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How To Connect Lg TV To iPhone

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How To Use Airplay With Your Lg TV

Connect iPhone to LG Smart TV – Airplay (2021)

Right now, LG TV models after 2019 support the AirPlay 2 feature, which you can use to display your smartphone screen directly on your phone.

In order to use AirPlay version 1, you will need to purchase an Apple TV or any other compatible set-top box. Then the process of connecting your phone to the product will be the same. You only need to :

  • Connect your TV, iPhone and Apple TV if you need it to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Then on your iPhone, swipe up from the bottom of the screen if you have an iPhone 8 or earlier, or swipe down from the top right corner if you have an iPhone 10 or later.
  • Tap the AirPlay icon.
  • Next, youll need to select the name of the device to which you want to stream content from your iPhone in the list. Next to each device, youll see TV or speaker screen icons so you know what type of content you can stream.

When you use this feature, the TV will automatically use the aspect ratio and orientation that your smartphone uses. If youre having picture problems, you may need to change the aspect ratio for your device in the zoom settings or in your TVs aspect ratio settings.

Can I Connect My iPhone To My Lg TV

On your iOS device, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access Control Center. Tap AirPlay. Tap the name of the device you want to stream content to. You’ll see icons of a TV screen or speaker next to each device so you know what type of content you can stream.

Il existe un moyen de connecter un Mac et un PC Windows.

How To Mirror iPhone To Lg TV India


LG TVs are equipped with innovative features that make it easy to share screen and display content between your external devices like your PC, tablet, smartphone and more. There are multiple ways to connect and they all depend on your network connectivity and the type of device you wish to share.

In the case you are using a Mac device to share your information,AirPlay will only allow you to stream to a Mac device, however LG supports AirPlay 2 in its 2019 & later TV models.

Some apps such as YouTube and Netflix already have built-in functionalities to help you cast videos and content from your iPhone to an LG TV.This however is not going to mirror your screen, it will only play and control individual content from your LG TV.

Other alternatives to mirror your screen:

1. Share using Chromecast

  • Chromecast is the wireless technology developed by Google that can be used to watch content wirelessly from your iPhone with any LG Smart TV.
  • Chromecast allows you to send video, audio and pictures and information from thousands of supported apps such as Netlix, Hulu and many more.
  • Once the Chromecast dongle is connected to the Television, download Google Home Companion app to connect the device with your home wireless network.
  • Once installed, the installed Chromecast icon will appear in supported apps.
  • Tap the icon, and then select the device where you want to view the screen.

2. Share from AirPlay

Supporting devices

  • iPod touch

You can stream content to these devices:

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Connect iPhone To Lg TV With Usb Cable

Connecting your iPhone to your LG TV with a USB cable is the easiest way to do it. LG TVs usually have USB ports on the side of them which makes it easy to not only charge your iPhone but also connect it to view images and files.

However, the biggest drawback of this method is the fact that you cant use your iPhone to watch anything or browse the internet which is not going to be ideal for most people. Essentially, when you connect your iPhone to your LG TV via USB, youre iPhone acts like a big flash drive allowing you to download videos and images from your TV onto your iPhone.

This is handy if you want to transfer anything from your LG TV to your iPhone but the functionality of your iPhone is very limited with this method.

How To Connect iPhone To Lg Smart TV India

Use AirPlay Mirroring On LG TV With iPhone Without Apple TV, Here
  • Please ensure your LG Smart TV and iphone are connected in same wireless network
  • Open Home Dash Board of LG Smar TV from home menu and select “Airplay” app
  • Turn on screen share in iphone and find LG TV model number on search
  • TV will dipplay a 4 digit password and enter the same password on iphone
  • Now the ihone screen share is completed
  • You can share video, song, photo,mobile screen to LG TV or controll TV through iphone
  • You can also try various apple homekit features as explained in this videp guide
  • Note: AirPlay2 will support the LG Smart TV launched from 2019 onwards. If your TV is non-smart or prior to 2019 then this feature does not support.

    Refer the TV model year identification guide given in below table. You may refer TV model number from back panel of your TV or

    Kindly attend the article survey and provide your valuable feedback to keep us improving on content quality. We deeply regret and apologize if you are not able to get the required solution. Kindly share your contact number or e-mail at article survey feedback so that we can connect with you. You may click the below given links to register service request for the engineers visit or Connect to WhatsApp Chat. Alternately please connect to LG Customer Care Centre at 1800 315 9999 or 1800 180 9999.

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    Why Connect An iPhone To A Lg TV

    Viewing a wide assortment of video content on the web. The client can begin recordings from YouTube, observe any films, appreciating great picture and sound. Watching a film on a big screen is significantly more helpful and agreeable, presently it isnt important to purchase a cutting edge How To Connect iPhone To LG Smart TV for this assuming you as of now have a smartphone in the house.Business objectives. By utilizing an iPhone, you can undoubtedly arrange different gatherings, online talks, courses on a huge screen.

