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How To Organize Cords Behind TV

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Organizing Your Cables Various Methods


There are several good ways to organize the cables behind your TV, whether you want to approach the problem DIY-style or spend a little money and do a little work. Also, if you are thinking of mounting a soundbar to your TV, you are probably going to end up with more wires. So, organizing your wires and cables becomes even more important. Additionally, if your TV is mounted on the wall, we have a guide on how to hide TV wires on the wall, as well. It should also be noted that if you have a smart TV, you might not have to cable manage so many wires as you may be able to get by without using a cable box, and a streaming device. However, it should be made clear that because your smart TV is connected to the internet you need to ensure you stay safe. You can learn more about the risks of smart TVs in our article on how to hack a smart TV camera.

Bonus: Don’t Forget To Label

Regardless of which approach you choose to hide TV cords, each cord should be clearly labeled. Taking a few minutes to do this organizing project now will save you time in the future. While some TV cords belong to you, others might belong to the cable provider and need to be returned if you switch services. Identifying all the cords ahead of time takes out the guesswork and hassle. Plus, if you decide to move or mount your TV, plugging all the cords back in will be a breeze.

Make A Wood Frame And Cover It In Fabric

Its a creative way to hide TV cords without cutting the wall, however, you have to choose the fabric wisely. You want it to fit the wall color and the furniture in the room.

For the frame, youll need four studs that you have to attach to each other with a few screws to get a rectangular shape.

As a next step, you have to attach the fabric to the wood frame with staples and cut a hole for the TV mount. Use picture or wire hangers or adhesive strips to hang the frame on the wall.

All the TV wires go behind the frame and remain hidden but, if necessary, theyre easily accessible. Wall mounted TV cable management at its best.

You can buy all the necessary fixtures at your local hardware store.

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Easy Cable Management Tips For Your TV And Home Theater

Tired of tangled cables and piles of remotes cluttering your living room or home theater? These inexpensive products help you keep everything neat and organized for a professional, streamlined look.

Ive been PCMags home entertainment expert for over 10 years, covering both TVs and everything you might want to connect to them. Ive reviewed more than a thousand different consumer electronics products including headphones, speakers, TVs, and every major game system and VR headset of the last decade. Im an ISF-certified TV calibrator and a THX-certified home theater professional, and Im here to help you understand 4K, HDR, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and even 8K .

Conceal TV Cords In A Cable Raceway

A cord or cable raceway is basically a flat PVC tube that attaches to the wall and is able to be both cut to length and painted to match your interior. The front of the “tube” clicks on and off, so it’s easy to add or move cables if you need to. Entire cable concealing kits are available in a variety of colors.

A couple of years ago Samsung TVs came with a single, semitranslucent cable which was harder to spot on your wall, but newer Samsung TVs don’t have that option anymore.

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Using Hooks For Hiding Wall Mount TV Wires

A DIY hack for packing away all of those pesky wires hanging from your wall-mounted tv is to use plastic hooks or pegs, which are often found in hardware stores or online. All you have to do is attach the hooks to the back edge of your furniture and anchor the cords to them.

Once the cords are hooked in, they will hide behind the silhouette of your furniture seamlessly. Simply press each clip in place for around 30 seconds or so, and let the adhesive rest while adhered to your furniture for about half an hour, then it should be sticky enough to hold the weight of the wires.

This tip doesnt just work when you are hiding cables when mounting tv on the wall, but also when you need to arrange cords and cables at your work desk.

One downside of this solution is that it is temporary, since the hooks may need to be replaced from time to time. Also, this hack only works if you have a piece of furniture placed right below your wall-mounted tv. For those who do have a wall-mounted television, you already have a built-in solution for how to hide wires from a tv on the wall.

How To Hide TV Wires

Lee has over two decades of hands-on experience remodeling, fixing, and improving homes, and has been providing home improvement advice for over 13 years.

Larry Campbell is an electrical contractor with 36 years of experience in residential and light commercial electrical wiring. He worked as an electronic technician and later an engineer for the IBM Corp. is a member of The Spruce Home Improvement Review Board.

ExperienceInteriors / Getty Images

You don’t need to be overly critical to be annoyed by that spaghetti-like mass of wires at the base of your wall-mounted TV. After all, you love your flatscreen TV for its slim lines that let room design take precedence, and unruly TV wires only detract from that.

