to hide TV cords by running them across the back of the furniture and tying them in place with the help of hooks, adhesive strips, or wire hangers.

    Although this method will minimize the damages to the wall, it does leave little to no space to move the furniture and you might need to leave it in a bit of a lax with your TV cables if you want to have access to them.

    Check The Socket Area And Cable Length

    If you have some sockets lower down on the wall that youd like the wire to come out next to, check around this area so you know where is safe to drill and cut. At this point, its also worth checking how long the cables are that youre planning to hide, to help determine where to put the entry and exit points.

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    Can TV Be Mounted Over Fireplace

    Yes, TVs can be mounted over fireplaces. The main thing to consider when doing this is the heat that the fireplace emits. If the temperature gets too high, it could potentially damage the TV. Its important to make sure that the area around the fireplace is well ventilated so that the heat can dissipate and not build up too much around the TV. Another thing to keep in mind is the angle at which you mount the TV. If its mounted too close to the fireplace, the heat could reflect off of the TV and cause issues. The optimal distance would be a couple of feet above the fireplace.

    How To Hide TV Wires And Cords

    How To Hide TV Wires | DIY For Beginners

    The way we feel about TV cords is a little like the way we used to feel about prom chaperones we know theyve got to hang around, but wed really prefer not to see them. Fortunately, when it comes to cable concealment, weve actually got a choice in the matter.

    There are lots of ways to hide TV wires without breaking a sweat or breaking the bank, and who better to give some pointers than our resident technicians? Our experienced pros weighed in on their recommended ways to clean up the look of even the most wiry entertainment center, and now we can barely conceal our excitement to share them with you. Read on for some of our favorite tips.

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    How To Mount TV On Wall Without Wires Showing

    Installing wires inside the wall might not be very convenient because it requires a lot more cutting of the wall plaster.

    However, for some people, the aesthetic of things is amongst the most important factors, and having wires hang from the TV, is something they are just not ok with.

    Therefore, here are a couple of ways you can use to hide the wires.

    Camouflage TV Cords And Cables

    This method is similar to turning the cords into wall art but this time they practically become invisible to everyone who doesnt know about their location.

    You can use any combination of home decoration items to camouflage your cables. Your goal is to conceal the cords in a larger creation so that they become hardly noticeable. Youll certainly need some imagination if you decide to hide your cables this way but the end result will speak for itself. If all this sounds too abstract for you, heres a photo for some inspiration:

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    Wire It Through The Wall

    One of the most popular ways to hide cords on a wall-mounted TV is to put them inside the wall directly behind your TV. This method has some big advantages but also some huge drawbacks. If youre looking to truly hide those cables, this method gets the job done. It involves physically cutting holes in your wall to run the cords through, resulting in a setup that looks practically wireless. On the other hand, cutting out chunks of your wall doesnt have an easy undo button. Plus, if youre renting, many landlords will have lease terms prohibiting this. Still, this method works and looks amazingly well when done right.

    If you decide to go this route, keep a few things in mind. If youre wanting to tackle this as a DIY project, be sure to look at different products and kits that will help guide you through this process. While you technically can go at it without these, its probably not advisable. Also, remember to note the type of wall you want to mount your TV on. A brick wall is going to be a lot more difficult to cut through than drywall. In the event this method isnt going to work out, dont fret! There are plenty of other solutions.

    How Much Does It Cost To Get TV Wires Chased Into The Wall

    Legrand In

    Youre looking at an average cost of around £100 to £180 to get wires chased into the wall. Find out more in our TV set up cost guide. Costs will vary depending on the type of wall, but a professional can get the job done and dusted in a day and can also ensure that the wires meet building and fire regulations.

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    How To Install The Frame TV

    When we moved into this house, we bought a Samsung Frame TV for our kitchen so Finn could cook all day and still watch sports. We chose the Frame TV because when its not turned on, it looks like art, which made me happy. It was a win-win decision Finn got his television in the kitchen and I didnt have a big black box of an eyesore on the wall. Until we renovated our kitchen, the TV looked like this

    It wasnt my favorite look, just having a TV floating on a huge wall. After our renovation, it looks like this.

    So.much.better. Because its incorporated into the bar area, flanked by cabinets, with a headboard background, it truly does look like its a piece of art. We were so pleased with this TV that we decided to buy another one on Black Friday to add to our bedroom.

    We ended up getting a great deal on the 43 Frame TV with the beige bezel and then after it arrived it sat in our basement for months and months until we were ready to install it.

    How To Hide TV Wires With An In

    Step 1: Buy an in-wall power extender.

    An in-home power extender consists of 2 receptacles that will connect behind your wall. This enables it to provide power to an additional outlet.

    When you plug the lower receptacle into a power outlet, it will provide power to the upper receptacle. You can hide that behind your TV for a neat look.

    Its a good idea to look online or at your local hardware store for a power bridge that contains built-in power connectors. This can make the wiring process much easier.

    Step 2: The next step is to trace the outlines for the 2 receptacles on your wall.

    Hold the upper receptacle against your wall at a spot that will ultimately be covered by your TV. You can use a pencil or marker to draw the outline.

    Next, outline the lower receptacle directly below it at a spot that is at least 6 inches off the ground. Even though the lower receptacle will be visible on your wall, it can easily be hidden with any type of furniture.

    Quick tip: Ensure that both of the receptacles are between the same studs in your wall if it has them. This will make it much easier to fish the TV wires.

    Step 3: Once you have the outlines, you can easily cut them out using a utility knife.

    It should be obvious but you can only do this method if you have Drywall.

    Push the knife or saw slowly into your wall so that it breaks through to the other side. Make sure that you use a gentle and straight sawing motion as you slice through the wall.

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