    Video correspondence utilizing Skype and other normal moment couriers. Conversing with your loved ones will be a lot more straightforward utilizing the widescreen and great sound.Easily you can playback photos that are taken with a smartphone camera on a TV screen. This permits you to survey their quality and think about even the littlest details.This is certainly not a total rundown of benefits for which it merits sorting out some way to connect an iPhone to a LG TV. You can connect on your TV rapidly enough utilizing different methods.

    How To Screen Mirror Your iPhone & iPad On Lg TV With Mirrormeister

    Follow these 3 easy steps to connect your iPhone or iPad to LG TV wirelessly. Avoid expensive Apple TV, eyestrain and annoying cables.

    Just try the free MirrorMeister screen mirroring app today! With this revolutionary app you can enjoy all the content on your television from your phone or tablet.

    For example, watch YouTube videos, photos or presentations on the large screen of your TV. The app prevents tired eyes and allows you to see all the details perfectly.

    MirrorMeister supports LG TV models from 2012.

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    How Can I Mirror My iPhone To My TV Without Apple TV

    If you don’t have a compatible TV or an Apple TV, you can still mirror your iPhone to your TV, but you’ll need a cable to go from your iPhone to your TV. Sometimes you’ll need an adapter to connect the cable to your iPhone. The specific adapter you need will depend on the model iPhone you’re using as well as the available connections you have on your TV. Most commonly that will be an HDMI connection, but older TVs may require a VGA adapter.

    Once you have the appropriate cable and adapter, all you need to do is connect your iPhone to your TV. You might need to change the TV input manually if it doesn’t automatically detect the active device. Once you seen your iPhone’s screen on the TV, you will know it’s successfully mirrored.

    When using this method, you will get an exact duplicate of your iPhone screen on your television, so if you’re trying to watch a movie from your iPhone on your TV, the image might not fill the whole screen.

    How To Mirror iPhone Screen Using Third

    How To Connect iPhone to LG TV Wirelessly

    If your LG TV was manufactured before 2019, you might need to use third-party apps like AirBeamTV to mirror your iPhone screen. Lets look at how to mirror a screen with AirBeamTV.

  • Download and install the AirBeamTV app on your iPhone.
  • Launch the app and select your TV from the list displayed.
  • Press Start Mirroring for your iPhone screen to appear on the TV.
  • Youve now used a third-party app to display your iPhone screen on your LG TV.

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    What Is The Use Of Wi

    The only difference is that when you use Wi-Fi Direct, each device must be directly connected to another in similar fashion to Bluetooth. Taking into account that Wifi Direct permits you to connect an Android device without an existing Wi-Fi network, an Android device can be connected to a television using it without any existing Wi-Fi network at hand.

    Big Screen Or Small Screen You Decide

    Once you connect your iPhone to your TV with the option best for you, you can start viewing everything that you see on your phone on your TV you arent limited to just video, you can also mirror the screen, which is great for looking at pictures and even browsing websites.

    Remember that for a better view you can turn your phone sideways, usually, videos do this automatically on both your phone and your TV, and even if your phone is horizontal, it will change to full landscape view on your TV.

    The apps that only work horizontally wont change to sideways or vertically since they are not programmed to do so.

    Remember: If you want to know how to connect your iPad to your TV you can use the same steps.

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    How To Mirror iPhone To Lg TV Through Airplay

    When you want to screen mirror an iPhone to an LG smart TV, AirPlay can be the first and best choice. As the default screen mirroring and streaming feature in iOS, AirPlay offers a very convenient way to display your iPhone screen on an LG TV. LG supports AirPlay 2 in its 2019 and later models. If you are using a new LG smart TV, you can follow the steps below to mirror your iPhone screen to it using AirPlay.

    How To Mirror iPad Screen Using Third

    How to Mirror Phone to TV without Wi

    If you have an LG TV made before 2019, you might want to use an app like AirBeamTV to mirror your iPad screen. The steps below will show you how to start mirroring.

  • Download and install AirBeamTV on your iPhone.
  • Open the app and click on your LG TV from the list displayed.
  • Using a third-party app, youve now mirrored your iPad screen to our LG TV.

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    Connect iPhone To Lg TV Via Chromecast

    Chromecast is the last method that you can use to connect iPhone to LG TV. It is a method applicable to Android devices since Google is the owner of the said mobile operating system. When Chromecast was introduced, it was in the form of a USB flash drive stick that needs to be plugged into a USB port. However, with the new updates, most LG TV devices have been pre-installed with the Chromecast. It means that anyone with an Android device can watch even without plugging anything on the TV. On the other hand, this does not apply for iOS devices, so they still need the Chromecast USB stick. To learn how to use Chromecast, on your LG TV, follow the guide below.

    User Guide

    • Plug the Google Chromecast stick to the USB port of any LG TV
    • Launch the app and then from the main interface, tap the “Setup new Chromecast” option.
    • Tap the “Account” button and from the new options that will appear, select “Mirror Device”
    • When the phone detects the TV, tap the “Cast Screen/Audio” button and the iOS screen will appear on the TV.