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Bundle All Your Cords Together

A cord wrap or dock is a chicand easyway to keep all your wires in one place. You heard it here first: Bundling is one of the best cable hacks in the books. Electronics such as printers, computers, or phones come with a lot of connected cords, says Joanna Teplin, cofounder of the Home Edit. Using a cord wrap or dock to organize them helps keep everything streamlined and less cluttered.

Hide Your TV Wires In Plain Sight

How to hide TV wires/cords/cables – Organize entertainment center – FAST & EASY!

This idea is perfect for the artsy person. With a little ingenuity, you can take your messy TV wires and turn them into art. All you need to do is use clear plastic cable clips, double-sided tape, adhesive, or any other unobtrusive method to create a design out of your wires.

If youre feeling more adventurous, you can also create more complex geometric patterns or use your TV wires to create a city skyline. One design that will no doubt appeal to techy homeowners is to form computer chip patterns using the TV wires.

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Run TV Wires Behind Crown Or Wall Trim

Crown molding bridges the corner between walls and ceilings and provides a large space for running TV wires around the room.

Crown molding is difficult to cleanly remove and replace. But straight sections of existing crown molding may be able to be fished with metal electrician’s fish tape. For this, you will need to remove a section of crown molding at the end to access the space.

For thin speaker wires that need to run vertically on a wall, the back side of door trim often has a shallow channel large enough for the wire.

How To Stop Cables From Falling Off Of Your Desk

So another thing I do here is use little cord clips. This is like another favourite organizer. And its adhesive so you just peel off this little yellow part right here and then you stick it to the back of the furniture or wherever you have a cord hanging. And it prevents the cord from falling down when you unplug something.

If you want to unplug your mouse or something, you would just put your mouse cord in here and then take that or stick it to the back of your desk and then when you unplug it, its not going to fall behind. Its so cool and it comes in like, I dont know, seven different colors or something.

So thats how I organize all of my wires and cords in my home office to prevent anything from getting tangled and organized.

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How To Label Power Cords

On the second side of my desk, I have the same system setup. I have a cord box and inside, I have all these little macaroons for wrapping the cords and making them shorter than they really are. And so, I like doing that. So what I also tried doing was using a flexible ID label tape which is a special type of tape that wrap around cords so it doesnt untape or unstick to kind of label what it was.

So on here, I wrote laptop. But I found that if I just use the cord wrap and I just remember what color it is then Ill remember what cord to unplug. So I found that labeling the wires is unnecessary when I use colorful cord macaroons.

So that is what Im doing for my cords on this side of my desk. Is there something that I didnt show that you do to organize all your wires and cords to make them easy to unplug and plug in? If so, leave a comment below. Or if this is your first time watching my videos, you can subscribe to my channel to continue watching more organizing tips. Or visit my website at Alejandra.TV.

Thanks for watching and Ill see you soon. Bye.

Move TV Wires Directly Up

80 inch Cable Management Organizer TV Cord Cover Raceway Hiding Wire ...

If you’re lucky enough to have a TV located right above an outlet, it’s easy to relocate the outlet higher. That’s because the TV wires can travel between two studsâno need to drill holes into studs to run the wire horizontally.

It also helps that an old-work or retrofit plastic electrical box allows you to place that higher outlet in the drywall, without having to nail it to the studs.

Best of all, no drywall patching is required. It’s easy to fish wire vertically through open stud bays. The lower outlet can stay in place, supplying electricity for other devices.

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Tuck Away The Cable Box

All your peripheral devicescable boxes, Apple TVs, Rokus, etc.add to the mess of wires and, lets face it, theyre not the most beautiful things to have in your line of vision during screen time. Consider hiding them in a functional piece of furniture like a sideboard or cabinet. If the piece doesnt have a hole for the wires, you can easily add one with a drill and a hole-cutter attachment. Should you not want to have to open the doors of your entertainment center every time you turn on the television, opt for an infrared receiver that connects directly to the cable box.

How To Hide Electrical Cords

You can conceal power cords with a length of flex tubing and a few cable ties.

  • Bundle the cords with the cable ties and snip off the ends as needed.
  • Measure the length of the cords you want to conceal. Measure and cut the flex tubing to match the length. Cut the tubing lengthwise.
  • Pull the tube apart and wrap around the wires that were tied together.

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Clever Ways To Organize Cords And Wires

Everyone can use a few cord organization ideas. Keeping them labeled and contained is key to cord management. Here are a few tools to help you get started.