    Why Won’t My iPhone Connect To My Lg TV

    Make sure both the TV and the mobile device are connected to the same Wifi network. Make sure your TV’s Model Number is listed in the LG TV Plus app. Wait at least 2 full minutes for the mobile device to find the TV. Next, try to powercycle your router . How do I connect my phone to LG TV? How to connect mobile to LG Smart TV

  • Ensure to connect TV & Smart phone in same Wi-Fi router / access point.
  • Sign in the ThinQ app with preferred options
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    How To Cast From iPhone To Lg TV Without Wifi

    So if you want to know how to Screen Mirror iPhone to LG TV, youll need a reliable WiFi network connection. For the best performance, put your iPhone/iPad and your LG TV on the same network, preferably the 5Ghz network.

    AirBeamTV casts your iPhone and iPad screens through your wireless network, with no cables needed.

    How To Connect iPhone To TV With Usb

    Connect IPhone Homekit and *New LG Smart TV

    A simple way to connect your iPhone to TV is to use Apples Digital AV Adapter and HDMI cable. This method is available for all types of TV, including Sanyo TV, LG TV, Samsung TV, Element TV, Panasonic TV, Sony TV, Vizio TV, etc.

    You can use a digital AV adapter or lightning VGA adapter to connect your iPhone to TV. Well, you may find them on some online stores such as Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, etc.

    HDMI cable

    Now the contents on your iPhone can appear on your TV. You can watch videos or check photos on your TV casually.

    • Transfer iPhone/Android data like contacts, videos, music and more between iOS and Android.
    • Backup files from mobile phones to computer or reversely.
    • Sync any files from iPhone to iPhone or from Android to Android.
    • Move data from iPhone to Android or from Android to iPhone.
    • Fully compatible with iPhone 12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5/4.

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    Faqs Of Screen Mirroring iPhone To Lg TV

    Question 1. How to mirror my Mac screen to an LG TV?

    When you need to display your Mac screen on an LG TV, you can use the AirPlay feature. Tap on the AirPlay button on the top menu bar of your Mac, and then select your LG device to create the connection.

    Question 2. How to play files on LG TV from a USB storage device?

    After you plug the USB device into your LG TV, you can press the Home button on the remote, and then select USB Flash Drive as the input. Now you can check various files in the USB storage device and play them.

    Question 3. How to connect Sony PS5 to my LG TV?

    You can use an HDMI cable to connect your game console and TV. You should remember which HDMI port you are using and then set it as the signal input source on your LG TV. After that, you can turn on your PS5 and play games.

    This post shares 3 easy methods to mirror your iPhone screen to an LG TV. Also, you can use some third-party apps to make the screen mirroring from iPhone to TV. For more questions about iPhone screen casting or LG smart TV, you can leave us a message.

    What do you think of this post?

    Mirror iPhone To Lg Smart TV With Video & TV Cast

    Video & TV Cast for LG smart TV is an app that can effectively be used for iPhone to LG TV mirroring. This software can be used to surf the web and mirror any online video, live shows, web movies, etc. From your iPhone to your LG TV. It supports several formats such as MP4, M3U8, and HLS live streams. Now let’s consider the steps below on how the iPhone is mirrored to LG TV. Choose the video you want from the iPhone mirror to LG TV. This app supports all major video websites and countless others. You can directly stream high-quality video from your iPhone to a big TV screen through the method mentioned above. However, it has to highlight that video and TV cast for LG smart TV do not support iTunes movies, DRM flash videos, and protected videos. Besides, this app only streams the video part of a website instead of the entire website content.

    How-to Steps

    • Search Video & TV Cast for LG smart TV on your iPhone and then launch it.
    • Open up your TV and launch TV cast.
    • Make it sure that your LG TV and iPhone are on the same Wi-Fi network.
    • Open LG content store with your TV controller, and you can locate the same TV & cast from the right side of the screen.
    • Configure the app on TV by filling the IP address shown on your iPhone. Click OK to stream iPhone to LG TV.

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    Best Way To Connect iPhone To TV With Usb Charger

    How do I set up my iPhone 3G to play movies and photos thru my lcd TV. I have one of the av cords that goes in to the bottom of the iPhone, has a USB and has 3 colored things on the end. So how do I set it up? What parts do I plug in were in the TV to make it work? How can I watch my iPhones content on my HD TV using only an HDMI cable connection? How to connect iPhone to a TV service port via USB?

    For many reasons, you may want to connect your iPhone to TV with USB. You may just want to enjoy movies or share your pictures that stored on your iPhone on TV with a larger screen. Or you have made an elaborate slideshow and want to play it on TV to give your girlfriend a birthday or proposal surprise. Whatever the reason is, what matters you now is how to well connect your iPhone to TV with USB. In this post, we will tell you 3 easy methods to connect your iPhone to TV with/without USB cable.

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