  • Label it. A handheld label maker is a great way to identify cords, so you know exactly which cord goes with electronic.
  • Color code it. Color coding is another great cord organization idea. Washi tape comes in an array of colors and is fun for color-coding cords.
  • Tie it up. Cords seem to have a mind of their own and slither all over the place. Keep them in place with ties and clips.
  • Consider multiple solutions. Just as there are tons of different cords, there are tons of different cord organizing solutions. If the DIY ideas below dont fit your specific cord situation, check out the many commercial cord management solutions available. Theres sure to be several cord organizers out there that are perfect for your situation!

Stylish Ways To Hide TV Wires Without Cutting The Wall

How to Organize Wires and Cables Behind TV & Computer | Cable Management

The main reason I decided to organize and hide TV wires in my living room was that I simply didnt like the way they looked. They were ugly.

However, theres another important reason to conceal them and thats safety. TV cords sometimes can be tripping hazards and theyre potentially dangerous for small children when they have access to them.

If youre looking for stylish and quick solutions to conceal the jungle of cords without having to make any permanent changes, youre at the right place. Ive collected for you all the best ways you can hide your TV wires easily without cutting holes into the wall. Lets see them.

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How To Hide Wires In A Wall

It helps to know how to how to hide wires in the walls if you plan to buy a flat-screen TV, especially when installed using wall TV mounts. This task greatly reduces the number of power cords around this entertainment area.

  • Use a stud finder to find a spot between two studs in the wall. Mark the wall where you want the upper and lower holes to go. The ideal location is one where there is a nearby outlet.
  • Attach a drywall hole saw bit to a power drill. The bit must be the same hole size as the hole cover to ensure a secure fit. Drill the holes where youve marked them.
  • Insert the cord or cords through one of the hole covers. Lower the cord from the upper hole and grab it with your fingers through the lower hole. Pull the cord through the second hole cover.
  • Insert the hole covers and push firmly into place.

Utilize Small Clear Clips On The Backs Of Furniture

Command has amazing accessories to conceal and organize cords in practical and non-invasive ways. A pack of clear clips should be enough to complete the job and organize your tangled electronic wires. One of the best things about these clips is that theyre inconspicuous and stick to almost any surface, from painted walls and tile material to metal and glass. And these clips can be used to hide cords on walls, TV console legs, under the console, and more.

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Hide Your TV Wires Behind A Panelboard

If youre feeling crafty, you can put up a panel to hide the wires hanging from your TV. Panelboards come in many sizes and designs. You can pick one up with a flashy pattern, or you can also choose something simple.

Cant find a pattern that you like? No problem! Cover the panel or board with fabric, and youre good to go. You can also paint it to match your wall or choose a design that will make your TV stand out. If you dont want to spend money on a panel and fabric, you can use wood pallets to hide the wires. You can paint the pallet board or leave it natural for a farmhouse or rustic design.

Placing TV Wires Behind The Wall

WireMate Cord Organizer behind TV stand application image

This solution is even more intricate than the previous one, but it is a surefire solution for anyone wondering how to hide wires from the tv on a wall. And by hiding the tv wires behind the wall, the cables will be out of sight and out of mind, for good.

For this step, youor a contractorwill need the following items:

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Tuck Away Wires In A Cable Management Box

That power strip on the floor is the source of so many visual woes, since multiple power cords lead out of it. It’s a cord traffic jam that seems to attract cobwebs and floor detritus like a magnet.

Made of sturdy ABS plastic, a cable management box neatly hides the power strip and excess wires in a container that looks like it absolutely belongs there. Typical colors are off-white, white, black, wood tone, and more. Some can even be painted.

Side cable ports can be opened or closed as needed. Most boxes have air holes or slots to permit discreet ventilation.

How To Hide Your TV Wires Without Cutting Into Your Walls

Nothing makes an expensive flat-screen TV look worse than seeing a mess of unsightly wires sticking out the back. If you just bought a new TV, you might not want to spend even more to conceal your wires in your walls. Also, you might not be able to drill into your walls if you are in an apartment or condo that you dont own. Here are a few cheap and easy ways to hide your TV wires without cutting into your walls.

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How To Create A Charging Station

A well located charging station is essential if you have a number of electrical devices in your home. It is easy to build one that hides the wires and cords from view.

  • Pick a drawer or lower cabinet at your desk that is near an outlet.
  • Use a drill with a hole saw bit to drill a hole in the back of the drawer or cabinet. Insert a desk grommet through the hole.
  • Feed the plug from the power strip through the grommet you just drilled in the back of the drawer or cabinet.
  • Apply double-sided adhesive to the back of the power strip and stick it to the inside of the drawer or cabinet.

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